The Advancement of Mateo Matic (2019)

This is the story of a couple who are only able to live for one day every year. Every 24 hours, they are sent forward in time exactly 365 days. In volume 5, the two of them travel to the solar systems nearest planetary neighbors, where they witness colonists start new civilizations. If you have not already, please read volume 1, volume 2volume 3, and volume 4.

October 6, 2213
And like Jon Snow before him, Mateo Matic was suddenly returned from the dead. He could only move his neck a little as he gasped for air, and he could feel a tingling in his fingers...

October 7, 2214
Mateo was devastated at the news. Just like his father—who was, ironically, not really his father, as Mateo erased himself from history long before he was erased from time—he tore the place apart...

Installment 3
Coming soon...

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