Thursday, May 14, 2015

Old Domain Expiration

I just wanted to remind you that my old domain ( is expiring in one month's time. At the moment, if you enter that address into your browser, it will redirect you to my new domain ( However, domains are purchased yearly, and my year is up. On or after June 14, will either send you to an error, or to a parked address. If it's that second once, it will most likely be monetized, which means that you'll just land on a page chock full of advertisements. This is a secondary revenue source for my old domain hosting service. The basic takeaway from this is that you need to make sure you bookmark/memorize my new domain ( I've rebranded myself, and only kept my old brand going because I paid for a whole year.

Remember! NickFisherman [dot] com, along with all these other sites:

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