Monday, May 11, 2015

Microstory 56: This Thing on Fire (first verse + chorus of a song I wrote)

I wrote this last year. But I didn't really write it. It's by a musical artist named Peter Fireblood. I've mentioned him before.

We’re gonna light this thing on fire!
We’re gonna set this place ablaze
We’re gonna watch as all the people come
just to see how much hell that we raised!

We’re gonna wait for the cops to roll in
And bind our wrists and legs
We’re gonna look the judge right in his eye!
And persuade him to throw out the case!

We’ll return to the scene of the crime
And fix what we had done
Then we’ll light a single wondrous match
And burn that place right down again!

Oh I love, how I love, to see the world transform from red to black
Oh I know, I know that they can’t understand how we fell out of whack
Soon the day will come to pass when you and I live on no more
I hope that before that day comes we leave a mark they can’t ignore!

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