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Life of LuciusFor the rest of the year, in this slot, I'll be telling a continuous story about a choosing one named Lucius, as he battles ghosts and monsters—along with his own demons—in an unfamiliar universe. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriFor the rest of the year, in this slot, I'll be telling a continuous story about a woman named Savitri, as she deals with bureacracy and infighting—as well as the burden of immortality—in an unfamiliar universe #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraFor the rest of the year, in this slot, I'll be telling a continuous story about a woman named Dubravka, as she navigates a dangerous post-apocalyptic world in an unfamiliar universe. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanFor the rest of the year, in this slot, I'll be telling a continuous story about a man named Avidan, who unwittingly brought with him a reality-warping invasive species to an unfamiliar universe. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"Viola hated her too, she told me. The only reason they ever hung out together was because of their parents. Now, I know it sounds like I’m lying, but Viola and I had a very special—very secret—relationship. Not like that, get your head out of the gutter." #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisFor the rest of the year, in this slot, I'll be telling a continuous story about a choosing one named Curtis, as he battles villains and heroes—along with his own demons—in an unfamiliar universe. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusThose who say that power corrupts are exactly right. I would know; I have a lot of it, and I'm a terrible person. Mine was a loving family, who gave me everything I needed, so I can't blame my upbringing. I have the power to destroy, and I can't help but use it. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriI lived an uneventful and unremarkable few years of life as a faceless child in a Midwestern metropolis, until I fell into a portal, and became trapped alone in a hell world. Believe it or not, though, the years I spent there are a mere footnote to my story. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraMy life has been full of time travel, unconventional family dynamics, and misery. I have always hated change, but I've never known anything but. My only constants are my very self, and my penchant for survival. This isn't the beginning of my story. It's the end. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanI am the last in a long line of mages called diagnosticians, whose powers allowed my ancestors to evaluate other people's time powers. They were responsible for the appropriate assigning of mages, to best protect the towns of old. I was responsible for nothing. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"I love history, and always excel in the topic. I don’t care if we’re talking about the 1890s, or prehistoric times. Hell, I can get down with some dinosaurs, if you talk about them from an historical standpoint, rather than a biological one." #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisThe first thing I did was teleport out of my mother's womb. As you can imagine, she took it as a blessing. My father, on the other hand, who could never understand what it was like to give birth, called me an abomination, and tried to kill me multiple times. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusWhen I was this close to turning 18, I discovered I could disintegrate any object to dust. It was only later that I learned what I was actually doing is teleporting individual molecules, thereby breaking the bonds that link them. I didn't know why I could do this. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriI'm thousands of years old at this point, but I won't get into what I was doing all that time. I'll just tell you what it was like when I first arrived in a strange new universe. I would've expected shock, but people in this other world weren't surprised to see me. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraWhen I first landed in this universe, the world was far from ending. Things seemed to be going well, but that didn't stop a group of paranoid rich people from developing contingencies should the apocalypse come. They wanted to be ready for anything and everything. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanI escaped a world that had nothing more to offer, only to end up in a completely different universe, full of monsters who were trying to kill me. I escaped that world too, but I didn't know that it wasn't home at first, because I had never been to any Earth before. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"So, let’s just assume every character a given writer comes up with is essentially the same person, because that writer somehow managed to become successful enough to get their work out there without anyone noticing how one-dimensional their stuff was." #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisMost people with time powers don't start experiencing nonlinear time until they're at least old enough to be self-aware, and it's often later. But I needed it sooner, because I had to escape my father's wrath. Evidence suggested he wanted me dead either way. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusI didn't tell anyone I could do this, but I was so afraid of killing someone that I ran away from home, and never saw them again. I didn't even try to explain myself, which broke my heart, but it was for the best. My parents died sad, but old. I would do it again. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriAs it turned out, the first people I met in the parallel universe were scientists who were seeking a way to reach a second universe. They didn't know there were an infinite number of them, but they accepted this truth from me, and began to rework their research. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraThose rich people with big fears of the end of the world died well before their worst fears were realized, but because I have the power to jump through time—and I appear to be immortal—I was there to see it all. It happened slower than it does in the movies. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanI didn't mean to escape the monster world. My friends and I were captured aboard a machine capable of traveling to other universes. They assigned me to a scientist, who was working in a research laboratory, studying specimens collected from all over the multiverse. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"I actually tried to petition the school board to stop teaching kids to diagram sentences, because they’re a massive waste of time. There is no direct relationship between the part of speech of a word, and its placement in a diagram." #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisWe later confirmed he wasn't my biological dad, but that's no excuse for infanticide; just like his attempts are no excuse for my crimes. I can't explain why I'm a bad person, except to say when you can teleport into a department store, how could you help yourself? #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusIn my travels, I met other people with time powers, but none shared mine. Word of my existence traveled faster than I did. I was getting a reputation as a killer, even though, from my perspective—my personal timeline—none of that had happened yet. I called it fate. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriI'd been through so much already that I wasn't afraid. I let them run their tests on me with little fuss. We learned that I was now immortal, and had a host of other powers I wasn't born with. It was hard to explain that my condition was not typical of my universe. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraEveryone wants—or has—an answer for why the world turned sour. Many think it started upon the mysterious death of President McCain near the beginning of his second term, or the election of someone even worse than Palin; a "man" commonly known as King Dumpster. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanThe scientist left me alone, and in my foolishness, I decided to take a look around. I do not believe I did anything to cause the explosion. How could I have? I wasn't even touching anything at the time. But that doesn't mean I'm totally innocent. I messed up. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"Vito scoffed. He waved his hands towards the men, and disintegrated all the bullets at once, like it was nothing. 'What bullets?' // Volpsidia watched it happen in awe. 'Whatever this is, I’m in.' She let a small bag slip off her shoulder, and drop to the ground." #fishquotes
Life of CurtisI would have been so much worse if not for my limitation. Unlike many other teleporters I've met, I have to see where I'm going, so bank vaults were out of the question. Again, I ain't no hero, but I never deserved to be locked up in a special time prison. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusWhat I didn't recognize was that the future is a choice. Even if someone knows something about the future, just telling me about it gives me the power to change it. I should have. I should have tried to fight my "fate". I should have remembered my childhood lessons. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriThe year was 1832, but don't let that fool you. These people had a different definition of a year, had developed differently than my people, and were using their own calendar. They were incredibly advanced, and their progress was not set to diminish any time soon. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraBut that's just one country. As powerful as the United States was on the world stage, its own downfall wasn't enough to bring the whole system down. Prosperous allies should have been able to hold some modicum of stability, but they were suffering their own problems. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanI wound up in the middle of a rainforest that I later learned was in the Amazon. Several of the specimens came through with me, and I decided it was my responsibility to keep them safe. I had no idea what they were, which made my ultimate failure that much worse. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"Mateo tried to sleep after everyone left, but he was wide awake. It felt like he had been asleep the entire time he was missing, so now he had tons of energy. Of course, he couldn’t do much with this energy, as his body was no longer used to moving." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Life of CurtisSo when a mysterious individual promised to get me out of Beaver Haven, and keep me out of it, I jumped at the chance—pun absolutely intended. I don't regret my choice, even knowing now that it led me to being trapped in another universe. Let's back up again. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusThis story isn't about the power I was born with. It's about the powers I gained. Just before I was whisked off to a strange new universe, I was given the time powers of several other people. I vowed then to use them for good, and never use my original power at all. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriSome of their people had traveled to another universe, and some were eventually returned. Though I was an interesting find, they were still mostly concerned with their next door neighbor. I stopped being such a novelty, and was free to move on with my life. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraClimate change, overpopulation in Asia, blight in South America, an invasive species in Europe, and Russian expansion all contributed to a gradual loss of civility around the world. We let the worst of us lead, so it is no surprise that they led us right to disaster. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanI lived there alone for decades, surviving on what I could find in the immediate vicinity. I didn't see another soul the whole time, and couldn't be sure the planet was inhabited. And then the largest storm I've ever seen ravaged my camp…and changed everything. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"Sure, most of us has a general love for humanity, but as far as real connections go, our brains only have room for so many. If we try to bond with too many people, we become spread so thin that none of them is all that real." #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisAnother inmate and I were sent on a mission to destroy what was basically our enemy universe. Our universe created it, and someone very powerful commissioned the two of us to destroy it, but now I suspect what ultimately happened to us was her plan all along. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusAccording to the Maramon, who were capable of jumping to other universes, each is built with its own rules. They resemble each other in superficial ways, but there are always major differences. The universe I'm in now has no time powers, but it does have monsters. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriSome of the people that came back from that other universe were in law enforcement, and they hooked me up with new identification. These were not forgeries, they were the real deal. I am legally a citizen of this universe. Everyone has been very nice to me. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraI could have avoided all these dangers; the bombs, the gangs, the attacks. I could have traveled to any moment in time, but I chose to live through the worst of it. I just felt like it was where I could do the most good. I also felt partially responsible for it all. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanThe storm destroyed everything I owned. I didn't care about my shelter, or my rain collection apparatus. But the wind also destroyed the specimens. I felt ashamed that I let it happen, because I still didn't know what they were. I should have been more afraid. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"I didn’t want to push it, but she was starting to make me think she was actually an atheist. It may sound intolerant of me, but I don’t know of anything that would be worse than that. How terrible it would be to go through life not believing in anything?" #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisBelieve it or not, it's not so easy to destroy a universe, even one as small as Ansutah. Long story short, after our failure, I lost my powers, spent some time hiding from white monsters in a human refugee commune, then got my powers back…and a whole lot more. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusWhen I first wound up here, things seemed pretty normal. The only reason I knew I wasn't in my home universe was because I teleported to special locations that I knew had weird temporal properties, and they either didn't exist, or were perfectly normal. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriNow, I could have done whatever I wanted. I had a bunch of superpowers that basically made me a god. I could have taken what I wanted, and no one would have been able to stop me. Hell, I probably could have convinced them to worship me. But I chose simplicity. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraI did not come to this universe alone. Well, no, I was technically alone, but I was not the only one who fell through the tear in the spacetime continuum. A horde of white monsters came through with me, and they had an unusual take on the humans of this universe. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanI didn't know what to do. I froze, and in my panic I guess I turned myself invisible, which was a power I did not realize I had, and I'm still not sure how I got it. But a hiker sought refuge in my cave, and paid me no mind. Then he changed the world forever. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"The truth is that Viola Woods was a good person. She was nice and caring to others, and she would likely have led a full and happy life. She was also flawed, a bit self-involved, and painfully normal. She was just like everyone else." #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisOne of the monsters claimed not only that she didn't want to hurt us, but that we could get our powers back. Something went wrong, though, and we were flung to the future, where we were captured by more advanced monsters, who had invented a universe-hopping machine. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusI spent decades there, blending in with everyone else, but doing everything I could to repent for the sins of my past. I started helping people. Armed with powers I didn't have before, given to me by friends I will never see again, I saved every life I could find. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriI mostly chose to ignore my powers. I teleported because it was easier, but I didn't use any of the others. These people didn't need a superhero, and there weren't supervillains to match, so there was no point in trying. I even got a job, which I never had before. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraI was prepared to fight them as soon as I discovered their presence, but to my surprise, the Maramon weren't looking to hurt anyone. Instead, they wanted to leave and find a new homeworld. They acted indifferent to the humans, which is a claim I took for granted. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanHe ran out of water quickly, and decided to drink from a puddle in the cave. At first, I thought that was fine. He was using a filter straw, and that seemed good enough. Before I realized the water was contaminated by the specimens, it was too late. He was infected. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"I feel like I can start fresh, and I don’t even know why. What am I missing? What events unfolded in my life that defined me, and what I became, and what am I without them? I’m still Gertrude Feldt, right? RIGHT? Who else might I be?" #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisWe were separated throughout the machine. The other humans, I believe, were allowed to watch the monsters do their work, but because they could tell how different I was, they sent me to the hock. I don't know what, but something else went wrong, and I ended up here. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusI built false identities, and moved around to keep people from learning who and what I really was. I shouldn't have been surprised that, in all that time, I found someone to love. But my love is dangerous, and I should have known better. I should have stayed away. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriI didn't need a job. I could have teleported to a remote oceanic island, and lived off the land in a paradise, but I find peace in working. I was too young to get a job when I became trapped in my hell world. I'm glad I finally see what it's like for normal people. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraAll they asked for was help developing temporal manipulation technology. They didn't want to hunt for a habitable planet somewhere in the galaxy at measly lightspeed. They needed to go faster than light, so I helped them do it. I would live to regret that choice. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanHis skin glowed, and little lights were swimming through his veins. He tore off his clothes, and scratched at himself. It looked painful, but I couldn't help. None of my powers would have been able to help this situation. But that was wrong. They could have. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"I can’t sleep most nights. I keep replaying this alternate reality in my head where things turned out differently, just because I was around. I’m not the hero of the story, but I AM a witness, and that’s enough to save her life, and Gertrude’s memories." #reactions #fishquotes
Life of CurtisI have no clue where I am. I know I'm not still in the monster universe, Ansutah, because the architecture around me is of clear human design. I know I'm not home either, though, because I'm not that lucky. I'm somewhere else, but it doesn't seem so bad…for now. #LifeofCurtis
Life of LuciusRemember when I told you there were monsters? I meant that literally, but I was also referring to myself. Her name was Ayla, and I killed her. I broke my promise to never use my powers, and it ruined everything. Fortunately, dead doesn't always mean dead for good. #LifeofLucius
Life of SavitriI decided I wanted to work with my hands. Sure, I knew what manual labor was. When you're growing up alone on a dead world, every day holds a new survival lesson. But my work had never contributed to society. That is what I needed. I joined a construction crew. #LifeofSavitri
Life of DubraMy only goal was to get them off of Earth as fast as possible. I let them study my ability to teleport, and worked with them to extrapolate that knowledge towards designing an interstellar ship. And just as they had promised, they left. They were gone for decades. #LifeofDubra
Life of AvidanI could have teleported us both to a hospital. I could have created a time bubble around him, until I could figure out what to do. Maybe I could have even used Lucius' power to destroy whatever it was that was killing him from the outside. But I just watched. #LifeofAvidan
Story Quote"The senator shrugged. 'Probably. But that’s not why I brought you here.' He clapped his hands with each word he spoke. 'I need to know what’s going to happen tomorrow.' // 'No idea.' It was true, Ace had that power in another timeline, but not here." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Life of CurtisThe world actually looks pretty normal. I'm about to fall into my old ways, and break into a few stores, when I remember all my friends, who taught me a better way. Instead, I just do the mature thing, and go off to find a social worker, because I'm homeless now. #LifeofCurtis
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