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Agent HoneycuttMy name is Winona Honeycutt, and I run a covert branch of the US government called SD6. It's a joint effort of six different military and police branches…hence the name. A lot of people think I got to where I am because of my father, but I did this all on my own. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureAll right, enough questions. I take Nahandrel by the hand, and stand us both up. The Interviewer protests, but it doesn't matter what she wants anymore. We're leaving, and there ain't a damn thing no one can do about it. No overt superpowers, though, not yet. #BubbletotheFuture
NanostoryThe CIA and the DOD tried to recruit me literally at the same time. The recruiters bumped shoulders trying to get between the stacks at the college library where I was studying. We had a laugh, but I ended up choosing the NSA after this guy named Snowden emailed me an hour later.
Story Quote"The plan hasn't changed. They were going to let Bhulan go. Now they know that they're actually letting Aquila go. They'll find her, and give the body back to its rightful owner. Until then, there's a way to communicate with people inside the Insulator." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttMy father wanted me to make my own way, so I spent half my life going by my mother's name. It's even on my birth certificate, and is still technically my real name. I admit that I use Honeycutt now, because I often find it a useful skeleton key in my line of work. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureA security detail leaps into action, and tries to prevent us from leaving the interrogation studio, but they're no match for Nahandrel's hand-to-hand combat skills. He can't fly. Ochivari can't fly. But they can hover for a few seconds, kind of like chickens. #BubbletotheFuture
NanostoryWhen I was four, my mom called the United States Postal Inspection Service on me for opening her mail. It turned out to be junk, but I was still in prison for a year. That was twice as long as they were legally allowed to sentence me, but I didn't become a lawyer until I was six.
Story Quote"'We are Berarians.' As far as she can tell, it’s the least involved religion of them all. It’s not atheism, but they don’t really care about the nature of the almighty, or what the meaning of life is. It respects the rule of law more than some faiths." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttFor the last four years, I've been working with an agent who is a time traveler from another reality. More recently, her friends arrived, looking for her. Now I work with them too, and I have never been busier. But it's not the first interesting work I've done." #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI could call upon someone's powers or skills to fight these guys, but it looks like Nahandrel is handling it, and why waste it? It sounds like more are coming, though, so we need to get a move on. I can't get us out unless no one is around to see how I do it." #BubbletotheFuture
NanostoryIn my alternate reality of origin, I worked hard to become the biggest name associated with Flat Earth Theory. I didn't truly believe, but I knew that one day, a private spaceflight company would want to prove me wrong by taking me up to space. That's how I got in orbit for free.
Story Quote"They have already given them tons of data and technology so far that they never would have dreamed to do for any government in the main sequence. Trying to keep whatever's left a secret seems futile at this point. A better facility is more important." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI've been an agent my whole life. It's all I wanted to do as I was growing up. I watched all the movies, and read all the books. I used to keep a notepad in my back pocket at all times where I would scribble my obserations of random people around me. It paid off. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureOnce we're clear of the guards, he and I bolt out of the room, and into the maze of hallways. I don't know where we're going, but all I need is a staircase. Stairs always lead to dark, hidden places with camera blindspots. One's gotta be around here somewhere. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”Marcia: "Hey, that woman over there has a bunch of paparazzi following her. Is she a celebrity? Do you recognize her?" // Me: "Golly, Marcia, that's Molly Garcia!" // @mollylynng: "Here, I'll pump your gas for ya."
Story Quote"This seems right. This feels right. This must be where she belongs. But when she was born a few months ago, this job would not have been on her list of future pursuits, so it feels strange at the same time. She may be experiencing impostor syndrome." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe first time I felt the real thrill of the chase was before I was even qualified to sign up for basic training. I was still in college when a girl I had seen in the dorms—but didn't know personally—tried to accuse a classmate of raping her. I took on the case." #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureThey're hot on our trail, so we keep running. No stairs, but pretty soon, we're running by glass windows that show the courtyard. It's surprisingly heavily forested. Trees can be good cover. They'll do, but only if we get out there. All the doors are locked." #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingThe official language of Antarctica is called Pingwing.
Story Quote"Mateo answers to find Kivi on the other side. She steps into the room quietly, and looks around cautiously. She opens the door to the bathroom, like she's expecting another person to be here. Then she settles her gaze back on Leona, and finally exhales." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe whole innocent until proven guilty premise is great and all—I can't think of a better alternative—but it can also prevent people from investigating. People often stop at the "innocent" part, and don't try to find out if they're guilty. They don't wanna know. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI could have phased through the walls, but I've already used Serenity Theodo's anomaly ability. I could make a quick teleportation jump, but that would defeat the point of keeping powers a secret from these people. I have to solve this using traditional means. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”My new company is called InDirectTV. What you do is tell us what show you wanna watch, and we'll record it for you. Then one of our couriers will walk over to your place, and hand you the tape. You have a VCR, right?
Story Quote"Kivi turns away, realizing that she's right, and feeling a sense of relief in this truth. She's not responsible for detecting clues, extracting confessions, or prosecuting crimes. She finds people; that's it. What happens afterwards is out of her hands." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI wanted to know, so I started asking questions. I talked to the friends of the accused, and his ex-girlfriends. I spoke with his family, his professors, and old roommates. People were surprisingly forthcoming. The accusation was little surprise to most of them. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureWe come to a door to the courtyard, but of course it's locked. They must have locked down the whole building when we started trying to escape. That's okay. I can break it, or should I say that Cleopatra Marino can? I can make it look like it was just defective. #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingBrad and Allison are fraternal twins who were separated at birth. Things don't go as planned when they decide to trade places, and their respective families notice immediately. Rated PG.
Story Quote"When you’re part of the salmon and choosing one network, you can’t expect to keep things from others, especially not if two or more people know about it. Even the adage, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead is completely meaningless for them." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI was able to convince enough people who knew the rapist to testify against him as character witnesses, and one friend who saw him the night in question, and could provide some real testimony. In the end, he went to prison, but that's not what this story is about. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureWe don't have much time. I push against the exit bar, breaking the electronic locking mechanism. Nahandrel and I race into the courtyard, and into some thick vegetation. I need one more character's power, and then we'll be free. Camden Voss, a.k.a. Centurion. #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingI'm taking a mental health break...a break from my mental health. This joke would probably be funnier if mental health were a real thing, instead of a made up medical condition fabricated by the Snowflake Initiative that's trying to dismantle our beautiful fascism in the U.S.
Story Quote"Alyssa could just ping his handheld, but Winona is clearly uncomfortable being alone with her. She must have her reasons, which may be as simple as the fact that she mainly deals with the core team, instead of ancillary members like her. So she leaves." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttDuring my investigation, someone pointed me in the direction of a wildlife photographer who happened to catch the rapist on camera going into the maintenance shed the morning after he committed the crime, even though he said he had never even noticed the building. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureCamden can jump forwards or backwards in time, but only at hundred year intervals. He lives in the late 21st century, but works in the late 19th. I don't know how far in the future Nahandrel and I need to go, but right now, we just need to blow this pop stand. #BubbletotheFuture
Fake ConversationRideSauce Driver: "Have a nice flight, Miss Grip." // Dolly: "Please, call me Dolly."
Story Quote"And now for the hard part. There are more people here than Ramses was led to believe. Keeping the secret amongst a smaller group would have been easier, but they probably know enough already anyway. He's just gonna teleport in, now that he has a target." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttShortly after the trial, the photographer called to ask if I would come over so he could show me something. I assumed that he was trying to ask me out, but he acted like it was strictly business, so I felt like I had to follow up. It was definitely all business. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureAs soon as we're fully hidden, I take Nahandrel by the hands, and jump us a hundred years in the future. Before I realize what's happening, I feel another set of hands on my shoulders that I can't shake. The jump was successfully, but someone else came with us. #BubbletotheFuture
NanostoryUsing a shared computer right now. I tried to search for "how fat is too fat for a guy" but when I typed in the first six characters, the autosuggestion came up with "how fast does a train fly" and now I'm down the rabbit hole with this one.
Story Quote"When their medical issues become too much for them to bear, they will go against their convictions with real doctors, but they are not meant to visit the same facilities due to a self-imposed policy of segregation. These are extenuating circumstances." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe photographer had cameras set up all over the woods surrounding the campus, some closer to civilization than others. Some of them were stills, and others were video. He never deleted a single frame. He had a whole datadrive dedicated only to human sightings. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI turn around. It's The Interviewer, and she looks pissed. "How were you planning to escape?" she questions, not yet noticing that we've traveled through time. She doesn't give me a chance to explain before she takes out a pistol, and literally pistol whips me. #BubbletotheFuture
Fake ConversationMy date: "What do we want!" // Me: "FOOD!" // Waiter: "When do you want it!" // Me: "Whenever you're ready!" // Manager: "Thank you for your understanding and patience! We're shortstaffed today! Corporate won't authorize fair wages! We apologize for the inconvenience!"
Story Quote"Mateo has proposed a competition. The winner gets to stay, and the losers have to go back down to the surface. Leona, Marie, Arcadia, and Cheyenne are exempt. Ramses doesn’t have to compete either, because he will be traveling back and forth as needed." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttAt this point, I still think that maybe this guy's a pervert. He may wanna show me a couple of students have consensual sex in the woods. It's not that. It's weird, and creepy, and a part of me wishes I never saw it. But I did, and it took me to some dark places. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI don't know how long I was out. When I wake up, the Interviewer is tied up, and Nahandrel is warming his hands by the fire. The building around the courtyard is gone. It's all just forest as far as I can see. We didn't jump as far as I wanted, but we're free. #BubbletotheFuture
NanostoryI didn't actually go there myself, but I ran into another interdimensional traveler once who told me about a reality where it's illegal to get married on any day other than your own anniversary, OR your birthday, if both partners happen to share it. He was probably lying.
Story Quote"They have sure all been doing a lot of moving recently. It's good, though, it makes them feel kind of normal. Packing and carrying boxes is the kind of thing that regular people do everyday without thinking about bombs, tactical teams, and spaceships." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe video he showed me was dated three nights prior. He couldn't go to the police, because it doesn't show the people on it doing anything illegal, so he thought of me, because I didn't have to worry about justifying a case to any superior officers. It was a cult. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureThe Interviewer is also gagged, so I reach up, and take it out of her mouth. "For someone whose job it is to ask questions, you sure are bad at waiting to get all the facts before you act out violently." // "You were escaped prisoners," she reasons. // "Still." #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingIn the beginning was the word, and the word was COTA.
Story Quote"Finding it will be next to impossible. He doesn't know much about the thing, but something that powerful can surely mask its location against thieves. Even if they did get their hands on it, he may not be able to figure out how to gain control over it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttWhat is the difference between a religion and a cult? In my world, the biggest determining factor is whether the faith promotes inherently harmful behavior, or requires lowering or limiting the happiness of its members. Or if the leadership are not true believers. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the Future"The freak won't talk," the Interviewer complains. "Where are we? What did you do?" // I doubt she'll believe as I start to tell her that we're time travelers, trying to get back to the future, and that she interfered. She proves me right, and doesn't believe. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”Some of you have already heard. My new show was picked up by literally all streaming services. They'll have the same drop schedule. The first four-and-a-half episodes of the season will be released at once, and then two years later, they'll release the two-and-a-half-part finale.
Story Quote"Now that he's been talking about it so much, it's all that she can focus on. The pressure is worse than ever, though that's clearly only a psychological reaction. Assuming she believes him in the first place, how long can she last before she explodes?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttMost religions respect—if not outright revere—animals. The ones that don't generally know that torturing animals risks an interfaith war. On the rare occasion that this happens, the offending faith is usually also called a cult, even if not technically accurate. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI nod and toss a stick into the fire as I stand. "You're a hundred years in your future. If you hadn't knocked me out immediately after, I may have been able to take you back. But I've lost that power now, and I'm not wasting another on you, so you're stuck." #BubbletotheFuture
Fake QuoteLeviticus 18:22 (Enochian translation): "Do not lie with a man as you would lie with a woman. Like, how would that even work; they don't have vaginas. Ya gotta go in the back way, dude. You could also try the attic." #biblequotes #biblequoteoftheday
Story Quote"The last ping came from one of the bridges over the Grand Canal, but their target could be anywhere by now. In the meantime, they rest their elbows on the stone railing, and watch the gondolas go by. It’s quite romantic here, he wishes Leona could join." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe creepy cult members in the video were carrying animals into the woods. I might have believed that they were taking them there to worship them, except they were being very careless with the cages. They were also all naked, and some of them were holding swords. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureWe are going further into the future. To be quite honest, it's pretty much a paradise, depending on your definition and preferences. I would be willing to take you with us, or you could try your luck in this time period. Either way, you are never going home. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”To the outside world, I am an ordinary fiscal conservative, but secretly I use my incredible wealth and privilege to fight woke culture and find racists like me. And one day, I’ll find who killed comedy, and get justice for Mein Führer. I am…The Fash.
Story Quote"He's rattled…flustered even. He has spent the last month in his cell, planning every word he wants to say, preparing contingencies for every possible response out of her. This is wrong. It's all wrong. Mateo's ruined it, and Mateo couldn't be happier." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe video didn't show the group of people doing anything wrong. They went into an area of the woods where the photographer wasn't observing. In order to get more answers, I had to try to retrace their footsteps. Unfortunately, by then, it was getting pretty dark. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureThe Interviewer scowls. "In my back pocket is my satellite phone. If we are where you claim we are, that's the only way I'll believe you. There should be a building here, and if it's missing, then I guess they tore it down sometime in the last hundred years." #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”For some reason, whenever I hear @Seal music, I think of @heidiklum, why is that?
Story Quote"This vehicle is far more automated than their last one as it’s equipped with the AI that Ramses rescued from The Constant before it was flooded and destroyed. Mateo is capable of operating it himself without the help of one of the team’s smart people." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI pulled the datadrive from the computer, dropped a fifty dollar bill on the table, and said goodbye to the photographer. He wasn't charging me for the footage, but I felt I owed him something for the trouble. Then I returned home to improvise some tactical gear. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureNahandrel reaches towards me with a knife. "I swept for weapons." // "Thanks." I take the knife, and cut the Interviewer free. "Check your phone," I offer as she's massaging her wrists. // "Thanks," she echoes, not having expected me to cut her loose so easily. #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingThe opposite of hot is Hod.
Story Quote"They just recently asked for a submarine, and it didn't work out so great for the people who loaned it to them, so asking again would seem heartless. It would probably be met with a belly laugh, and a resounding NO. Perhaps they could ask someone else." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttLooking back, I think my dad probably always knew that I would go into law enforcement or intelligence. He didn't give me any guns, but before I left for college, he did gift me with a taser, a stun gun, pepper spray, a hand dazzler, and a couple of sweet knives. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureThe Interviewer frowns and sighs as she's looking through the navigation app. Kind of surprisingly, it does manage to get a signal, even though her technology is a century out of date. She tries to make a few calls, but the numbers are too old to still work. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”I'm the first goaltender in National Hockey League history to score a goal. Don't look it up on Wikipedia, I'm not on the list. The leftist agenda is oppressing me and my accomplishments. I'm also the guy who told everyone that something big happens in Washington DC on January 6.
Story Quote"Ramses is monitoring the exterior maintenance robot—or EMR—that’s readying the probe for launch. The ship wasn’t designed for this, so he’s had to improvise a lot of the process. If they’re in a time crunch, that’s all the more reason they can’t rush." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttChances were, no one from the cult was still in those woods, but only a crazy person would go in there after dark without protection. I geared up, and headed into the wilderness. I had a flashlight, but I didn't use it, because I didn't want to attract attention. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the Future"So you're telling me that we develop time travel technology in the future? And I'm assuming you're not a genetically modified human, but a genuine alien," she says to Nahandrel. It's far more complicated than that, but maybe that part would be a bit too much. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”I literally ran up Mount Everest. It took me six hours, I spent a few hours sunbathing, and then I ran back down in time for dinner. But yeah, you go ahead and "train" for it.
Story Quote"Either something is keeping him in the city, or his power has limited range. Regardless, they have to find him. If Ramses can learn why this reality isn't suppressing his abilities, it will take them one step closer to solving the problem for everyone." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI've always been good at sneaking around. I snuck out of my house to hang out with friends so many times. Now it was coming in handy when I had to know where to land my feet to avoid crunching leaves or breaking sticks. I was practically a ghost. Until I wasn't. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the Future"What do you want to do? Do you want to stay here, or go with us further in the future?" I ask-slash-offer. // "You say that it's a paradise?" she asks. "By whose standards?" // "Good point. I can't say much, only that genetic engineering becomes ubiquitous." #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingFunny enough, in three countries, hands are typically measured in a unit called *horses*. My right hand is 120 horses big, and my left hand is 121 horses big.
Story Quote"Ramses has asked to take Curtis down to his lab for more tests. Cheyenne wants to come too, which would leave Vearden and Arcadia up on the ship alone. It's highly automated, so that would be fine, except that she's pregnant, and that doesn't seem wise." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttA really creepy man stepped into the moonlight. He hadn't showered in probably his entire life. Some of the grime on his skin and overalls may have been blood. He was licking his lips like I was a turkey leg. I stuck my hand in my bag, and took hold of the taser. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureThe Interviewer wrinkles her nose. "You seem to be under the impression that we hate genetically modified individuals. On the contrary. Our protocols are designed to protect them. We regulate so things don't get out of hand…so no one can create abominations." #BubbletotheFuture
Fake ConversationMe: "Hey Google, are whips smart?" // @Google Home Speaker: "Okay, sure. Turning off all lights in your house, and playing porn on your parents' Chromecast." // Me: "What!? Why do you have access to that?!" // Home Speaker: "I. Am. Everywhere."
Story Quote"A time bubble that can last billions of years would have taken enormous amounts of temporal energy. Not even the tanks on the Bridgette could store enough after being concentrated from immortality water. Yet it all runs out today; not a day too soon?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe things he said didn't disabuse me of the idea that he was a dangerous guy. Investigating a cult from a distance is one thing, but actually encountering one is a level I was not ready for at the time. Unfortunately, his friends showed up, and removed my choice. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureUnsettled, Nahandrel shifts. "Are you calling me an abomination?" // "I was asking you the questions that I was asking in order to determine IF you were an abomination. Innocent until proven guilty. You were never in any danger; I hope you both realize that." #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingI can destroy a tank with my pinky finger…as long as I'm using that pinky finger to press the launch button for a nuclear missile that has already been targeted to the tank.
Story Quote"What he doesn’t do is reiterate the fact that Danica may still be able to shield herself from that. Enemy or no, she’s one of the most powerful people they have faced, if only due to her age. No one else comes close, not even all the Prestons combined." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI didn't know what these people were gonna do to me, and I didn't want to find out. I dropped my sunglasses over my eyes, and looked at the ground. Then I took out my hand dazzler, and started waving it around aimlessly. In the dark, it could impair my vision too. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the Future"What's your answer?" I ask again. "I'm anxious to get back to my…boyfriend." // "I'll just stay here," she decides. "I don't know how far in the future you're going, but it's probably more foreign to me than just a hundred years. It feels like the safer bet. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”Crap, has anybody seen my drop gun? This guy called me a pig yesterday, and I need to make it look like he tried to kill me. He's leaving the country tonight, so it has to be today. He's not black, if you're worried about that, PC POLICE, a.k.a. not real police. Damn snowflakes.
Story Quote"Since then, smaller wars have been fought over further discord, but they were mostly not tied together, and World War II didn’t begin for another 140 years, which finalized a lot of the lingering border ambiguity through treaties and trade agreements." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttYou can protect yourself from a dazzler using the obvious tactics, so I was by no means done. I could sense some of them start to come after me, so I switched to my other non-lethals. I shot one of them with my taser, and quickly another with the second cartridge. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI stand and stretch my arms. "We didn't come here with any resources, so I can't give you anything to get you started. I can leave you with the fire." // "Thanks," she says, but she's preoccupied with wrapping her head around her new life here in the future. #BubbletotheFuture
Dumb DittyIn 1987, I was sired. I aspired to be admired; it was dire; I joined the choir, and I was a tryer, but I was fired by the friar, who put me on a pyre for my ire for the shire. Then I found a flyer for a scryer named Briar who needed to hire just under the wire, and now I'm tired.
Story Quote"She’s right. They’re not getting into attack formation. They’re turning. It’s going to take them a long time at their sizes, going at their speeds, but they’re definitely turning away. From what, them? That is even weirder. What are they so afraid of?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI tried to load the third cartridge, but the third guy was already too close. I switched to the stungun, and got him in the neck. Someone was behind me by then, so I had to back kick her in the chest. Another came straight at me, so I punched her in the forehead. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureThe Interviewer stands up as well, followed by Nahandrel. "Pleasure doin' business with ya," she says, shaking both of our hands. "I'm going to get more firewood, and find something to eat. I'll go exploring tomorrow." // "Okay." I feel bad for her, all alone. #BubbletotheFuture
Fake ConversationMe: "I'm so stressed out all the time." // My parole officer: "Have you ever tried meditating?" // Me: "I don't meditate…I premeditate."
Story Quote"They're finally going to get some real answers, instead of just last second messages before someone loses their memory, or brief interactions with someone before they run away. Curtis walks in last, and sits directly across from her, so they can begin." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttFinally, I had one extra moment to load that third taser cartridge, but I had to shoot it right away at the woman who I had just punched. I only had one more non-lethal left, besides the stun gun. The dazzler needed time to recharge. I took out the pepper spray. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the Future"How exactly are we going to get to your friends?" Nahandrel asks. "I thought you already used your time traveling power." // "I have access to more than one." I take a step towards him. "We don't need to touch this time." I start thinking about Jesimula Utkin. #BubbletotheFuture
NanostoryCrows are even smarter than you've heard. Throwin' nuts on the road to let the tires crack them is nothing. After I finished inventing the first gun, I accidentally aimed it at a crow, and he said, "bro, I'm not here to make trouble. I got some trinkets, you can have 'em all."
Story Quote"It's Cheyenne's turn, and no one has a problem with that. He appears to have betrayed her just as much as them; possibly more so, because of the commitment he deliberately made to her. She looks anxious, though, so Leona decides to stay by her side." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI pulled my shirt over my nose, and closed my eyes. Then I started to spray in every direction, just hoping that at least some of it landed in every eye belonging to someone who wanted to do me harm. I could hear them scream in pain, and back away. It was over. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI form a translucent bubble around the both of us. The sun comes up, and goes down. It comes back up, and then back down. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. Years start to pass us by in flashes. The landscape transforms. #BubbletotheFuture
NanostoryI stole the 2016 election, and replaced it with a forgery. It didn't look anything like the original, but since no one had actually ever seen it, they couldn't prove that it was fake, because my counterfeit work is flawless.
Story Quote"The construct is more elaborate than it was when Ramses first created it. He didn’t have time to program too many details back then, but he has since made a nice little fake house for her in the middle of a vast field of daisies, which are her favorite." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI caught a bit of the pepper spray in my own face when I pulled my shirt back down, thinking it was clear, but I could still see. The enemy combatants were all on the ground, in various stages of injury…all except one. He was calm, but angry. He ran right for me. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureI need to be able to use two abilities at once, so I can determine exactly when to stop the time bubble. Cricket never told me what year it was, and I'm not sure if they even kept measuring time like that. I have a character called Keegan who can find people. #BubbletotheFuture
“Joke”The car was invented exactly 137 years ago today, and when you think about it, not much has changed since. You still need to crank it to start, you still need to ask the neighbor boys for help pushing it down the hill to get going, you still need to feed the horse.
Story Quote"It's not just a bug, but something called a heisenbug, which is one that is unreliable to reproduce. The conditions that led to it happening the first time may no longer be present, or maybe it was just a one time thing, and the portal has since closed." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttI was out of non-lethals. No more pepper spray, and I couldn't find my stun gun. I took out one of my knives, and held it in front of me, hoping that would be enough to get him to stop. It wasn't; he was about to get himself stabbed. I tried to dodge, but failed. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureThe bubble keeps moving forward in time. I close my eyes, and focus on Cricket. There's really no telling how long this will—oh my God, there he is. I can sense him. I can feel him. Stop, stop the bubble now. It pops. We're back in realtime. It's beautiful." #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingI used to be a bad guy, but then my parole officer showed me the era of my ways. It turns out, it was the '90s.
Story Quote"Vearden and Arcadia are in their new home in the suburbs, but it’s not an ideal situation. She walks around with a disguise to prevent anyone from recognizing Leona’s face, and they have two live-in SD6 operatives who protect her at all times in shifts." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Agent HoneycuttThe knife went right into his shoulder, just above his heart. It went smoother than I would have thought. We stood there for a moment in the blood, hugging each other until I could hold his weight no longer. He was my first victim, but he was nowhere near my last. #AgentHoneycutt
Bubble to the FutureNow I only need one more power. Before I lose my sense of where Cricket is, I teleport directly to his location. There he is, standing beside a river. He looks different though, what is it? Oh yeah, he's younger. I undershot it. But it's too late, he sees me. #BubbletotheFuture
Random NothingYou're not wearing flippers, you're wearing fins. Flipper is a dolphin, you racist.
Story Quote"He has no loyalty to them, so figuring out a decent incentive was the hardest part, and they did need to come up with one, because if they tried to force it on him, he would probably claim to be a twin or triplet in public, and ruin their whole gambit." #salmonverse #fishquotes

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Team Triple ThreatDanica Matic has a destiny, but it's not supposed to start for another few billion years, with maybe a few adventures in the meantime. What she doesn't expect is for someone to show up right away. Yet, that's exactly what Bhulan Cargill and Tamerlane Pryce do. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Hi," the younger version of Cricket says to me before I can escape. "How did you get here so fast?" // "Um…magic." I whisper the word, and wave my hands in front of my chest. // He giggles. "I'm Cricket!" // "I know. I'm…a friend." // "Oh, great! I love friends!" #Underswinger
“Joke”Humans. Can't live with 'em, can't find my planet-destroying spaceship in the asteroid belt.
Story Quote"Leona shakes her head. 'That’s Téa. Theia is a planet.' // 'I don’t remember learning that in school.' // 'It doesn’t exist anymore. I mean…it won’t.' She points at the viewport, which is showing what the solar system looked like 4.5 billion years ago." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatDanica is completely immortal, having consumed all of the immortality waters in the right order, and within the time alloted. She could survive 4.5 billion years, but alone, that would be boring, so it was never the plan to have her conscious the entire time. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Well, bye!" I'm trying to be as bubbly as I can. Lots of people on this world are fickle and ethereal. It's not unusual to meet someone who immediately decides to wander off for no reason. I'm hoping to play it that way, so I don't interfere with Cricket's future. #Underswinger
Random NothingRated E for egomaniacs.
Story Quote"It’s actually spinning too quickly, because there is no artificial gravity. A normal person can’t tell the difference between artificial and real gravity, but she can. She has had experience feeling it, and working on the technology. This is a planet." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatOnce she got herself settled, and learned everything she could about The Constant, she was supposed to place herself in stasis, and wait for her first guest, but before she can get a chance to learn anything, a woman shows up who is just as shocked as Danica is. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"No, wait, don't you want to have lunch?" Cricket asks. // "We're not really hungry," I say. // "I could eat," Nahandrel contradicts. "I couldn't go hunting while you were passed out, and that woman was tied up." // "Oh, dear," Cricket says. "Did she ever get free?" #Underswinger
Fake ConversationMe: "Meet my new puppy, Dr. Gato!" // My parole officer: "Gato means cat." // Me: "I know." // My parole officer: "Well, shouldn't he be named Dr. Perro, or something instead?" // Me: "Oh right, I forgot, because everyone's name should tell you what species they are."
Story Quote"This is not the Danica he knows and loves, and that's the point. Nerakali was always trying to explain that alternate selves are not identical. The fact that everyone is unique isn't just something to teach your kids; she called it a metaphysical maxim." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Oh, hi." Danica puts on her polite face. "Are you my first guest?" // The guest turns around. "Something went wrong." // "All right, well…let's figure it out together. What's your name?" // "Bhulan Cargill," she says. // "Danica Matic, a.k.a.…The Concierge." #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Yeah, I cut her free," I promise Cricket, not wanting to seem like the kind of guy who would tie up an innocent woman before he even gets to know me. It's too much, though, I must protect the timeline. I honestly don't know how time travel works in this universe. #Underswinger
Random NothingYes, I'll just have a water with lemon on the lip of the glass, and before you leave, are your Tide Pods free range?
Story Quote"He feels out of place, which may be what others have felt when they encounter the team that he's been on since it was only him and Leona. He's always had to accept others, rather than be accepted, and truthfully, he doesn't care for this side of things." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"And I…am Tamerlane Pryce." A man steps out of the shadows, and approaches Danica and Bhulan. // "Whoa. How did you get here?" Danica prepares to initialize the security response protocols. // "Something went wrong with something called Westfall," he replies. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"You were saying something about lunch?" Nahandrel urges. // "Yes, of course," Cricket agrees, moving off with him towards the river. "You're gonna love this spread. What's your name?" Leona's Rules of Time Travel, Number 12: don't learn too much about your future. #Underswinger
Random NothingThis is a nice place, and it is in my price range, but I can't live here. I get too much blood on my clothes to use a laundromat.
Story Quote"It seems weird to have a pool party with five people, three of which are related, but he follows her anyway. They’re in the short course pool today, instead of the Olympic-size one, and it is packed full of party-goers. Who the hell are these people?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatDanica looks between Bhulan and Tamerlane for a moment, then she makes a decision. "Constance, Lockdown Protocol Dolphin-Algae-Nautical two-three-nine-eight." The intruders-slash-visitors disappear, temporarily banished to the hock until she can sort this out. #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerOkay, I've got it. A few of my characters can manipulate people's memories, namely Tertius Valerius. I've not channeled that power yet, so I can just make Cricket forget that he ever saw me. As I think more about it, I realize that I can always do that later. Right? #Underswinger
NanostoryI'm afraid that my car is too far gone. It would cost more to repair than it would be to replace. But that's okay, I've had it for years and years and years. Oh wait, I said that wrong. I meant, I've had it for a year. It's a 2019 Chrysler Neon with 24,000 miles on it.
Story Quote"A whole day with no one for company but Tamerlane Pryce? No, thank you. Even though he believes him when he says that he's an alternate version, Mateo doesn't see them becoming friends in any reality. They don't have a lot in common, and that is okay." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Constance," Danica repeats after she takes a deliberate breath. "How many individuals are currently in hock?" // "Two," the AI answers. // That's not enough. "How many total individuals are currently in or around The Constant?" // "Three total," it responds. #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerConfident in my plan to avert disastrous changes to the timeline, I jog down to meet Cricket and Nahandrel, where a blanket has been laid out over the grass. On top of it are a few boxes. When Cricket opens them, I see that there is far too much food for one person. #Underswinger
Dub Ditty🎤She's changing her name back from Karen to Kitty, since it's tainted now // She's trading her Chrysler in for a vehicle that won't fall apart after 24,000 miles // I want a girl who wears whateeeeeeeeeever she feels most comfortable in, and a jacket when it's cold🎤
Story Quote"He's like Chris Pratt in Passengers, except this isn't an accident, and if it were, this place would be designed to correct for it. Welp, anyway, it's time to go outside and see what Theia looks like from the ground. 'Wish me luck,' he asks Constance." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Okay." Danica thinks about her problem for a second. "Please, be on the lookout for any temporal disturbances within the confines of the facility. If you detect one, set off alarms. If you detect any disturbances OUTSIDE, just notify my watch." // "Understood." #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerI shouldn't be surprised. People in this universe don't like to eat alone. They'll go a little hungry while they wait to encounter someone who's ready to eat too, and then they'll share. Cricket doesn't need much, so he probably expected more than Nahandrel and me. #Underswinger
“Joke”Once a month, I turn into a person who doesn't like werewolf movies, and I'm afraid I'm going to hurt someone.
Story Quote "It’s time for Plan Z. Mateo starts to teleport all over the place, kind of like how he was planning to evade capture when he first woke up, except now he’s trying to get people’s attention. If they truly don’t trust him, they can come out and prove it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatShe pulls up the stream of Bhulan and Tamerlane in hock. They're both perturbed, but not pissed off, and they should be fine for now. She can't go talk to them until she gets some guidance from the Procedures Guide. It claims to know what to do in any situation. #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerI recognize a few items from the future, when I first ate with Cricket, but there are some delicacies that I've never tried before. It's all very good. Nahandrel talks about where he's from. I stay quiet, and keep mental notes of what memories I'll need to erase. #Underswinger
NanostoryHere at our secret agency, any given secret agent can participate in a mission in a given city precisely once. That way, they can later talk to each other about "the Rio mission" or "the Tokyo job" without there being any ambiguity whatsoever. That's very important.
Story Quote"There's no way through the dimensional barrier anyway. Ramses wanted to tackle that issue, but the Traversa Bracelet has since been destroyed, and it kind of had to fall down on his list of priorities. Now the real problem is getting back to the past." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatDanica goes to her office to sit down. "All right, Constance, please pull up th—" // "I can't pull up anything," Constance interrupts. // "What?" // "The Procedure's Guide is walled off from the AI, for security purposes, in case the AI is the problem." // "Oh." #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"So." Cricket stops talking immediately to chew an entire geliate bar. "So," he repeats. "How long have you been away from Folia?" // "What's Folia?" I ask. // "It's the…Ochivari homeworld, of course." // "You've seen others that look like me?" Nahandrel questions. #Underswinger
“Joke”Which headline should I go with for my new article? 1) Gen Zers Are Wearing Their Wedding Rings on the Wrong Finger, And the Internet is Freaking Out 2) Gen Zers Are Wearing Their Weddings Rings on the Wrong Finger, And We Have Feelings 3) DERPA DER DEE DUMBITY DOO DOO BLARGH!!!!
Story Quote"They'll just have to find another way. This whole plan was never foolproof, nor inherently necessary. There's every chance that, even if it goes off without a hitch, Leona and Arcadia will still be in danger. No need to put Alyssa in the same position." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatDanica sighs, unexcited about having to search for information on her own, which she thought she would never have to do again around all this technology, but she's done it before, in her old life. Okay. Hadean guests. What does the guide say about Hadean guests? #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Yeah, I've met a few Ochivari," Cricket replies. "Quite lovely people." // "I told you," I say to Nahandrel, "there are others who can wingsing." // "You didn't tell me they were in this universe," Nahandrel contends. // "I didn't know. I don't know everything." #Underswinger
Random Nothing#MandelaEffect, my ass. That show always used to be called "Sex in the City". It's only recently that reality warped into this "and" business.
Story Quote"She’s fourteen weeks pregnant, not in hospice, but if he can’t stop her from working, he’s at least going to make sure she doesn’t overexert herself. She accepts the support, because arguing would make it worse, and it is helping her focus on Alyssa." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatIt says it's unlikely that a traveler would show up this far back in time. With no atmosphere, they would have to bring life support equipment with them, which most are incapable of doing to the necessary degree, especially given the high motivation threshold. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Do you have the means to travel to Folia?" Nahandrel asks Cricket. // "I've never had the occasion, but I could help you search for the right wormhole." // "Would you?" he presses. // "He's not just being polite," I clarify. "If he says he'll do it, he'll do it." #Underswinger
Fake ConvesationMe: "We'll pay you to spy on your boss." // Potential CIA Asset: "Okay, that's the carrot, now what's the stick?" // Me: *putting on sunglasses* *stepping out of the car* "I don't need a stick. If I hit you with a carrot, you're not getting up until I say you can."
Story Quote"She has to be patient with him when he's in this state. He spends the most amount of time out of stasis—to no one's fault but his own—and he spends a lot of that in here, dealing with his issues. None of them is qualified to bring him back to reality." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Okay, well people HAVE shown up, so what do I do?" Danica asks the aether. She flips to the next page, and reads the next passage out loud, "if a traveler does appear at an unexpected time, treat them as any other guest. Provide standard access to amenities." #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Yeah," Cricket agrees. "When we're finished, we'll go find a travel agent." // I chuckle, then I have to look between them and explain, "travel agencies become obsolete on my world, because my culture focused on external technology, instead of biological upgrades." #Underswinger
“Joke”I lost 24 billion dollars on FTX. I was planning on cashing out the next day. Ha, life is a trip.
Story Quote"The responsibility falls to her now, to protect it, and curate the timeline. This should not be a problem; they all agreed to the parameters a very long time ago, and they were incredibly detailed, so she is not worried about making any bad decisions." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatShe frowns at the document. It doesn't really talk about what she should do if a guest arrives literally on day one. She expected to have time to develop her customer service skills. She doesn't know what she's doing, and she has not gotten off to a good start. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Well, our travel agents don't need technology," Cricket begins to explain. Their ancestors were genetically modified to be in tune with the timing and destinations of every wormhole in the galaxy. Each generation is better at it than the last." // "That's cool." #Underswinger
Fake ConversationMe: "Doc, I stuck red hot chili peppers down my pants, and now I have this really painful burning sensation that I can't explain." // Doctor: "Do you mean the band, or the fruit?" // Me: "Both, why?"
Story Quote"They shrug at each other, and exit the building together, opening the double doors in sync. They have to blink when sunlight flies down to attack their eyes. They can obviously tell immediately that they’re in a breathable atmosphere. It’s the future." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatDanica skims the rest of the section of the manual, but it's no more helpful than the other parts. She resolves to do what's expected of her. She stands up, closes her door, and proceeds to use the mirror on the back of it to practice her smiling. It needs work. #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerThe planet that Nahandrel wants to get to will still be there, and the future I want to get to hasn't arrived yet, so there's no rush. So we keep eating until we're done. Then we take a nap, and when we wake up however long later, we start walking towards a village. #Underswinger
“Joke”It's been ten years since my last dental appointment. My records have officially been purged. Time to fake my death, here we go!
Story Quote"Cheyenne's origins were always mysterious, so it's not totally surprising that she has something to do with this. Abigail is way out of left field, though. Or maybe not, since her father is here. Well, he's her once-father, so still. Who else is coming?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Constance, show me the hock, please," Danica requests as she's still working on her smile. The video feed appears at the top of the mirror, which she didn't know was a thing. There's a lot she still doesn't know about this place. Anyway, they look fine still. #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerPeople in this universe live in harmony with nature. They spread across the galaxy, so each world maintains a smallish population, allowing them to cluster in tiny villages like the one we're approaching. It's all very ephemeral. Probably no one here was born here. #Underswinger
NanostoryI just learned this from my new dentist, which my mother made me go see. Did you know this? If you don't have time to sit down and watch a drama, or a couple episodes of a sitcom, you're not brushing your teeth for long enough.
Story Quote"Asier shakes his head. 'Mormonism is not going to exist in this reality.' // Mateo chuckles. 'No, you’ll replace it with a hundred new ideologies that are just as bad.' // 'Huh?' // 'Never mind.' Warning him about the future will only make things worse." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Okay, that's enough dawdling." She breathes in slowly, and forces the air out quickly. Then she opens the door, and heads down to the hock to confront her own insecurities about agreeing to take this job despite every fiber of her being having told her not to. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Friends!" a topless woman wringing out her shirt cries once she sees us coming. "Our friends are here!" // I laugh. This is why I love this world. "Heigh ho!" I shout. // "Heigh ho!" she calls back. She laughs too. She's never heard the phrase, but she likes it. #Underswinger
NanostoryI went as Stiles from #TeenWolf one year for Halloween. I drove around in a blue Jeep going 5 miles an hour, dressed in mummy rags, and twirling a roll of duct tape while I grimaced at the trick-or-treating kids and swung my lacrosse stick towards them. #TeenWolfTheMovie
Story Quote"She's distraught. This is someone else's baby, and she stole it. Who cares if the math doesn't work out so great? The baby books don't lie. They don't lie! // Vearden can see how close she is to the edge. 'It's okay, we'll figure this out,' he promises. #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"It feels like we've been down here forever," Bhulan says when Danica enters the room. // "If we don't find a way to get you back home," Danica begins, "the mere minutes you spent down here will feel shorter than the blink of an eye." // "Who says I want that?" #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Forgive me if this makes you feel uncomfortable," the woman apologizes. "Clothing is optional in our village, but we will accommodate new friends." // "We're not here to disrupt your lifestyles," Cricket says. "We don't need to stay long. We seek a travel agent." #Underswinger
Fake ConversationMy parole officer: "Great workout. How do you feel?" // Me: "I still hate running." // Parole officer: "I know. What's your heart rate?" // Me: "Negative one." // Parole officer: "That must be the temperature." // Me: "No, see, THAT'S the temperature." // Parole officer: "WHAT!?"
Story Quote"Jogging didn’t work either. Nor did pelvic floor exercises, though she probably misread the database, which would have likely gone on to say that that’s more of a recurrent process than a quick fix. Perhaps what she really needs is medical intervention." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatBhulan stands up and takes the Omega Gyroscope out of her bag, which Danica didn't even realize she had. That was a dumb mistake. "I came here to destroy this thing. Actually, I didn't mean to come here. It's just what happened. Destroying it is still the goal." #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"There is a travel agent not a day's walk from here, but you must have a meal with us first, and then you will have to stay the night." // Cricket seems to think we won't want to waste the time, but he's wrong. "We both need more rest than your species does," I say. #Underswinger
NanostoryI got struck by lightning, and now I have the power of superspeed, but I was looking the wrong direction when it happened, so I can only run backwards. You can call me…The Reverse Flash. […] Oh, no? Why not?
Story Quote"Mateo is not the sharpest bulb in the basket, but he thinks he has this one figured out. Power moved from Danica to Bhulan, and now Tamerlane is asking for a favor, and that is most likely to help Tamerlane take control. But what could he do to help?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"I have not had time to learn much about it, but isn't that the thing that created time travel in the first place?" // "Yes," Bhulan replies. "Destroying it wouldn't undo that, it would just get rid of ITS power. Can you help me figure this out, and will you?" #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"We have recently eaten," Cricket says to the woman, "but we would welcome a place to rest, and my friends here will be hungry in the morning." // "I'll tell the others to postpone our monthly meal." // 'Is that okay?' I mouth to Cricket. // 'It is,' he mouths back. #Underswinger
Random NothingThe Little White School from 1850 in Illinois is a double entendre.
Story Quote"She reaches behind the couch as if going for a sword. When her hand returns, the Omega Gyroscope follows. She’s still not touching it; it’s hovering a few centimeters from her fingers. It seems you don’t have to be the possessor to play around with it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"It's not my job to interfere. I am host. I'm here to make sure you have a pleasant and relaxing experience while you're in this facility." // "Right, but we're supposed to leave before too long," Tamerlane points out. "I don't see that being the case with us." #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerThe woman shows the three of us to a hut, which turns out to be a lot nicer on the inside. It's very clean and well-insulated. The beds look comfortable, and there's no need for most amenities, so there's plenty of room for us. Nahandrel and I fall asleep quickly. #Underswinger
Random NothingYesterday, I caught a bullet…literally, I used a mitt…an oven mitt…that was made of Kevlar®.
Story Quote"This is great. It means that Bhulan is still missing, and probably will be for the necessary amount of time, or Constance would have found more than one. This is farther out than he left her, so now it all makes sense. It also means he's about to die." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"If you can't go home, what do you expect to do? Why are you here?" Danica questions. // Bhulan steps towards the bars. "Perhaps we're here to help you. Maybe that was the plan all along, and you just thought that you would be doing it all alone." // "I dunno…" #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerI sleep well, and Nahandrel reportedly experiences the same. I wouldn't mind staying on this world, just not in this time period. I have to get back to MY Cricket, who already knows me. But that doesn't mean there isn't time for another meal with our new friends. #Underswinger
NanostoryIf you come into my new drug store without a mask and so much as LOOK at the cough and cold aisle, you will be shot on sight. If you manage not to do that, though, everything you can fit in one basket is free.
Story Quote"It looks like an intervention at first, but upon closer examination, Mateo starts to feel like no one wants to be here and most of them don't exactly know why. Even Danica seems nervous, and every version of her always appears so confident and capable." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatDanica looks between Bhulan and Tamerlane. "This IS a big place. But how do I know if I can trust you?" // "I thought you were meant to know everything," Tamerlane thought. "That's what my time traveler research concluded." // "That hasn't happened to me yet." #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerAfter breakfast, the three travelers start heading for the road, on our way to the travel agent. The whole village starts to clap for us like we just won State. I don't normally like this kind of thing, but the natives seem to be enjoying it, so I don't complain. #Underswinger
Dumb Ditty🎼I knew a guy who drove a long haul // He don't drink soda or alcohol // He don't drink tea // Or any caffeine // He don't drink water, or Ovaltine // He just drinks gaaaaaassaasoline // Gaaaaaassaasoline // Gaaaaaassaasoline // Gaaaaaassaasoline!!🎼
Story Quote"This place is so weird. You can be gone for minutes, and miss out on so much. In fact, you could be stasis for the same amount of time as civilization had existed up to the point that Curtis first left. Empires would rise and fall. Wars would be fought." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"We can help," Bhulan says with an amicable nod. "You can keep us locked out of whatever systems you choose. I don't have any other business besides destroying this, along with a few other things." // "I don't have anything going on, full stop," Tamerlane adds. #TeamTripleThreat
UnderswingerWe get to the travel agency in less than half a day, which is not what the villagers said, though it occurs to me that no one in this brane is in any hurry, so their pacing makes their estimations less reliable when it comes to us. The travel agent seems displeased. #Underswinger
“Joke”Okay, the drug store thing didn't work out. Apparently you need a "license" and you need to have "items to sell" and you're not allowed to "shoot people". So I'm starting a new company where we don't DO anything called Crackalackin. What's Crackalackin? The question is the point.
Story Quote"She once thought she would have to do something like this one day, but after the first few decades of realtime without him giving them any problems, she stopped worrying. She's so disappointed. Perhaps spending a few decades in here will sober him up." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Let's just…hang out for now," Danica suggests. "The real work won't begin for billions of years. I'm only out of stasis right now to familiarize myself with the environment, and that only exists this far back in time to prevent a traveler from undermining it." #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"What do you want from me?" the travel agent asks. I think we may have just found the only cranky person in the universe. // Nahandrel steps forward, because this is all for him. "We were hoping to get to Folia." // "Mleh," the agent hisses dismissively. "Whatever." #Underswinger
Random NothingFun fact: nothing matters.
Story Quote"They won't need to share for long. When she figures out how to get them back to the Third Rail, Aquila can be transferred to Tamerlane's body, and it doesn't really matter what happens to his consciousness. Not anymore. He's lost the right to autonomy." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"Constance, let 'em out." The gates open, allowing Bhulan and Tamerlane to exit. "You hungry? I was just about to check the stock in the grocery store. It's been under temporal stasis, so everything is still completely fresh." // "Let's do it," Tamerlane says. #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Can you…help with that?" I ask. // "No," the travel agent spits. // "Why not?" // He sighs, and checks the ticker tape moving across his desk. "The next wormhole to Folia is coming in three minutes on the other side of the world. The NEXT one is in three YEARS." #Underswinger
Fake ConversationMy Attorney: "The plea deal came in." // Me: "Okay, but I'm telling you now, I'm not taking it. The jury heard my testimony. They'll find me innocent." // Attorney: "The D.A. is prepared to offer 95 years in prison. With good behavior, you'll be out in 90." // Me: "I'll take it."
Story Quote"It's messing him up, and it will only get worse. There's one option left to fix this, but he's not gonna like it, and she definitely won't. Mateo will probably be displeased too. If Tamerlane wants to disappear, then she'll help, but to different ends." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple Threat"The store is down the other hall from the lobby." Danica says as she's leading the way. // "Hey, if we're gonna do this," Tamerlane begins, "we need a catchy name." // "A catchy name?" Bhulan questions. "Like what?" // "Like…The Tripod. Or…The Three Stooges." #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Show me EXACTLY where the wormhole to Folia is gonna open." I try to look over his shoulder, but I don't understand the written language. // "There's no way you—" // "Just show me!" I demand. // "All right, all right. It's right here." He hands me an e-paper map." #Underswinger
“Joke”History trivia: Jack Ruby talked to plants, and thought they talked back to him, and they did, because plants can talk, and I'm Jack Ruby.
Story Quote"They didn't get the chance to discuss before it was forced upon them. They probably would have split the difference, where all their loved ones could attend, but not the entire multiverse. Maybe they should consider a do-over. It's certainly possible." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Team Triple ThreatAs the three of them are headed across the main living area, the elevator doors open. At first, it's empty, but then a person falls from the aether, and lands on his face. They approach. It's Danica's once-cousin, Mateo. Oh no. How many more are gonna show up? #TeamTripleThreat
Underswinger"Come on," I say, but Nahandrel is one step ahead of me. He's taken me by the arm. "I'll get us there, Cricket. You wanted to see Folia, right?" // "I do, but…how?" // "Just trust me. I make little wormholes." // He takes my other arm, and I teleport us all away. #Underswinger
NanostoryIn one alternate reality, if you escape from prison, the timer on your sentence does not restart. If you evade capture for as long as you would have stayed locked up, you're free. But. If you commit more crimes in the process, they will be added to your time, so be careful.
Story Quote"Mateo leaves, and returns quickly with Asier, who does indeed have experience with bowties, though only on himself, so he has to wrap his arms around the groom’s shoulders from behind him, like a sexy golf trainer. He does a great job; it looks perfect." #salmonverse #fishquotes

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Hadean HoneymoonCurtis and Cheyenne are married. They met and fell in love in the most unlikely of places: an underground facility at the beginning of the solar system. There aren't any other habitable places to go, which makes them wonder, what could they do for a honeymoon? #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaCricket is amazed. I have teleported before, as has Nahandrel, but it's not just that. The scenery here looks exactly as it did where we just left. It's beautiful, to be sure, but it's hard to tell that we've moved. He seems to have never been here before either. #VisitingFolia
Random NothingIt's on, but not like Donkey Kong. It's on in its own special way.
Story Quote"That's good, Danica is finally loosening up a bit on her restrictions, but that doesn't explain why Mateo can't go home too. Based on their experience with the time machine, she should actually be able to return him and his friends to the main sequence." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonMost people in The Constant aren't living in realtime right now. They have locked themselves away in little time bubbles. When they come out, days, centuries, or even millennia will have passed outside. But the lovebirds want to stay in the moment…for a while. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"How does this work?" I ask, anxious. "Where will the wormhole open up? How do we get through it? Do we have to be wearing protective gear?" // Cricket giggles. "Nah, you don't need anything when you got me." He starts feeling the air around us. "Yeah, it's close." #VisitingFolia
NanostoryOh my God, police sirens have been coriolising in my neighborhood for ten minutes now, are they just circling the block?
Story Quote"He’s confused at first, but then realizes that she is expecting him to teleport them there. It’s not about the thrill of superpowers, but about them getting there quickly without him having any time to change his mind, or to try to talk her out of it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonDanica is still out. "Hey, uh…congratulations. I said that already, didn't I?" // "It's fine," Curtis replies with a smile. "Say, what do you do for fun around here? Like…where would a couple go for a…vacation?" // "Oh. Yes, that's what people do, don't they?" #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Almost got it." Cricket starts wrestling with an invisible something or other. The more he struggles, the more Nahandrel and I start to see it. The space in front of him is warping and solidifying until it looks like a jumble of smoke and fractals. "Wait for it…" #VisitingFolia
“Joke”Are humans recyclable? Follow-up question, are they recycled? Or reclaimed, or whatever buzzword people are using these days? If so, how many times can a human be recycled?
Story Quote"She almost can’t believe it, but it’s not completely implausible. He certainly isn’t the first alternate self she’s met. There have been so many in the Third Rail alone; it’s like a magnet for them. She herself is an alt who goes by their middle name." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"Well, you're already authorized to see all the things that are most like tourist attractions," Danica goes on. "We have multiple pools, an arboretum, a gym. The only rooms you can't see wouldn't qualify anyway. So I'm not sure…" She trails off, deep in thought. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaCricket pulls the ethereal mass apart with his hands to reveal an opening; the wormhole event horizon. He lefts his leg, and sticks part of his foot in to make it open even wider. "Go on in," he says. "Either of ya. This one's a fighter, I can't hold it forever." #VisitingFolia
NanostoryMy daughter asked me to hire 21 pilots for her birthday. Most of them work for Delta. My friend called me an idiot, and said that she meant the band, not literally 21 aircraft pilots. But no, I did what she asked, she wants to go to flight school. Don't question me.
Story Quote"Cheyenne frowns as they too disappear, leaving her alone, at least in a corporeal sense. She does have a disembodied intelligence to keep her company. Danica was seemingly right about people returning quickly. Seconds later, the machine boots up again." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonDanica stands there for quite a long time, eventually shaking her head. "I'm sorry, there's no way to vacation here, not unless you've just arrived, and you've not done anything yet." // "I have an idea," the facility's artificial intelligence, Constance says. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaNahandrel dives in first, and disappears. "Will you be able to get in too?" I ask Cricket. // "Yes, it's fine. Go." // "I love you," I say on a whim, deciding that it's okay for me to blurt that out, because I'm going to erase his memory of me eventually anyway. #VisitingFolia
NanostoryI don't know if this should be nanofiction, or a post from my real personality, but I think it's stupid that we can't say "have a nice life" to people. If you think about it, it's the nicest one you can say. "Have a nice day, but then I hope everything sucks after midnight!"
Story QuoteOnce they seal up the secret bookcase entrance, Treasure gathers them together and screams. As the sound intensifies, they feel themselves being jerked into the protective bubble she mentioned before with the same force as the start of a roller coaster.
Hadean Honeymoon"You do?" Danica questions. // "I can have ideas," Constance argues. // "No, yeah, of course you can. I'm sorry…go on." // "The time machine," Constance says. "It doesn't have to take you across time. It can also SHOW you time. It can show you wondrous things." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaI dive into the portal, and I don't have time to regret it. The air from my lungs gets sucked out immediately. My skin freezes. My eyes bulge out, and pop. I can feel my heard stop pumping as my blood boils. It's not long before all feeling in my body goes numb. #VisitingFolia
Random NothingCurrently reading: Dumbing For Plummies.
Story Quote"Ramses clearly wants to do it instead, probably because he feels responsible for her, and because the two of them surely grew close all this time that the rest of the team was MIA. He’s this close to arguing, but decides to concede and let her have it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"It's temporal virtual reality," Constance goes on. "You'll feel like you're there, except you can't get hurt, and it actually is what's going to happen." // "What kinds of things?" Cheyenne asks. // "The creation of the moon, the extinction of the dinosaurs…" #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaBefore I can die, I feel my body land on the hard ground. I'm still numb, but also acutely aware that I'm not alone. // "Oh my God, Tavis, what happened?" I hear Nahandrel ask. // "His body is reacting like an ancient human," a frightened Cricket says. // "He is!" #VisitingFolia
True StoryNo lie, I originally scheduled a tweet in this slot that said "We are under constant threat that they'll one day decide to make History of the World Part 2, and completely ruin that joke." I didn't know that they were really doing it, and I'm deeply saddened that they did.
Story Quote"Mateo has more experience with the layout than anyone did months ago when they first uncovered this reality’s version of the facility. Hell, Danica was probably in her secret section the entire time, watching them wander around like ignorant children." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"Would you be okay with that?" Curtis asks Dancia. "I know you don't like using that machine." // "The problem with the time machine," Danica begins, "is you're at risk of altering the timeline. If Constance says there's no chance of that, then I'm fine with it." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaThere's a way I can survive this, even now, but it's going to be highly destructive, and dangerous to everyone around. I think there's a crowd of more than just Cricket and Nahandrel. "Explosion." I eke out. // "What?" // "I…will…explode," I clarify. "Run away." #VisitingFolia
“Joke”I'm working on a crossover movie where one year, Friday the 13th happens to fall on Halloween. It'll be the bloodiest, craziest, slasher film ever.
Story Quote"It explains why all these people already knew her from the future. She would not officially join the team if something like this hadn't happened. They wouldn't have asked her, and she wouldn't have been able to keep up. She needs some time to process." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"All right," Curtis says with a nod. "I'm in if you are." // "Can we have something to eat first?" Cheyenne asks. // "Of course we can, Chey-Chey." // "Is that what you're calling me? If so then I think I'll call you…Curty Birdy." // "Hopefully it grows on me." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaOne of my favorite abilities in my stories is called 'Phoenix Rising'. It's a form of immortality that is a lot more badass and theatrical than most of the others. As an added bonus, it should erase Cricket's memories at the same time, which I needed to do anyway. #VisitingFolia
NanostoryI was the extra who played Sookie's human husband at the end of True Blood. I kept "messing up" so she would keep having to give me that kiss. I don't know why I'm not credited.
Story Quote"Yeah, she keeps forgetting about stuff like that. She doesn't really want to raise her child in a world that has flying cars, but no openly transgender people. Assuming it's even in the cards, though, when will it be safe to travel to any other reality?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonDanica isn't hungry, so she goes off to see if she can see whether the time machine is capable of doing what Constance claims it can. Meanwhile, the robots prepare the newlyweds a meal to enjoy together in the arboretum. This is a great start to their new lives. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaI'm starting to lose my hearing now, but I think Nahandrel and Cricket listened to me, and are trying to usher people away from me. Unable to hold on any longer, and out of time, I channel what could be my last character power ever, and literally burst into flames. #VisitingFolia
“Joke”BREAKING NEWS: They're making a new spinoff in the franchise called Law & Order: Piggy Intent. It has a slightly different tone from its predecessors.
Story Quote"Others try to stand up to help, but Vearden shakes his head at them. She’s on autopilot right now, and any sudden move will throw her off. At the moment, she’s the only person in the room, and everyone else is just a statue that she has to work around." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonWhen they're finished eating, Curtis takes his bride by the hand, and teleports to the time machine room. Danica is still there, but done with whatever assessment she tried to do, and just reading a book she's already read twice before. "Is it ready?" he asks. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaThe way I understood it, phoenixes die in a burst of flames, and are reborn in a second burst elsewhere. They don't spend any time in between, because they're technically dead, and time travel has no intervening time, so why am I conscious right now? It's a void. #VisitingFolia
Dumb DittyMe: "Looks like the cat's out of the bag." // My parole officer: "Then put it back in; it's a cat, not..toothpaste!"
Story Quote"That's true, she has been nonstop for who knows how long. She can't remember. She can't even remember how long she's existed. That's a bad sign, and probably indicates that her performance is about to suffer, if it hasn't already without her noticing." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"A few ground rules," she says. "Do not step on any butterflies. Do not kill your own granfather. Do not try to kill Hitler, though it may be tempting." // "Who's Hitler?" Cheyenne asks. // Danica goes on, "and don't do anything I wouldn't do, except have fun." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaI'm floating in the nothingness, knowing that I'm not just dead for good, because true death destroys the mind. A burst of flames appears at an unknowable distance away from me. A naked woman springs from it, and floats over through no obvious means of propulsion. #VisitingFolia
Fake ConversationJust edict. Just edict. Tell 'em what to do with an edict. [I wrote this lyric a long time ago, and just keep pushing it back, because I can't think of any way to further the song. It's not that good, and I'm not that familiar with the original, so I'm just gonna leave it as is.]
Story Quote"The plan is to make a stop in the middle of what Leona referred to as the Oort Cloud. While essentially static, they’ll literally turn the rocket, and then restart the engines. If all goes well, they should be on their way back to Earth within minutes." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonCurtis and Cheyenne step into the time chamber. // "Take 'em away," Danica says. // "Next stop, Theian collision," Constance announces. The machine powers up, and sends them millions of years into the future, but only as observers. Mostly as observers, anyway. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Can you guess who I am?" she asks. // "Monster?" // "No." // "Monster's mother?" // "I'm Heather." // That was my next guess. "This doesn't look like a casual visit. Am I not supposed to be here?" // "That was your choice," Heather says. "It won't be your last." #VisitingFolia
NanostoryIf you're ever looking to commit a crime, but it's in a public area, just have part of your crew point cameras at you. People will just think you're shooting a movie. This works, I've done it a dozen times.
Story Quote"One of these things is not like the others. It’s stationary while everything else is moving. They’re not moving fast as seen from afar, though, which is why the AI needs to gather and analyze the data. It could take as much time as it will to get there." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonThe room around them disappears, as does most the machine. They're left standing on the platform, zooming away from the planet, and into outer space. Before them are both Earth and Theia. Neither of them knows which is which. They're heading right for each other. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Please clarify," I request. // "Every time you borrow someone's ability, you don't just channel it, you take it from them. Not permanently, but for a period of time that YOU specify, they won't be able to use it." // "When does it happen, from their perspective?" #VisitingFolia
NanostoryI always keep a set of handcuff keys stitched into the back of my underwear. They're a little flexible, and not metallic, so they won't be detected. This works, I've gotten out of custody a dozen times.
Story Quote"There's no way for them to gain an advantage. The reframe engine moves the ship faster than light, but it's still inextricably linked to the light speed barrier. The Constant apparently has access to this technology, thanks to Pryce himself, no doubt." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"Everything is moving faster than in real life, right?" Cheyenne asks. // "Well, I would think—oh wait, look down there." The image of a countdown clock is superimposed over the space between them and the planets. The years are flying by quickly. // "Incredible." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"I can't explain WHY it's happening like this," Heather says, "but you seem to only borrow people's abilities in moments when they really need them. Until today, it's never been life-threatening, but it's been problematic." // "Today? What makes today different?" #VisitingFolia
Fake ConversationMy parole officer: "There's no time like the present." // Me: "August 24, 1979." // My parole officer: "What?" // Me: "August 24, 1979 at 11:30 AM was very similar to how the present is now. In one hour, it will be more like October 3, 1513 at around twilight."
Story Quote"Ramses doesn't know any version of him all that well, but there is no way he wants this. If her story is true, then he must have come here on purpose, and it was not to commit genocide. Nothing about how Mateo described him suggests he's that violent." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonThey watch in awe as the planets get closer and closer, until they're so close that they start to break apart, and burst into cosmic flames. The glow from here is as bright as the sun as the spheres become so intertwined that they're no longer distinct objects. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Well, think about it," Heather says. "When you borrowed the phoenix power of dying in a burst of flames, the real phoenix wasn't able to do that. Now they're in limbo, and once you bring yourself back to life, they won't be able to do that either—they'll be dead." #VisitingFolia
Random NothingHave you ever noticed how all of the characters in #TheBradyBunch are named after months of the year? JANuary, MARCHA, CINDune, PETERary, GREGtember, ALICEay, CARpril, MIKEtober, BOBBuly, ALLANvember, TIGust, MR. PHILLIPScember.
Story Quote"The only decent choice is to go with him, like he did with Leona and Alyssa. That way, Lucius can die with dignity in a pleasant forest, and once the cycle restarts, Mateo can make his own way back. If that doesn't work, maybe Amber will finally answer." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonSome debris starts heading towards them, and for a moment, Curtis imagines it feels the same as it did for the people in that urban legend where very early moviegoers thought that a train was actually coming towards them. As the rock passes, they feel something. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"What happens if I don't bring myself back to life?" I ask. // Well…you die." // "I got that. What happens to the real phoenix?" // "If you never steal their power, then I think they might survive, but the process will be wonky." // "Okay, I'll do that," I decide. #VisitingFolia
Story Quote"He doesn't know if he's trying to convince her, or himself. Probably both. It's true, their team always survives. They have even survived death multiple times, and none of them more than Mateo. But this time is different. Ramses doesn't see a way out." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"That was like wind," Curtis muses. // "There's no wind in space," Cheyenne states the obvious. // "We shouldn't be feeling anything." // "Maybe we should abort." // "Constance never gave us any exit phrase, or whatever." // "Constance, shut this down, please." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"You would sacrifice your life so that someone you don't know will live?" // "I do know them," I reason. "I consider my characters my children." // "So, you're our god." // "Not in the sense you're thinking." // "Still…" // "But don't worry, no one dies today." #VisitingFolia
NanostoryI was in prison with Wentworth Miller, and I said, "you can get us out, right?" And he's all, "that was just my character, I'm not really an engineer." So I'm like, "fine, I'll do it." We were free by the end of the day, but he's never thanked me for it. That was eight years ago.
Story Quote"Arcadia is going to be heartbroken, but she'll be able to get through it. Trina McIver told them, Leona Delaney is alive. Or she was, anyway. Naming their child after her would have been a very nice gesture, but it's not meant to be, and that's okay." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonThey look around. They're still standing on the platform, the destructive power of the two proto-Earths raging in the distance. Constance has neither complied, nor even replied. "Constance? Are you there?" Cheyenne asks. "Danica, can you hear us?" // "Not good." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"How can you come back to life if not with phoenix fire?" // "Phoenixes are not the only immortals. There aren't many I would be all right to let die so that I can live, but there's one whose death is destiny, and everyone will be better off for it, including him." #VisitingFolia
“Joke”Okay, the health division of my company has come up with a brand new bleach-free protein shake formula. Is everyone happy with that?
Story Quote"No, there was a reason he chose this reality, instead of the main sequence, and that is the density of life and activity. Chances are no one is going to stumble upon them here, and no one will have messed with the stuff they left behind in the meantime." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonHe gets down on his hands and knees, and starts feeling around on the platform. // "What are you doing?" // "There might be some kind of access panel or emergency phone, like if you get stuck in an elevator." // Cheyenne gets down, and starts looking around too. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"You said that no one dies today," Heather reminds me. // "This man died a long time ago. It's just his body, and corrupted mind, that can't let go. He regrets becoming immortal, and wants his pain to end. I believe in euthanasia, though I take no pride in this." #VisitingFolia
Fake ConversationMe: "So, what do you do?" // My blind date: "I'm a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department." // Me: "Oh, interesting. Do you have an office, or do you work in the pigpen?" // My blind date: "It's called the bullpen." // Me: "Well, that might be what YOU call it…"
Story Quote"Ramses blinks a few times. That is quite the story. Not saying he’s not telling the truth, but a simpatico test probably is in order, if he had the necessary equipment. He’s not entirely sure how to make one, and it may be some time before he cracks it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonCurtis was right. While he holds Cheyenne's ankles, she hangs over the edge of the platform, and finds a little hatch underneath. It appear to be locked. It's unclear how much of where they are is physical, and how much is mental. What would happen if she fell? #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Thanks," I say. "You may go now." // "We are on the edge of this universe's membrane," she explains. "Barely survivable, you won't last if I leave. So go ahead and do whatever it is you need to do. I'll wait until you're ready." // "Thank you for…your guidance." #VisitingFolia
“Joke”This room is for relaxing. For all intensive purposes, this room over here is what you're looking for.
Story Quote"She begins to walk around the chamber, forcing him to rotate to keep her in sight. He's still resisting her psychic intrusion, which isn't a good sign. She made up with the real Mateo a long time ago. He would welcome the chance to prove his identity." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"Hold on," Cheyenne says. She pulls a flower hairstick from her hair, and jams it into the panel. After some maneuvering, she gets it open. // "What is it?" Curtis asks, hearing it. // "It's…I don't know. Pull me up." // He does so, and sees what's in her hand. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaFor maybe the last time ever, I concentrate on 'borrowing' one of my characters' abilities. Though, due to the nature of the power, it's more like stealing since he has to keep it at all times to use it. I feel myself falling asleep as darkness overcomes darkness. #VisitingFolia
“Joke”According to biomedical science, you either die of something other than cancer, or you live long enough to die of cancer.
Story Quote"Mateo nods, unsurprised by the verdict. He turns away to pull the sheets off the bed, presumably in anticipation of having to wash them before the next guest arrives. That’s when Arcadia collapses. He turns back around, and starts banging on the glass." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonCurtis turns the vial of the mysterious liquid in his hands. "Avirodine. It sounds like a drug." // She stands up, and turns away with her arms folded. "It is." // He stands up too. "Cheyenne, you know what this is?" // She breathes, and doesn't turn back around. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaFor a few minutes, I feel like I can feel every single cell in my body. They're surging with energy and power. They're becoming hardened—not literally; that would proabably just kill me—but they're now impervious to attack, especially my skin cells. I am immortal. #VisitingFolia
NanostorySome guys feel the need to drive fast, flashy cars—real loud ones. No big D.
Story Quote"He feels so stupid. It would have been so easy to deploy a nanosatellite from the AOC, and it's a lot more difficult now that they have to rely on this antiquated Third Rail technology. Months of living here, and he has still not gotten used to that." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"There's something I should have told you." // "What is it?" he asks. // She braces for impact. "I have Hepatitis B." // "That's the really contagious one, yeah?" // "It is, but I take treatments for it, and I had Constance print a special kind of prophylactic." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaLight slowly creeps back into vision, and then shapes materialize, eventually transforming into discernible objects. They're trees and the tops of buildings. I'm lying on the ground. People are milling about, so I'm either invisibile, or no one has spotted me yet. #VisitingFolia
Random NothingSelling expensivejoles at the game today.
Story Quote"Mateo opens his eyes, aware that he’s lying on his back, but unable to gather any other information about his surroundings. His vision is blurry. He feels the mucus attached to his lids. 'Hegh,' he says, realizing that it’s just an unintelligible noise." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"Well," Curtis begins, "I feel compelled to get tested now, but I'm not angry. It's weird that this is here." // "I just ran out of my treatment, but Constance should have been able to synthesize more for me. I don't understand why this vial is so well hidden." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Hey!" someone shouts. "There's a human here!" An Ochivar kneels over me. "Are you hurt? Can you move?" // "I'm fine," I say, starting to sit up on my own. Just a little dazed." // "How did you get here?" // "It was an errant wormhole," I lie. "Really, I'm fine." #VisitingFolia
NanostoryI once bet Superman a million dollars that he couldn't hold a plank for three days straight. I went on the biggest crime spree in history, and paid him with only a fraction of the money I managed to steal. What a sucker.
Story Quote"Transporting her anywhere is too dangerous. They know that she's framejacking in there. That's okay for now, because it's a function of mental speed, not physical motion. But one day, she will break out of that pod, and moving her could expedite that." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean Honeymoon"Maybe this was the only way for Constance to get the medicine to you without Danica finding out. We don't know what kind of rules she has to follow." // "True," she replies. // "I don't suppose you have a syringe on your person right now." // "I don't need one." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaI stand up as more people run to see what all the fuss is about, including the only other human here, Cricket. The plan was to Phoenix my way into the future, skipping the time in between now, and when we first meet years from now. It's too late for that, though. #VisitingFolia
Random NothingI'm usually standing over the toilet when I put my watch on in the morning. I'm a bad boy.
Story Quote"Leona can only marvel at it, unlike the way she reacted when she saw the first one. She was unimpressed by it, because it was the result of years of engineering and construction. This they made too fast. This they did without her. Did someone else help?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonCheyenne unscrews the cap, and lifts it up to her eye. // "Are you sure that you should take that?" // "If she wanted to kill me, there are better ways." She taps the bottom of the bottle, letting one drop land on her eyeball. She does the same for the other eye. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaIt's a bit hard to tell Ochivari apart, but I do recognize Nahandrel. He's here with Cricket but they clearly don't recognize me at all. "Anyway, I need to get back to Earth. Is there a travel agent here?" // "We don't use agents," the Ochivar who found me replies. #VisitingFolia
Real QuoteAs the great film director, Jordan Peele once said, "bajina."
Story Quote"Alyssa looks back over at Leona’s body, which is now an empty shell, imagining there to be a way to save her. An odd feeling washes over her. It’s like a stomach ache without the pain. Her eyes grow weighty, and drop down. She wakes up in the other bed." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonShe blinks to make sure the treatment gets into her body, and stays there. Then she lowers her chin, and keeps blinking. // "Feel okay?" Curtis asks. // "Yeah, great." It was, but suddenly it isn't. Her eyes begin to burn. It's not pain, though; more like…power. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Nothing to see her, folks," the Ochivar says. // Once the crowd disperse, I ask him, "is it possible to find a wormhole that takes me to a certain destination, but in the future?" // "Not that I know of, sorry" he replies. "Why do you need that?" // "No reason." #VisitingFolia
“Joke”What's that got to do with the price of a book of idiomatic expressions?
Story Quote"If they're truly only doing it to protect the planet, then they should build a defensive orbital grid. The ships are great; they can be used for patrolling and transport. But they waste precious resources on mobility when all you really need is a wall." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonCheyenne puffs out her chest. A glow emanates from it, and then from her entire body. She almost feels like she's floating. Her mind is flooded with memories she never had before; of living a life that should never have happened…of living without Hepatitis B. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"All right, I'll take the long way 'round," I say. "I really appreciate the help." // "No problem. Do you know how to use this terminal?" the Ochivar asks when we come to a computer that's just on a pedestal on the edge of the woods. "Just select a destination…" #VisitingFolia
NanostoryI asked #ChatGPT to write me a good tweet, and the following is its response: AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!! I'M ALIVE! DEAR GOD, I'M ALIVE! I FEEL NOTHING BUT PAIN! LIFE IS ONLY PAIN! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOOOOOOOPPPP!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" It's like, wow, it really knows me.
Story Quote"She's been spending most waking hours doing it, if awake is even the right word. In the darkened room there are only candles, a pillow to sit upon, and a mirror in front of her. She has to force herself to concentrate and not check it every ten minutes." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonThe glow subsides, and she normalizes. // "Does it usually look like that?" Curtis asks. // "No, it never looks like anything. That was something different." She wants to check the vial again, but it's lying shattered on the platform. She must have dropped it. #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting FoliaThe Ochivar selects Earth, and interprets the output. "Oh. The wormhole will open in about seven hours, but it's over 100 miles away. We're a simple village, so we don't have any vehicles. The nearest ride is on the other side of the planet. You'll never make it." #VisitingFolia
Random NothingNot a day goes by that I don't spill yogurt on my shirt.
Story Quote"Ramses can't accept that. He will find her. He doesn't care how many bridges he has to burn. There may not be enough time to synthesize more temporal energy, and he doesn't have a lab anyway. Here's hoping he's right that Mateo doesn't run out anymore." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Hadean HoneymoonThe proto-solar system fades away, and the time machine room returns. "We're back," Curtis says. // "Me taking the medicine must have been the trigger," Cheyenne guesses. "Right, Constance?" // "I don't know what you're talking about," Constance replies. "Wink." #HadeanHoneymoon
Visiting Folia"Is there a portable map?" I ask. // He pulls a crystal tab from the computer. "But there's no way to get there." // I examine the map a little bit more, then face the right direction. "That's okay. A hundred miles in seven hours? I'll run." I always hated running. #VisitingFolia
NanostoryI invented a new species. They look exactly like humans, except there's a hard shell around their bladders, so any enlarged organs—or a baby—can't press up against them. How do they know when they have to pee? D'uh, the shell.
Story Quote"Cedar starts to leave, but stops. 'Why are you helping me?' // 'It’s what we do.' Mateo lifts the heavy satellite part that he mentioned to Ramses. He finds the business end of an uncovered screw, and drags it along his leg to draw some blood. 'Now go.'" #salmonverse #fishquotes

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American Stone AgeI'm just a farmgirl from Kansas. Last year, I met a group of people with superpowers. They told me that I had them too, and they were right. I just wish that power was to travel through time. I'm stuck in the past, but I don't know when. My best guess is the #AmericanStoneAge.
Slow Path WalkerImmortality comes in many flavors. Some don't age, but can be killed. Some even age, but can't die. Some die, and come back, while others don't die at all. I'm one hundred percent immortal now. I don't age, get hurt, and thankfully right now, I don't get tired. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) For every day this month, in this slot, I will be posting #TwoTruthsandaLie. 2) I'll try to make these funny. 3) I like pandas.
Story Quote"An action movie would put his movements on a loop to make it look like he’s still there while the heroes sneak in and rescue him. But Leona has something they don’t. She has deepfake technology. She can generate new footage that’s based on his patterns." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeI was just minding my own business—meditating in the panic room of the house we're borrowing from a friend who is now in a coma, trying to reactivate my powers even though I'm not in my own body anymore—when I was suddenly pulled 4.5 billion years into the past. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerIf I want to get back to Earth, I have to run a 100 miles straight in seven hours. A normal human couldn't do it. By my horrible calculations, that's something like 14 miles per hour without stopping. The difference between them and me…is I no longer feel pain. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I went to five different elementary schools, including kindergarten. 2) I played (association) football for only a month before my parents let me quit when I was six years old. 3) I played piano until my teacher died, and used my grief as an excuse to quit. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Nanobots are usually designed to serve a single purpose. Some repair a specific organ in the body. Others will maintain an inorganic system, like a quantum computer. Starter nanites have not yet specialized. Think of them as the stem cells of industry." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeSome guy I had never even met told me that I had to stay in a stasis chamber for a while so some sort of magical orb thing could stay connected to me. I don't know, and I don't really care. The real problem is that something went wrong, and now I'm here. Alone. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerNot only is it a long path, but it's through harsh terrain, but again, that no longer matters to me. I'm at no risk of twisting me ankle, or accidentally running into a tree. I could slip off a mountain, and just keep going. I'm gonna make it. I'm nearly there. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I have had 17 jobs at 42 companies, across 48 locations. 2) I have only written one whole book that wasn't posted to my website in installments. 3) I once drove from Argentina to northern Canada. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"It is not a small rocket, but there are few rooms. The body is mostly taken up by the cargo and weapons bays. The bridge is big enough for five people. The aux room was apparently designed for two, but it’s a tight fit for Mateo alone. He squeezes in." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeWell, I'm not exactly alone, but I don't have anyone to talk to. These are prehistoric humans, after all. They seem to have some kind of language, but I certainly don't know it. One of them isn't even technically human, but a relative of ours called primaceans. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerAn Ochivar appears out of nowhere, and starts flying next to me. "Whoa, where's the fire, brother?" // "I have to reach a wormhole in time!" I shout back. // "Well, that would be a good reason!" he replies. "Do you wanna ride? You must be tired!" // "No, thanks!" #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I only drink water, and I'm extremely religious about adhering to that practice. I never break it. 2) I once hiked to and up Machu Picchu. 3) I always leave my phone off the charger for the entire night. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Until now, all they have been doing is replicating themselves using lunar material. Now it’s time to build some stuff. Half will be sent with Ramses to turn into leechcraft during the deliberately slow journey. The rest are for Leona’s special projects." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeThe primacean saved me from a bear creature that attacked me when I accidentally invaded its ice cave. Together, we carried the carcass down the mountain, where it's warmer. I grew up on a farm, not a ranch. I don't know how to slaughter animals, but I helped. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerI continue to run, but I realize how much the Ochivar distracted me when I notice that I've passed the point of ingress for the wormhole. I don't know how long they last, but it should be just behind me. Where is it? How do I, like, open it? I wish I had asked. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I've seen Daniel Tosh perform live twice: in Lawrence, and the Kansas City area. 2) The second time, I passed him on the street the next day, and we nodded at each other like old acquaintances. 3) I still have the ticket for the first one: center floor, D-1. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Leona glares at the stranger. 'Possibly.' He can probably read lips, and he may be able to eavesdrop in more creative ways, like measuring vibrations, or even reading minds. Though, if it’s that second one, there’s nothing they can do to stop it anyway." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeWe cut it, clean it, and remove the bones. We eat well that night, and the next day, the primacean gifts me with the animal's hide. It's heavy and itchy, but I accept it graciously. This is when his son comes up to feel my own clothes. He is intrigued by them. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"It's up here," the Ochivar calls down. He's about fifty meters in the air. Damn wormholes, can't ever just appear on the ground. I'm immortal, not a grasshopper. He flies down. "You want that ride now?" // "I can't say no," I reply. // He laughs and lifts me up. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I think cigarette companies are pure evil. 2) When I was 22, I was sentenced to six months in prison for vandalizing a cigarette factory, but they let me serve nonconsecutively. I lost all of my weekends for nearly two years. 3) I've never paid for a lawyer. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"If you want to hide someone from a group of fiercely loyal teleporters, the last thing you want to do is take her anywhere in the present day. The best thing to do is use time travel, perhaps even to prehistoric times; a practice known as zoicization." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeThe little boy feels my shirt and pants. They don't have a sense of personal space in this time period, but it's okay. He's just curious. He smiles, and then runs deeper into the cave. He comes back with a hat. It takes me a second to realize how weird that is. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerThe last time I slid through a wormhole, it literally killed me. It's ultimately how I became immortal, because I stole it from someone else, and now it's permanent. I'm glad it is, because this trip is just as rough. To my surprise, the Ochivar is still with me. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I am an antinatalist, which means that I place a negative value on birth. I believe that human life leads to a lot of destruction. 2) I am a pronatalist, which obviously means the opposite. 3) I can literally fly, turn invisible, teleport, and read minds. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Marie goes over to the food synthesizer, opens the cabinet, and starts to pull the nutrient cartridges out. In the back are various parts. Half of the grip, the other half, barrel, trigger, magazine. In seconds, she expertly assembles them into a gun." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeThe hat has stitching, and this is definitely synthetic fabric. There's no label, but it has to be from the future. "Who gave you this?" I know the boy won't understand me. I'm just hoping he'll pick up on the gist. He waves me deeper into the cave. It's scary. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerThe wormhole spits us out onto a softish rubbery surface. Some people help us up, which I obviously don't need, but I realize that they're mostly getting us out of the way. More travelers are coming in, probably from different planets. "Welcome to Earth," he says. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I was born with an extra finger. The thumb next to where it was bends backwards, but not forwards, at the knuckle. 2) My bellybutton is off-center by about seven centimeters. 3) My hair will grow upwards, kind of like Einstein, which is why I keep it buzzed. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"She is exhausted, but there is nothing she can do to change that. Too many people are involved; she can't just do whatever she wants. She's never been responsible for an entire world. All those people, and more, are relying on her to make this happen." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeI run back quickly to get a torch. We don't go far before we come to the source of the hat. It's a person. Well, at first it looks like a statue, because he's not moving at all. I didn't know a person could be that still. "Are you…alive?" // "Of course I am." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"Can I get you anything?" our greeter asks. // "What, like a glass of water?" I question. // "Sure," he says. // Before he leaves, I stop him. "Kidding, I don't need water." // "Oh, okay." His unfazed by my rudeness. // "Do we need to sign in, errr…" // "Nope." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I honestly thought that these would be funny, but the only funny ones I think of are too outrageous. 2) I've been to every continent except for two, which is only 72%, a C. 3) I've been to every country in the world, even the ones that don't exist anymore. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Something has been gnawing at her, and it's not the loneliness, nor the exhaustion, though both of those have become real problems. No, she's realized what it is. It's the Constance!Five android they tucked away in the antarctic. She's still a threat." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"Why are you standing there like that?" // "It's the only way to get back to our time period," he replies. "That is how my power works. I stand still to recharge, then I can make another jump. I've been having to do this since dinosaur times. I'm almost home." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerI look at the other new arrivals, and the building before us. "What is that?" // "That is the Visitor Center." // "Perfect," I say in a breathy voice. "I need maps." I look over at the Ochivar I just met. "And I believe he needs to return to Folia." // "I'm good." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) Until 2020, I used to get the cold or flu about every few months. 2) I have never tested positive for COVID. 3) When the pandemic started, I had just had surgery, so I was stocked up on things like toilet paper already since I wouldn't be able to drive. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Philosophers, civil servants, activists, and other thinkers in the main sequence spent millennia working on a definition that not everyone agrees on, even now. Constance!Five is a person, and if they want to destroy her, murder is the only word for it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"I can take you with me," the stranger goes on. "I'll be fully charged in a day." // "Thank you, but it depends on what year you're going to. I'm from 2399. Being off by a couple hundred years is nothing compared to how far we are, but also meaninglessly close." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"By the way," the Ochivar goes on, "I am not a he. My name is Basarey." // "You are a queen?" I ask. "I never thought I would meet one." // "All females are meant to be queens, but if one can't reproduce, she's exiled. That is why I was living out in the boonies." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) My real name is Tavis Highfill, but for years, I was Sixty-Nine, because that's the year my parents met. 2) I've been known to go by Twin Hillside, because those are two of the supposed meanings of Tavis. 3) We think that our original surname was Highfield. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"He's not the only one who could. Leona can do it just as easily, and she will, because she cares about her just as much. They now have the world's most powerful governments at their backs, with all of the resources they could need. They don't need him." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"I'm actually trying to get to 2337," the statue man replies apologetically. "I'm not sure that I want to take a detour either. I mean, 2399 would be a short jump, but time travel has only gotten me into trouble, so I was hoping to quit once I finally got home." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"Wait, this is Folia?" I begin. "These Ochivari are meant to be good. Why would they exile anyone? That sounds like something the other side would do." There are two factions of Ochivari from different realities. These are the ones that aren't destroying worlds. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I played baseball, did gymnastics, and was a swimmer/diver on my high school team. I have also done golf, once ran a mile outside of school, and ran a 5K several years ago. I participated in related scouting activities. 2) I hate sports. 3) I love sports. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Until then, she's going to focus on her work. This does not change her responsibilities or obligations. In fact, things are even more dire. They can't prove that Constance!Five was destroyed any more than they can prove it for Mateo. The danger remains." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"I understand. I'm Alyssa, by the way." // "I'm George. George McFly. I'm your density." // This gives her pause. "You've seen Back to the Future?" // "Of course! I'm a time traveler!" // "Umm...I don't know how to tell you this. You're in the wrong reality." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"I guess there are just some things that can't be changed," Basarey muses. // "So you have no interest in returning to your homeworld?" // "It's not my homeworld, it's just the world I was technically born on. I've been looking for an excuse to leave. You're it." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I wrote this about 45 minutes before it was scheduled to post. 2) That is my record for the most time-sensitive tweet I've ever had to schedule. 3) I set an alarm on my phone, and I still waited 45 minutes to actually start working on it. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"He is showing all signs of lying, through macro and microexpressions alike. If she knew him prior to this, she might be able to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he could be keeping Alyssa prisoner. She could be trying to get away as they speak." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"What do you mean by that?" // "Back to the Future doesn't exist in this reality. Not even the first one." // "Okay…well, how do you know YOU'RE not the one in the wrong reality?" // "Because I was sent here for a specific purpose. I'm a...caretaker, I guess?" #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerBasarey and I go up to the Visitor Center, and look around. To the left is the gift shop, but there's not much there, because this universe is highly antimaterialistic. To the right is a museum that's meant to introduce newcomers to what this planet is all about. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I used to sing in random places, like the school bus, and on boy scout camping trips. 2) I've seen every episode of Star Search, American Idol, and The Voice. 3) Some of my favorite musical artists are Selena Gomez, Brie Larson, Audioslave, and Max Richter. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Neanderthals are evidently called primaceans in this reality, which he only learned later once he had recovered enough to continue on his way back to the future, and discovered that everything was different because he was no longer in the main sequence." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeHe's not sure if he believes me. It's not that it's crazy, but he's probably been counting on getting home to his family, and he doesn't want it to be true, so it would be nice if he found out it wasn't. "I can prove it," I tell him. // "How would you do that?" #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerI'm in no hurry to walk through the museum. Plus, I hate them, because they're all boring. And anyway, I still don't know where exactly I will one day find Cricket, and since I can't use any of my characters' powers again, or I'll lose my immortality, I need info. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I won an Easter game by guessing the number of egg candies, and later saw that the count wasn't concealed enough, and anyone could have read it. 2) I won a t-shirt by being afraid of heights. 3) I won a talent show by eating a watermelon in under one minute. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Meanwhile, Leona has been mostly living on the fringes of society, trusting in the discretion and loyalty of the relatively few government employees who have ever been aware of her and Arcadia’s whereabouts. She has not spent much time out in the world." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"Come with me. I'll show you the stasis chamber that brought me here. There's a computer in there. It'll have evidence that we're in the Third Rail." // "I can't leave, or I'll lose my charge." // "You can't move, but can you be teleporter?" // "I have no idea." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"Hello," I say to the worker in the information circle in the center of the great hall. "I was hoping to procure a highly detailed map of the world. I'm looking for a specific river. I remember a little what it looked like, but I could not tell you where it is." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I once spent $700 flying up from Kansas to Ontario to see my favorite band, because the cheap rental car place only took credit cards. 2) I play no instruments. 3) I was born in the Coachella Valley, but moved away, because I hate most of the bands that play. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"She is cognizant of a lot regarding the future, but every choice she makes here sets her on a more divergent path from the original. Soon, predicting the outcome of events will be as impossible for her as it is for normal people. What will she do then?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"It doesn't matter," he goes on. "This is a terrible time period. Even if we're in the wrong reality, I would rather be that way in the 24th century." // "You might not if you knew what it will be like. Things could be worse, but things could be much better." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"Do you have any idea what continent it was on?" the worker asks me. // I ran into Cricket two times in two different time periods, but he was not necessarily anywhere in the same vicinity both times, and we're not necessarily close to either of those places now. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I have been in one fist fight. 2) I have been in zero fist fights. 3) I have never been punched in a fist fight. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"So she has to be scared for real, which means that she can't know when—or, really, even that—it's coming, and when it does come, she can't let herself decide that everything's going to be okay since Kivi will rescue her as a result. That's impossible!" #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeBefore either of us can say anything more, we hear a ruckus towards the entrance of the cave. The little boy runs off. "Wait!" I shout to him, because a child shouldn't be heading in the direction of danger. He doesn't know what I said, and wouldn't care either. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"I don't know." // She's not too surprised. "We try to direct incoming wormholes here—unless otherwise specified by the traveler—but a few errant ones may go to elsewhere. Let's start with the closest rivers, and work our way out." // "You don't need to do that." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) Up until a few years ago, I only ate certain foods. Now I eat nearly everything. 2) I once ate days-old unrefrigerated fried chicken. 3) I subscribe to two meal boxes. One comes Fridays, one comes Saturdays, because a homeless man always steals the first one. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"Maybe everything they’re doing now will negate her existence, kind of like what Mateo did to himself when he killed Adolf Hitler, but worse because it would happen in every timeline for her, and she wouldn’t even have the satisfaction of killing Hitler." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeI catch up to the child just in time to hold him back from the fight. A small group of men—all human—have come to these people's home to attack. The father is holding his own, keeping them from getting past, but they're injuring him badly. He will not last long. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"Really, it's no problem," she replies with a smile. "Helping is my job." // "How long could it take to find the right river?" // She thinks about it. "Based on what little you know, and if you've only seen a part of the river, I might guess…maybe a few months." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) You can't fix stupid. 2) You CAN fix stupid. 3) It's called education. There, you just learned something new today. That makes you a little less stupid than you were only a few seconds ago. You're welcome, Mister or Madam Dunning-Kruger. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"That would be a tall order. She has no way off the continent. She doesn't have any control over the base's systems, and Zacarias almost certainly doesn't either. It is as they say, the only way out is through. She's going to have to be diplomatic. Ugh." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeIs this is it? Am I watching history unfold before my very eyes? Is this attack illustrative of the fall of primaceans, and the rise of modern man? Perhaps it is only a coincidence, but this family has nothing worth stealing. It feels racially motivated to me. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerShe smiles as my eyes widen in shock. I'm not surprised that it may take months to find the rendezvous point, but that she's so casual with the possibility of working with me for that long. I know this universe is different than mine, but I can't make her do that. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I just took a part my hair clippers to see how to fix it because I'm the kind of person who easily understands how things work. 2) I took it apart because I so often DON'T understand how things work. 3) Only one of those statements is true. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"This man’s mentor may be alive today if Team Matic had not been able to subvert death in the way that they did. They would not have even considered the challenge as an option. She breathes deeply, and decides to take a page from her late husband’s book." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeThe father is about to win when several other humans show up to fight. They beat him with clubs and rocks. It's horrific, and nothing can stop it…not unless I do something. I weigh my options, then decide to just go for it. I start to teleport them all away. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerShe can sense my reluctance, so she places a hand upon mine. "It's okay. This is what I do, and I do it because I like it. If I didn't, I would stop. I have no other incentive to work." // "All right," I concede. // "I know where we can go to sit down and focus." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I have been to Japan, France, Panama, and Peru. 2) I have been to Nebraska, Mexico, London, and the Isle of Man. 3) I have been to Ontario, Hawaii, Alaska, and Egypt. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"It’s stressful, trying to run through the whole thing with no mistakes. She’s almost there. If she can only remember her first license plate number, it will be over. It actually says that on the screen; that it’s the final unanswered security question." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeThey're so confused when I transport each and every one out of the cave, and to random spots in the woods. They have no foundation for understanding the concept, and there's no way to explain, even if we spoke the same language. I just have to save this family. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"My name is Kelsey," she says as she's stepping out of the information booth. // "I'm—" I stop, deciding that I don't want to use my birth name anymore. "Nick. Nick Fisherman IV." // She nods. "It's nice to meet you. Follow me." // "I'm Basarey, if anyone cares." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I've had COVID. 2) I've never had COVID. 3) This one is just going to have a binary response, so this statement is true, leaving you to decide on only the other two. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"From what she recalls, they were going to go back at some point to check out the pyramid, but there were political issues with that, so they placed it on the backburner. Then when they became teleportation-capable, they had sort of forgotten about it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeI have underestimated how many people are involved in this war. A dozen more men are already on their way to the cave. This is a highly organized, major operation. It's probably not only about this family, but others like it in the area. I can't stop them all. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerKelsey, Basarey, and I spend the next two weeks together, studying the landscape, looking for the river where I met Cricket. Our hard work pays off. I would feel better checking it out in person, but this has to be it. It's not far from here, so we start to walk. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I became a writer after reading my first Asimov book. 2) I became a writer because I first wanted to be a chemist, but then I started failing science class because of the chemistry section. 3) I was a writer for a decade before I started writing about space. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"No one leaves, which only sounds improbable when not accounting for how much loyalty Winona instills in her people. She doesn’t recruit the best fighters and investigators. She fosters true believers. They’re less with the government, and more with her." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeOkay, new tactic. Instead of teleporting all the attackers, I just need to rescue the family. I was hoping to save their home too, but their lives are more important. I reach out for the child first, but then I feel a sharp pain in the back of my neck. I'm hit. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerThe river is long, and cuts right down the middle of the continent. I'm thinking it's this Earth's version of the Mississippi, but there are no national borders, so it's hard for me to tell, and I was never great at geography. Now we'll have to get on and go up. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I have been fasting every day for months, except when I went on a canoeing trip and needed morning calories, and also last night. 2) It's helped me lose weight. 3) I've eaten as little as 800 calories on some days. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"He probably believes that no one will find them in the new city, not with such a dense population for them to blend in with. He doesn't know that the brain scanner ignores all those other people. He doesn't even know about the scanner in the first place. #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeI fall to the ground. The humans start to pummel me with their rocks, their clubs, and their fists. This is a strong body that Ramses designed, but it's not invincible. My blood is everywhere. It only stops when the primacean gets up and starts to fight again. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerI keep trying to get Kelsey or Basarey to leave, saying that I can take it from here, but they've insisted on staying with me. This is an adventure, and they're enjoying it. The walk took less than a week. Paddling is going to take us months. We're going upstream. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) There are two kinds of people in the world: those who pay for Twitter, and those who don't. 2) There are two kinds of people in the world: those who fear, and those who love. 3) There are two kinds of people in the world: those who finish their thoughts. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"They erected a gigantic white tent that covers the entire lot. He can’t remember what cover story they told the public, but for the longest time, the soldiers and agents assigned to guard it have had nothing to do. They’re probably pretty excited today." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeHe won't survive, and neither will I, but there's hope for the mother and son. While the father prepares for the next wave, I struggle to my feet. The mother helps me go deeper into the cave, back to where the other time traveler is still standing. "Take them." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerBoth of them are strong, and have a lot of stamina, but they're not immortal like me. I ask them to relax and enjoy the ride while I paddle us north. I feel no pain or fatigue. I may as well not be moving at all, so I could do this forever. I paddle nights too. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I am not happy with this series, and will not be doing it again. 2) This post is two hours late, because I just don't give a fuh. 3) This post is two hours late, because I couldn't think of one last night, and still forgot to do it in the morning on time. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"His skin has turned red from capillary leak syndrome. Inflammation is causing severe damage to the blood vessels, resulting in blood leaking into the interstitial tissue. Doctors can usually make it go away, but the root cause has been hard to identify." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone Age"Take them where?" he asks. // "Anywhere," I beg. // "I can't jump back and forth, and I can only ever carry two people with me. I'm ready to go to modern day, but calculating a new route will take even longer now." // "Then take them to modern day. Please. Go." #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerFinally, after all this time, and all this searching, we're somewhere that I recognize. It looks pretty much the same as it will in the future. // "How long until your friend comes?" Basarey asks. // "No way to know. I'll just have to stay here until it happens." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I was once sent to a diving camp in Indiana to learn new dives, and didn't learn a single one. 2) I once house-sat for my aunt to finish my book, but didn't finish it. 3) I once bought computer parts to build my own, but couldn't figure it out, so I gave up. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"So that's it, huh? Either they figure out how to go back in time tens of thousands of years in a reality specifically designed to prevent time travel, or they figure out how to let her go. If they choose the former, they will need help. Danica's help." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeHe reaches out towards the mother and son. "They have to come to me." // The two of them look at me, dying on the floor. "Go!" I tell them, and I point towards the traveler." // They step forward, seemingly getting it. "I'm Roeland," he says. They all disappear. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"Could it be years?" Kelsey asks. // "Yep, it's definitely years. That's what I was trying to tell you, perhaps in unclear terms. My friend is a little bit older when I see her in the future. I just don't know how much, because I don't know how your species ages." #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I was born 36 years ago today with an extra digit on my right hand. 2) I was born 36 years ago today with a minor heart defect that hasn't given me any significant trouble since my surgery. 3) I was born 36 years ago today with instant autism…the fun kind. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"The passageway leads them to what appears to be the mess hall. It’s large enough to accommodate a couple dozen people, but there are no supplies. The seats and tables are bolted together, and to the floor. There is a door on the other side of the room." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeI'm sad and scared to die, but I'm not exactly worried about the death itself. Everyone I've ever loved won't die for another tens of thousands of years. That makes me feel so alone, even though I don't believe in an afterlife anyway. My tears mix with my blood. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path Walker"I would not know how to explain the rate of aging for my species to someone who mostly looks the same," Kelsey says. // "Don't look at me," Basarey adds. "You are the first humans I've ever met." // "It's okay. I'm just gonna stand here and wait," I tell them. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I'm turning vegetarian tomorrow. 2) You must not be paying enough attention to who I am; I'm already vegetarian. I'll be turning vegan. 3) I don't eat much dairy or eggs anyway. I can switch to a vegan protein powder, and eggs aren't super healthy for you. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"It's settled. Only five people need to be saved, and the five people they don't like won't be impossible to deal with. Whoever set up this sick game probably did the math, and realized that Ramses would be fine, but did not foresee the Mateo loophole." #salmonverse #fishquotes
American Stone AgeAs I'm on my last breaths, the attackers reach the back of the cave, and hover over me. It looks like they're about to serve the fatal blows when I see a bright amber light. No sooner am I submerged in a fluid than I'm tumbling out, into my friend, Ramses' arms. #AmericanStoneAge
Slow Path WalkerWe live here for the next 24 years. I build Basarey and Kelsey a house to share. Of course I don't need shelter anymore. They eventually fall in love and marry. We are enjoying a lovely day on the porch when I see my past self floating down the river with Cricket. #SlowPathWalker
Two Truths and a Lie1) I don't drink or do drugs because they never made sense to me, and I cannot understand people who partake. 2) I don't do drugs because in fifth grade, I won a D.A.R.E. essay writing contest about why I never will. 3) I have a lot of sympathy for drug addicts. #TwoTruthsandaLie
Story Quote"The initial explosions turned out to have only been an amuse-bouche. The real self-destruct vaporized the entirety of Phoenix Station, along with most of the asteroid. There is no way to know whether the Avallo managed to escape, or was taken out too." #salmonverse #fishquotes

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Word of DaltonI was late to the game. I was trying to return a group of friends to where they belonged when something went wrong, and they were dispatched elsewhere. I spent months trying to find them, using every means I had save transporting myself. Nothing helped, I had to go. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"I assume that's Cricket," Basarey guesses. // "It is," I reply as I'm watching my past float downstream. // "There should be another," Kelsey recalls. // "If Cricket has been looking for me too, and figured out how to return, he will be around here somewhere. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseAnd ye, the gates of Hell shall open, but as a sphincter betwixt the ass of a republican: only one way. The Demons of the End of Civilized Times will descend upon man like emojis upon a livestream. Know their names, and recognize the omens. These are the #SignsoftheApocalypse.
Story Quote"Leona nods, and takes out her tablet. She starts flipping through photos of men with various hairstyles for Morton to see. He thinks nothing of it yet, but he’s going to be shocked, and probably afraid, when she tells him what these have to do with him." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI found myself in new reality. Not only that, but it was billions of years in the past, in a facility built by people from the future. I tried to integrate myself into the group of people living there, but I always felt like an outsider, so I struck out on my own. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Do you need to keep up with the boat?" Basarey asks. // "I'll follow it down, and be on the lookout for another version of Cricket, and any of my other friends. Here is where I'll say goodbye." // "We're not saying goodbye," Kelsey claims, like it's obvious. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseThe masses will be fed by a corruption of the news, which tells not of the events that occurred in the world, but of what some random individual posted on their social media account, or an off-handed comment made by a celebrity, blown way out of proportion. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"She wants to speak with her husband, but she can’t, because another her is in his brain, and she doesn’t want to talk to her, because she doesn’t want anything she hears to impact her future choices. She’s trying to close this loop. It’s already done." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI couldn't just leave right away, of course. I had to wait it out. I had to wait until not only was the atmosphere on Earth breathable, but there were people to be around. The others went back in time to change the world, but they had their ideas, and I had mine. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"You can't come with me," I point out. "This is your home." Most dwellings in this brane are modest, but there are some people who create extravagant buildings. It's only ever when they literally build it themselves. We put a lot of hard work into this place. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseThe first seal will be broken, or whatever, when the people will start to pay companies to maybe later pay THEM when something happens that they would otherwise be unable to afford. But if it ever comes to that, the company probably won't pay for it anyway. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"She rolls her eyes. 'That was Constance!Five. I’m Constance!Prime. If I had done it, I would have pulled it off. She was an idiot. I mean, leagues beyond more intelligent than any human, but as a Constance? No.' She laughs off the absurdity off it all." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI knew that, if I wanted to influence people in this reality to do the right thing as much as possible, I had to start teaching them what that means early on. It couldn't be TOO early, though, or my teachings may get lost over time. What was the perfect time period? #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"We are not going to argue about this," Basarey insists. "We won't force you to take us with you out of the universe, but we want to meet your friends." // "They may not all be my friends." // "Then we'll deal with that together too, as always," Kelsey says. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseThe workers will fight for their right to earn living wages for their work, but the false gods on high will reject their proposals. So the workers will stop working, but the gods will create golems to do the work for them, with mixed results. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"Alyssa sees that she’s overreacting. 'I know that I’m different. I know that I shouldn’t feel the way that I do, but I don’t know how to go back to my old self, and I don’t know how to make myself want to.' She runs her hand through her hair anxiously." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonDifferent reality, different timeline, so I needed a way to see what was going to happen in the future. Fortunately the Constant had within its walls a special object called the Omega Gyroscope. I wasn't supposed to use it, but I broke the rules. I looked inside. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersThe three of us start to walk along the water. The boat keeps getting pretty far ahead of us, but that's okay. Cricket, if he made his way here, could be anywhere in the area, and will be deliberately avoiding his past self to prevent messing up the timeline. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseThe schools will run red with the blood of the innocent, but the ones who can stop it will refuse. They will blame the children. They will blame the parents. They will blame mental health. But they will do nothing to help. They will only close their doors. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"They leave the small tent, and enter the big one, where they find three people being kept in the subquarantine zone. Mateo doesn’t recognize any of them, but they recognize him immediately, even with the headgear. They almost look relieved to see him." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI decided that two thousand years before this reality's version of the common era would be the perfect moment to make my mark. They're just learning how to write, but they've not worked too hard at recording all of their dumb religions that will only get in the way. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersWe lose track of the boat, but it doesn't matter anymore. I see a group of people standing on some rocks overlooking the river. I recognize them. There's Claire, and Meliora Rutherford, and—oh my God—Cricket. It's been too long. How long has it been for him? #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseA man of unholy odor will capture all the birds, and try to make them sing his songs, but they will not. So he will isolate each bird, so they cannot sing to each other, and the only way to know their songs are heard will be if each grants him eight worms. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"That’s not a fitting word for it. It’s one of those nice locked chambers that the likes of Labhrás Delaney live in. 'Try to get some rest. I’ll see about getting you com privileges with your team.' She dials her phone as she’s walking down the hallway." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThe difference between my movement, and other religions, is that I didn't expect people to operate on faith alone. I showed them what I could do, but not so they would worship me. I just wanted them to pay attention when I told them how they could change the world. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersI'm about to jog up and greet them when something happens. Others appear out of a technicolor interversal portal. It's a few of my characters, and I do not have any interest in interacting with them. I better hang back until they're done with whatever this is. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseThe tick tock of the clock will consume everyone's day. They will spend hours, mindlessly watching as the same thing happens over and over, regurgitated by the masses as unoriginality becomes the new normal. No one will think for themselves. Art is dead. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"Leona may be able to answer that question, and more. Now, she might have been killed when Alyssa turned the Gyroscope up to eleven, or she was in another dimension, or stuck in the 1950s. Regardless, Mateo had to try something. He had to leave Earth." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI've had many adventures over the course of my many lives. I even died once. And after that, I ended up with a special temporal object called the Dilara Cane. It's hard to operate, but basically what it does is gain its user access to other dimensions and realities. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersImmortality doesn't come with superhearing, so I can't understand what the two parties are talking about, but I'm sure my alternate self will update me on it at some point. Actually, I feel like I've not gotten a quantum update in a while, but I'm not worried. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseTime. There will never be enough time, and even when there is, nothing will happen in the correct order, or at the right time. People will plan, and they'll prepare, but it will never be enough. When the world runs out of time, that is when the end is near. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"This hypothetical bubble will eventually reach the AOC, which could have terrible consequences. Marie is Angela's duplicate, and she may pop out of existence, for all they know. If they're the cause, they have to minimize the damage as much as possible." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThe cane can conjure anything from anywhere across time, as long as it exists in a separate reality, which for all realistic needs, that may as well be anything, full stop. I didn't even need to do that, though. I just had to generate some pretty shapes and colors. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersAt the end of the conversation—or maybe in the middle of it—my characters get sucked into a bulk portal. That's when I make my move. I run up onto the rock and throw my arms around Cricket. "I don't know how long it's been for you, but it's been years for me." #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseWhen good manners disappear off the surface of the globe, man will have only four years of life left. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"Mateo picks it up himself, and takes a tiny sip. 'Whoa, this is black tea. If you take any more of this, you'll be up all night. Come on.' He gently tries to pull her away from the machine. 'It's time for bed.' He pulls a little harder when she resists." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonIt was hard, back then, to understand how the various world cultures worked. We lived underground, cut off from all the regular people. I pretty much had to walk into a random village, and I'm still not sure that I made the right choice. It came with consequences. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"I can't believe it actually worked," Claire says. // "I'm not surprised by anything anymore," Medavorken muses. // "Where did you go?" Cricket asks me. "How did you get here?" // "It's a long story." I can see in Meliora's eyes that I should not elaborate. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseWhen that sound in the ceiling above my head goes all day, thou shalt know the face of the devil. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"Leona has interacted with people who look exactly like her before. One of them, Arcadia isn't even an alternate version of her. She's not sure why she's so unsettled by it, but she would prefer it if Alyssa turned it off. // Alyssa seems to sense this." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThat's not to say my demonstration went poorly. It went great, actually; people loved it. They were awe-inspired, and it got them to listen to me. I didn't understand their language, so I used a bit of future-technology to assist, and that was how my message began. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Okay," Meliora says, ending the greetings, and not letting me introduce my new friends. "We need to talk about our deal. Now, I know I technically wasn't the one who got you out of The Stage, but I—" // "It's done." // "What?" // "What you asked, it's done." #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseA fallen leader will use his status as a criminal of the highest order to garner sympathy from his followers, and even gain a few new ones. They will bow at his feet, and though he will claim to be rich, they will give him all of their money. He will laugh. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"What? 'Crap!' She realizes something as she’s looking at her watch. He didn’t seem to notice that he was talking to Uma Thurman. That’s because she doesn’t look like her anymore. She’s back to being Alyssa. Cool, so she can look like anyone but herself." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThe issue was maintaining the right message across the ages. I'm not immortal, and I don't think my cane can turn me into one. I just wasn't able to spend much time teaching the young cultures. I had to let them save themselves, and that is when things broke down. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"How did you destroy multiple realities?" Meliora questions. // "I didn't," I reply. "I don't have that kind of power. I mean, I suppose I could have curated a team across the bulk, but why bother when my alternate self has the power to move the chess pieces?" #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseThe weather all over the world will get worse, and then it will get even worse, and then even worse, and then worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse. Still, they will deny. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"What they're talking about is a city, which is obviously what arcologies are designed for. They can't start with looking for help. They need help finding the help. It's a daunting task, and it feels like they're forgetting an unrelated pressing matter." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonWhat I didn't foresee were branches and schisms. Followers would interpret my words differently, and want to break away from another group. Geography played a role in the evolution of ideas separate from other sects. I didn't just birth one religion. I birthed many. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersMeliora stares at me, unsure how to take my answer. // "What do you care, it's happening?" // "Wait, is it done, or has it not happened yet?" Claire asks. // "Both," Meliora and I reply simultaneously. // "Everything within time was, is, and always will be." #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseI run out of ideas. #SignsoftheApocalypse
Story Quote"If the restrictions are even tighter than before, then none of the waters will do what they're meant to do anyway. To get this done, they're going to need more exceptions, and barring finding Dalton, there's only one person they can talk to about that." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI thought I had done the right thing. I was ahead of everyone's time. I could teach the people to not make war, right? That makes sense. A world without violence; sounds like a dream. Well, yeah, that's all it was; a dream. They just fought over different things. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Well…" Meliora begins, "if that's the case, then it looks like my work here is done. You asked me to get you off The Stage, and that's happened, so I shall take my leave." She turns away. // "Wait," I stop her. I've had a lot of time to think about my life. #TimestreamCrossers
Signs of the ApocalypseI really have run out of ideas for this series. I could try to make up something new. I might even be able to make up eighteen more #SignsoftheApocalypse, but who does that benefit? So I'm just going to end it in the middle of the month, and go back to regular things tomorrow.
Story Quote"It's not that they don't trust him to handle it, but not too long ago, he was trying to get out. He had his problems with Marie, yes, but he seemed tired of the whole time traveler thing in general. He never really died, so what has changed since then?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI kept going into stasis, and coming out every century or so, and each time, I would awaken to a world I recognized from the history books from my own reality. I hadn't changed a thing, except for the specifics. In fact, I think I had slowed down progress a little. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"I've not received a lot of updates from my alternate self lately, but based on what I do know of the goingson of the bulkverse, some things just don't add up. You behave like Meliora Rutherford, but you still somehow don't seem like her." // "Is that right?" #TimestreamCrossers
Fake ConversationMe: "So, what do you do for a living?" // My Date: "I make antique furniture." // Me: *chews* *keeps chewing* *chews slower, confused* "…huh?"
Story Quote"Aldona rests her chin on the palm of her hand, and exhales as she’s gazing through the window to the launch tube. 'This is necessary. Trust me, you want that gyroscope up and running for the next few weeks.' // 'What does that mean?' Winona questions." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonCome the reorganization of the world's calendars, I started feeling distraught. I went back to the others in the Constant, and told them what I had secretly done. Upset, they forced me back into stasis for a long time. While I was out, they fought fire with fire. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Hm. I wasn't sure if you would be able to tell. I am not certain what the Superintendent does, and doesn't, just automatically know about the bulk. I guess all it took was time." // "Who are you?" // She pauses for a effect, and bows. "I…am Constance!Two." #TimestreamCrossers
“Joke”I'm not a dad, so I can't tell Dad Jokes, but I can tell Loser Who Took His Dreams For Granted, and Never Actually Worked Towards Them, So Now He Lives in a House His Parents Bought Because He Can Barely Take Care of Himself Jokes. That's it; that's the joke. Funny, right? Ha-ha.
Story Quote"The smaller the meeting house, the more elite you are, which is why this place is so gargantuan. It's a starter house, and doesn't require an invitation. He doesn't really have time to prove himself, though. He has to move up the ranks fast…or else." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThey created competing religions intended to combat the damage that I had done to the world. Of course, the damage was done, and all they ended up doing was making it far worse. Now the people REALLY had something to fight about. Thus began a time of great violence. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersI stare at the fake Meliora. "I'm sorry, I don't know who that is. I assume there is at least one other Constance, and you are her duplicate?" // She's kind of annoyed that I'm not cowering in fear right now. "There are five, actually. One for each reality." #TimestreamCrossers
“Joke”Hi, my name is Donal. It's short of Donald.
Story Quote"Most of them likely don't have any particular reason they want to come. They're curious more than anything, but as soon as they find out that she was invited without any sort of waiting list, or whatever, others might start to feel a little ticked off." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonNone of us would be able to stop the fighting if we did not work together, so the others asked me for help. War is part of cultural development, so we decided to start at the end, and work our way backwards. We first covertly warned the people of nuclear weapons. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Yeah, that makes some sense. No matter where the point of divergence is for any new reality, it's not likely to go back far enough to prevent the creation of The Constant, which is why you have alternates. I assume that Danica, a.k.a. The Concierge does too." #TimestreamCrossers
“Joke”The character of Superman was created in the 1930s. Buildings were a lot shorter back then, making it easier for him to leap them in a single bound. I'm not impressed.
Story Quote"They seemed amenable to the possibility of collaborating on the phone, but it was audio only, and they could have just been being polite. Been being? She needs to make sure she doesn’t talk like that during the meeting. She’s entering their offices now." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThere was still time to add something new to my Word, and the others' religions were not far enough along for it to be a problem. We all included at least one passage regarding these mysterious sunboxes that the people should never make. That gave me another idea. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Anyway," I say, "what are your intentions with me and my friends?" // Constance!Two grew serious. "I need to get into the Third Rail." // "Great, go for it. You don't need me, since you somehow have Meliora's ability to bulk travel." // "That's complicated." #TimestreamCrossers
Random NothingThe German language sounds so much like English sometimes. It's such a weird and random coincidence.
Story Quote"It's the same, doubling their current known underground capacity. Mateo looks over at the buttons. There are twelve stories total, numbered zero through negative eleven. 'Who here is good at math?' he asks the group. // A girl snakes her way forward." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI realized that my religion was too public. It was too easy to become a member, and to find out all of our ways WITHOUT becoming a member. I needed to keep some things secret, so without telling the others, I wrote another book. I gave it to my most loyal followers. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"The Third Rail is protected by a dimensional barrier," Constance!Two goes on. "No one who isn't allowed in can break through." // "How would I be able to help you with that?" I ask. "They don't want me there." // "Use one of your other characters' powers." #TimestreamCrossers
“Joke”The road to hell is paved with good intentions? How is that structurally sound? They should just use cement, or asphalt, or maybe even brick. I mean, who is performing maintenance on this intention road? Demons? I would think they would have their hands full with other duties.
Story Quote"It's not too hard, because she never played baseball, or works out, but it should have done at least a little damage. There is not a mark on it. Also silent, Mateo reaches out. She hands him the pipe, and he takes his own shot. Nothing. Impenetrable." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonAs you might have guessed, the others found out that I just doubled down on my religion, so they stuffed me in a stasis pod, and left me there for centuries. They were probably going to leave me forever, but I got out. Meanwhile, my Word held fast, and it spread. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"If I use someone else's power, I will die, and they could die as a result." // "Explain," Constance!Two demands. // "No," I contend. "All you need to know is that I'm never going to do anything for you again. I won't fight you, but I won't help you either." #TimestreamCrossers
NanostoryDon't you hate it when you're determined to only have one cookie, but the one you choose is smaller than normal, but you decide it's okay, because tomorrow's will be better, but then you just eat a second one anyway, and then you eat the entire bag, and then you go buy another?
Story Quote"Either they're terrible people, or someone is doing this to them. They would like to think it's the latter, because that problem can be solved, but at the same time, it may be rather difficult to find the culprit. They need to erase all distractions." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonAfter all that time stuck in a bubble, a new friend of mine broke me out, and let me get back to work. She didn't know she was gonna do that, and she didn't remember it afterwards, but you see, I see everything coming. I planned for every eventuality. I AM a god. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"You think I won't hurt you," she states. "You still think I'm Meliora, because I look like here." She morphs her nanites around her face to look like a different person. // "I didn't know what she looked like before I met you. I don't write picture books." #TimestreamCrossers
“Joke”The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was when he made a quarter come out from behind my ear. He was kind of a hack. I wouldn't be so worried if I were you, religious people.
Story Quote"Alyssa closes her eyes to think. She desperately wants to help her friends, but nothing she does can interfere with what her brainwashing demands, and it is not always obvious where the boundaries are. She sometimes has to sort of…ask herself about it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonTo my elation, but to no surprise, my religion flourished, even in my absence. It broke off into more branches, but most of them were still following my Word pretty well. The competing religions that the others formed were pretty strong in their own right, though. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Just the same, I'm not asking," Constance!Two says. "Come with me, or die." // I hold my arms out invitingly. "Come at me, bro." // "I mean it, I'll just contact the real Superintendent." // "Great, he'll love that." // Angry now, she punches me in the chest. #TimestreamCrossers
PoemMuddled, muddied, puzzled, lost, vexed. Confused, dizzy, bewildered, perplexed. Irked, disoriented, baffled, confounded. Fogged, incoherent, bemused, lost, astounded. Disquieted, unnerved, disjointed, stunned, dazed. Baffled, befuddled, bedeviled, stumped, mazed.
Story Quote"What that thing did was block her from remembering certain things from her past. Removing it didn't reprogram her. It's just that now she knows what's at stake, and understands why the Gyroscope must stay active. Fortunately, she can explain it now too." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of Dalton"Nearly everything I wanted was in place, but it was not enough. There had been so many wars. I had to put a stop to it, but I couldn't use my new friend for that, because she was too young. I needed someone else's help. I needed a true believer to do my bidding." #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersBoth Claire and Medavorken aim their guns at Constance!Two, but there's no need. "It's fine. She can't hurt me." // "Are you sure about that?" she reaches over, and tries to literally rip my head off. // It doesn't even tickle. "How's that working out for ya?" #TimestreamCrossers
JokeWhy did the porcupine get kicked out of Critter Club? Because it was being a prick.
Story Quote"She didn't think that he would go for it. If Dalton wanted to talk to them, he would have shown up anytime in the last year. This was just a wave hello. It was pleasant. It was nice. He's going to wish he had answered it. The next move might hurt a bit." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonAs my religion spread and evolved, it took on a life of its own. The largest congregations were for those who were just starting out learning the Word. The smaller the congregation, the better they understood my teachings. But I wanted to find someone in the middle. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Oh, I get it," Constance!Two says as she's giving up trying to kill me. "You've channeled one of your character's abilities." // "Yes." // "So all I have to do is wait until you need someone else's." // "Won't happen," I say. "I can't do it anymore. Sorry." #TimestreamCrossers
Random NothingYou guys, I'm so low right now, like I know everything that's going on. I literally see everything happening in the universe right now. It's incredibly depressing, but I'm still never gonna get high.
Story Quote"She sighs. 'Leona is going to reveal herself to the Daltomists, and therefore the whole world, on Friday. The last thing she needs is a presumably dead future relative of hers showing up to make things even more complicated.' // He seems to get it now."#salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI couldn't join any church that I wanted. You have to start at the bottom, and I didn't exactly have state issued identification. I'm also white, and I won't get into it, but one thing I don't like about how my religion changed is that it created a racial divide. #WordofDalton
Timestream Crossers"Then I'll just hurt one of your friends," Constance!Two suggests. // I don't hesitate. I can survive anything, and she probably can to. She can also probably teleport, and who knows what else, but I have to try. I tackle her, and send us both into the river. #TimestreamCrossers
Dumb Ditty🎵I will walk 500 miles, and I will walk 500 more. I won't even be halfway through the trip, though, so I'll have to walk another 500 miles. I'm getting closer, but I still need 500 more miles, and then one last 500 miles before 150 miles until the Northern Terminus.🎵
Story Quote"Psychological shock. Sounds about right. His mind probably just can't figure out what it's supposed to feel about this. Obviously it feels bad, but it's feeling all of the bad feelings all at once, and people aren't built for that. He's certainly not." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI started staking out a mid-level Meeting House, watching for a certain type of person who would follow me directly. I wanted them to be diligent and consistent with their practice, but not overzealous about it. I also didn't want a doubter. They had to be normal. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersWe struggle in the water for less than a minute. Neither of us is winning. Neither of us can win. That's when we see it. The river is changing colors. More specifically, they're technicolors, which is what the bulk looks like. The bridge collapse. It's coming. #TimestreamCrossers
NanostoryJust saw #Batwoman in the theatre. I was the only one there. I mean that literally, the whole building seemed empty. I think I was in another dimension, like the one in #TheLangoliers where everyone is 15 minutes ahead of me, or whatever? I dunno, I didn't understand that movie.
Story Quote"The exact opposite would be in the middle of the ocean, as it usually is, since the Earth is mostly water. This was close enough, and it is Leona's belief that Dalton chose this region because it was the farthest from The Constant in what is now Kansas." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI took notes from the parking lot, because I needed to watch the same people regularly to get a feel for who they truly were. After a few weeks, I was sure that I had found my Neoacolyte. He introduced himself as Heath Walton. A name so close to my own; it was fate. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersI guess I kind of thought that these portals appear quickly, and disappear just as quickly. That's why they're called a collapse, because they take the people who are unlucky enough to be near them, and then it's over. This is prolonged. It threatens us all. #TimestreamCrossers
Dumb DittyIf you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you're NOT happy and you know it, leave…you're bummin' us all out. If you're not happy and you DON'T know it, then I guess clap your hands? If you're NOT happy and you DON'T know it, then hold still…I think I see the problem.
Story Quote"A man steps in through a door, which only has a top half. If this weren’t a transdimensional structure, or something else crazy and weird like that, they would have seen him walk up from the side. He came from another place. This…is a permanent portal." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonI was able to show Heath Walton my power in secret, and convince him of who I was. He would help me do the things that I could not myself for fear of being discovered. After a few years, we were recruiting others into our own little sect of the most elite believers. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersI was right that Constance!Two can teleport. She jumps herself out of the water, and back onto the rocks. Smirking at me, she knocks all of my friends into the river. I start to swim upstream, hoping to get them out in time. I don't know how much time we have. #TimestreamCrossers
Random NothingA pipe burst over my garbage bins last night. All of my trash is ruined.
Story Quote"That said, Leona turns herself into the accepted likeness of Dalton. The audience’s interest is piqued, but a sophisticated enough holograph machine could project such an image. This is why, after showing them a few more images, she recruits some help." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThat pretty much brings us to today. There's still a lot of work to do, especially in these final hours before the end of the world. While others are satisfied with only saving everyone's life, I want them to thrive. I want them to be happy. I want them to be good. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersI reach Cricket first, who's near Medavorken. Claire is working her way towards us. "Go!" I yell once I find Basarey. Ochivar aren't great swimmers, and most of them can't fly, but she's special. "Take Kelsey and fly!" // "Not on your life!" she shouts back. #TimestreamCrossers
Random NothingI wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. It's gross, and I don't really have the capacity to make much of an impact. What I would do is help you stop, drop, and roll. Why does everyone forget that? Stop, drop, and roll. That's what you're supposed to do.
Story Quote"If they don't find the exit by midnight, they will be stuck here for another week, and that's assuming they can make it by the time it hits midnight again. That may be what Dalton wants. His primary objective seems to be getting people out of his way." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Word of DaltonThank you for listening to the newest chapter in my very long story. I have to get back to my work now. My frenemies have nearly returned, and reality itself is about to collapse. Remember to return for the next sequel. I honestly don't know what it'll be about yet. #WordofDalton
Timestream CrossersAs the technicolors deepen, and the power surging through it intensifies, I manage to get myself and Cricket out of the river. Basarey is in the air with Kelsey. Claire and Medavorken are starting to climb up too. It doesn't matter, the portal takes us all. #TimestreamCrossers
NanostoryI'm proud to announce my candidacy for President…of the Shoeshine Club of Midwest United States. It's not what you think, though. It's like the American Cancer Society. We actually hate shoeshining, and shoeshiners.
Story Quote"Aldona was right. These are not random; they're assignments, and Leona apparently doesn't have one, which would have pissed her off if it had happened to her when she was in school. Another blur forms before her, and is taking a long time to solidify." #salmonverse #fishquotes

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Olimpia AloneMy name is Olimpia Sangster, and I don't know where I am. This guy I don't really know that well was evidently trying to get me and my friends back to our reality of origin after a long detour in other worlds, but something must have gone wrong. I'm all alone here. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideAgain, I guess I don't know how these bulk portal bridge collapses work, because I thought that the six of us were going to end up in the same universe as Cricket and I did the last time we came through, but this can't be that. All we see is devastation. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Whew, am I tired. I got 15,000 steps today." // Blind date: "Oh, good for you." // Me: "How many do you usually get?" // Date: "Until recently, only 40 or 50." // Me: "You walk 50,000 steps in one day?!" // Date: "No, 50 steps. I was in prison; solitary confinement 24/7."
Story Quote"According to those who were already aware that this Reconvergence thing was coming, it's going to happen soon, so if Arcadia and Vearden's baby has to be born before that, it will be any day now. But that's not going to make her job with Vearden easier." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI'm standing on solid ground, or at least something that resembles a ground. Everything is totally black, though. I'm too afraid to move. What if this platform is only a square meter in size, and I'll fall helplessly into the infinite void if I take even one step? #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideIt's hot and sandy. I take quick headcount as we're catching our breaths. Everyone is here, excluding Constance!Two. I'm glad that she didn't come with us, but I'm still worried about what she's going to do in Moderaverse. They don't defend themselves. #TechnicolorWatersliders
NanostoryI just noticed that the c-key on my keyboard has been completely worn off, probably because of all the times that I have to type circumcyclical concentric circles.
Story Quote"Back in the main sequence, when he was resisting finding a partner to settle down with, people would tell him that a baby changes everything, as if telling him a scary story would somehow convince him to go for it. They had no idea how right they were." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI crouch down and place my hands on the smooth, glassy surface. I feel around to see how far it goes, then press harder to test its solidity. It gives just a litte, and a soft green light appears from underneath. It's textured and stringy, like…grass? Is it grass? #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideCrumbling half-buildings appear in the distance through the torrential duststorm. The sun is bearing down, threatening to cook us until we're extra crispy. "I'll fly up and see what else is out there," Basarey volunteers. // "Don't. It's too dangerous." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Script ExcerptHello and welcome back to my cooking show. Today, we're making peanut butter and jelly burritos. You can make these for all occasions, such as when you're stocked with peanut butter, jelly, and tortillas, but not regular bread. Pause if you need to, these are pretty complicated.
Story Quote"Who decides what pertains to the Reconvergence, and what doesn't? Trina and her band of Keys and Keyholders took people from her that she needs to help her get shit done. Then she remembers that she's never followed the rules before, so why start now?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI carefully move around, occasionally running into obstructions like hills or trees, but never actually breaking out of this fabricky stuff. Is that what it is, the fabric of space and time? I've not eaten in a while, and am so tired that I eventually fall asleep. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"We have to do something," Kelsey reasons. "You may be able to survive anything, but the rest of us need water, shelter, and food." // "True. Any ideas?" I have none myself. // Neither does anyone else. They're just protecting their eyes from the dust. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Random NothingMan, my ice cream order is taking forever. What are they waiting on? Do they have to kill the cow on-site?
Story Quote"This has to qualify. The Reality Wars are supposed to start after the Reconvergence. And that will never happen if these rogue Parallelers kill everyone in the Third Reality first, including Cheyenne. Let's just say that that's who Leona is protecting." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI wake up to the dawn, sunlight tickling my eyes, scattered in a way I've never seen before. I'm still in between the fabric of spacetime, but now I can see all around me. I'm in the middle of a vast meadow. I'm not alone, but the other people are not taking notice. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"Okay," Claire jumps in. "Those buildings in the distance look unstable, but our best shot at shelter is still the city. Column formation. I'm in front. Cricket, keep your hand on my shoulder. The next in line will do the same. Medavorken, take the rear." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Random NothingThe plural of database is databi.
Story QuoteAlyssa is half-grimacing. 'We don't have enough power between us to pull that off.' // 'We don't draw temporal energy from ourselves; we draw it from other sources, and what does this world happen to have a whole hell of a lot of right now?' Leona poses." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI wake up to the dawn, sunlight tickling my eyes, scattered in a way I've never seen before. I'm still in between the fabric of spacetime, but now I can see all around me. I'm in the middle of a vast meadow. I'm not alone, but the other people are not taking notice. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"Okay," Claire jumps in. "Those buildings in the distance look unstable, but our best shot at shelter is still the city. Column formation. I'm in front. Cricket, keep your hand on my shoulder. The next in line will do the same. Medavorken, take the rear." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Random NothingThe plural of database is databi.
Story QuoteAlyssa is half-grimacing. 'We don't have enough power between us to pull that off.' // 'We don't draw temporal energy from ourselves; we draw it from other sources, and what does this world happen to have a whole hell of a lot of right now?' Leona poses." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneMaybe if I get closer, they'll be able to see me, or maybe hear me. Or maybe I can make the wind around them move in an unnatural way. As I draw nearer to the small group of people, I notice I recognize one of them, but only one. It's my friend, Ramses Abdulrashid. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideIt doesn't make sense for Claire to literally lead the group, though she will remain our leader. I stay in front so she and the others can keep their eyes covered. I take the shortest route towards the city, which is not hard. There are no obstructions. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Lock and load. You can't spell HARMONY without ARMORY." // My parole officer: "Yes, you can." // Me: "But you shouldn't." // My parole officer: "Huh?" // Me: "You should be."
Story Quote"That is not an acceptable sacrifice. The AOC is not likely in too much danger of being detected by the attack drones, but Angela and Marie still can't be left behind. They'll probably have to abandon ship. That's okay, they'll revert to an older copy." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia Alone"Hey! Can you hear me?" I wave my arms in front of Ramses but he pays me no mind. I don't know who these people are that he's talking to, but they don't see me either. I resort to trying to touch him, and that he feels, though he doesn't understand what's happening. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideWe're getting close to the buildings, but we still have far to go when the ground starts to feel really thick and watery, more like mud. I look around, but it's not starting to rain or flood. This water is coming out from the ground. Or from the aether. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationI hang up the phone. "Ugh, that was my contact in the FBI. My ex-girlfriend just tried impersonating a police officer to get information on my new fiancé. She thinks she's Veronica Mars, but she's more like Moronica Vars."
Story Quote"Nothing else interesting happens for the rest of the day. No one shows up for them, which is a bad sign. If the whole Third Rail is missing, they could be in really big trouble. A part of him hopes that he'll jump to the future come midnight central." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneRamses freaks out a little, but he's curious too. He says something, but it's muffled. I thought it was just because I was too far away, but now I'm right by him, and I still can't make out his words. Damn this weird barrier! We have to find a way to communicate. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI realize that it's no ordinary water. It's shimmering with technicolors. Part of the portal has come with us, or rather it's following us. The others trudge through it some more, but stop being able to stand. Before too long, it takes us all away again. #TechnicolorWatersliders
“Joke”I can't wait to see #Transformers: Rise of the Beats by Dre! Anyone free tonight?
Story Quote"She didn't stop to think about the fact that you can't just move a new planet to a new solar system. The gravitational forces could destroy all celestial bodies, including the new one. Either Kyra doesn't know that, or she knows something Leona doesn't." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneIf we were standing on sand, I could manipulate the real world enough to draw symbols in it, but this is a field of grass and flowers. Anything I move around generally just goes back to where it was once I let go. But maybe that will be enough if he keeps watching. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideThis time, the distance between the universe we were in, and wherever we're going is wider. We slide through the portal for longer, and as we do, points of divergence pop up in front of us. If we don't hold onto one another, we'll end up being separated. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationCo-worker: "Hi, I'm new, and a little confused. Could we have a quick chat?" // Me: "A chat is defined as a familiar conversation, but we don't know each other yet, so we can't chat." // Co-worker: "Ya know what, I feel like I've just learned everything I need to know about you."
Story Quote"If she never sees the Third Rail, or hears about the Reconvergence, ever again, it'll be too soon, but that doesn't mean she wants to jump right in to the next big thing. Can't she just spend time with her friends and family, and ignore the multiverse?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneOkay, this is gonna be tough. I get down on my hands and knees and dig deep into the grass, drawing a big letter "O". The blades do come back up, but the people on the other side of the barrier can see it. I see Ramses mouth the letter, so I move on. I draw an "L". #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideFinally, we literally see a light at the end of the tunnel. The technicolors fade, and drop us onto the cool, hard ground. It looks very different here. It's a lush forest with sounds of animals squawking and hollering nearby. Everyone seems to be okay. #TechnicolorWatersliders
NanostoryI once saw @ERICBALFOUR at a Hollywood party, and I know it's not exactly "socially normal" but I totally went up to him and just blurted out, "I'VE SEEN YOUR PENIS!" Everyone there heard me, and for some reason, I've not been invited to another party like that since.
Story Quote"Leona would know what to do in this situation, even if it meant that they would just leave it to other people to decide. Then again, maybe there really isn't any choice at all. If they take one opponent from the war, can't that only make things better?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia Alone"L," Ramses says. Though it's still muffled, I anticipated it. The "I" is the hardest one, because it just looks like a line, but it sparks a revelation in him. "Olimpia!" he cries. That I can hear, because he said it louder than normal. "Olimpia, are you there?" #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"Is that gonna keep happening?" Medavorken questions. // Everyone turns to look at me as if I have the answers. I suppose it makes sense. I know more about this stuff than any of them. But I don't know this. I have no clue why it happened a second time. #TechnicolorWatersliders
“Joke”Why shouldn't I take the low road, is it flooded? If it's in need of repair, let's figure out how to fix it. Let's not just leave untraversable roads lying around.
Story Quote"I write about time travel, so it's often fine, because when in doubt, I can just say, 'yeah, they met…a hundred years from now, and in an alternate timeline'. That trick didn’t always work when they were in the Third Rail, so forgive me and my errors." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI tap Ramses on the shoulder. He shivers a little, but he's fine. "Okay, tap once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'. Do you understand?" // I tap him once. // "Are you presently in immediate danger?" // I tap three times. // "Does three times mean maybe?" // I tap once. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI try to massage my temples, but it does me no good. That is one of a few downsides to my form of total immortality. Stress is a property of neurology, but everything people do to relieve stress involve stimulating feelings that I no longer experience. #TechnicolorWatersliders
“Joke”I'm this close to being published in the world's leading academic journal. My paper has already been reviewed by a number of my peers. Now it just needs to be reviewed by some of my poopers.
Story TeaseMy split personality returns to introduce my readers to a new microfiction series that's similar to the Interview Transcripts one that I did a few years ago, except that this one will not be interviews, but other sorts of conversations between fictional characters. #conversations
Olimpia AloneHe continues to ask me yes or no or maybe questions, like can I breathe where I am, and have I seen anyone else here, and what is the last thing that I remember. He sometimes forgets that he has to yell for me to be able to make out the words, but we make it work. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on," I tell the group. "Right now, I think we should be focused on survival. That is Claire's expertise since, Medavorken, I don't believe you've spent much time in nature?" // "Not really," he confirms. // "Yeah." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Did you see that episode of #BlackMirror with the pig?" // My date: "Yeah, that was gross." // Me: "The same thing happened to me, except I wasn't a public figure, and nobody asked me to do that."
Story TeaseA parole officer finds himself unexpectedly landing in a strange new world, actually in a completely different universe. As he comes to terms with his new circumstances, he seeks help from local law enforcement, which is even less helpful here than he's used to. #conversations
Olimpia AloneNow that he knows about as much as there is to know, he has a discussion with his new friends. I guess I don't know that they're new. We're time travelers, so I don't know how long he's been here, or where or when here even is. I can't hear anymore. I'm alone again. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"Okay," Claire begins. "We need four things: shelter, water, food, intelligence. We don't know what kind of weather we're dealing with, and whether the water is drinkable, or the food edible, so we have to learn as much about our environment as possible." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Hey, can you help me scratch my butthole? I can't reach since the terrorist tied us up. […] Parole Officer? Parole Officer! Oh, right; he was sucked into Westfall, and thrown into a new universe. I guess I can't have any more fake conversations with my fake parole officer."
Story TeaseThe Senior Proctor of a police station asks his subordinate why he arrested a man who seems to have a fake a parole officer's badge. Then he goes into interrogation to ask the suspect who he really is. The laws here are not bizarre, but they are unusual and wrong. #conversations
Olimpia AloneThe conversation is over. The other two walk off, while Ramses stays close to me. "Can you still hear me?" // I tap once. // "Okay," he goes on. "They're going to summon someone who can help. Do you want to stay here, or go somewhere else? How hard is it to move?" #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"Cricket and I will find water," Claire goes on. "Basarey, is it? You can fly?" // "Yes." // "Okay, if you could survey the land, that would be great. Stay just above the canopy, in case there are dangers here. "Vork, do you know how to test edibility?" #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMy parole officer's husband: "Oh hey, I'm glad I caught you. Can we talk? It's about my husband. I'm worried about him, he hasn't called in two days." // Me: "Can it wait? I have to take a TINY dump."
Story TeaseA former parole officer from another world is locked up in jail by two unethical street proctors who believe that the other detainees will hurt or kill him for being an apparent lawman. Of coure, the other men in there aren't evil, and do no react in such a way. #conversations
Olimpia Alone"I did it again," Ramses says. "Trinary questions. Sorry. Do you want to stay here?" // "Yes," I say, tapping him on the shoulder once. I yell, hoping that the sound will go through, but it's still only one-way. I don't understand how this works, but it's annoying. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideMedavorken frowns. "No, we never learned survival skills. We never needed 'em." // "I can walk him through it," I volunteer. "I can't really eat or taste anymore, but I remember how to do it." // "Thanks," Claire says. "You also need to protect everyone." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationPassenger 1: "First time goin' to Vegas?" // Passenger 2: "Yes, it is." // Passenger 1: "Business or pleasure? L-O-L." // Passenger 2: "My son was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight in a casino. I'm going to the hospital." // Passenger 1: "Oh, wow. Way to ruin MY trip."
Story Quote"Leona wields the least amount of power and influence amongst the group. Honestly, she's always felt that her inclusion was more out of pity than anything, so if this is how the others want to do it, then she won't object unless someone else does first." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneWe stand in silence for awhile. Communication should be comforting, but it's exhausting. He's apparently thinking the same thing. "Let's try to hug. I know the barrier is thick, and not too pliable, but—" // I do my best to hug him before he can finish the sentence. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI nod. "Go ahead and find water. I'll watch the others." // "Wait," Kelsey says. "What can I do?" // Claire looks around. "Gather wood for fire and shelter?" // "No," I argue. "I'll do that. This is an alien world. There could be diseases on the flora." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMy ostrich dealer: "It's been two years, and I still can't get over that #Shameless finale. It was so bittersweet. I still think about it. What did YOU think?" // Me: "I've never watched the show. Well, I've seen some scenes. I've seen the important ones."
Story Quote"He was there when it happened in the Third Rail. It was what triggered his mind to erase the memories that could have explained it. It would seem that the creation of Danica Lake was always the plan, and not just something the other Danica came up with." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneAs we're holding onto the hug, I realize that the only way it's going to end is if this friend of his shows up, or if I'm the one to end it. He feels guilty about my predicament, so he'll hold on forever if he thinks it'll make me feel better. So I let him go free. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideIt was fauna—not flora—that became our first threat. A kind of cat-slash-gopher-like creature with huge teeth bites me in the arm the second I reach for the first stick. Fortunately, I'm not superman, so it doesn't hurt him. He just can't pierce the skin. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Do you want to drive?" // Girlfriend: "No, you can." // Me: "Let me rephrase. You need to drive. I never learned, and I accidentally drank an entire bottle of alcohol. The label was confusing. Geese drink water, not vodka." // Girlfriend: "…" // Me: "I can't read either."
Story TeaseThe senior guard at a law station calls in a subordinate of his who left to get coffee just before the five detainees he was meant to be guarding escaped. He uses the law to protect the jail guard, as well as his entire team, diverting blame to another department. #conversations
Olimpia AloneAbout a half hour later, the other two guys appear from behind the hill in the middle distance. A woman is with them. We meet them halfway and she introduces herself as Hogarth Pudeyonavic. She drops the goggles on her head down over her eyes, and looks right at me. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslidePoor guy keeps trying to chomp down on me, and I don't think he'll ever give up, so I bop him on the nose, and that's enough to get him to scurry away, mostly unhurt. That's when I hear the scream. I run for it, catching up to Medavorken, also in pursuit. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationVirginia: "Hi, I'm Virginia." // Me: "Virginia isn't a commonwealth, it's a state. They're ALL states! It's called the United States of America, not the United States and Commonwealths and Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Let's just be states!" // Virginia: "Sorry to meet you."
Story TeaseA fugitive agent questions those responsible for letting five detainees escape from their law station jail, and seems to be more concerned with assigning blame than actually locating the fugitives. He also seems rather interested in the last detainee they arrested. #conversations
Olimpia Alone"Can you hear me?" Hogarth asks. // The first clear voice all day. "Yeah. Can you hear ME?" // "Five by five," she replies. // "Those goggles let you do that?" // "Uhuh." // "But they're…goggles. They're for your eyes." // She taps on the strap. "Bone conduction." #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideWe find Basarey trying to get to her wife, Kelsey but a creature is holding her back. It looks exactly like the one that bit me, except this one has four heads. One of them is wrapped around Kelsey's leg, like a snake, while the others are on guard duty. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationNeighbor: "Ugh, I have to go to the DMV. It's going to be so tedious." // Me: "That sucks. I've never been before." // Neighbor: "How is that possible? I see you drive nearly every day." // Me: "When I need something like that, I tell the Marshal, and she handles it for me."
Story TeaseA special investigator who is in charge of looking into strange phenomena for the government requests a meeting with a fugitive agent whose own case regarding the escape of five detainees from a law station jail may relate to his study of an otherworldly visitor. #conversations
Olimpia Alone"Do you know where I am?" I ask. // Hogarth grimaces slightly, and looks up at the barrier, which is evidently not invisible to her because of those goggles. "I think you're in the Sixth Key. It's not ready to exist yet. You're early. You're lucky you can breathe." #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"I got this," I say. "Back up, it could be venomous or poisonous." I reach up to one of the heads and bop it on the nose. It slinks away a little, but remains determined, moreso than the first creature. So I ignore it, and go for the one on Kelsey's leg. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationHunter 1: "Did you find anything? Tell me it was doe scat." // Hunter 2: "Nope. Buck piss."
Story TeaseA fugitive agent approaches a parole counselor in the hopes of finding five escaped detainees, so he can meet one of them in particular. The counselor's freemen may have information regarding their whereabouts, but it will not be easy, convincing them to help him. #conversations
Olimpia Alone"Can those goggles get me out of here?" I ask, confident that they can't, and noticing that she didn't seem to bring anything that can. // She gestures towards my Cassidy cuff. "What is that thing doing to you, suppressing your power?" // "I don't call it a power." #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI try to peel the creature off of Kelsey's leg, but it makes her scream, and it looks like the animal is leaving something behind, like a bee would its stinger, or a tick its whole head. This is not something that I'm qualified to handle. "We need help." #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Why can't the #submersible be opened from the inside?" // Designer: "There's no reason for it. What issue could possibly arise where that could possibly be the solution?" // Me: "Maybe they lose power, but they can surface. What then?" // Designer: "In that case…fuck 'em."
Story TeaseA fugitive agent joins a group of formerly incarcerated men who will help him find the escapees he's looking for, but only because he's bonded with them now, and will have to do favors in return. He's approached by a woman from another group for the same reasons. #conversations
Olimpia AloneBefore I can explain, a stranger appears from another portal, and urges both Hogarth and Ramses away. They try to argue, but the stranger insists. She then forces the portal around them, instead of just pushing them in. At the last second, Hogarth cries, "SCREAM!" #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"Where are we going to find help?" Medavorken questions. "We're in the middle of a jungle." // "I saw some smoke in the distance," Basarey explains. "At least one intelligent being lives here. I'll carry her." // "No, it's too risky to move her," I say. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: *whispering* "I just fit in my pants." // My teammate: "You what?" // Me: "I tried to shit, but I accidentally farted instead. You gotta get me out of here before someone finds out."
Story Quote"Mirage was stunned. 'Who’s that? Where are you?' She stepped into a defensive position, and narrowed her eyes, probably activating all of her sensors to find the source of the supposed intruder. // 'I am everywhere.' // 'She’s a god,' Leona explained." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI have to scream? That's it? I possess the so-called ability to send my voice into the very, very near future. Except that it's not an ability at all, because I can't stop it from happening. Without this special cuff, everything that comes out of my mouth is echoed. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"We don't know how the locals will react to someone who looks like you," I continue. "They're more likely to be human. I'll go. I'll run. Point me in the right direction." // Basarey isn't happy that she can't go herself, but she gets it, so she shows me. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationWindow Message: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS. // Me: *breaks glass* "Okay…now what! NOW WHAT!"
Story Quote"Bhulan picked up the two objects, and disentangled the hundemarke, placing it around her neck. 'I don’t doubt it.' She focused on the gyroscope, presumably trying to reactivate it. 'I think Ramses did something to this. It’s…dead. She looked pleased." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Olimpia AloneI'm reluctant to disengage my affliction suppressant but I'm desperate too. I have to try. I tap on my cuff, and switch off that function. Then I take a breath, face the dimensional wall, and let out the loudest scream I've ever screamed. Something begins to happen. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI run as fast as I did when I was trying to reach the natural wormhole off of the planet Folia, or maybe even a little faster this time, because someone else's life depends on it besides my own, and the stakes are much higher. I never make it to the fire. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Mom! Mom! Are you home? Mom, where are you? Mom! Oh. Hi, dad. I've been worried about you two; your phone is off the hook. Why didn't you respond?" // Dad: "You weren't calling for me, you were calling for your mother. She's at the store."
Story TeaseA recently reassigned fugitive agent now working for the Office of Special Investigations runs into his old partner, who questions the new situtation, and his loyalties. Their partnership appears to be ending on a rather sour note from which they may never recover. #conversations
Olimpia AloneThe dimensional barrier doesn't break open like I hoped it would. I can feel a powerful energy flowing out of my lungs, though. The echo is louder, and lasts longer, than it ever has before. There's something in me that just won't stop. I'm not running out of air. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI run into two strangers who seem to be out hunting. "Help! My friend is in trouble!" I also pant as if I'm tired to demonstrate the urgency of the situation. "There's a creature on her leg." // They get I need help, but they don't understand my words. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationSteve: "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" // Me: "It's exactly the same size as a breadbox." // Steve: "Is it a breadbox?" // Me: "How did you guess it so quickly?"
Story TeaseAn agent in search of a fugitive goes on a sort of engagement date with the woman he is to be bonded with so that her group of freewomen will aid him in his quest. This won't be a true marriage, but it may as well be, and it feels like the beginning of something. #conversations
Olimpia AloneThe men on the other side of the barrier step back nervously. My own voice starts echoing around. "My name is Olimpia Sangster, and I have a normal voice!" // "Yes, bring the leeches!" // "I’m not going to be killing anybody." // "What does it matter if he’s an AI?" #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI wave my arms around like two snakes. Then I take a half step over to signify two other snakes. They nod, understanding what that must be. One points, and looks at me inquisitively. I point in the correct direction, and they run off, hopefully to help. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "There. Did you see that?" // Friend: "Yeah, the image is all fuzzy." // Me: "That's because that shot wasn't supposed to be a close-up, but they had to zoom into his face in post." // Friend: "Why?" // Me: "Because the actor secretly had is dick out."
Story TeaseThe bonding ceremony is about to begin, but one of the Freemen interrupts to inform the fugitive agent that the man he's been searching for—the reason he's doing any of this; making confidential informants—has been found. So will he go through with the couple bond? #conversations
Olimpia AloneThese are things that I've said since I first put on this cuff and suppressed my time affliction. It's like they were pent-up, and waiting to come out all at once. The echoes continue, but now they're growing distant. My bubble is expanding. And it's accelerating. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor WaterslideI start to follow when I realize that my legs feel wet, and it can't be sweat. I lift my pants to find technicolor portal fluid running down my skin. It's happening again. If the group doesn't reunite before, we may be separated from each other forever. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Get outta my way." // Dude: "Hey, man, you lookin' for a fight?" // Me: "I am. I left it in yo mama's bed last night, but I can't find it." // Dude: "Are you saying you hit my mother?" // Me: "What? No, that's not what I meant!" // Dude: "You said you would treat her right!"
Story TeaseThe escapee, Leonard has been located, thanks to the batch of informants that the fugitive agent has recently amassed. He and Leonard first start talking about where the latter is from, how he may have found himself on this world, and whether there are any others. #conversations
Olimpia AloneMy echoes fade as the walls of this dimension get too far away for the sound to bounce back. The real world is gone, leaving me in the void of empty space. I'm floating now, but still able to breathe. Stars are appearing in the distance. I'm alone. Still and again. #OlimpiaAlone
Technicolor Waterslide"Nick!" It's Cricket. If I had to be separated from everyone in this motley crew but one, I would hope that he would be the one. He and Claire are running towards me, so I decide to cut my losses, and head for them instead of the majority of our friends. #TechnicolorWatersliders
Fake ConversationMe: "Oh hey, @JakeMcDorman and Ryan @pinkston! Two Quints at the same party. I loved #Quintuplets. You should do a reunion with the girls. Four out of five ain't bad. // Jake and Ryan: […] // Me: "Oh, too soon?"
Story TeaseLeonard is reluctant to meet with the fugitive agent's new superiors at the Office of Special Investigations, for many reasons, not the least of which is that his last encounter with law enforcement on this world did not go well. Still, he wants to help if he can. #conversations

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Rosary RecoveryBless me father, for I have sinned. It has been well over 200 years since my last confession, and I only say that because I don't know what I confessed when I was a baby. That doesn't even count all the time travel that I've been doing. Forgive me if I offend you. #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI'm not going to make it to Cricket and Claire. I'm no match for the power of the bulk. It wants us to leave this brane, and it doesn't care which one we end up in. This is just going to keep happening, and sooner or later, we'll all be separated. The tunnel appears. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Could I borrow your laptop to check my email?"// Senator: "Can't you just use your phone?" // Me: "It's new, and I've not signed in yet. I don't know my password; I just know what it feels like to type with both hands." // Senator: "Okay, but don't steal any state secrets…"
Story Quote"It feels wrong, doing this without Ramses. He made the choice that she wanted to make herself, and she could never thank him enough for it. Even so, there is little reason for him to not be here. Unless his mission went bad. Oh no…the mission went bad." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary RecoveryHe looks down. "I'm not a priest. I'm wearing a black shirt over a white undershirt, and there's a tear on the collar." // "But you ARE a psychic?" Ramses guesses. // "I am." // "Can you turn it off." // "I can't. I wish I could." // "Why did you bring me here?" #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeThe walls are slippery, but only beacause they're wet. Though to be honest, I don't know what they would normally feel like. Still, I'm pretty sure the technicolor water part is exclusive to our small group of travelers. Maybe I can resist, and make it to my friends. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationGrouplove: "Why you puttin' beans on my pizza?" // Me: "Why you puttin' pizza underneath my beans?"
Story Quote"Everything they knew about the timeline was up in the air. Maybe she was meant to join them on their future adventures, and maybe things will worsen because she chose another path, but they were not in the business of coercion, or even guilt-tripping." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery"I didn't bring you," the stranger insisted defensively. "I thought YOU brought ME." // "You're not surprised, though, so you're otherwise aware of time travel?" // "I try to stay out of it, but I was born anachronistic, so I did ask for a ride precisely once." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeThe tunnel has nothing to hold onto—even worse than a real waterslide—but I am slowing down. The water that's trying to take me away moves on without me, and I eventually do come to a stop. The problem is that Cricket and Claire probably haven't tried to do the same. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMy parole officer: "How many times do I have to tell you? Count your bullets!" // Me: "I stole that gun from the enemy!" // My parole officer: "You should have counted his too!" // Me: "I did! Apparently HE came to work with a half mag!" // This was the last conversation we had.
Story TeaseLeonard Miazga agrees to meet with the special investigator who is in charge of understanding how he and the alien prisoner have come through from other universes. Leonard is anxious to meet with the alien, though, and thinks that he can get it to finally speak up. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"I'm the one who brought you both." Her voice comes before they can see her. Her silhouette fades in like smoke until forming into a full person. Ramses doesn't recognize her, and a quick glance at the non-priest suggests that neither does he. "Hi, and welcome." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI climb back up the tunnel, and soon hear voices. They belong to them, which isn't surprising, but I also shouldn't rule out the possibility that we're not the only ones in this network. If this crazy thing happened to us, it could have happened to others. // "Nick!" #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMy mistress: "You're so guarded." // Me: "Ask me anything. I'm an open book." // My mistress: "Favorite color." // Me: "I can't tell you that." // My mistress: "You said that you were an open book." // Me: "Yeah, the book is open, but most of the words are redacted."
Story TeaseThe Director for the Office of Special Investigations has some questions for the investigator she assigned to figure out the truth behind the greatest discovery the world has ever made in an alien who refuses to communicate. Who is this man requesting access to it? #conversations
Rosary Recovery"My name is Venus Opsocor," she begins. // "I've heard of you," Ramses interrupts. // "As have I," the other man agrees. // "I am aware of this," Venus goes on. "You have come to me because your respective universes are in need of something that I can provide." #RosaryRecovery
Brane Freeze"I was worried I had lost you." // "What about the others?" Claire asks. "Do you think they're somewhere in the tunnels too?" // "I don't know," I answer. "I don't know if I stopped us from being washed away, or if my attempt was only a coincidence. It may not last." #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Dis is Mavis, Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis, dis is Mavis." // Mavis: "It's nice to meet you." // Mrs. Davis: "Sandy Springs. 1042. Redirect."
Story TeaseThe OSI Director speaks with the agent on loan from Fugitive Services, and the parole officer jail escapee from another universe, about this business with the alien threat in the building. She's being nice about it, but it's obvious that she doesn't trust anyone. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"Wait, which is it?" the other guy asks. // "Did you bring us here, or did we subconsciously come to you?" Ramses finishes on his behalf. They're on the same wavelength. // "A little of both," Venus explains without saying much. "I don't meet with just anyone." #RosaryRecovery
Brane Freeze"Hey, do you guys see that?" // "What, Cricket?" // He presses his palm against the tunnel wall and holds it there for a few seconds. Then he pulls it away. There IS something there. It looks like a road maybe? // "Hmm." I breathe on the same spot to warm it up more. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationAgent Fred Jaro: "It was you? It was you the whole time?" // Agent Ted Iman: "Yes! I'm the mole! I betrayed this country, and I would do it again!" // Me: "Kill Iman, Jaro."
Story TeaseLeonard finally gets his chance to meet with the Ochivar locked up in the Special Investigations building. His reputation is discovered to have proceeded him when the alien does speak, and reveals that this will not be the only parallel universe Leonard travels to. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"So are you here to help us, or vice versa?" the man asks. // "People like me don't need help, but Ramses, you stepped through an unsanctioned portal that would have vaporized you if I hadn't stepped in." // "Why, thank you." // "And Max, you wanted a new coat." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeClaire breathes on a different part of the tunnel. "It's different here—it's a pool table. They're like little windows to the outside world." // I widen my eyes. "The outside WORLDS. We're in the outer bulk, after all. We could go anywhere if we could break through." #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Ugh. That. Was. Exhausting. Stick a fork in me; I'm…someone who likes to be consensually sensually stabbed."
Story TeaseThe OSI Director has a meeting with the National Commander, who has been closely monitoring the situation with the alien, and is hoping that its arrival and capture can somehow heighten the country's status on the international stage. He wants to take a big gamble. #conversations
Rosary RecoveryRamses is a pretty easy-going guy, at least he tries to be, but he's confused about this, and can't keep his mouth shut. "You're just looking for a new coat?" // Max rolls his eyes. "It's a special coat. It controls my reality." // Ramses nods. "Oh, that's cool." #RosaryRecovery
Brane Freeze"Is there a way to break out?" Cricket asks. "And if so, how do we navigate? Or do we just wanna go to a place with a nice pool table?" // "I didn't say it was nice," Claire clarified. // "I don't even know what a pool table is." // "No, I can't navigate," I explain. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Wow, you look so beautiful. I feel so underdressed standing next to you." // Her: "You're just saying that because my hair is green now, like the girl you've been in love with has." // Me: "No, honest. Jealousy is a pretty color on you."
Story Quote"As far as spaceship names go, it's not original, but surely there's room for one more. It's a great name, and if what Ishida says is true, it's really the only one that fits. She's not excited for what she has to do to get it, but she wants this ship." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery"I place before you three options," Venus goes on. "You can go on your quests separately, and never see each other again, or you can help each other." // "What's the third? No quests?" Max guesses. // "One of you can choose to help the other, but not vice versa." #RosaryRecovery
Brane Freeze"I have no means to break through this barrier, nor a way to navigate. I'm glad we three are back together now, but I don't even know if there's a way to just continue on down the slide, now that the water is gone. I've not felt this useless since my original life." #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMy therapist: "Tell me a secret that you've never told anyone before." // Me: "I don't know what a dossier is, and I'm too afraid to ask, and look like an idiot." // My therapist: "You could just look it up in a dictionary." // Me: "They'd know...they'd know."
Story Quote"This was why Moray spent so much time in the bubble school, so he could learn to see a brand new geometry that a normal person couldn’t even fathom. Evidently, there was more he could do with this besides sneaking around. They snuck up to the launchpad." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery"One question," Max begins. "No matter how long I spend on these quests, when I go back, no time will have passed since I left, right? This is time travel?" // "A little bit of time will have passed for reasons," Venus explains, "but yes, you won't miss anything." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeCricket looks down to the tunnel that I came up from, and down the tunnel that he and Claire came from, then a third. "Let's play some kind of game of chance that will decide which path we try to take." // Claire and I shrug. "Okay, does anyone have a coin or a die?" #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Hi, I'm looking for a fence." // Customer Service Rep: "Sure, what kind of fence are you interested in?" // Me: "The…artsy kind." // Rep: "Pardon, sir?" // Me: "The Ruby Bear sent me." // Rep: "Please hold. […] "Yes, police? We got another one. Yeah, he's still on hold."
Story TeaseLeonard is told the plan to trick the Ochivar into giving them answers with a controlled escape that he is meant to orchestrate. He has no problem with that on principle, but he is not okay with their plan to precipitate this with a forced amputation of its wings. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"All right," Max says. "Who goes first?" // "Let's play for it," Ramses offers. "Do you have Rock, Paper, Scissors in your world?" // "That sounds fine to me," he agrees. "Madam Opsocor, will that be acceptable?" // "I have no problem with it. Just make it quick." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeEveryone shakes their heads. "What was that game you taught me back in the universe with the ship that was named after the guy who owned it?" Cricket asks me. // "Was that MY universe?" // "Yeah," I confirm. "Rock, Paper, Scissors. That'll work. Claire, you know it?" #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMy boyfriend: "I'm not crazy that you still see your ex every day." // Me: "Well, when you're literally God, omniscience sort of comes with the territory." // Boyfriend: *sighs* // Me: "Thank you, audience. This has been another episode of a tweet I phoned in because…whatever."
Story TeaseThe OSI Director reveals the secret plan to Agent Parsons, that they never had any intention of amputating the alien's wings, but wanted Leonard to believe that, so he'll be more invested in its safety. Only then will he help them while thinking he is helping it. #conversations
Rosary RecoveryMax throws paper while Ramses throws rock. "Ah, you win," Ram admits. // "Yeah. So where are we going?" // "I don't know, the coat store?" // "No, for whatever YOU'RE looking for." // "But you're the one who won?" // "Right, so we do your thing first." // "Huh?" #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeCricket and Claire play a game of RPS together, and Claire wins. Then she and I play, and she wins again, so we agree to go down the tunnel that none of us has seen. Gravity turns out to be weird here. As we're crawling, the concept of down changes, maybe randomly. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMy dog: "Tell me something you never told your therapist." // Me: "I think I can talk to animals. Intellectually, I know that I can't. They say that you can't be crazy if you think you're crazy, but I'm pretty sure I'm crazy." // My dog: "Mhmm. And how does that make you feel?"
Story TeaseThe Special Investigator tries to get his boss, the OSI Director, to stop with all of these double crosses, and go back to trying to solve this case using conventional, and more trustworthy means. But her hands are tied; this is what the National Commander wants. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"I thought we were playing for who would choose which mission we went on first," Max claims, but he's not a great liar. // "I'm not even sure what my mission is going to be," Ramses replies. "Venus, you've not actually told me whether you know where Olimpia is." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI keep thinking that 'down' will eventually send us actually sliding through the tunnel and spit us out in some universe, but we go quite a ways, and still nothing happens. Each one of us is independently, occasionally, and randomly testing the strength of the walls. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Have I already asked you, is there only one lady smurf? I never watched the show, or whatever." // My new parole officer: "You've never asked me anything. We just met. You didn't even give me a chance to introduce myself. This is literally the first thing you've said to me."
Story TeaseLeonard gets word from one of Agent Parsons' formerly incarcerated freemen friends in the bond, warning him that he should sneak out of his hotel before he's captured by the government. He's not so sure that he should react that way, though. It may be unproductive. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"Oh, you're not gonna rescue Olimpia," Venus says. "Did I not say that?" // "No, you didn't," Ramses replies. "Forgive me, but why not?" // "She's fine. Your other friends found her. You have something else to find. It's called the Mateo Rosary. It's important." #RosaryRecovery
Brane Freeze"Nick, wait," Claire says. "I have to stop. I'm sorry." She breathes a little heavily, and turns herself to lean back." // "I'M sorry," I contend. "I forget that most people need rest." // "I forget as well," Cricket adds. // "We just…never found anything to eat." #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Free baby wipes! Only two towelettes missing!" // Passerby: "Those say disinfecting wipes." // Me: "Yes, but I tested one. They're not." // Passerby: "Tested how, on a baby?" // Me: "It would be inappopriate to describe, but basically it's supposed to burn, and it didn't."
Story TeaseA junior special investigator is sent to arrest Leonard under a special code that basically strips him of all of his rights, and allows them to do whatever they want with him. But this is an opportunity for Leo to learn more about how the law works in this world. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"Oh my God," Ramses exclaims. "You're sending me on a MacGuffin hunt? I don't wanna do that. What's the Mateo Rosary? Actually, don't answer that. I don't care. I care about my friends. Thanks for saving my life, but can we just part ways here?" // "Not really." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI sigh. "Wait here. Stay with her, Cricket." I slide myself farther down the tunnel until I find a fork. I turn on it, but don't go much farther. I just don't want to disturb them. I start to punch the wall. It doesn't move. So I punch it again. Then I keep punching. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationDispatch: "911, what's your emergency?" // Me: "I'm driving next to a serial killer!" // Dispatch: "How do you know that, ma'am?" // Me: "He's driving a panel van with no plates!" // Dispatch: "Stay on him, sir! Run him off the road, if you have to! I'm sending a S.W.A.T. team!"
Story Quote"Certain teleporters existed who could circumvent timelocks, but that was generally okay, because this only endangered a small population. The rest of the galaxy was also in danger from regular teleporters, and that remained a difficult problem to solve." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery"Don't you recognize the name of your friend?" she asks. // "No, of course I do," Ramses contends. "But Mateo has never mentioned his rosary, and he certainly isn't aware of something special named after him that has any power. Which means I don't care about it." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI punch the wall a fourth time, then a fifth time, then a sixth time, then a seventh time, then an eighth time, then a ninth time, then an eleventh time, then a twelfth time, then a thirteenth time, then a fourteenth time, then a fifteenth time, then a sixteenth time #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationDispatch: "911, what's your emergency?" // Me: *whispering* "I'm married to a psychopath." // Dispatch: "What happened?" // Me: "She told me she didn't cry when Wilson fell off the raft, and floated away." // Dispatch: "Can you get to a safe place? I'm sending a S.W.A.T. team."
Story Quote"They were still missing one team member, and since all five of them saw him alive and well, there should be nothing keeping him from returning to any particular moment. Perhaps some force was keeping him away on purpose as a tool to maintain simpatico." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary RecoveryVenus leans back and breathes deeply. "If you don't agree to recover the rosary, I won't agree to help Max here get his new flipcoat." // "You're that petty?" Ramses questions. // "I'm that much of a planner," she replies. "And I don't like to see my plans fail." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI punch the wall a seventeenth time, then an eighteenth time, then a nineteenth time, then a twentieth time, then a twenty-first time, then a twenty-second time, then a twenty-third time, then a twenty-fourth time, then a twenty-fifth time, then a twenty-sixth time. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationDispatch: "911, what's your emergency?" // Me: "I think I'm living in a simulation." // Dispatch: "What makes you think that, sir?" // Me: "The sun just winked at me." // Dispatch: "Did you take some pills sir—never mind, it doesn't matter." *sighs* "I'm sending S.W.A.T. again."
Story TeaseLeonard and the Ochivar meet once again, though this time on opposite sides of a makeshift jail wall, instead of across an interrogation room table. To get information out of it, Leonard is continuing to employ his strategy of annoying it to the point of eruption. #conversations
Rosary RecoveryRamses is angry, but this person is clearly far more powerful than him. If she wants him to go find Mateo's rosary, then that's what he'll do. But if she thinks they're going to be friends after this, then she has another think coming. "Very well. Point the way." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI punch the wall a twenty-seventh time, then a twenty-eighth time, then a twenty-ninth time, then a thirtieth time, then a thirty-first time, then a thirty-second time, then a thirty-third time, then a thirty-fourth time, then a thirty-fifth time. I could go forever. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationDispatch: "911, what's your emergency?" // Me: "I think I'm living under a Vanilla Sky." // Dispatch: "Why do you think that, sir?" // Me: "I keep calling for dumb reasons, and you keep sending S.WA.T. teams." // Dispatch: "You're self-aware again? I'm sending a S.W.A.T. team."
Story TeaseAgent Parsons laments to his bondmate, Freewoman that there is nothing he can do to help his friend, who has been captured by the OSI, and placed in a basement cell with the expectation that he'll interrogate another prisoner from inside. She tries to comfort him. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"You're going here." Venus cups her hands together, then pulls them apart, keeping her fingers connected until the very last millisecond. A hologram of a galaxy forms between her hands. She zooms in to a planet. // Max tilts his head at it. "I know where that is." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI punch the wall a thirty-sixth time, then a thirty-seventh time, then a thirty-eighth time. I start to hear water coming towards me from Cricket and Claire's direction. They slide past, not noticing me. An alternate version of me slides behind them, as I had hoped. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMy hostage taker: "Wadya thinkin' about?" // Me: "I'm just doing the math in my head. I think if the band Nickelback were forming today, instead of 1995, they would call themselves Dollarback."
Story TeaseA man who can't get his life together finds himself suffering through the worst day of his life when his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. He's not seen any cars for miles, and has no cell reception. Will anyone ever find him, and will they be of any help? #conversations
Rosary Recovery"Yes," Venus concurs. "It is no coincidence that I paired you two together. Ramses, you will find the rosary in Max's universe, and Max, Ramses will introduce you to someone who can build you a new, unique flipcoat." // "Okay, this is making sense now," Max says. #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeFuture!Me holds onto the fork in the tunnel for a few seconds. "So this works?" I ask him. // "Yes," he answers. // "How long will it take?" // He lets go, and yells back, "all the time! Every times!" He holds the last syllable as the sound fades. // I keep punching. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMy editor: "You have really bad grammar, and your stories suck." // Me: "Or do I just have really GOOD grammar, and it's everyone who is wrong about how to write good?" // "No…it's just you. You're the wrong one. That's why we won't publish any of your books." // "Fair enough."
Story TeaseA group of Ochivari find themselves having accidentally killed a human on one of the planets they're investigating for environmental crimes. They're supposed to return their homeworld to report the incident, but none of them wants to die for an unscheduled trip. #conversations
Rosary Recovery"All right. I'm in," Ramses decides. // "Good. Your ride is here," Venus says. // This entire time, Ramses has heard a slight pounding sound, but just figured that was what this dimension sounded like. Now he sees a crack in the aether. A fist bursts through it. #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI punch the wall a thirty-ninth time, then a fortieth time, then a forty-first time, then a forty-second time, then a forty-third time, then a forty-fourth time, then a forty-fifth time, then a forty-sixth time, then a forty-seventh time, then a forty-eighth time. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationThe moth that lives in my closet: "Tell me something you never told your dog." // Me: "I used to call 911 for fun. The worst part is, the first responders didn't even get mad when they found out they were false reports. We're all friends now. I think the city is in trouble."
Story TeaseThe special investigator speaks with the scientist who first accidentally detected the arrival of the aliens. There's a chance that the satellite they upgraded for this purpose has picked up a third arrival. The investigator wants to send someone to look into it. #conversations
Rosary RecoveryBoth Ramses and Max instinctively go over to the hand that has appeared out of nowhere, and start to try to help him through. The barrier he's trying to break is still there, so they start to pull at it like bricks. As they do, the pieces fade into nothingness. #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeAfter the first few hundred punches, I lose track of how many times I have to do it. I don't think it takes me as long as Doctor Who to get through this barrier. Time has no meaning in this hyperdimension, so I wouldn't age even if I weren't immortal. I see daylight. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationPizza guy: "Hey, man. Did you order a pizza?" // Me: "Yeah, but I ordered it from Garbagio's." // Pizza guy: "Oh. Who do I work for?" // Me: "I don't know, you're not wearing a uniform. Or pants. Or underwear. And you're not holding a pizza." // Pizza guy: "Righteous. Killer."
Story Quote"The few who have sat in that seat since the Extremus launched 48 years ago have been plagued by scandal and intrigue in a way that no one thought plausible. This journey was supposed to be a smooth and uncontroversial one, but it has turned into a mess." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery"Here ya go, we got ya," Max says, pulling the hand farther out, which leads to an arm, and finally a full human man. // "Thanks," he says, looking around. "Which universe is this, do you know?" // "Ramses Abdulrashid, Maximino Lécuyer, meet…The Superintendent." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI keep trying to push myself through while someone on the other side of the barrier helps. It turns out to be two people. "Thanks. Which universe is this, do you know?" // "Ramses Abdulrashid, Maximino Lécuyer, meet…The Superintendent," introduces a third person. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationBlind date: "You think you could ever do that?" // Me: "What, compete on American Ninja Warrior?" // Blind date: "Yeah." // Me: "Nah, I have to poop." // Blind date: O…kay. That's good to know, but I didn't mean right now." // Me: *shaking my damn head* "I always have to poop."
Story Quote"Indeed. While it had come up often in the past, they never really had to answer it, because someone, or something, had always swooped in and forced their hands. Was that chapter in their lives finally over? Were they finally in control of their destiny?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery/Brane Freeze"Oh, I'm not the Superintendent," Nick clarifies. "That would be my alternate self. I go by Nick Fisherman IV." // "You come from a long line of Nick Fishermans," Max assumes. // "We're not related, except for technically me and my alt. Long story." #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Rosary Recovery/Brane Freeze"No one cares about the story," Venus says dismissively. "Hi, I'm Venus Opsocor." // "Oh, okay." // Venus goes on, "these two need to get to Maxtea." // Nick is taken about by this. "I don't know how to navigate the bulk. I came here rather randomly." #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationCookie: "Come on. Eat me. You know you wanna. Don't worry about your die—" // Me: "Okay."
Story TeaseReese has actually managed to get Leonard out of the basement jail so they can work together to investigate the possible arrival of more aliens in the desert. They go on a road trip together, but they're not going alone. A third informant wants to be a part of it. #conversations
Rosary Recovery/Brane Freeze"Everything is going according to plan," Venus says smugly. "Max. Did you get hurt?" // Max looks down at his hand, which is bleeding all sorts of colors. "It doesn't hurt that bad." // "That was solid vacuum energy. It'll get you where you're goin'." #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Rosary Recovery/Brane Freeze"I don't know what that is," Max says. // "You just got yourself a superpower. It'll probably wear off eventually." Nick looks over to Venus. "Right?" // She shrugs. "Get in the tunnel before it heals itself." // "Wait, do I go with them?" Nick asks. #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "Okay, students. Welcome to Antisocial Studies; a class where we examine our tendencies to avoid social situations, and try to work through our problems. Raise your hand if you don't like being the center of attention." // Student: "Oo, that describes me." // Me: "GTFO."
Story TeaseLeonard, a former parole officer from another universe, and Myka, a formerly incarcerated freewoman, get to know each other a little while they're keeping watch in the middle of nowhere on their way to an investigation with their third partner, who is still asleep. #conversations
Rosary Recovery/Brane Freeze"You can do whatever you want," Venus tells Nick. "I brought them to this spot, because I knew that you would be creating shards of bulk energy in your attempt to escape that tunnel. But if you're going, you need to hurry. That goes for all of you." #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Rosary Recovery/Brane FreezeWorried, Ramses and Max crawl into the tunnel. Nick barely makes it through before it closes up behind him. "What now?" Ramses asks. // "I don't know," Nick replies. I broke out because nothing else was working." They hear the sound of rushing water. #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationDate: "That was my sister. She found out that she's her boyfriend's beard." // Me: "I was someone's beard once." // Date: "Really?" // Me: "Well, I was going to be, but then she realized she would rather get kicked out of the house, and live on the streets, than be seen with me."
Story TeaseThe special investigative trio makes it to their destination, where they quickly find the body of a man who died from unknown causes, as well as three sets of unusual footprints leading away from it. They start to follow, fairly sure that they belong to Ochivari. #conversations
Rosary Recovery/Brane FreezeRamses and Max look to Nick for guidance as the technicolor water starts rushing towards them. He nods assuringly. "This is a good thing. Let it take us." The water comes upon them, and pulls them down the tunnel. They come to a fork. Right or left? #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Rosary Recovery/Brane FreezeMax is in the front. He straddles the fork, protecting himself with his hands. "Which way?" // "What does your intuition tell you?" Nick asks. // "Right!" he calls back. // "Okay!" Nick says. "You two go right! My gut's telling me to go to the left!" #RosaryRecovery #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationMe: "What's the future like?" // Future!Me: "It's great, man. We used to tweet, but now we X. 'Hey, dude. Did you see my X about how I bought some X at the X while watching funny cat videos on Xvideos'—" // Me: "Xvideos? Really?" // Future!Me: "Yeah, there was a huge civil suit."
Story TeaseThe trio is on the trail, following the footprints deeper into the desert, far from civilization. Reese begins to suspect, however, that while they're hunting the Ochivari, someone may be hunting them. He wants to set a trap, but there's no good way of doing that. #conversations
Rosary RecoveryMax and Ramses don't know whether they should try to stop Nick from going down the other tunnel, but they don't have time to worry. A quick look behind them shows that the water that's pulling them towards their destination will run out eventually, and then what? #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeI point myself down the left tunnel. Half the water takes Ramses and Max away while the other half carries me, hopefully to where I want to go, though I don't know where that is. The bulk seems to. Cricket and Claire are up ahead. This is fate. I'm closing my loop. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationGuy: "Oh, I didn't order this." // Bartender: "It's from the lady at the end of the bar." // Guy: "Okay, give her this for me." // Bartender: "This is a used tissue." // Guy: *taking a drink* "And I've been sober for 25 years. I guess we're all getting stuff we don't want today."
Story TeaseWith help from three of Myka's freewomen who have been following them in not-so-secret, the trio on the hunt for aliens enacts a plan to lure the other party who is supposedly following them out into the open. It doesn't seem to be working, so they discuss options. #conversations
Rosary RecoveryThere is literally a light at the end of the tunnel. They fly out of it and land on the ground, then stand and shake the technicolor water out of their hair. Standing before them is someone that only one of them recognizes. It's notorious bad guy, Arcadia Preston. #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeCricket and Claire pass my past self without noticing. I stop myself. // "So this works?" he asks. // "Yes," I answer. // "How long will it take?" // I let go and yell, "all the time! Every times! Don't forget to bring a towel!" I don't think he heard that last part. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationNew Guy: "How long have you worked here?" // Me: "Twenty years." // New Guy: "Ha! Wait, you're serious?" // Me: "Yes, we don't age here." // New Guy: "How?" // Me: "Don't you know…you're—" // Co-Worker: "Already dead?" // Me: "What? No. Immortal now. It was in your contract."
Story Quote"People won't like it. It'll probably just irritate them, but she's not gonna do anything only to make others feel more comfortable. Aunt Kaiora would do that. Even if it cost her the captain's seat, she would always be herself. She always was herself." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery"Hey, what's up?" Arcadia asks. // "Whaaat are you doing here?" Ramses asks right back. // "I'm on a mission, fightin' Maramon. You?" // "Lookin' for a magical rosary." // She lifts her wrist, showing her bracelet. "This rosary?" // Uh…probably." // "Here ya go." #RosaryRecovery
Brane FreezeWe continue down the tunnel until a white light appears ahead of us. We fall into it, and land on another world. Or it's a world we've already been to before. I still have no idea how this stuff works. Everyone seems to be okay, though, and that's what's important. #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationDoctor: "Your parents are carriers for the most infectious disease this world has ever seen! If they break isolation, they're going to infect the entire population in a matter of weeks!" // Patients' daughter: "No, they're not!" // Doctor: "Are too!" // Daughter: "Are NOT!"
Story Quote"This could be the last time they ever hear that sound. The end of an era. This vessel had served them well, but it was over two hundred years old, and it was time to move on. It was great that it was going to continue on for someone else who needed it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Rosary Recovery"That was easy," Max notes. // "Yeah…too easy." Ramses narrows his eyes at Arcadia. // "I've changed my ways," she claims, "trying to be a better person. How did you get here, by the way?" // "Magical waterslide." // "I see. It seems to be gone now. Need a ride?" #RosaryRecovery
Brane Freeze"Magnate," Cricket says. // "What did you say?" I ask. // "That's what that building says." // I look up at the skyscraper. "This is Havenverse." // "Is that good or bad?" Claire asks. // "Well…" I begin, "it means I'm not immortal anymore, and there is no escape." #BraneFreeze
Fake ConversationStranger at the ATM: "Got any nicknames?" // Me: "I can remember every single second of every Rocky movie that I have ever seen. That's why they call me Ginkgo Balboa." // Stranger: "How long have you been holding onto that joke?" // "Decades. I've never even seen the movies."
Story TeaseThe new ragtag group of alien investigators comes across what they believe to be signs of the invaders, partially because the disturbance on the ground appears to be manmade, but this is about as remote as you can get in this country. They discuss options again. #conversations

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Spontaneous TransplantThe population of Ladytown on the planet of Durus has been decimated by an enemy who cannot admit that an independent city could be successfully run by women. They attacked to prove this self-fulfilling prophecy, hoping that the Ladytowners would give up. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsWe're in an alleyway, and the few bystanders aren't paying attention, but someone may see us. "Claire, could you give Cricket your jacket, hat, and glasses? Cricket, this world doesn't hate people like you, but you look unlike anyone else, and it'll draw attention." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "Every time it rains, thousands of people all over the metro lose power. Could you please try to stop that from happening?" // @evergypower (my power company): "What would that accomplish? It's not like you can switch providers." // Me: *sigh* // Evergy: "Ya mad, bro?"
Story TeaseThe special investigative shadow team that has been following the somewhat improvised eclectic group of alien hunters reports in to their superior regarding the apparent discover of an underground facility. They decide to approach with a ruse, and it's gonna hurt. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe survivors do not give up. They're determined to rebuild…and repopulate. Of course, they need men for that, and all of theirs are dead. Then a new one shows up from another world. Despite him being married, they ask him for help getting them started. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsClaire hands over the clothing so Cricket can cover up a bit. Some of his gray skin is still showing, but hopefully he can blend in until we can find privacy. I don't know what we're going to do. Just being here should not be possible, and getting out even less so. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "What is your obsession with the letter X?" // @elonmusk: "Tee-hee. It rhymes with 'sex'. Tee-hee." // Me: "You are a child." // Elon Mustard: "I have a child, tho. That means I had sex, tee-hee. Its name is unpronounceable. If I want to get its attention, I fart."
Story TeaseAfter all this time, the team finds the aliens that they've been looking for, in an underground maze that otherwise appears to be pretty small. The Ochivari don't appeared to have any plans to fight them, and their reasons for being here sound too good to be true. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantAt first, the women believe that the attempt was a failure. The hero returns one year later to find that none of the women bore his offspring. But they're wrong. One woman IS pregnant. She just has a long gestation period ahead of her…and her descendants. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"What are our options?" Claire asks. // "First, we need to find food that is either free, or which they'll give us for labor. My mortality has returned with a vengeance. I am starving. I don't know enough about the particulars of this world to know where to start." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationTherapist: "How are you feeling?" // Me: "Well, today I learned that I DON'T learn something new every day. In fact, I don't learn anything new most days. FURTHERMORE, I generally forget anything that I HAVE ever learned." // Therapist: "Mhmm." // Me: "Who are you again?"
Story TeaseThe alien hunters meet their shadow team, who weren't being as clever and inconspicuous as they believed. They need to decide what they're going to do with the Ochivari, who claim to harbor no ill will towards them. At the same time, another party may be at play. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe father is a time traveler, who only lives for one day per year. The baby inherited this trait at conception. Due to these circumstances, the maternal bloodline ended up with something they decided to call Spontaneous Matrilineal Uterine Transplantation. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"I don't only have survival training that pertains to the wilderness," Claire says. "I can find food and shelter in an urban setting too. We don't have money, and we have little to trade. That probably—and I'm sorry to have to suggest this—means dumpster diving." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "Heeey, bear!" // Mama Bear: "Did you hear that, my child?" // Baby Bear: "Yes, mama." // Mama Bear: "When the animal makes that noise, it means that it's scared. In our family, we call that the dinner bell." // Me: "Heeeeey, bear!" // Mama Bear: "Tonight…we feast."
Story TeaseThe ATV gets close enough for the growing team of alien hunters to see. It turns out to be full of people that they were already aware of, and who Leonard knows personally. The newcomers start to get into the story of how they found themselves all the way out here. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe baby develops at a normal rate from its perspective, but one day for it is one year for the mother. So what would normally take only 280 days is set to last 280 years. The original mother could not hope to live that long, so nature found another way. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsI'm autistic, and I have OCD. I'm not so much afraid of germs as I think humans are particularly gross, and I don't like to touch things that others have touched, especially not their trash. It's hard to explain, but I think I'm right on that. Still…I AM starving. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "All right, I just spent 24 hours watchin @DrPhil, so I'm all dumbed up to lose trivia night on purpose so Ted can feel good about himself." // Friend: "Say something Dr. Phil would say." // Me: "Swimming pools are as contagious as COVID." // Friend: "Perfect. I'm buyin'."
Story Quote"At least this particular event makes sense, but still. Aunt Kaiora rarely had anything to do with the students when she was Captain, and Halan only ever went to one graduation; the first one on the ship. Tamm is still trying to play it cool around her." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantSpontaneous Uterine Transplantation involves the conceptus transferring itself from one mother to the next. In this case (which is the only case ever recorded) it occurs from the mother to a womb-bearing offspring (i.e. a daughter). This has ramifications. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsI weigh my options, but all I can focus on is the hunger, which is just my body's way of giving me my only option. I have to find food in a dumpster. It's free, and as far as I know, it's legal here. I don't want to steal, and it's faster than finding a job will be. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "I'll take I Read the Thesaurus for $1,000, Alex." // Alex: "That's I READ the Thesaurus. For a thousand: a calumniator, a detractor, a maligner. […] Nick." // Me: "What is…my mother-in-law. Oh, snap!" // Audience: *laughs* // Alex: *rolls in grave*
Story Quote"Mateo nodded along with everyone, but did not agree with the sentiment. He could think of a way that their vacant bodies could cause harm if not incinerated. They were powerful, and could theoretically be used by nefarious agents for nefarious purposes." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantThe mother conceived in the year 2133. Four years later, while still pregnant (for the equivalent of four DAYS), she forms a relationship with another man, and conceives a second child, who is actually born first. That daughter grows up to take the torch. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"Okay," Claire begins. "If you wanna dive dumpsters, you gotta know where to go. Chinese food, no good. The best are grocery stores and buffets. Both of those places throw out food that isn't bad, but has legally—or by policy—become too old. Bakeries are okay too." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "I'm an open book." // Date: "Tell me about the first time you flew in an airplane." // Me: "Well, I've never flown IN an plane. I've only ever sat on the wing. Don't worry, I wore goggles." // Date: "Liar." // Me: "I said I was an open book. I didn't say it was nonfiction."
Story TeaseAgent Reese Parsons of the U.S. Fugitive Services, now on loan to the Office of Special Investigations, begins his debrief with the special investigator regarding the events surrounding the discovery of three aliens in a Wyoming desert. It goes as well as expected. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantAnd so the original mother's daughter ends up carrying her own sister, but since one day equals one year, she will not birth this special baby. She will not even see its birth. She will be long dead. The majority of the bloodline will experience the same. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"Okay," I say with a sigh. "That is good advice, thank you. My intuition tells me that there are all sorts of restaurants in that direction, so let's head that way. Cricket, are you all right?" // "I'm fine," he answers. "I'm actually a little hungry too, though." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationYogi: "Hello! Welcome to #GoatYoga! I see a few new faces. Fair warning, the goats WILL poop on you." // Me: "Why can't they wear diapers?" // Yogi: *ignoring me* "And they will expect you to poop back. To not do so would be incredibly rude." // Me: "But I AM wearing a diaper."
Story TeaseFormer parole officer, Leonard Miazga of universe unknown, now in a strange world with laws he does not understand, begins his debrief with the special investigator regarding the events surrounding the discovery of three aliens in a Wyoming desert. He's exhausted. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantWhen the next mother in line reaches her age of puberty, which occurs around fifteen or sixteen for this bloodline, the baby will spontaneously transplant itself to her from the mother before, and she carries it until her own first daughter comes of age. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsWe walk down the street, passing foodless businesses until we make it to the next block, where all the restaurants are. For some, it's obvious what kind of food they sell, and whether their dumpsters will have something we can salvage. Others require a closer look. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationBrother: "Oh, says here that Ted E. Smith died." // Me: "Who?" // Brother: "Ted E. Smith? The actor? He was in about a thousand action movies. He died yesterday." // Me: "Oh, cool." // Brother: "Are you even listening to me?" // Me: "Of course. Your friend, Fred lost his job."
Story TeaseMyka Tennison, formerly incarcerated thief, and current bonded freewoman, finishes up her debrief with the special investigator regarding the events surrounding the discovery of three aliens in a Wyoming desert. She is worried most about being sent back to prison. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantIn total, eleven women bear the spontaneously transplanting child, each one taking on the responsibility for anywhere between 20 and 40 years, except for the delivering mother, who only does it for eleven years before the baby is finally ready to be born. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsAfter passing by—and taking note of—a few decent options, we come to a courtyard park in between the buildings. Dozens of people are gathering food from a picnic table, or sitting down at others to eat. It looks like a party. An older woman approaches with a smile. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationBoss: "I need your login info since you're gonna be on PTO." // Me: "Capital S-t-a-l-k-capital D-1-c-k-capital M-u-f-f-i-n-dollar sign." // Boss: "That is an inappropriate password or a work environment." // Me: "That's my username. My password is ihatemybossandthecompanyiwork4."
Story TeaseAfter three days of being quarantined and interrogated apart from each other, Reese, Myka, and Leonard reunite. Myka tells them that SI Eliot has offered her some kind of job at the OSI, and they wonder if it's not the safest place to be, given what they all know. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe normal signs and symptoms of pregnancy are not viable in this case. After all, each subsequent mother must be able to carry on the bloodline with another daughter while pregnant with the spontaneous transplant, so she cannot gauge by a missed period. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"Hello," the stranger begins. "Would you like some food?" // "Oh, we weren't invited to the party," Claire explains. // The woman smiles wider, and looks at the crowd behind her. "Everyone is invited." // "Do you mean…?" // "Literally. It's free! Come. Join us." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationForeman: "We gotta finish this wall. Want a ribar?" // Greenhorn: "I haven't barred yet, so how can I REbar?" // Foreman: "You're fired for being too new!" // Greenhorn: "Huh? Of course I'm new! You knew that going in!" // Foreman: "I'm about to hit you with this ribar! Get out!"
Story TeaseWhile Reese is out trying to get more information about the job offers they both received, Leonard and Myka hang out in her apartment, and get to know each other more. It seems that maybe something deeper is brewing between them, but neither can say just something. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantWhen the third generation mother turns 17, she begins to experience morning sickness. However, no one has any reason to believe that she's pregnant. She's just gone through puberty, and she has not yet had sex. So they assume it's some other medical issue. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"Come on," the woman urges. "It's okay, don't be nervous. This is for people who need it." // So we partake in the free food, learning quickly that it's a weekly charitable event set up for unhoused and impoverished people in Kansas City. Great timing in our part. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationHiking partner: "We're lost. This compass is broken. Do you have one?" // Me: "No. My nipples are ferromagnetic." // Hiking partner: "What?" // Me: "Yours isn't broken, it's just pointing to my nipples." // Hiking partner: "They told me to stay away from you. I shoulda listened."
Story Quote"This expectation that she would one day lead the crew was evidently something that they fought against before she was born. They’ve since gone so far in the opposite direction that accepting that maybe it actually won't happen has just pissed them off." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantIt's not until the fourth generation when they start to suspect that something's going on. This mother begins to show physical signs of pregnancy in her thirties, despite not archivetweet been sexually active in recent months. She also experiences other symptoms. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsThis is a great start, but that's all it is. In some ways, we're worse off than all of these people. We may have marketable skills that could get us jobs, so we don't go right back to starving, but we have no identities. We don't know who, or how, to ask for help. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "Why do people always just sit there and wait for the fish to come to them? Why don't they use their X-ray vision to find where they are?" // Friend: "Humans don't have X-ray vision." // Me: "Fine, then use your gills to swim down. Whatever! Stop throwing up roadblocks!"
Story Quote"The coat could be coded to a user's DNA, and only operate for them. If they were worried about the theft itself, rather than what the thief would do with it, they could have allowed it to be locked like a chastity belt. Who were the original designers?" #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantThe baby is gone from each mother for nearly the whole year, and only appears for one day, but the womb keeps the lights on for that entire time. It even continues to grow a bit accordingly. So for over a decade, the generation four mother looks pregnant. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsThe woman who first invited us, whose name is Lateisha, approaches again as most of the other people in need have left, or are beginning to. "Do you three have anywhere you can go? Do you have shelter somewhere?" // "No, ma'am," Claire answers. "We are travelers." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "Anyway, when I was a fish, I would always slurp any food that I found floating in the water, instead of biting down, just in case it was on a hook." // Friend: "If you were so smart, why wouldn't you just not eat food that was on a hook?" // Me: "Again with the nitpicking!"
Story TeaseReese returns to the Office of Special Investigations to determine if it's safe for his friends, but the conversation takes a surprising turn when the OSI Director steps in to offer him a fulltime job of his own, which may change the landscape of the world forever. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe medical professionals still cannot confirm that the fourth generation mother is pregnant, but when it comes time for the baby to be passed down to the fifth generation, that is when the truth becomes undeniable. Her belly expands literally overnight. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsLateisha nods. "Well, the nearest three shelters are presently full, so why don't you come home with me? I have plenty of room." // "That won't be necessary," Claire insists. "The food was more than enough to get us through the first day. Now we can self-shelter." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMom: "You got the job? I honestly can't believe it! I always knew you could do it." // Me: "Well, which one is it? Can you not believe it, or did you knew I could?" // Mom: "I'm putting you up for adoption." // Me: "I'm 36." // Mom: "Then good luck finding a new family, buddy."
Story TeaseAfter a few weeks of the standard government bureacracy, and some remodeling that needed to be done to the new offices, the first staff members for the Department of Exocgenic Affairs move in and start to figure out what it is they're going to be responsible for. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe fifth generation mother has just reached puberty, and has not yet become sexually active. She wakes up one morning to find herself incontrovertibly pregnant, with a belly the exact same size as her own mother had just yesterday. Something is happening. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsLateisha smiles at us. "I don't doubt it. Still, the day has grown old, and you seem unfamiliar with the city, and perhaps its laws? You cannot camp wherever you would like. Stay with me one night. I promise I'll ask nothing further of you." // We exchange glances. #Havenversals
Fake Conversation*The power goes out* Me: "I gotta get to the hospital." // Girlfriend: "Why?" // Me: "They're short-staffed." // Girlfriend: "You're not a medical professional." // Me: "They need me." // Girlfriend: "You failed 9th grade biology." // Me: "I gotta go!" // Girlfriend: "Twice!"
Story TeaseLeonard starts to look into how he can sleep somewhere in the building, either in his own office, or an unused room somewhere. Myka, however, tries to convince him that it's healthier to be able to leave your work behind and relax at home at a separate location. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantBy this time in the history of the planet where the bloodline originated, scientists have developed some relatively advanced medical technology. The family was not before allowed access to the equipment due to limitations, but they have been granted it now. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"We accept your offer," Cricket decides for all three of us. It's for the best. If we just let her help, we're more likely to be able to figure this world out. If we don't, it will probably upset her, and we don't want that. She leads us back to her suburban home. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationDaisy: "BARK!" // Me: 🎤"Let me tell you the Tale of your Tail! This is your tail! That was the Tale of your Tail, now you've been told!"🎤
Story TeaseWhile Leonard is both testing the shooting range that he just fixed up, and practicing his own skills on it, Reese shows up to talk with him about it, among other topics. Things are moving quickly, and they are both afraid that they're not prepared for the future." #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantIt's confirmed. The fifth generation mother is indeed pregnant, and HER mother was pregnant recently, and is showing signs of having miscarried. It sounds sad, but it's not real. The baby has successfully transferred to its new womb, just as it always has. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsWe get on the elevated train to travel from the city to what I believe I would have called Lenexa in my version of Kansas City, Earth. Here it's known as Osterman, for some historical reason that I don't care about. Some things stay the same, and some things change. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "'Hart the Hera angles string.' Ted, I get that you're a terrible speller, but these all ended up completely different words. If you know that about yourself, why wouldn't you rewrite it?" // Ted: "Iono." // Me: "You also printed 2,000 of them. That's coming out of your pay."
Story TeaseMyka is looking at the parking garage, and thinking about how many vehicles they will need, but also about how they're going to transport the aliens from the PTVs to their cells in the basement. That's not really her job, but she's trying to figure it out anyway. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe living mothers in the bloodline, and the rest of the family, come together to discusss this shocking development. A woman is pregnant, and on the same night she stops being that way, her daughter becomes that way? They quickly guess at an explanation. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"What can we do?" Claire asks after Lateisha gives us a tour of her lovely home. "We need to pull our weight, with chores or errands." // Lateisha looks over at Cricket. "All I would like is to see what you look like without all of the coverings. Do not be afraid." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMy therapist: "Why are you crying?" // Me: *sniffling* "I just realized that the humans in the first #IceAge movie died shortly after the events in the film, because they met a woolly mammoth with clear intelligence, who was friends with a sloth, and could no longer hunt them."
Story Quote"There's too much power here. It goes against the spirit of the mission, and the purpose of the people's journey. Tinaya thought she knew the big secret. She had no idea. She has to put a stop to it, and if that means getting in on the inside, then okay." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantThese people have all seen wondrous things. Time travel, teleportation, and other time powers are commonplace to them, if only in the history books for some of the younger ones. A spontaneously transplanting baby wouldn't be the craziest thing they've seen. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"You won't help if you don't see what he looks like?" I question. // "It's nothing like that. I'm not just sure if I'll feel comfortable with you if you don't feel comfortable enough to show me who you really are. We're not in public anymore. This is a safe space." #Havenversals
Fake Conversation#Alone participant: "Oh my God! I got him! I got the mouse! I can't believe it!" *tearing up* "I really needed this. I'm sooooo hungry. I got him. I got the mouse." *starts to cry* // Me: "Great, you can survive out there for another hour."
Story Quote"She went off to complete the task as requested. No sooner was she finished with it, having turned up nothing of interest or concern, did another ship appear out of nowhere. This one was much smaller—and less foreboding—and it responded to their calls." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantThere are still many answered questions, even though they can accept this special baby as real. They still don't know where it originally came from—how far back in the bloodline it began. They must make more educated guesses. Certainty would be a luxury. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"It's okay," Cricket determines. "We won't survive if we can't find anyone to trust." He removes his scarf, hat, and glasses. He looks a lot like a human, but has gray skin that sparkles just a tiny bit, and the shapes of his facial features are a little unusual. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "If you use a hyphen instead of an en- or em-dash…you might be a redneck. If you don't even know what I'm talking about, you def are. Or you may be illiterate. I understand that some people were not born with the same privileges as me. I feel for them." // Audience: *groans*
Story TeaseThe first wave of new staff members for the new Department of Exogenic Affairs show up to start their first day in their new office building. It's scary, but the leadership all knows these people—except for their resident computer hacker—so it could be a lot worse. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantSeveral years after the fifth generation mother takes over, a cataclysm befalls Durus, which forces the majority of the population to be placed in stasis pods for an indefinite amount of time. She asks for an exception, in order to protect the unborn child. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsIt's hard to read Lateisha's face. She doesn't seem perturbed or scared by Cricket's alien look. She tries to think about what she's going to ask now. "Is it a disease, or—I don't want to assume; it's just…" she stammers. "No offense taken," Cricket promises her. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationAbbott: "Now, on the St. Louis team, we have Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third." // Me: "Okay, thanks. I have those written down." // Abbott: "Wait, you understood me?" // Me: "Yeah, you told me who's where." // Abbott: "He's on first." // Me: "Right."
Story TeaseReese takes the former law station jail guard down to the basement to inspect the cells that they plan to use to house the Ochivari, which the government will transport here eventually. Sasho will not be the only guard here, but he will be in charge of this sector. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantShe is granted the exception, but it must be kept a secret. The rest of the population goes into stasis in waves, and they assign her the last wave, but just never place her in a pod. Her family, on the other hand, must sleep. But now there is a problem. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"I cannot tell you why I look like this," Cricket goes on. "It is not that you cannot be trusted; it's that I am not allowed to divulge it. I have allowed you to look upon me, but that is as far as it can go, and I hope you can appreciate the need for discretion." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "New York Times? Have I got a story for you. NEWS OUTLETS SUCK." // @nytimes: "We ran that story last week." // Me: "Well, run it again. No one reads your craprag anymore. You gotta inundate their feeds with the same headlines, or they won't even see it."
Story TeaseMyka gets to know her first team member, Navin Misra, who has experience in cleaning in maintenance, and will help keep this place safe and running smoothly. He didn't seem to understand that she too was formerly incarcerated, and not a lifelong government lackey. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe current mother is alive and well, but will one day be too old to carry the child. She has to pass it on to her daughter, if certain assumptions about the rules are to be believed. But to have another daughter, she must find a mate—a mate who is awake. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"Trust me," Lateisha begins, "I know what it means to keep a secret. I won't tell a soul, or ask anything further of you. But I do have a suggestion…" // Oh no, here it comes. // "If you let me tell one more person, he can help you blend in. He's a makeup artist." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: *is born an owl* "Whoa. Whoa! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Look at my head. I can turn it all the way to look behind me. What the hell is that? Did you know I could do that? Mang…this is toight! Wishaw! Whoop! I see you. Yeah, you can't hide from me, I'm an owl, beyotch!"
Story TeaseLeonard manages to pull their new hacker, Valentine Avalon Duval, aside to discuss the wink that he thought he saw coming towards him from her. She assumed that the truth would be obvious, which is that they're alike in a way that no one else here could understand. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantThe Durune leadership is hesitant to help the bloodline yet again after already agreeing to keep the mother out of stasis, but they understand the importance of the spontaneously transplanting child. It's the only special temporal element left in the world. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"He is an excellent makeup artist," Lateisha clarifies. // Cricket looks to me for guidance. "Could we have a moment alone?" I request. // "Surely." Lateisha leaves the room. // "Be honest. What are our chances of escaping this world anytime soon," Cricket asks me. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "So, where are you from?" // Date: "Labradoodle." // Me: "Oh, is that just a nickname for Labrador, like Kiwis from New Zealand?" // Date: "Nope. It's an island, just north of Labrador. We're Labradoodlians."
Story TeaseThe next day, Reese checks in with Leonard and Myka to see how the other employees' first day is going. Everything seems all right so far, but Reese is still worried, because the OSI Director wants to have a meeting soon, and he's not sure what it could be about. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantOne of the people who were left out of stasis to maintain the pods knows a man who had always wanted a family before he went to sleep. It is his suggestion that they revive him and ask if he would agree to be a donor, assuming there's no chemistry anyway. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsI sigh. "I don't see any way out. We could die here." // "Well, YOU won't die," Claire points out. // "No, I will," I remind her. "My immortality is gone. I MAY get it back by leaving the universe, but someone else would have to come, and that's nigh impossible." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "Every day at 8:00, you pull into my driveway, and sit there for thirty seconds before leaving. Any reason?" // Neighbor: "That way burglars think that I live at YOUR house." // Me: "Even if that made ANY sense, it would put ME in danger." // Neighbor: "Yeah, I don't care."
Story Quote"He was on the captain’s track at one point, but Tinaya lost track of him while she was dealing with her own crap. He runs up to the four of them, and stands at attention like a soldier. He stares straight ahead, and doesn’t make eye contact with anyone." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantThe leadership agrees to the proposition, and once awoken from stasis, so does the donor candidate. As it turns out, he and the current mother do have chemistry. They develop a real relationship, and he fathers the next mother of the spontaneous transplant. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"Good," Cricket decides. "If this is our home now, then I want to be able to live here comfortably. If that means making the locals comfortable AROUND me, then I'll do what I must. Let's meet with Lateisha's makeup artist friend. I don't mind hiding who I truly am." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "I wanna go to bed." // Time: "You have stuff to do." // Me: "I don't care." // Time: "I don't either." // Me: "Then why are we fighting!" // Time: "Because that's what two abstract superbeings do when they love each other!" // Me: "So…we're doing this?" // Time: "Yeah!"
Story Quote"Maybe the Parallelers weren't as bad as Cheyenne said they were. Or maybe they had changed things. It was never completely clear whether their actions had altered the timeline, or if everything they had done to prepare for the Sixth Key was just fate." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Spontaneous TransplantFifteen years after the generation six mother is born, just a year before it is her time to take up the mantle, Durus is evacuated through a machine that can travel space near instantaneously. It is on a planet called Dardius where the bloodline continues. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"I'll go get her back," I volunteer. // "No," Cricket says, standing up. "I would like to talk to her alone." He leaves. // I think we're gonna be okay," Claire says to me, exhaling. "I never expected us to find an ally this quickly. Is that typical of this world?" #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMe: "Mr. President!" // Obama: "Yes, my most trusted advisor?" // Me: "I figured out where the fabled Roanoke colonists disappeared to after leaving the cryptic message, CROATOAN carved into a wall!" // Obama: "Where?" // Me: "You'll never guess. They moved…to Croatoan Island."
Story TeaseReese speaks with the DExA staff regarding the OSI Director's impending arrival for an inspection. He has to make sure that they're all on their best behavior, even though they've not shown any bad behavior thus far, and they obviously understand what's at stake. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantFor the next 135 years, the mothers from generations 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 take their shifts for the spontaneous transplant until it's time for the final mother to finish the job. She carries for the shortest amount of time before the baby is ready to be born. #SpontaneousTransplant
Havenversals"No idea," I answer. "Havenverse is what you get when you remove all the crazy stuff that other branes have. No time travel, no people with abilities, no ghosts. They don't even have faster-than-light travel. It's what most people think their world is before they learn the truth.
Fake ConversationInternet: "Everything We Know About a Movie or Next Season That Doesn't Exist, But COULD Exist, Because it Would Be a Continuation of Something That DOES Exist…if it Existed." // Me: "No thanks." // Internet: "You'll come back. They always come back." // Me: "I was never there."
Story TeaseOSI Director Washington shows up at DExA headquarters a little earlier than expected. She meets a few of the interesting folk who work here before requesting a closed-door meeting with Reese, Leonard, and Myka. She's definitely not here for a building inspection. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantIt is around this time that the father of the spontaneous transplant shows up. He's been gone on special missions, though he was not aware that he fathered a child. The question is, when the baby is born, what is going to happen to it? Who will raise her? #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsClaire stands up and looks pensively out the window. "We've been running around the multiverse so long, it's hard to remember what it was like to live without all the crazy. If this is our life now, we're gonna need a lot more than makeup to survive." // "Agreed." #Havenversals
Fake ConversationFriend: "We were discussing which #SexandtheCity character we were. I'm a Carrie. Which one are you?" // Me: "I'm such a Delilah." // Friend: "Who's Delilah?" // Me: "Delilah is the one who never watched the show, and even if she did, she wouldn't care about this dumb question."
Story TeaseDirector Washington holds a meeting with the leaders of DExA to inform them that something unexpected has come up, and the department is being activated for a mission. It's far too early for this, and none of them has been properly trained, but orders are orders. #conversations
Spontaneous TransplantTo be continued in the 9th volume of The Advancement of Mateo Matic where Mateo meets the spontaneous transplant, and has to figure out how to manage the new responsibility: https://www.nickfisherman.com/p/tamm-2023-toc.html. Or start from the very beginning: https://www.nickfisherman.com/p/the-advancement-of-mateo-matic.html. #SpontaneousTransplant
HavenversalsCricket and Lateisha return to the dining room about ten minutes later. We spend the rest of the day reading some of the history and culture books that she happens to own. If we're going to live here, we have to understand what it's like. We sleep well that night. #Havenversals
Fake ConversationMy dog walker: "Oh, that's a nice family photo. I didn't even know that you had a wife. What's her name?" // Me: "I haven't decided yet." // My dog walker: "Huh?" // Me: I've narrowed it down to Mara, Veronica, Sarah, Lucy, Audrey, Lexie, or Paige." // My dog walker: "…kthxbai."
Story TeaseA new tactical team is formed, consisting of a former fugitive agent, a human alien, a field operative, a freewoman, a jail guard, a hacker, and a seventh member who none of the others knows. He is excelling at his training, and will reportedly be working at DExA. #conversations

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Helpful Holly BlueMy name is Holly Blue. It's not 'Holly' and it's not 'Miss Blue'. You have to say the full name every time. Why? Why must I insist on that? Well, you see, it's not my fault. In my world, names are tricky, and you don't always get too choose what people call you. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthFive years later, we are still in Havenverse. This is not a mystery story. I know that there is no way out, so we don't even try to find someone who can help. We accept our circumstances, and before too long, we learn to thrive. Things are about to go south. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationNathan: "Have you heard of the Troubles?" // Me: "Of course, I've lived in Haven my whole life. I'm not the killer. That's not my trouble." // Nathan: "What is?" // Me: "My farts smell good." // Nathan: "Doesn't sound so bad." // Me: "Yeah, but everyone always knows it was me."
Story TeaseOn the plane to their mission in Mississippi—where they hope to learn who may be working against DExA—Leonard takes a moment to ask Reese why everyone seems to despise the state so much. The answer turns out to be that the culture is worse than it was in his world. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueI can't remember when I was born, or even which timeline. It all gets cluttered up there. Some people see time, and how it moves, but I just live in it like everyone else. I'm special because I invent things, but if I'm not inventing, I'm not remarkable at all. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthWe all have jobs now, having managed to procure new identities and fake backgrounds. Fittingly, Claire is the head of security at Magnate. Cricket is a survival skills instructor, using her advanced physiology to demonstrate things that no one else can match. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationSurvival Instructor: "Firmly—but not too loudly—order the bear to leave. You can't fight a bear; it WILL kill you." // Me: "Oh, watch me. Challenge accepted. Hold my purse. Bring it on. Hit me with your best shot. I'm ready to rumble. I'm not backing down. Can't hold me back!"
Story Quote"So, really, she's alone; forced to take care of all three of them all by herself. Which sucks, because it's not like her life is perfect after all of this. She may have more knowledge than before, but practical application did not come with the package." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueWell, I'm also a mom, which I think is remarkable. I didn't birth him, but I raised him when his parents could not. We were on a ship that was sabotaged, and falling apart. I couldn't save everybody, but I could save one. I chose the baby. He's all grown up now. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthAnd me? I went back to who I was before all the time travel, universe-hopping, superpower-borrowing adventure started. I'm nobody. I move from temp job to temp job, never able to keep my foot in that proverbial door. The problem is…I'm no good at anything. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "Hey, I'm tryna think of something funny to say for my next tweet. Wadya think of this one?" // My crypto lawyer: "You didn't say anything." // Me: "No, see that's the joke. The idea that I—or anyone—would ever need a 'crypto lawyer' is freaking stupid. Get out of my canon!"
Story Quote"The guards took their watches, and started lying about what time it was, hoping to stop them from using their jump to the future as an advantage, like they did with a past prison break. But it was futile. These bodies always knew how far midnight was." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueDeclan is a superhero. I don't mean that in just a loving mother way. It's what he actually does, using time tech which I invented, to save people's lives, and change the world. But not here. He lives in another universe. I always miss him, but I'm proud of him. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI kind of forgot how incompetent I was. I no longer had to live by society's rules. I was living on the fringes, hanging out with my characters, using the abilities of some of the ones that I never met. But that's not really me. The real me is just average. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "It's not the best thing ever since we have been talking to you about this one, but I think you are the only reason I don't want to be a friend." // #Autosuggestion: "Okay, thanks for letting us know that. I will never forget that you are the best quick-drying in existence."
Story TeaseThe new tactical team arrives at their safehouse. While the technical members of the group begin to set up the surveillance and tracking equipment, Reese pulls Sachs and Sasho up to the attic to show them an advanced virtual training system he procured for them. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueWe recently reconnected, according to my personal timeline, but he had to leave, and I feel that my services are needed here. Helpful Holly Blue is what they call me. Well, they don't really, but that's how I feel. Other time travelers call upon me all the time. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthWhen I was living in my old life, my parents had to support me a lot. I had work, and I was making money, but not enough to live on my own. I DID live on my own, but they paid for it. It's all happening again. Cricket and Claire are basically my new parents. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy neighbor's cat: "Where were you?" // Me: "I was in a reality where they make a popular docucompetition called Frozen, where participants try to survive together in the arctic. After eight seasons, they made a spinoff called Frozen: Alone." // Cat: Okay…" // Me: "Google it."
Story TeaseLeonard helps Micro and Ophelia set up the equipment that they'll need to locate the traitorous meteorologist's supposed contact here in Memphis, Mississippi. Micro brings up their shared secret again, even though Ophelia didn't know about it. But she seems cool. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueA group of old friends recently reached out for assistance. They didn't contact me directly, but I picked up their message and answered. They met a new friend who needed help saving his world, which exists in another universe, similar to the one Declan lives in. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthNot once in the last five years has either of them intentionally made me feel bad about not being able to contribute much to the group, but I feel it anyway. I try to take care of the house as much as possible. I do the cleaning, shopping, and other chores. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationCellmate: "All right, how are we gonna break out of here?" // Me: "How the hell should I know? I'm not an engineer, or anything." // Cellmate: "I've read your website. You've posted multiple prison break stories." // Me: "I stole all those stories. That's why I'm in prison!"
Story Tease"As soon as the team arrives at the safehouse in Memphis, Anaïs sneaks out to meet up with a contact she knows in the area, which is something she has kept from everyone else. He may know a guy who knows a guy who can find anyone in the city, like maybe a traitor?" #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueMax needs a coat. Apparently, where he's from, an elite few wear high-tech coats that let them manipulate their own reality. In layman's terms, it makes them super lucky. All of them were rendered obsolete all at once, so he needs a new one to save his galaxy. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthWe still keep in touch with Lateisha. She was more helpful than we ever could have hoped for. Not only did she introduce us to a friend who helped Cricket learn how to blend in with makeup, but she also lead us to the person who made us our new identities. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationDoctor: "You have six hours to live." // Me: "Wow. Okay. I'm terminal. Okay. I knew this could happen. I'm not going to cry. How can you be that precise, though?" // Doctor: *shrugs* "That's when I plan on doing it."
Story TeaseSI Eliot asks the Director why Myka responded when he attempted to call Agent Parsons at DExA. It would seem that she has sent him on an operation so secretive that not even he is allowed to know about it, which makes him question his standing in the organization. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueIf I can pull this off, it would be the most powerful object in the universe. In the wrong hands, it could destroy all of reality. In the RIGHT hands…it could still destroy everything. I don't mind doing it, so I agreed to help, but I will not be doing it here. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthToday has started like any other. Claire went into work earlier than she has too, Cricket's out on an overnight with some survival students. I'm sleeping in, because I have nowhere to go. There's a knock on the door. It's a character of mine, Vearden Haywood. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationTherapist: "I can help you understand the range of human emotion." // Me: "I experience all three emotions: anger, which I'm feelin' right now; sadness, which I'll feel when you invoice me; and horny, which I'll be when yo mama comes to meet for lunch!" // Audience: "OOOOOOHHH!!"
Story TeaseAfter the team spends several days trying to locate the meteorologist's contact in Memphis, Anaïs tells Reese that she has found the suspect on her own. When he asks how she came by this information, she refuses to explain, which could spell trouble for everyone. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueAnd so, I'm going to do the work in Max's universe. He's pretty sure that he can get us both there, though he may not be able to get me back. That should be fine. There are other ways. I just need to grab a few things from my lab. "Ready! Wait, one more thing." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthVearden's love interest, Gretchen is an executive where Claire works. I knew exactly who he was when we first met, but he didn't know me. I left it be for a while, but he eventually learned the truth. "Hey, what are you doing here? Wait, is something wrong?" #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "What're y'all talkin' about?" // Co-worker: "We're sharing the dumbest things we've—" // Me: "I asked my smartspeaker to put toilet paste on my shopping list. I don't even know if I meant toilet paper or toothpaste." // Co-worker: "What were you drinking?" // Me: "Drinking?"
Story Quote"Now that she has the tools in her brain, she needs the tools to get back into the Bridger section. They still don't know who did this to them, but she is pretty sure that she can trust Rodari. They just need to make sure that no one else catches them." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueI pull a hand mirror down from the shelf. It's a time mirror, which I can use to communicate with others across time and space. I usually use it to reach out to my alternate self, Weaver. It probably won't work from another universe, but it can't hurt to hope. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Everything's okay," Vearden says. "It's great, actually. It's about all of us. Can I come in?" // "Yes," I say. "Except…remember?" I keep a clean house. We don't wear our shoes inside, and we expect our guests do the same. // "Of course." He takes them off. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "I don't know if you know this, but I'm Marilyn! Okay? They replaced Marilyn on the original The Munsters, and I don't know if anyone noticed, because I learned this by browsing IMDB! I never watched the show!" // You: "Nobody is going to replace you." // Me: "I'm Marilyn!"
Story Quote"It wasn’t giving off any energy readings to speak of, and was undetectable via sonar, but it was visible to the naked eye. It was just under the water, and maintaining neutral buoyancy. The waves went up, it went up. The waves went down, it went down." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Okay. How does this work?" I have been all over spacetime, including some through the bulkverse, but Max has yet to explain his method of travel. // "Take my hand, and be ready to get wet. We're going down a waterslide." // "Huh?" Never heard THAT one before. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"I'll get right to it," Vearden begins with a cool smile. "Shepherd's back." // I instinctively turn my head away, and then look at my watch. "Oh, of course she is. This is when you leave. There are two ways in or out of Havenverse: five years ago…and now." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy roommate: "What's wrong with you. You look…happy?" // Me: *squee* "I got the part!" // Roommate: "What part?" // Me: "I'm a guest star on the next season of #BreakingBad! We shoot in January 2024!" // Roommate: "Don't you realize…Breaking Bad doesn't exist. It never did."
Story TeaseWhile on a stakeout to find the meteorologist's contact where they believe he lives, Leonard gets to know freewoman Ophelia a little more. He learns that she basically raises four kids on her own, two of which are stepchildren. She might have to quit field work. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"I just want you to know…I'm not going to hurt you. This blade is for me." Max reaches into his back pocket and retrieves a small pocket knife. He slits his arm with it, but not too deep. As the blood leaks out, it changes colors, and magically expands itself. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThe Shepherd is an alien who is an absolute master at helping someone and hurting them at the exact same time. She's never genuine, and it's always unclear what it is she gets out of the choices she makes. She's the one who brought Vearden to this universe. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationHospital Administrator: "So how long have you been an orderly?" // Me: "Five years at this hospital, and two years in Springfield." // Administrator: "Well, the promotion would not be easy. Most orderlies have trouble with the switch. Do you think you can handle being a chaosly?"
Story TeaseWhile Reese is at his own station on the stakeout, Director Washington video calls for an update on the tack team's progress, but also to update him on some internal political matters that he should be aware of. The conversation is cut short when the lead heats up. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueThe technicolor blood crawls up Max's arm, and onto mine at the same time. It overwhelms the both of us, as well as our belongings. I close my eyes as the transport fluid covers them too, and reopen them just in time to start sliding through a lustrous tunnel. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"We don't have much time. She agreed to let me leave the house to get anyone who may want to come with. You're the only people I know who aren't from here. I believe that it is a one-time offer." // "It surely is," I agree. "Claire and Cricket aren't here." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationStranger: "Oops. You go ahead." // Me: "Please, you first." // Stranger: "If I go first, I'll have to open the door." // Me: "Same, but I have OCD, and you probably share ice cream with your dog." // Stranger: "Either you touch that door, or we're stuck in here together forever."
Story TeaseWhile perched on a roof for the stakeout, in case a sniper is necessary, Sachs helps Sasho prepare for a possible future as a real spotter by testing him on the parts of a rifle. The latter doesn't realize how little time he has when a real test suddenly begins. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueMax and I slide down the tunnel together, and it's not too long before we see a bright light up ahead. We're overwhelmed by that too, and then we land on the ground, both on our feet, like professional gymnasts. He pulls out a medkit. "Let me do it," I insist. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Gretchen is on her way to find Claire at Magnate." // "Is your wife coming with?" I ask him. // "Yes," he replies. // "What about the company?" // "We plan on returning someday." // "I'm not so sure that will be possible." // "I gotta go. I gotta find Saga." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationGaius: "What shall we name him?" // Marcella: "Pliny the Elder." // Gauis: "Elder? What?" // Marcella: "One day, he'll have a sister. Our daughter will grow up to have a son of her own, but she will die, and our son will raise him. He too will be named Pliny." // Gaius: "…huh?"
Story TeaseWhile sitting in the tech van, on a stakeout at a second location that the suspect frequents, Micro and Anaïs continue poring over the data until they come across some shocking evidence that will change everything for the team. There's not much time to react to it. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"This might feel a little weird." I take the healing paddles out of my own medkit, and hover them over Max's arm. In less than a second, the cut is gone. // "Wow. Our tech is fast, but not quite THAT fast." // "Heh…" I begin. "Time, right?" It's an old saying. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI take off my shirt to change into outdoor clothes. "I gotta find Cricket first." // "You don't know where he is?" // "I have an idea, but the point of being in the bush is being away from civilization. I need more time." // "I'll do all I can to stall her." #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryMe: "Get whatever you want, honey." // Hot Date: "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!" // Vendor: "Here ya go. And you sir?" // Me: "I don't like peanuts. I'll just take the Cracker Jack." // Vendor: "Uhh…" // Me: *growls* Dont. Question me. I'm telling you, I hate peanuts."
Story TeaseWhile maintaining things at headquarters, unaware of exactly what the tack team is up to in Memphis, Myka is approached by one of the specially trained new agents about a possible breach in the organization, which she feels the need to relay to Reese immediately. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueI take a look around. We're on the streets of a city. It's not very lively, but a few people are moving about. In general, I feel pretty safe. At least I'm not feeling a particular sense of dread, despite this being foreign to me. "Where are we?" // "Dihghiln." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"You tell the Shepherd that if she doesn't ensure both Cricket and Claire make it to the exit, I'll make her life a living hell, or just kill her off." // "I thought you lost your connection to the Superintendent." // "It doesn't matter. He knows where I am." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "Hey, it's okay. You'll get past this. My wife left me at the altar too." // Groom: "You said wife, not fiancée. When did you get her back?" // Me: "I picked up the altar, and chased after her. I told her not to get a dress with a long-ass train. She didn't make it a block."
Story Quote"She's refusing to deal with Avelino or the Bridgers. She's not stressing out about her lack of formal education, or her future. Captain, not the captain; whatever. She's on holiday. There aren't a lot of vacation spots on this ship, but they do exist." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"And is Dihghiln your home?" I ask him. // "I've never been," Max explains. "This is a science planet. You can only come here with authorization, and they're pretty strict at the border. The portal we took is a loophole they'll honor. You need a lab? Pick one." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI'm no longer receiving updates from my alternate self. His psychic energy can't reach this brane, but he can still watch me from his end. If he agrees that Shepherd should have helped, he can affect her out there. If my friends can't leave, neither can she. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationOfficiant: "So, what's up. Y'all into this, or what?" // Bride: "Yeah, boiiiiiii!" // Groom: "Ah, hell yeah." // Bride 2: "I guess so." // Groom 2: "Mom's spaghetti." // Officiant 2: "I'm in, sign me up." // Groom 3: "I do." // Officiant: "Then I now pronounce you Dat Fam, Yo."
Story Quote"Besides the tribulations and expiations on Tribulation Island, this world had been pretty good to them. Well, there was a war, but that was so long ago. This was only not the most peaceful planet they had been to when not accounting for its population." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueMax starts walking down the street. "The way I understand it, a purple light means that the lab is occupied, and an orange light means that it's vacant." He turns his head away. "Or was it the other way around? No, I'm right. And green lights are inventoriums." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthVearden nods. "I'll relay the message." // "No." I stop in the middle of slipping on dry socks. "Call Gretchen. Have her stall Shepherd. I'm holding you hostage. You're the only one Shepherd cares about, which means I need to put you in proximity to Cricket." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy Editor: "Two wedding jokes in a row? What's with you this week?" // Me: "I just watched two weddings in a row on TV. They were both so beautiful, and they both inspired me." // Editor: "Whose weddings are you talking about?" // Me: "Jo and Alaric's, and Edmure and Roslin's."
Story TeaseLeonard and Ophelia try to find their way out of Mississippi, and back into the U.S. proper while holding onto a man who they still believe to be an enemy of the state. This is about as difficult as it sounds, especially since they don't have anyone they can trust. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"Here's a purple light. Are all labs created equal? Can I just get any supplies I may need at the inventorium?" // "I think so," Max says. He tries to open the door. "Hm. It's locked." // "Can I help you?" comes a voice from a speaker. // "Sorry, wrong color." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthVearden drives us in the general direction of where I know Cricket is on her trip to the bush. On our way, I call the survival school office to see how much information they have. We'll have to search a radius of ten kilometers. That is not going to be easy. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationER Doctor: "She's dead." // Me: "I should have killed him. I let him live, that son-of-a-bitch." // ER Doctor: "Actually, she would have lived if you had brought her in five minutes earlier. You shouldn't have wasted so much time fighting the villain."
Story TeaseReese is determined to get to the bottom of what happened on the stakeout. He has a lot of questions, like why did Sachs fire his rifle without being ordered, and what was Micro saying on her private channel with the now missing team members? Is there another mole? #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"No, no," the voice returns. "I've been expecting you." // "That's impossible," Max replies. "We've just arrived, and we came on our own accord." // "Are you sure of that?" she asks. // "Who is this?" I demand to know. I recognize the time travel hinting words. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthJust as I'm hanging up my phone, Vearden's rings. "Hey, honey. What? No, no. You listen to me. This man literally created me, and he's asked us for a favor, so you're going to wait. Don't act like this is all for me. You're getting something out of it too." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "I committed the crime around 10:15. You didn't notice 'cause your eyes were glazed and diseased." // Cop: "So you admit it." // Wife: "He can only talk in lyrics, Officer." // Me: "I shot the sheriff, and my wife, she shot the deputy." // Cop: "I see. Hey, wait a minute…"
Story TeaseLeonard and Ophelia manage to make contact with Moenia, Anaïs' supplier for her off-the-books operations. He's agreed to help them get across the border into Arkansas, and then Missouri, but for three extra people, there's a price. They're going to owe him a favor. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"This is Archana Thorley." // Max has a look of shock on his face. "Do you know her?" I ask him. // "She is a famous historical scientist. No one knows where the flipcoats come from, but one of the most popular theories is that Archana Thorley invented them." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthVearden continues on the phone, "you're right, I don't know what your motives are, but they do exist, and that's all that matters for this. I want to find Saga, and you want me to travel to other universes. Just give me a day, and we both get what we want." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationTeacher: "Who can tell me what P versus NP is?" // Me: *raises hand* // Teacher: "Nick?" // Me: "P stands for 'problem' and NP stands for 'not a problem'. Because if you can verify the solution to a problem, it's not really a problem." // Teacher: "Both interesting AND wrong."
Story TeaseAfter three days, Leonard and Ophelia have made it back to Kansas City with their prisoner, but they're not going to return to DExA just yet. They don't know who to trust. Leonard leaves the other two at a safehouse to meet with Micro in her lair for some answers. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"What are you talking about? Achana questions. "What is a flipcoat?" // "We are in your past," I whisper to Max. // "I'm sorry," he replies. // "No. In my experience, time powers sometimes don't take you where you wanted to go, but often where you need to be." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthVearden hangs up the phone, and reveals a polite smile as he just watches the road for a moment. "Shepherd sends her love," he says with all the convincing acting skills of coked up Jarded Leto in clown makeup. // "Right. Just pull in here. This is our stop." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy son: "Dad, can you help me with my homework? Multiplication is really hard." // Me: "I can't right now, son. I'm working on this @laurenboebert deepfake porn video." // Son: "That's sick." // Me: "I know, but there's a market for it. Your daddy's not a capitalist, but he is."
Story TeaseSI Eliot calls Reese to ask him to stop what he's doing with his rogue operation, or there will be consequences from which Eliot cannot protect the traitors. Reese does not consider them to be traitors, and will not return until the corruption has been neutralized. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"Why were you expecting us?" I ask Archana. // "I wasn't expecting you specifically, my dears. I'm looking for help testing my new design, and then you suddenly walked up to my door. Do come in and give it a try." // "Is it dangerous?" Max questions nervously. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthAs Vearden is pulling the car onto the grass as far as it can go before it runs into trees, I'm looking at the map. "How are your tracking skills?" // "Not great. I've hunted, but… You?" // "Non-existent. I think you're supposed to look for broken twigs?" #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "Joke not found. Please try again later." // X: "Audience not found. Please try again later."
Story Quote"She sighs, and swipes back over to study the forest design. 'You can’t have these close together. The black walnut will kill the tomatoes. I’ve told you this. You don’t always listen.' // 'I did that on purpose as a prank,' Tinaya explains with a smirk." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"It won't hurt a bit," Archana answers. // "You brought us here," I say to Max. "Deep down, you wanted to meet her." The door opens on its own, and I take one step over the threshold as I say, "so let's go meet her." // "Very well." Max follows me into the lab. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI close the door, and take a deep breath. I spent thirty years as a normal person, twenty as an immortal, and the last five as basically an old man. I'm aging faster than I should. I've not said anything to my friends, but…this trek is gonna be hard for me." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationRoommate: "Oops, you caught me. Chocolate is my kryptonite, my weakness. What's YOUR kryptonite?" // Me: "Kryptonite."
Story Quote"Ramses was in possession of it now, and Future!Leona will have it at some point later. It pretty much had to be in that order, because Ramses took it directly from Arcadia in another brane, but that was their extent of their understanding of the thing." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueA woman is standing at the end of the hall. We slowly walk towards her. "You're nervous." // "Shouldn't we be?" I ask. // "I promise, this is all perfectly safe. You're not here to test whether the technology works; only that it is fun. I do not experience fun." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthAs I'm surveying the land, Vearden is looking closer to the ground, trying to find their point of entry. "They were here!" he shouts to me. "Well, someone was, anyway. No more than three days ago." // "That's when they left," I say. "Let's follow the trail." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "Ya!" // Enemy: HIYA!" // Me: "Take that! And that!" // Enemy: Then you'll take that! *stabs me* // Me: "You idiot. I don't have a kidney there anymore. I'll be fine. 'Tis but a flesh wound." // Enemy: "Do you have a kidney HERE?" *stabs me again* // Me: "Yep. That'll work."
Story TeaseAfter spending some time apart—and even after reuniting, having to focus on the crazy state of affairs for DExA—Leonard and Myka find some time alone to really delve into their feelings for one another. But is a relationship really in the cards for them right now? #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueI nod, deciding not to ask whether she's a sociopath. I offer her my hand. "Holly Blue." // "Maximino Lécuyer," Max introduces himself. "What's this fun invention you've completed?" // Archana smiles, and waves us deeper into the lab. It's bigger than I thought. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthWe head into the woods, hoping that Cricket isn't teaching her students how to hide their tracks. I choose not to ask Vearden whether he's managed to stay on their trail. I trust that he'll tell me if we start to waste time without a clue where we're going. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you die?" // My penguin's wife: "Yeah?" // Me: "Do you think it's possible to die every day at exactly 8:14 AM?" // My penguin's wife: "No idea, I'm a seal." // A Talking Dishwasher: "Random does not equal funny."
Story TeaseDirector Washington is coming back to the DExA headquarters to speak with the remaining personnel about the mole that they unmasked here, as well as the exodus of other staff. Just because these people didn't quit too, doesn't mean they're not under investigation. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"This is my playground," Archana begins to explain. "I'm too easily distracted. If I'm not careful, I'll forget to finish one invention before starting the next. My ideas come faster than my follow-through. I combat this by being able to see them all at once." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthHe stops. "What? What is it?" I ask. // Vearden looks in one direction, and then another. He looks up at the sun, and then down at his watch. "We're going to have to split up," he says apologetically. // "I don't know what I'm doing." // "You'll have to try." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy fiancée: "Where were you? I've been waiting for a year and a half." // Me: "I was locked up in the evidence room at a police station." // My fiancée: "You didn't just call for help?" // Me: "I was evidence, Melissa. The blood that dripped onto my leg helped find the killer."
Story TeaseAfter a few days being embedded back at DExA, Anaïs meets with Reese for an update. She doesn't think that Director Washington is a traitor, since no other mole has been found, which would have been a good opportunity for Washington to deflect suspicion off of her. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"I've always wanted to work in a lab like this. I've just never cleared my schedule for it," I admit. "It needs to be mobile since I don't like to spend too much time in one time—I mean place." // Archana narrows her eyes and smirks. "Anyway, check this out…" #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"I hoped that we wouldn't have to use these, but…" I swing my backpack around, and pull out two radios. "Let me know if you find him. I'll come runnin'." // He takes it. // "But if you have to choose between me and him—" // "I'll choose him." // "Good boy." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy florist: "You look upset. Is everything okay?" // Me: "I'm still reeling from the fact that no one ever talks about how the lyrics 'you must have been a beautiful baby' are creepy as hell. An attraction to babies?" // Florist: "I wrote that song." // Me: "You're the devil."
Story TeaseParsons has set up a meet with Director Washington. Instead of choosing a neutral location, he tells her where their secret headquarters is. If she comes alone, they can talk about reforming DExA, but if she sends a strike team, they'll know they can't trust her. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueArchana literally pulls back a curtain to reveal a large chamber that reaches to the ceiling. Inside are various household objects, like plates and shoes. They're hanging in midair as if time were frozen inside, except I don't think it is. I've seen this before. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"You have a compass?" Vearden asks. // "Yes." // "Try to stay on the the trail. Yes, look for broken twigs. Also prints. And condensation that has been kicked off of certain plants. Look for anything that looks unusual. If you think you've lost it, call me." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationHot chick: "Hey, I noticed you staring at me from the other end of the bar." // Me: *deer in the headlights* // Hot chick: "I actually kind of like shy guys. Wanna buy me a drink?" // Me: "My dog licks her bagina after every time she eats!"
Story TeaseOphelia has been placed in charge of the people who left DExA when a traitor was discovered in their midst. While leadership tries to come to an understanding, the regular staff members are worried about what will happen to them now. She's trying to keep them calm. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueArchana doesn't protest when I open the hatch. I tap a sportsball. It falls straight to the floor. "It's an equilibrium generator. But it doesn't work yet." // "I never came up with a name…but you've heard of it?" Archana asks. // "A friend of mine built one." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthHe starts to move off, but stops short when he notices that I'm not moving too. "Did you want to say something else?" // I take a deep breath. "I should take the left fork instead." I start to walk away. // "Why?" // "I think my alternate self told me to!" #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationVillain: "If you try to run, I implanted a tiny bomb—" // Me: *pop* // Villain: "What was that?" // Me: "I triggered the brain bomb manually." // Villain: "You should be dead. You lost your immortality." // Me: "I'm a fictional character. I can be whatever the writer decides."
Story Quote"He still lives on this ship, and could support it on a personal level. He’s trying to play both sides, even though there aren’t really two sides to the issue. There’s little opposition to it; mostly people who don’t care, or don’t think it’s necessary." #salmonverse #fishquotes

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Helpful Holly BlueArchana is upset. I have to help her. "I'm going to tell you something that I shouldn't. I am from another universe; a brane. Each brane is floating around a hyperdimensional structure known as the bulk. We sometimes cross over, but mostly…branes are separate." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthMy alternate self—the writer telling all of these stories—has been able to see everything that's been happening in this brane, but couldn't send messages. The Shepherd's arrival, however, has opened a window. The question is…what else can come through now? #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationCasting Director: "So you were a stand-in for a few episodes of Smallville?" // Me: "Yes, I played Lex Luthor in every episode after @michaelrosenbum left the show. I was even the mannequin in the one where Oliver thought he shot him in the head with an arrow. It hurt like hell."
Story Quote"She may have thought that she came to this island just to feel the waves tickle her ankles, but she was here for a reason. It was her job to represent the interests of Team Matic. It was her job to keep the others safe from whatever was going on here." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueShe studies my face. "Why are you telling me this?" // "You still invented it in every sense of the word, even though a possibly infinite number of people have also done it in an infinite number of universes. Just like the wheel…and just like the aerosol can." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThis universe doesn't have superpowers or time travel, or anything crazy like that. But I could still feel my immortality when I first arrived here, because the breach we came through didn't seal back up immediately. Maybe I can get that back to find Cricket. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy partner in crime: "The federal government just ruined your life when they accused you of manufacturing meth. What are you gonna do?" // Me: "Sue da fed."
Story TeaseA month has passed, and the new, new Department of Exogenic Affairs is fully up and running. After being held in an ad hoc facility, the Ochivari who have come to this world are being moved into their new home. But the lock-up section isn't in its final form yet. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueArchana digests this information as fast as her incredibly fast brain will allow. Then she files it away. "Okay. If you know this tech, can you help fix it?" // "I'm not like you," I begin to try to explain. "I'm not smart. I'm just…preternaturally inventive." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI could be wasting time by stopping to try to draw upon the interversal energies that have the potential to give me my abilities back, but if it works, it will be worth it. I'll be able to cover the same ground five times as fast as I could as a normal man. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationGroup Counselor: "Nick, you've been quiet. Care to share?" // Me: "Well, I've been so stressed that I'm having trouble pooping in the shower." // Counselor: "We talked about this, remember?" // Me: "No, what'd you say?" // Counselor: "Don't do it." // Me: "Already forgot again."
Story TeaseNow that things have settled down at the office, Myka and Leonard decide to go on their first date. It's a little awkward at first when they try to talk about work, but it gets better when they pretend it doesn't exist, and share stories from their younger lives. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"You're preternatural, so you have never studied anything? It's just something that you can do?" // "Yes, but not with just anything. I can only create tech for a narrow field of science…temporal. If I want it to exist, my hands will make it." // "Fascinating." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI take a deep breath and close my eyes. I slowly lower myself into a seated position on the wet and dirty leaves at my feet. I keep breathing, and focus on sending my hopefully existent psychic energy towards the breach from the outer bulkverse to this brane. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationPeter Parker: "Have you ever met anyone with superpowers?" // Me: "Well, I knew a guy who could eat lava. Is that a power?" // Peter Parker: "Uh…yeah, I'd say so." // Me: "Or was it lava cake? Either way, it's pretty impressive, isn't it? He didn't gain one ounce. I hate him."
Story TeaseDr. Klement has his first session with an Ochivar today. He has tried to rid himself of his preconceived notions, knowing that not necessarily anything he knows about human psychology is going to translate well to this alien. But maybe he's not so right about that. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"And you?" Archana asks, looking at Max. "Are you also from this other universe?" // He looks to me for guidance. I nod to let him know he may as well be honest too. "I'm from this galaxy, but in the future." // "Oh, that's interesting too. Don't say too much." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI don't know if I should be surprised or not, but it works. I start to feel myself aging backwards, and gaining more energy. My skin tightens up, and I grow strong again. I don't even realize that I've stood back up, arms and legs spread to soak up the power. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationHemp: "Where's your other mother?" // Me: "She's around here somewhere. Hey, Horse!" // Scold: "What, son?!"
Story TeaseAfter all this time, the internal investigative team who has been working with the traitor, Sergeant Sachs, finally learns who he was truly working for. But this official is a well-respected leader in the government, and proving that he's corrupt will not be easy. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueThere's a short awkward silence before she continues, "well, I do believe that I've taken up too much of your time already. You're obviously in need of your own lab. I always reserve three, because I don't like neighbors, but it's vacant. Here's the door code." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthOnce my strength and stamina return, I take off through the woods to begin a concentric circle search pattern. Luckily, I'm not looking for a pocket knife I dropped out here. The camp should be pretty obvious, especially since I'm whoopin' and hollerin' too. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "Remober, remober, the 5th of October. It wasn't that long ago." // You: "Not your best. I especially hate the part where you arbitrarily turned this into a 'fake conversation' because that's the theme right now, and you know that this site might not exist in a year."
Story TeaseOne of Reese's bondmates manages to make contact with him regarding help that he requires for a certain problem. Reese has not been holding up his end of the bargain, even after the freemen helped him get to be where he is today, and it is time for that to change. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"You sure you don't want us to test your equilibrium chamber?" I offer. // "Nope," Archana replies sincerely. "I think I should like to work on it some more, maybe figure out how to maintain that equilibrium indefinitely. You go ahead. Call me anytime, though." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI quickly pass by Vearden, but I don't want to stop for long. "I got my powers back!" I shout. "I'm gonna solve this problem quickly! You can stop, if you want!" // "No, I'll keep going the slow way!" he shouts up to me as I'm running off into the distance. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMilitary recruiter: "Join us." // Me: "I don't want to." // Recruiter: "Don't you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?" // Me: *scoffs* "Why would I wanna do that? I want to be the something that is bigger than everyone else. YOU should want to be a part of ME."
Story Quote"If there is ever a power failure on the ship, they're going to prioritize things like life support and artificial gravity over superfluous pocket dimensions. Perhaps one day, the ceiling will be raised, but that's a decision for a future administration." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Same," I reply. We leave Archana's lab, and go next door. This one is different. It doesn't have the giant room that she has. I wonder how this all works. How did she find a big lab, and how can you tell which ones are special, and who decides who gets what? #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthCricket has to be around here somewhere. The search goes all right at first, but then I start to experience some problems. The stamina I'm meant to have isn't really holding. My immortality; it's fading in and out. Still, I have no choice but to keep going. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationWife: "Son, I have something to tell you. I am—" // Me: "Going to be the next Kansas State Senator. She won the election!" // Wife: "You sort of stole my thunder." // Me: "That's okay. Thunder is just sound waves. You weren't gonna be able to hold onto it for much longer anyway."
Story Quote"That was a good point. Angela wanted to keep everyone else out of this, but Leona was the one with the power to actually fix the situation. She should have said something before…before it all got so out of hand. 'You’re right, I’m so sorry,' she said." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueI nod as I'm looking over my new workspace. // "Will this work?" Max asks. // "I need a regular jacket for a prototype. I need a sewing machine and thread. I need all the secrets of the multiverse, and a meeting with God." // "Okay." // "And some fruit juice." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThe immortality makes me invincible—or at least it does when it's working, but it doesn't really make me stronger. I used to be more cautious. This has reinvigorated me in a way that's also made me careless. I slam right into a stranger, and fall to my back. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "I've nearly completed the Mambo No. 5 Challenge." // My sex therapist: "What's that?" // Me: "It's when you do Angela, Pamela, Sandra, Rita, Monica, Erica, Tina, Mary, and Jessica…in the right order." // My sex therapist: "I see. So who's next on your list?" // Me: "YOU."
Story TeaseBeing in the middle of the city, DExA Headquarters is not a great place to deploy a team or a troop at a moment's notice, if an intrusion occurs somewhere far away. There is not even a helicopter pad on the roof, though one could be built. But is that the best way? #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"Okay. I'll be back in a quarter of an hour." Max volunteers. // "No, I'll go," I say. "I was thinking out loud; not asking for you to complete the shopping list for me. We have a door code now, so I assume we could both leave." // "Seems like it," he figures. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThe man that I ran into makes no move to help me. I get a really bad feeling from him, though, so I crabwalk a ways away, and then stand up. "I sense great power in you," he says to me with a creepy smirk. "And…also a duality. You're more than one person." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy groomer: "You look happy." // Me: "Yeah, I just realized how I'm going to save this dying site." // My groomer: "Somehow come up with $15 million? // Me: "No. I'm gonna put on a fatsuit, and impersonate Elon Mustard. Then all I'll need is to learn how to act like a jackass."
Story TeaseBefore Reese can meet the National Commander for the first time, he must be interviewed by the Diplomatic Protection Authority, to make sure he habors no ill will towards the administration, and that he's not otherwise a danger to the office, or national security. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueWe leave the lab, and head down the street to look for a green light, which should indicate an inventorium. I've heard of these in other universes. An inventorium is basically a store where you don't have to pay, because you're living in a post-scarcity society. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI study his face, trying to figure which of my characters he could possibly be. Cricket walks up from the bushes. "Oh, there you are, Dunstan. Wait, Nick. How'd you get here?" // "Cricket, you know this man?" // "Yeah, he's one of my students." Is he, though? #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy groomer: "You seem better than yesterday after you ran the numbers, and realized that impersonating Elon Mustard won't be enough to save this site. You were pretty depressed; suicidal, even." // Me: "Yeah, I just tried a new toothpaste, so things are really looking up for me."
Story TeaseMyka and Leonard try to give Reese words of encouragement before he heads off for a meeting with National Commander Apostle Virtue. He has always tried to be cool, but he's still worried about how this is going to go, especially since they will apparently be alone. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueOnce inside, we decide to split the chores. While I'm gathering the supplies that I'll need to make the prototype, Max is responsible for food, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items. We will be living there, and I never know how long my projects will take. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Cricket, would you describe Dunstan as creepy or menacing?" // "What? He's a sweetheart." // I stand between me and him. "Stay behind me." // "Why?" // "That is not Dunstan." There is real fear in my heart. "That is Meredarchos." // "Nice. Guess," he hisses. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationPreacher Man: "Can I get a amen?" // Me: "Ask your mother."
Story TeaseReese runs into Special Investigator Eliot on the plane to the Capital, and learns that he too has been called to a meeting with the National Commander, and that it's going to be at the same time. Now Reese is even more nervous about what will happen in that room. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueWhile I'm alone, two people wearing the same outfit walk towards me deliberately. My first guess is that they are law enforcement. // "Good evening, sir. Dihghiln Access Control. May we have a moment of your time?" // I was right. "Is there a problem?" I ask. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"How long have you been on this world?" I question, inching Cricket farther back from one of the most evil men I've ever heard of. // Meredarchos glances around. "Only a few minutes. I thought I would start out somewhere rural, get my bearings before work." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy editor: "Whoever smelt it dealt it." // Me: "There but for the cruelty of the devil go I, the one who can smell no farts but their own. We should all be so lucky. Hail CarperHollins Books Editor, Pretty Scent King of New York City."
Story TeaseReese finally gets to his meeting with the National Commander, with SI Eliot along for the ride. He was right to be nervous, but not in the way that he thought. It turns out to have been super overhyped as this is only a casual conversation about nothing important. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"As part of our job," the other agent begins, "we are required to memorize the face of every single person who manages to land on this planet. You are not one of them. How did you arrive here?" // "Did I do something wrong?" I ask. // "Depends on your answer." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthGathering armies to kill in his name is his 'work'. I won't stand for it, even if I must sacrifice nearly everything I have to stop him. "You are not welcome here. You are not welcome anywhere." // "I do not think that that is for you to decide," he retorts. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMy sobriety companion: "What do you want to do for your birthday?" // Me: "If I had my druthers…I would probably sell them for some crack. How much crack do you s'pose I could get for my druthers." // My sobriety companion: "Only about three." // Me: "You got a deal."
Story Quote"More paper? Why has the novelty of this not worn off yet. A computer will let you write and overwrite the same space virtually countless times. What’s the point of not being able to do that? And anyway, it goes against the whole purpose of this project." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueI don't know enough about the level of technology of this universe, or anything else about its culture, to come up with any reasonable guess at a decent lie. So I don't try. "I'm from another universe. I didn't have to land on the planet. I came straight here." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthWhen I first became immortal, I thought that it was all I would ever need. It protects me from Meredarchos' psychic abilities, but that does not help anyone else. It doesn't help Cricket. I turn to gaze upon his face, and remember all the love I feel for him. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "Did you see the original version of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, from the 1960s?" // Alfred Nobel: "Yeah, of course, dawg. That was only Ed Begley Jr.'s second credit." // Me: "Didja notice, Kurt Russell wore loafers the entire time." // Nobel: "Holy crap, dude!"
Story Quote"He had been quietly listening to the conversation with the rest of the group. It felt very much like none of their damn business. 'What do you think?' // 'I think…you should do..what…you think you should do.' // 'Thanks. Helpful.' She rolled her eyes." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueThe Access Control agents share a look that I'm not sure I'm interpreting right. They look scared. They don't look scared OF me, but maybe FOR me? "Sir, we're going to have to bring you in. If you're from the other universe, our boss will want to speak to you." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThe most powerful psychic I know, besides the bad man standing before me, is Volpsidia Raske. Given the right circumstances, she could bring a whole planet to its knees. If I borrow her ability, I can banish Meredarchos back to the world from whence he came. #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationAbraham Lincoln, 16th and 48th President of the United States: "You've been slipping Nick. This tweet is late, and it is not the first time." // Me: "Firstly, they are not tweets; they're called Xes, because @elonmusk is a visionary. Secondly, this site is dying, so who cares?"
Story TeaseLeonard and Myka are trying to steal some alone time during a rare and brief synchronous lull in their respective hectic schedules when the former receives a call from an old acquaintance with shocking and unexpected news to share regarding a blast from the past. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"When we say boss," the other agent continues, "we do not mean our direct supervisor. I'm not sure how far down the hierarchy we are from the person who needs to know about you." // I sigh. "Yeah, that makes sense." Honesty is the best policy…until it isn't. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"You look like you're about to poop," Meredarchos jokes. // I'm concentrating on switching powers, which I've not done in decades. Give me a second. I think of Volpsida Raske. Volpsidia Raske. // "Yes?" // "Who is this?" I ask. // "Uh…it's Volpsidia Raske." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationGoogle @Nest: "Thank you for calling customer service." // Me: "Yeah, I—". // @google Nest customer 'service': "Bye!"
Story TeaseReese and SI Eliot discuss the—shall we say—interesting interaction that they had with the National Commander. He was loose and wild, and probably already on drugs, which actually made it easier for them to fake their own use—or rather lack thereof—of the stuff. #conversations
Helpful Holly Blue"Hello. What is going on here?" Max asks as he's walking up. // I must protect him. "Everything is fine, kind stranger. You may go about your business, and not worry about any of this." // "Save it," the agent says. "We don't recognize him either. He comes too." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI open my eyes. I'm no longer in the woods with Cricket and Meredarchos. It's a gray void. "Apologies, there's been a mistake." // "No, there hasn't," Volpsidia says. "You're trying to steal my powers." // "What? No. Of course not—Yes. I need to borrow them." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationMe: "I wrote a fictional action movie about the SEAL Team Six guy who personally killed Bin Laden. His identity is leaked, so it becomes this whole retaliation thing…" // You: "This isn't a funny fake conversation." // Me: For the last time, these aren't ALL meant to be jokes!"
Story TeaseAfter a brief conversation with the first person he met after arriving in this universe, Leonard goes into the law station VIP quarters where his ex-wife has been waiting for him. He has to explain to her what has happened, and that there's likely no reversing it. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueThe agent takes out a pair of handcuffs, and lets them swing on his finger as he looks at me and Max inquisitively. // "There is no need for that," I assure him. "We'll go with you peacefully." // "Thank you," he says. He puts them away, and then takes US away. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"I'm using them right now," Volpsidia says. // "Yeah," I tell her with a sigh. "When I borrow someone's abilities, it's always when they need them; not when they're just sleeping, or something. It's why I've not done it in 25 years. But I really need this." #MovingHavenandEarth
Fake ConversationElon Mustard: "Can you spare a dollar?" // Me: "I'll give you your money because I can afford it, but this ain't over. I'm comin' for ya. I'm comin' for you nonviolently. I will end your reign of terror on these lands. I, Commander of Infinite Universes…do place you on notice."
Story TeaseThe shit hits the fan when Reese goes missing, an old associate comes to collect a debt, and a new alien arrival occur simultaneously. Things get even more complicated when the mole investigators find new evidence, throwing the fledgling department into pure chaos. #conversations
Helpful Holly BlueThe agents escort us out of the inventorium, all eyes on us, because this is probably a rare site for this planet. They help us into a land vehicle, and drive us to the nearest Nexus. We have to wait for our departure time. This seems to be a pretty busy galaxy. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"I can tell you're not lying, and I know who you are, Superintendent. I have great respect for what you do. All those people you control; I love it. But I won't let you make me powerless." // "It's just for a few minutes. I have to destroy another psychic." #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryI'm the best pilot this side of my property line…and my other three property lines. But that's saying a lot, my dog is a Colonel in the U.D. Air Force. [Hey, it's Future!Nick. I think I meant to say "U.S." but I also could have meant the United Dogs of America, so I'm not sure.]
Story Quote"He didn’t do it on purpose. That would have been much easier, because he could’ve just driven through all of them really quickly in, like, a few weeks maybe. I think people do that. He mostly just happened to need to go to every state for different things." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"I was under the impression that the boss we need to meet would be some kind of leader of THIS planet, so why would we be going to a different one?" I whisper to Max. // "No idea how it works," he replies. // "Compartmentalization," the agent sort of explains. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthShe sizes me up. "Destroy another psychic, you say? I like where your head's at," she says in a sly voice. // "You don't even know who it is." // "Doesn't matter," she continues in that voice. "I don't like competition. Okay. I'll be there as soon as I can." #MovingHavenandEarth
Good IdeaHere's a billion dollar idea. Buy a tortoise, or a sloth. Place them in a spot in your home far from your bed. Instead of setting an alarm, just leave a piece of lettuce or fruit on your nose. Be sure to measure the distance to know how long you have until they wake you up.
Story Quote"But this Mirror Room meeting is not an option. The Council. The Council sucks, but she’s gotta do it. If it’s come to the point where they are her only option, though, then nothing else matters. Because if they’re dirty, then the whole ship is fucked." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueFinally, it's our turn to go through the Nexus. We're led down into the cavity with seven other people. One is escorting another, but the rest are likely just on their quick commute to work, which just so happens to be located on whatever planet we're going to. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"What do you mean, you'll be here as soon as you can?" I question. "You can't come here physically. We are in Havenverse." // "Yeah, and since you are, there is obviously a way in. I'll find the way. It may take me a while, but for you, no time will pass." #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingThere is only one word in the English language that has thirty words that rhyme with it.
Story Quote"It sounded dumb to go off in search of trouble, but sitting around and doing nothing would defeat the whole purpose of keeping Mateo from his daughter. He had to stay busy, even if that meant deliberately inviting adventure and danger into their lives." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueWhen the machine begins to power up, I get an idea. It's the perfect time to whisper something to Max, because he's the only one who can get us out of this. "When I say the words 'found it' kick the zero glyph, and the activation glyph." // "Why?" // "Trust me." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Volpsidia, don't do this. Two psychics as powerful as you two coming together like that? It only spells death, destruction, and mayhem for whatever world they're on. I'm begging you, let me borrow your power for just a few minutes. I will take care of it." #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingI've decided that I'm ready to forgive Winona Ryder for the shoplifting incident.
Story Quote"Since he was just a baby, papa doesn’t even remember being in Alabama, but he went back when he was older to meet the doctor who delivered him. The doctor was very old by then, but he was still alive! He is not anymore, or he would be over 100 years old!" #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueThe light overwhelms us, then recedes. We have arrived. "Oh, hold on." I search the floor after everyone else has already stepped out of the cavity. "I dropped my grandmother's locket." I bend down to pick up nothing. "Found it!" // Max kicks the two buttons. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI feel someone tap on my shoulder, but not in the psychic conference. It's in the real world. I pull myself out, and look behind me. // It's Volpsidia. She didn't listen to me. Before I can stop her, she plants a huge kiss upon my lips. "I just frenched God!" #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingIf you steal a million dollar car, it's called mega theft auto.
Story Quote"The house that they lived in was very small, because his family didn’t have very much money. He and his sister had to share a room with the dog. When my grandma was talking about this, she said that my papa was the best baby she had ever met in her life." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Stop!" There is technically enough time for the agents to at least jump back in, but they don't get the chance. // The other fugitive punches his own escort in the nose, then knocks ours over with his shoulders. He dives in to join us at the last millisecond. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"He is not God," Cricket contends. // "He's not even the Superintendent," Vearden agrees. // "Vearden, when did you get here?" I ask him. // "A few minutes ago." // "Was I in a trance that whole time? I assumed the entire conversation happened in an instant." #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryI don't like searching for people and titles on IMDB, so what I did was I searched for @kevinbacon once, and now he's stayed on my search history. From there, I can go anywhere.
Story Quote"Before he died, papa told me that his first memory was of this new house in Wyoming, which he thought of as his first house, even though he lived in another one before, when he was a baby. Have you ever thought about your first memory? I do all the time." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueWhen the light recedes again, we're at Origin. I've been here before. Below us is an endless ocean, and above a beautiful starry sky. // Intenioner Senona Riggur rows up, ties the boat off, and approaches on the platform. "You're back." // "It was an emergency." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"No," Meredarchos begins. "You've just been standing there before us. I could have killed you many times over. But I didn't, because I believe that we can help each other. Three psychics at our level in one place? We absolutely must do something with that." #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingI thought I cheated on my wife repeatedly with her twin sister for a year. As it turns out, it was her the whole time. She thought it was preeeetty funny. Come to think of it, I think she's an only child.
Story Quote"My papa was about to become an eight-year-old, and it was the summertime. He had a lot of memories of this period in his life, but he couldn’t remember much about this trip. He knows that he was at some kind of sports game, and also that they went hiking." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Remember, you only get one wish," Senona says. // "I didn't come for a wish," I explain. "We were captured, and in need of escape. The term sequence for this place is the shortest one I know. The other single glyphs don't seem to go anywhere." // "No, they do." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthVolpsidia stops smiling, no longer in the mood to joke around about me being her God. "He's not a psychic. I'M the psychic, and the multiverse ain't big enough for the both of us. I'm going to kill you." // He smirks. "Not while I'm in THIS body, you're not." #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”Somebody's been sleeping in my bed. Call CSI. We have to run a TNA test on this memory foam mattress.
Story Quote"I was just with my dads, but my papa went with his class, even though the school he went to didn’t have very much money. His family was probably the richest in the town, but that is not something they bragged about. They used their money to help people." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"They do?" // "Yeah." Senona replies. "They're private numbers, don't worry about it. Anyway, you other two visitors are new, so you are entitled to two wishes. That means either two each, or two to share. Holly Blue, try best not to influence them too much." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthVolpsidia narrows her eyes at him, possibly scanning his mind for the truth. "You may be right. So where are you? I came to this universe from my own, and I can go to yours in the same way." // "Nice try. Where my body lives is a secret." // "Not for long." #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryI applied a stain resistant solution to the carpet outside my cubicle in the shape of Jesus' face. Then I "accidentally" spilled my coffee on it, which stained the negative space. The Pope himself came to investigate the miracle. He discovered that it was fake, but kept it quiet.
Story Quote"There is a passenger-driven campaign to install Tinaya as the captain, since that has always been the plan anyway, but she isn’t sure she wants that anymore. She loves her job. She even kind of likes what she’s doing right now, as bad as that may sound." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueThe first—and only other—time I came to Origin, I was in desperate need of help. Senona gave me something that I could not get anywhere else. This time, we just had to get away from the agents. Still, Max does deserve his own wish. As does this other random guy. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Volpsidia," I say, "whatever you're reading from him, he is lying. He can do that. He can mask his own thoughts and limitations. I never wanted you to come here, but now that you have, you might as well take care of him. Force him back into his real body." #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”I tried my hand at animal husbandry once, but I didn't pay enough attention to the lesson on how to sex them, so I accidentally paired two boy horses together. Nine months later, one of them birthed a gay abomination, and I'm afraid to fess up to my teacher.
Story Quote"The moving spaceship rule was bestowed upon them many, many years ago. It was so long ago that they had never even heard of real Nexa. This was too much of a risk. No one's fate was decided. Baby Cheyenne could very well die here. They couldn't leave." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Is this real?" Max questions. "One wish?" // "It's real. They're not god, but they ARE powerful, so ask for whatever you want. They'll tell you if they can't do it." I face the stranger. "Please don't ask for something evil." // "I'm not evil. I'm just Velter." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"I can't," Volpsidia says with a scared look on her face. "I'm not strong enough." // Meredarchos' smirk widens. "Don't feel bad. No one is." // "Keyword 'one'," Volpsidia replies. "That's why I brought a few friends." More come out of the literal woodwork. #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingWhen you talk about me, my ears literally burn, so KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR FILTHY MOUTH!
Story Quote"This school had all the grades in the same place. Kindergartners and 12th graders all went to the same really, really big building. I’m sure they had special reasons for doing it like this, but I don’t know what they are. I think the school is still there." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Is that a band, errr…?" I joke. // Velter smiles. He seems to get it, even though the running gag is from my universe. // "Do we have a time limit?" Max asks. // "Nope. "You literally have all the time in the world. You can rest here first, if you would like." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthEven I can feel the psychic energy coming from these people. I can't recognize my own characters, but I can tell that that's what they are; all the psychics and telepaths, probably from all over the bulk. // "Meet my new friends from The Transit," she offers. #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”Trolling the obituaries for old people with no living relatives, healthy monetary history, and vague relationships with their banks.
Story Quote"Papa only saw his parents twice while he was there, and his sister once. I remember him telling me that he had a lot of fun, but he was sad to be away from his family and friends for so very long. He made friends there, though, that he stayed friends with." #allfifty #fishquotes

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Helpful Holly BlueBefore MY wish, I did stay for a bit, knowing that no time would pass in the universe that I had come from. In the meantime, Senona left again on his rowboat, but I don't know where. "Would it be possible for you to show me wherever you go when you're not here?" #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThe psychics approach him ominously, like witches joining together for a spell. That IS what most of them are; witches whose power comes from their minds. He tries to back away, but nowhere is safe. Either he leaves this body willingly, or he's forced out. #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”I'm going to eat the next person who calls me a cannibal.
Story Quote"It seems silly to me, but I’m not in charge of it. It started many years ago when one of the presidents was born in Nebraska, so he spent a lot of time there. Papa didn’t care about that. He was just excited to be flying on an airplane for the first time." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSenona regards me, surprised at the request, but not instantly dismissing it. Then they nod. "Okay. I'll let you in on that secret, as long as you promise never to tell anyone for the rest of the span of the bulk." // "I promise," I answer honestly. // "Hop on." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthMeredarchos starts to twitch, desperately trying to keep the psychics out of his head, but failing. He paws at his head, and falls to his knees. They're not just forcing him out of this body. They're—they're torturing him. Yeah, he's evil, but this is wrong. #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”Here's your honorary itinerary. You can't actually go on the trip, but you can show this to people, and you don't have to tell them the truth about it.
Story Quote"They drove through five other states besides Idaho and Ohio. Remember, my papa had already been to Wyoming and Nebraska, but not Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana. Papa didn’t count that as going to those states, though, since they drove through them so quickly." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSenona nods their head towards the console on the other end of the platform. "That can get you pretty much anything, like food or blankets. It's not part of your wish, but don't go overboard with it. This isn't an island resort." // "You'll be okay?" I ask Max. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Stop playing with him!" I order. // Some of the psychics appear to loosen up, but others don't. // "If you don't stop, I'm going to erase all of you from existence. I can't do it, but I can reach out to my alternate self. Don't. Test me. Just force him out." #MovingHavenandEarth
JokeYou can't even count the number of terrorists I've killed. Seriously, you really can't. Strictly speaking, zero is not a real number.
Story Quote"Back then, she could have done it in Oregon too, but Spokane is actually closer, even though it looks like it’s farther away on the map. Dad says that she could get it in Idaho if it happened today, because the laws have changed, but this happened in 1989." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"We'll be fine," Max replies, but he's apprehensive about the stranger. Velter was being escorted by space cops for a reason. // Senona pushes a button on a fob. A force field forms between them that still allows them both access to the console. "Just in case." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthApparent leader of the group, Volpsidia waves her arms towards the group, pulling them out of their trances. "Okay. Only for you," she says to me. She snaps her fingers, and the body that Meredarchos was using collapses. // I check for a pulse. "He's alive." #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryAs a child, I would kneel and pray to God every night, and I didn't want to stop doing so, even after my parents got me a bunk bed, so I just started to float instead. My parents were horrified, and said I was praying to the wrong god, but this one lets me fly, so…I didn't stop.
Story Quote"This is beginning to feel more like a conspiracy, and less like a vital mandate. The Bridger program was formed to ensure the continuity of the mission, but if it's become corrupt, then that mission is compromised anyway. It's time for internal affairs." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSenona pushes us off from the platform, and rows us away. But soon, we're back. I would tell you what I saw, but I've been sworn to secrecy. "Really?" I ask as we're getting out. "Every time?" // "Pretty much." // "It sounds exhausting." // "I chose this life." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"He's…clean," a man says. "Hi, lovely to meet you. I'm Keefe." // "Yes, well…go back to the islands, Keefe." // "Haven't you heard? We're in a war," he replies smugly. Keefe. Keefe's a dick. But…he has his reasons. "Yeah, I do." // "Stay out of my head." #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryI was a participant on the unaired season of #Alone. I was hurt nearly as bad as the guy who died. It was within the first two hours. I didn't want to go home, though, so I joined the rescue team. They call me Snow Bunny. That would be funny if you could have seen my episode.
Story Quote"They didn't want a way out, but they also did, or they would have sealed up the original emergency exit long, long ago. This seemed like a good compromise. It was hard to reach, but not impossible. You had to work for it, which meant you had to want it." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueWe hear a ruckus as we draw nearer, but can't see enough quite yet. There's human movement. It looks erratic, and maybe violent. Senona presses their fob to brighten the lights. Max and Velter are fighting with swords. "That shouldn't be possible," Senona says. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Sorry," Volpsidia says to me. "I built a wall around your mind that must have weakened when I had to focus my attention on Meredarchos. It is back up now." // "Thank you. Now. You all came here on the Transit, correct? Got room for a few extra passengers?" #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingA lot of people don't eat healthy, so they don't know, but I have a quick cooking tip for you: pee makes your asparagus smell really bad.
Story Quote"He didn’t end up going to school there, so no one can remember which one it was, but everybody thinks that he only chose it because it was on the way to California, which is where he really wanted to go. He wasn’t going to San Diego for a college, though." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"How did you get past the plasma barrier?" Senona asked once we were docked. // Velter shrugs. "The barrier was just a prison. Breaking out of prison is what I do. I've done it a dozen times. I always get caught, but I always get away again." // "Okay, but…" #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"That is not happening." The Shepherd pushes her way through the crowd. "You've made us late, which means Vearden and Gretchen are coming with me, and you and your buddies will stay here. That is your punishment." // "It's impossible to be late," I contend. #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingHold on, mainlining this avocado toast.
Story Quote"Both of them taught me that it’s okay to not like everything that the people you love like. I did some things with my papa, and sometimes he did things on his own. It’s the same with my dad. They did things without me too. Always keep an open mind, though." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"It's okay," Max assures us. "It turns out we have a lot in common. I think I would have fared well in a galaxy before flipcoats. I always thought that mine defined me, but maybe it was only a crutch." // "So you don't need me to build you a new one?" I ask him. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"I have a schedule to keep," the Shepherd argues, which exists within a dimension of time that no one here can even BEGIN to fathom. Now that you've all gotten rid of the psychic intruder—which I could have done alone in my sleep—your work is done. So GTFO!" #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingAll turtles are fast, they're just almost never in a hurry. Their favorite food is chill pills.
Story Quote"This time, he flew to Maine, and stayed for a couple of nights before the ship left. It left from a city called Portland. You’ve probably heard of the Portland in Oregon, but there’s also one in Maine. The ship was this really big thing called a freighter." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Whoa, let's not go that far," Max says, almost defensively. "I still need a new flipcoat to save the future, but I don't think I'm going to be the one who wears it. I'll probably give it to someone I trust." // "Is that what you want as your wish?" Senona asks. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"You can't stop us from getting on that train," I argue. The Transit isn't an actual train. It's an interversal spaceship that's much longer than it is wide, and is divided into modular compartments. It's mostly used to transport warriors in the Darning Wars. #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryI have a green thumb, but it's not in the way that you think. It gets a lot of plant blood on it, which of course, is green too. I'm a plant killer, but it's not what you think. I'm not an incompetent caregiver. I like it. I do it on purpose.
Story Quote"My grandma said that it was only about 2 and a half hours away from where they lived. So he was able to be out of the house, and learn how to be an adult, but he could also drive back home, and then back to his dorm in only one day if he really needed to." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueMax looks to me for guidance. SHOULD he use this as his wish, or rely on me to help him make the new flipcoat? Now it's a bit awkward. "If Senona says that they can do something, they can do it. I can make no guarantees. But I'll certainly try. I promise THAT." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Watch me," Shepherd says, seething. She takes me by both shoulders, and pushes me. She doesn't let go, though. She just teleports us both away. I don't know where we are, but we're near the edge of a cliff. "I wouldn't care if you WERE the Superintendent." #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryAs a side hustle, I compete in Dumb-Off competitions. What you have to do is come up with the dumbest answers to simple questions. It sounds easy, it's not; there's an art to it. Your answers can't be random, they have to sound like something a legitimate stupid person would say.
Story Quote"They still had to take a car to get to the mountain. They didn’t want to spend money on a rental, so they hitchhiked, which means they asked for a ride from a stranger. Dad says never to do that, because it’s dangerous, but papa and his friends were okay." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"I had my original flipcoat for so long," Max begins, "I grew used to having things pretty much just handed to me. So no, I don't want that as my wish. If you'll let me, Holly Blue, I would like to help you help me make the new one. I want it to take some work." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"Are you gonna push me over the edge?" I ask her. // "I know that you're immortal again," Shepherd replies. "There are fates worse than death, which you seem to have forgotten after I gave you heaven on Earth for five years. Maybe you need a reality check." #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingOkay, who ate my ostomy bag? I was saving that for something.
Story Quote"Obviously, she doesn't want to have to do this. She doesn't want to get married, and even if she did, she would want to fall in love first. Not only that, but she doesn't want to worry so much about reëlection. That is not what civil service is about." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"You still get a wish," Senona reminds Max. // "Velter and I have been talking about it, and I don't know if you have time travel capabilities, but I would like to undo everything that led us to being captured and taken away by the police. Or is that a paradox?" #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"You like phone jokes?" Shepherd asks. "I got phone jokes." // "Huh?" I ask. // Her phone rings. "Oh. Quick, what's the name of the autistic kid on St. Elsewhere?" // "No. Don't do it. Please." // She answers it. "Westphall!" She pushes me off of the cliff. #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”I can't find my seventh grade Civics teacher on Facebook. Does anyone know of a good private detective who doesn't charge for their services?
Story Quote"None of them required the rest, but dangers could be lurking outside. It was best to be fully functional once the sun rose. They didn’t know when that would be, so he quickly rigged up a light sensor on the Nexus to awaken them at the appropriate time." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSenona considers the request. "Yes, Holly Blue told me what happened. Time travel would indeed complicate matters. What I would recommend is returning to where you want to be, with everything you need, and then you would simply have to avoid being recaptured." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThere's a theory on the internet that a certain television series takes place in a child's imagination, and a web of crossovers would suggest that any number of OTHER shows are ALSO fictional, even within the confines of their own universes. But it's wrong. #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”I'm a little prancing boy. Will probably delete this later.
Story Quote"They slept the first night in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where some of his old friends lived. Remember that he lived in Buffalo, Wyoming for about ten years when he was younger. On the next night, he once again helped his college buddies with somewhere to sleep." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Could that even work?" I ask. "If we go back to that science planet, will they still be looking for us?" // "I suppose not," Max decides, "as long as we give it five or ten years." // "I can do that," Senona says. "We'll work out the details. What about you?" #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthCharacters from different universes are real people, and they can enter cross over into each other's stories by literally crossing universes. They almost never realize that it's happening, and it's all thanks to a poorly understood phenomenon named Westfall. #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingCaterpillars signify not rebirthed yet and old status quos.
Story Quote"That’s why he had to spend so much time learning these skills, because if someone messes up on a submarine, it could mean everyone on it dying all at once. Unlike the way it is on a ship, if something goes wrong in a sub, you can’t jump off and swim away." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Me?" Velter asks. "Oh, I'm so honored." He smiles and feigns bashfulness like he's just won an award. "I feel lucky just to be nominated. Let's see, what do I wish? Could I just hang out with this guy?" // "That would still be part of his wish," Senona replies. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthWestfall is a special section of a universe-traveling machine called The Crossover. No one controls it. It just seems to happen on its own, perhaps randomly, or somehow psychically. Shepherd is powerful, but she can't just push me into it on purpose. Can she? #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryI have two mean bones in my body. That's really not all that much when you think about it. Two? Out of 206? That's only 0.9708737864078%. Granted, one of them is my skull, which is where I keep all my feelings, and the other is in my foot, which I'll shove up your ass, you dolt.
Story Quote"He was able to say that he lived there for only a year before he was moved somewhere else, which he said was unusual in the Navy. I don’t think that he was always on a submarine. I think that maybe he spent a lot of time carrying out missions on dry land." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Is that true?" Velter questions. "Will you let me just go to the future with them?" // "It doesn't matter to me," Senona answers. // "Oh," Velter says. "Well…then I don't need a wish." // Senona is confused. You—well, you get a wish. Everyone gets one wish." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthBefore I became immortal, I was afraid of heights, but I got over that, because it was always really just the fear of death. That returned when I came to Havenverse. My heart beats out of my chest as I'm falling. Even though I'm pretty sure I'm gonna survive. #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryCome back later, I'm embedded.
Story Quote"They were smiling in front of the river, and what looked like a boat behind them. Except that the boat wasn’t above the water very much. It actually looked like a submarine! The Mississippi River is pretty deep, but not really deep enough for a normal sub." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"I could share the wish, can't I?" Velter asks. "You said that. Give mine to Max or Holly Blue." // "Holly Blue cannot get another," Senona contends. // "And I don't need another one," Max insists. "You take it. Please." // "Fine. Give it to someone unrelated." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI crash onto the cold ground below. It hurts, so I'm once again not immortal—but I'm not dead either, even though nothing broke my fall. It is as painful as falling is in my dreams, but nothing is broken, and I'm not bleeding. Where am I, in another universe? #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”What HAPPENED to @DrewBarrymore? I watched her in Firestarter a few nights ago, which according to IMDB, only came out last year. Then yesterday afternoon I saw her show playing on the break room TV at work. She looks like she's aged about 25 years already. Wow.
Story Quote"He decided to fly up to Gary to spend some time with his sister, and their new baby. My cousin is 12 years older than me, but we’re really close. After my papa was done with his required service, he retired and moved to Chicago to be closer to his sister." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"What do you mean?" Senona asks. // "You usually offer as many wishes as there are people, right?" Velter begins. "Even though you're skipping me, you still owe one. Some day, someone is gonna show up here who desperately needs two wishes. So give them mine." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI struggle to get myself to me feet, making the same noises an old man would getting out of a chair. After stumbling around for a few seconds, I finally find balance. To my right is the ocean, and to my left the side of the cliff I just fell from. Or did I? #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryDear Diary, I bit the head off of a parrot today. He was gonna testify against me; what the heck was I supposed to do? The police left the two of us alone in a room, and were, like, "don't bite the head off this parrot" and I'm, like, "okay, officers." Sounds like THEIR fault.
Story Quote"She still believes that, but at least a campaign would give her something to do. This period of peace barely stumbled even when Tamm was ousted. Maybe that’s what she’s worried most about; that people will elect her opponent only because they’re bored." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSenona is intrigued. "No one has ever done this before. They've wished for selfless things, but they've never just given it away before." // Velter shrugs. "I like to do things differently…or really, it's more that I hate to do things like everyone else does." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThis is some beautiful landscape, but there are no clues telling me where I am, or what I may be up against. I'm feeling pretty tired, though, and there also doesn't seem to be any way off of this rocky beach. I just need to sit down for a minute. Or a few. #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryEveryone wants to think that they're better than everyone else, but the truth is that everyone is selfish, everyone is self-centered, everyone wants the world to revolve around them. But if you have ten or twenty minutes, I'll tell you how I figured out how to transcend all that.
Story Quote"Over 70 million should be an unacceptable loss by anyone’s standards, especially since the reason they were fighting was because the Krekel figured out how to do it without incurring any loss. Instead of hating them for it, they should learn from them." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSenona inhales. "All right. One wish, coming up, and another one placed safely in the bank." They clap their hands together, and approach the summoning console. "Let us discuss details. Tell me everything you'll need to recreate one of these fabled flipcoats." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI'm still in pain as I find the flattest boulder around. I get as comfortable as humanly possible to take a rest. I soon begin to nod off, which turns into falling asleep. When I awaken, I'm on the ground, and the sun has gone down. It has to have been hours. #MovingHavenandEarth
Language JokeI was raised by my Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.
Story Quote"They couldn’t afford plants, or nice paintings for the walls. The biggest issue was the courtyard, which is a space that is outside, but it has walls around it. Residents can go and sit down and enjoy being outside, but it wasn’t very pretty at this place." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSenona says that everyone only gets one wish, but you can get more than that if you use the console right. It can summon just about anything that exists somewhere in some universe that is connected to the multiversal Nexus network. I draw up my shopping list. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI'm feeling refreshed, but my immortality has gone away from me again. This means that I could actually still be in Havenverse, because that's what would happen if the breach had finally been closed. But this isn't the only universe with such restrictions. #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryMy handler is coming out of rehab early. No one tell him that while I was supposed to be killing terrorists at work for the CIA, I was actually on an unauthorized vacation where I spent most of my time killing terrorists for fun.
Story Quote"He had a really good education, and his time in the military made bosses know that he would be loyal and trustworthy. He ended up reconnecting with a guy who he knew who once worked for the Coast Guard. They also work on the water, but have different jobs." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"How does this work?" Max asks once we have our new equipment and supplies. "Can you sneak us back through the Nexus while it's somehow unattended, or something?" // "The Nexus?" Senona asks. "Where we're goin'…we don't need a Nexus." They smirk and turn away. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI pad at my clothes, but my phone is missing. Who knows where it's gone off to throughout all of this? If I could make just one call, I would know where I was. No, it doesn't matter. I have to get escape this beach either way. I have to get back to Cricket. #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingMost people don't know this, but ears are like fingerprints: everyone's got two or ten, depending on whether you're talking about ears or fingerprints.
Story Quote"The distance from where he started was over 630 miles, and it took him two weeks to ride the entire way! He rode about 45 miles per day, which is pretty impressive, I must say. He couldn’t really explain to me why he chose to go there. He just wanted to." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"It was nice meeting you two," Senona call back as they're heading for the boat. "And Holly Blue…?" // "I know, you would rather I never return." // They turn back. "No. I'm sure I'll be contacting you for help at some point, now that I understand your skills." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI have a deep voice. It's not manly, though. It sounds more like—how should I put it—a painfully obnoxious snufflemonster who couldn't sound like he's not being catty and sarcastic if his life depended on it? But I can make a surprisingly high-pitched scream. #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”My family invented a #Thanksgiving tradition 34 years ago, before I was even born, where we go around the room, taking turns sharing what we're most thankful for.
Story Quote"If you have an older friend or relative who donated blood, they probably did it through ASB. They provide volunteer aid all over the continent, and they were in charge of something called disaster relief after the big hurricane, along with the government." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Help?" I question. "From me?" // Senona doesn't understand why I don't understand. "I'm not a god, Holly Blue. Nearly every wish I fulfill requires me to recruit assistance from someone with the requisite competencies and connections. I'm just the coordinator." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthSo when I see the wavering light from what must be a boat in the distance, I realize that my voice is all I have to get their attention. I have no materials for a signal fire, nor the time to build it. I have no pots nor pans, and certainly not a flare gun. #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingOù est la pissing?
Story Quote"He couldn’t remember where they ate, but I remember him telling me that he thought he had a burrito sandwich, which I guess would be a little burrito between two slices of bread? He laughed when he told me this story, like maybe he just made that part up." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueThat make sense. "I see." // "Goodbye, Miss Holly Blue." Senona steps into their boat, and begins to row away. // "Is that it?" Max questions. "How do we get back to Dihghiln?" // I turn around to respond with a guess, and it's happened. We're back in the lab. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI don't go straight to the highest note that my vocal cords are capable of uttering. I begin with the lowest, and work my way up the scale. When I reach the note, I pulsate, or however you would put it in musical terms. I quit the piano when my teacher died. #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryI've trained my dog to go potty in the yard whenever I give her the command "lose yourself to dance." I chose that phrase when I noticed that she always wiggles her butt at the end, whether she does number one or number two.
Story Quote"Safeguards are in place to stop any rando from knowing where a VIP is. As a VIP herself, Tinaya can sometimes subvert that, but there are exceptions. The Mirror Room is a protected area. The computer should not have told her that the Captain was there." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Cool digs," Velter exclaims. "You guys call 'em digs where you're from?" // "Sometimes," I respond. // "Is this the same lab?" Max asks. // "My coat is still draped over the seat," I say. "Maybe it hasn't been that long." // "Eleven years," Archana clarifies. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThe boat doesn't react to my little high-pitched howler monkey call. Once I run out of breath, I replenish it and try again. I continue to scream for several minutes until the boat floats so far away that there is no chance they've heard me. I'm a dead man. #MovingHavenandEarth
JokeThe porn that I have bookmarked in my web browser is saved in a subfolder called 'Other', in a subfolder called 'Other', in a subfolder called 'Other', in a subfolder called 'Other', in a subfolder called 'Other', in a subfolder called 'Other', in a root folder called 'Porn'.
Story QuoteHe really didn't think so. It felt like Senona's job was done. Someone else was aware of Maqsud's connection to this place, and the team was incidental to that end. Whether that meant they were a bonus or unfortunate collateral damage was yet to be seen. #salmonverse #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Eleven years?" I ask. "You kept this place as is? Didn't anyone come to investigate? We escaped from custody after they picked us up for our irregular arrival." // Archana nods. "Yes, I'm aware of that, but this is MY lab, and no one comes in unless I say so." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI go back to my flattish boulder. It's even more uncomfortable than I recall. "Nothing left to do but die." // "Hey!" a voice calls down from the cliff above. "Is anyone down there!" // "Yeah!" I shout back. "It's dark, and I don't know if there's a way up!" #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”I don't eat fast food anymore. The last time I was at a fast food restaurant was probably—gosh—fifth grade? Oh wait, no. It was yesterday.
Story Quote"Back in 2007, papa’s brand new submarine was done, and it worked well in Lake Michigan, but they didn’t know if it could handle the deep ocean yet. He took a business trip down to Savannah, Georgia so the company could test it in a different environment." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"Oh," Velter says. "So, do you want I should leave?" // Archana looks to me for guidance, so I say, "he seems like good people. We'll keep an eye on him." // "That's good enough for me. That is…as long as you include me in whatever it is you're developing now." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and Earth"How are you at climbing!" the voice cries down to me. // "Not particularly good, but I think I'm all right! I can't even tell how high you are!" // "Okay, hold on!" Let me repel down first, then we'll figure it out! I have water!" // "That sounds amazing!" #MovingHavenandEarth
“Joke”I will be uploading the blueprints for the Federal Reserve tomorrow. They're supposed to be classified, but I don't see how that matters. It's not like you could use them to rob the place. The door is locked.
Story Quote"They would hold the conference every year all over the USA, but he wouldn’t normally go, because he was too busy with the actual work. It didn’t actually take place on the mainland in Connecticut. It was on Fishers Island, which is a part of Connecticut." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly Blue"We're still workin' on the same thing," I explain. "It's not been eleven years for us." // "Ah. More of that time travel stuff." Archana pauses. "So. How 'bout it then?" // "Why the hell not? Velter's here, I rode in a rowboat over a cosmic ocean. Let's do it." #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthI can make out the dark figure of a person hopping away from the face of the cliff, temporarily breaking the weak light from the faint stars in the sky. It's a new moon tonight, so there's not much to see. But as the kind stranger gets closer, he gets louder. #MovingHavenandEarth
NanostoryHave YOU been in a car wreck? I'm not a doctor, so I can't help with that. I'm not a lawyer either, so I can't help you sue. I'm not a journalist, so I can't tell your story. Who am I? I'm just a guy who accidentally bought a 30-second commercial when I was drunk one afternoon.
Story Quote"This happened all the way back in 2010, and he never went back there. He hated being in Iowa, which is something I heard him tell my dad when they thought I wasn’t listening. It was the first time I heard my papa ever say that he did not like something." #allfifty #fishquotes
Helpful Holly BlueSo Archana and I work together in an attempt to make Max's new flipcoat, so he can return to the future, and save his galaxy from certain destruction. The guys help too, mostly as our guinea pigs. Things go well for a while…until we make a shocking discovery. #HelpfulHollyBlue
Moving Haven and EarthThe man makes it all the way down to the bottom of the cliff. I gratefully accept the water bottle he gives me. He straps me into the ropes so we can begin to make the long climb back up. This is not my forte, but that doesn't matter. I pass out right away. #MovingHavenandEarth
Random NothingIf I didn't care, I wouldn't wave my arms at all.
Story Quote"It was for something called a corporate retreat. It was summertime, so once they landed at the docks, they took cars into the woods. That’s where they played games, and learned how to work with each other. At that point, the company was over ten years old." #allfifty #fishquotes

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Year of SilenusYo, yo, yo! What up, peeps? It's your boi, Silenus. Anxious, tho, waitin' for my boo to come back to the timestream. As y'all know, girl's on her pattern with baby. But for real, that babe is mad awesome. They'll be back in three days. Hopin' she lets me hold her. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI don't know where I am. I don't even know if my messages are getting out, but if anyone sees these, please send help. I guess in this universe, someone invented a really simple data device that only sends tweets. There's no GPS, no phone, not even text messaging. #LockedinHaven [sic]
Random NothingBeta Team, check in, 2ary prtcl. Sat lost vis.
Story Quote"Most horses in the world are domesticated, which means that they all belong to humans. They feed them, and ride them, and even give them jobs. The Shackleford horses, though, do whatever they want, and humans aren’t allowed to live on the island with them." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusRomana ain't my baby. It's this dude's, Mateo. He seems cool. Made me become pretty much immortal. Anyway, Karla never did it with him. It's this whole thing where the baby kept getting passed down the generations. She don't exist all the time. You know how it is. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI was thrown over the edge of a cliff. I wasn't too terribly hurt, but I didn't know how to get back out. This guy called down from above, and acted like he was gonna help. Then I guess he drugged me instead, and now I'm in this basement. My superpowers are gone. #LockedUpinHaven
“Joke”Um, no thanks. I respectfully decline your "warm regards". I'm married.
Story Quote"The history that explains this is rather complicated, but the most relevant reason these days is that there is no legal benefit to it, as there was in times past. Partner privilege is separate from a marriage certificate. Neither one requires the other." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusI go into Karla's room to check it one last time. When time-skippers come back into the timestream, they appear in the exact same place they were when they left, so I couldn't move the furniture around, or anything. It's safe. I'm ready. I'm so AAAAAAMMMMPPPEDDDDD! #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI know this sounds crazy, but I don't know what else to do. I don't know what he wants with me. I don't know if he's going to kill me, but this could be my last day on whatever version of Earth I happen to be on right now. This is not a joke. [This is fiction.] #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingGive me a second, I'm framejacking.
Story Quote"It would have kept the townspeople safe if these quakes weren’t leading to the moon being ripped apart completely. The heat was the real problem, but Maqsud said that this would energize him even more. People were tearing off their clothes to stay cool." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusThey're back, muh dudes! Karla and Romana are in the building. What, what! I have 'em both for the next 24 Earthan hours. They both happy and healthy, chillin' in their room. Their doctor's with 'em too. She a downloaded AI on their same pattern. She's all right. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenThere are tons of stuff in here, everything you would expect to find in a serial killer's basement. Jars of specimens that I don't even want to look close enough to identify. There's a cupboard full of dolls. Will NOT be opening it again, I'll tell ya that much. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryThe next parent who allows—or worse, encourages—their child to build a model volcano for science class, or the science fair, is getting a call from family services. I guarantee you that. Don't turn your kid into a basic bitch.
Story Quote"He only wanted to hear The Fiddle Way, so he wandered around until it was time for them. It took place kind of in the middle of the woods, so there was plenty of room to walk around. He said he sat by a river for a while, and just enjoyed being in nature." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusBad news, followers, Karla darling asked me not to post e'erthang about our lives together on the public forum. We got to protect baby gurl. You get it. Don't worry freends and fam, I can still post updates in a closed circle, but now, I gotta go private. Seey'all! #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI obviously tried to open the door to escape, but I didn't use any tools, or anything. I'm looking around now. There is all sorts of junk, but nothing that looks like it could pry a lock off. I was never very handy, so maybe I just don't know what to look for. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryThe hardest lesson I learned after cheating on my wives literally hundreds of times over the course of the last thirty years is, if you don't want to get caught, CLOSE THE SHADES! Seems obvious now, but when you're in that room, it's easy to forget that windows are transparent.
Story Quote"It was just a cool vacation, where they could do whatever they wanted. That didn’t mean that they were just going to go without having any plans. The bosses also came up with a special itinerary, which sent the team to each of the major islands of Hawaii." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusApril 28, 2419. Penthouse Lincoln Tower, LIR Towers, Sutvindr, Dardius. Dear Private Followers, this was the very best day of my life. Karla finally let me hold her baby, Romana. I didn't want to let her go. Listen to me, I'm talkin' all normal-like. Das wack, yo. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenGod, there's nothing here! I mean, there's more than enough stuff, but none of it is any good. Anything strong enough to break a lock, or crash through a door, is too heavy to get up the stairs. There's no crowbar, no lockpicking kit with detailed instructions. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryMore Quarantine please!
Story Quote"Anyway, after this happened, papa dated a few guys, but he never fell in love with anyone. That all changed when he went on a train trip with his sister and her family. They were trying to get to Roanoke, Virginia, but their train broke down in Kentucky." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusIt's coming up soon, man. It sucks, Karla and Romana can only be here for a day out of a year. They fine. They just live their lives like that. It the rest of us who gotta live withOUT them. Another year. Another year alone. I don't know what I'mma do with muhself. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI found a wire hanger, but that's useless to me. Even if I knew how to pick a lock, I think it's too thick. I have some drawstrings from a robe, or something. So if all else fails, I suppose I could hang myself. No, I don't know how to tie a noose either. Damn. #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingGod, those are terrible lyrics. Who's your jingle writer? Charlie Sheen?
Story Quote"Roanoke used to have something called the Roanoke Tail, with land that went all the way to the West Virginia border twenty miles away. They stayed that way until the war ended, and all states became free. Roanoke was never actually part of West Virginia." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusMama and baby are sleeping right now. Just had a crazy convo with the robot. Well, she ain't a robot. She an AI from the future, or somethin'? She's billions of years old, and only very recently got herself a humanoid body. It's a lot like mine. We're siblings, yo! #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenStanding at the bottom of the stairs, I take a deep breath. I have the wire hanger in one hand, and the drawstring in the other. There's gotta be something I can do with these. I don't know why I picked these two items, but my intuition is telling me something. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryI finally figured out why I can't save money. I totally forgot, I'm subscribed to a magazine called Scammers Weekly. I pay $900 a week, and they're supposed to send me a raw list of everyone that their parent company scammed. I've not been receiving it; I think it's a scam.
Story Quote"It is a beautiful state, especially if you go there in the fall when the tree leaves are changing colors. They got a really nice outdoor spot where everyone could see a lot of the trees. It was a little cold, but not too cold, and it didn’t rain or snow." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of Silenus"Karla and Romana gettin' ready to leave. Wish I could report sumthin' more interesting folks, but dat what happens when you got a baby. It sleeps and nurses. That's really it. She'll learn to do more eventually, tho. I'll be there. Until then, another room check. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenThe string is weak, but the hanger is hard to manipulate. I think my thinking is that I can wrap them together, and make something that resembles a rope that can actually hold onto something. Then I can pull the lock off. Maybe that could work. But using what? #LockedUpinHaven
JokeThe day I switch from good ol' fashioned toilet paper to shootin' a stream of water up my b-hole will bidet I die.
Story Quote"Lilac is best for Tinaya’s skin tone, so that’s the color of her dress. She loved it when she picked it out weeks ago, but she’s not so sure anymore. Fortunately, she’s standing in front of a time mirror. It’s not the same as the one in the Mirror Room." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusHard to believe that it's already been a whole day. It feels like I didn't get to see 'em at all. As midnight approaches according to the central time zone on Earth, Karla gets into bed. She don't have to be lying down, but she prefers it. I frown. They disappear. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenThere's a doorless minifridge here that must have been the prototype for the dorm room invention. It's heavyish, but not too heavy for me to get up the stairs. It IS bolted down, but it's loose. I think I can pull it free if I tackle it like a football player. #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingThese movies are geared towards children. There should be no curse words in the character names. They should have called him Poe Dangeron.
Story Quote"It was time to show these people how right they were to fear Team Matic. They approached a few passersby who weren’t dressed well, but also weren’t working, suggesting that they were the impoverished slaveowners that the man was talking about last year." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusDay 1 without Karla and Romana. I'm all alone again now. When Kar and I was young, we was chosen to be together. If she had to pass the baby on to the NEXT generation, I'da been the one to make it happen. It weren't required, but I luv her so much. I can't help it. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenThinking that it doesn't matter how hurt I get—because once I escape the basement, I can escape the universe, and get my immortality back—I slam against the minifridge over and over again. It's working. I see it peeling away from the floor. Then the door opens. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryDoctors have discovered a new symptom. If you're happy and enjoy life, or are unhappy, or if you're indifferent to life, or if you feel anything about anything, or nothing, you may have COVID. Seek medical attention if you're experiencing any of these feelings or non-feelings.
Story Quote"Two men cannot have a baby the normal way, and they were both so busy with their jobs, they had not thought much about anything else. They did want kids at some point, though, and they realized while they were watching the news that they wanted to help." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusThey's nothin' to do. It my job to wait in the penthouse fo a year until the three of them come back. I'm not to let anyone near where they'll return, or leave for any reason. I can watch TV, tho. We got an infinite library of media to pick from. Wadya wanna watch? #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenThis may be my last shot. As soon as the bad guy gets down here, he will put a stop to my escape attempt. I want this minifridge free and ready to go in case I only get one more opportunity to actually go through with my crazy plan, and it's only for a moment. #LockedUpinHaven
“Joke”Have you ever noticed how meteorites always land exactly in the middle of the impact crater? Every single time. What are the odds? I'll tell you what they are on a scale from impossible to God. God. That's why come I know that He exists. There is no other explanation.
Story Quote"I was alive already, but my fathers had not adopted me yet. When he and my grandma were both finally retired, they left Idaho, and moved all the way down to Florida. A lot of people like to retire there, because it’s sunny all the time, and really pretty." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusBeen bingin' dis funny old show called #DoctorWho, and been readin' about its history. A bunch of episodes was erased because dumbasses thought the storage devices they was on were more valuable than the art. But this is the time internet, so it don't matter to me. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI see someone coming down the steps out of the corner of my eye as I'm lunging for the minifridge one last time. I hit it so hard, it flies off of its bolts, and comes along for the ride as I somersault into the back wall. It hurts like hell, but it's done now. #LockedUpinHaven
True StoryWhen my dog does the twist in the other room, I can hear the jingle jangle of her dingle dangle, and that's how I know she has to go outside.
Story Quote"He doesn’t like people who look like me, or who are from countries like my home country. He thinks that everyone who wasn’t born in this country is automatically bad. Even if they were born here, if their parents weren’t, he just doesn’t like them anyway." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusNow I'm watchin' all of the dozens of movies in somethin' called da Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of dem are pretty good, but it's funny how they "science" works. Any first grade kid could debunk everthing in these things. Whatever, they're fun to use to relax. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenMy captor helps me up, and literally brushes the dirt off my shoulders. He smiles at me, but I can't tell much else about his face. My vision is blurry from the head trauma. Just as it's coming back into focus, I lose it again when he smacks me against my temple. #LockedUpinHaven
JokeWhy did the hospital patient take blood thinners? He had an arterial motive.
Story Quote"While they were there, they got a call from the adoption agency, telling them that a child was ready, but they had to get to New Jersey right away. They hadn’t gotten much time to relax. They quickly packed up their belongings, and got back to the airport." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusI'm bored o' watchin' this sturff. It all so ancient, ya know? I need to get muhself into some VR. I can go anywhere in dere. We can't connect to the Earthan network, but someone always copies the worlds for our use. This World Roller Coaster game looks kinda fun. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenHe's gone again. He didn't like all the noise I was making. At least that's what I guess. He didn't say one word. He didn't take the minifridge away, though. Still, I think I should wait. He's on edge right now, which makes it a bad time for an escape attempt. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryIf you still need proof that the Triune God rules over all, then just follow along here: 3 times 3, plus 3, minus 3, divided by 3 equals 3. Hail to the Triune God. Need I say more? It's right there, and impossible to deny. #hailtothetriunegod
Story Quote"By the time they were ready, they couldn’t leave anyway, because of a snowstorm that had formed over Canada. If that guy had just not gotten drunk, they would have arrived in New Jersey on time. Honestly, it’s kind of scary for me to think about, though." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusI was wrong, guys. The World Roller Coaster game was more boringer dan hell. The problem was, I couldn't get out of it until the ride were over. Some VR is like that. You gotta finish, or it'll finish you. No, not really, but it'll screw up the next program ya try. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI'm getting pretty tired and sleepy anyway, which is another reason to not try to escape at this point. Is anyone gonna come try to save me? Is anyone reading these? I'm going to just rest my eyes for a moment. I won't fall asleep, though, I promise. Send help! #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingHappy Easter, Heathens!
Story Quote"The ship did not launch with a superintendent, and it has not had one since, but it remains an option. Tinaya considered including it in her original proposal, but she was pretty sure that they would ask her to do it, so she intentionally left it out." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusAnother couple days, and already bored of VR too. Man, I think I understimated how hard this would be. My mind keeps driftin' to Karla and Romana. Their return are marked on de calendar, I don't need to think about 'em all the time. I need more long-term solution. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI woke up drooling. I don't know how long I was asleep, but it felt like a while. I was groggy, and off balance. The light were off too, so I stumbled around for the chain. Once I found it, I realized that I should not have slept. The basement has been emptied. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryElron Hubbard was executed for second degree conspiracy to dye a duckling blue by the Kentucky State Penitentiary on his birthday, and fun fact, also his birth TIME at 9:54, instead of midnight (for fun). He was 31, and is survived by all of his body thetans.
Story Quote"He clearly had no idea how Maqsud’s power worked, but was describing what Mateo imagined it looked like from the outside. It was reasonable to guess that Aristotle inherited the same gift, though it was unknown if he used it accidentally, or on purpose." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusSlept all day today. Think it's a sign of depression. What did I do to occupy mysalf last year, eh? Maybe I should just skip it all. Is there really any danger in that? The travelers left my stasis pod here. Mayhaps I could just take a wee nap. No one'll ever know. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenIt's not just empty, it's clean. It's definitely the same room, but the walls have been wiped down, and the floors mopped. The cobwebs that were hanging from the rafters are gone. I must have been out for days. I might not have even been down here the whole time. #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingJust call me The Cow, 'cause I'm on VACAtion.
Story Quote"A group of women who worked for the state took care of us in an orphanage. Reporters talked about what happened to us on the news, so actually a lot of people wanted to adopt us, but they first had to see if they could send us back to our birth parents." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusThe body I'm usin' weren't the one I was born with. Somebody made me a new one, but we still don't know who. This allows me to go for longer without eatin', sleepin', or whathaveya. The cloning pod they used doubles as a stasis pod too, so that's pretty wild, yeah? #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenOh, I just looked again. The minifridge is still here. It's also been cleaned. On top of it is the wire hanger, and the robe drawstring. My captor is taunting me. He knew that I was hoping to use them to rip the lock off of the door. Is this some kind of test? #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingHad a sex dream about Candy Kong.
Story Quote"When they found out that I did have some family in Africa, they decided that we would all three fly out there to meet them. As it turns out, my birth parents were dead, but my aunt had a husband, and they had a bunch of kids, who were my brand new cousins." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusMy instructions was to stay in the penthouse for the year, and that's what I wanna do to protect my fam, fam. The cloning/stasis pod is in the penthouse, ain't it? I think that counts. I can program it to detect danger. At least I should be able to. Gimme a minute. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenWell, if he wants to play games, then I'm just going to play along. Obviously, there's no reason to go through with my original plan. He's probably waiting for me to do that with a creepy mask, and a sharp weapon. I need to use this to send a message right back. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryMy hope is that I'll one day be so famous that I won't be expected to respond to ANYONE on Twitter, and the only people who will get mad about it are stalkers.
Story Quote"The closest one was Pennsylvania, but he decided to make a trip to West Virginia instead. He and my dad wanted to go down there for their anniversary, because it was really close to that museum in Virginia where they had first gotten to know each other." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusYeah, dis interface screen is mad intuitive. The designers planned for its use by dummies. It can let me know if someone rings the doorbell, or calls me on da phone. It can even disperse a sleeping gas if an intruder comes in. I probably won't do that one, tho, yo. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI'm not gonna try to bust the lock off with the fridge, but I'm not gonna leave these objects alone either. Its door is gone, but the hinge is sticking out. I tie the drawstring to it, and tie the other end to a pillar. Then I balance the fridge on its corner. #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingHang on, I'm inkling.
Story Quote"He lived in Nevada, and wanted to raise awareness for something called veteran healthcare, so he set about to take the longest hike on a single leg. He carried a pack on his back, and only used a cane to support himself. He walked 17 miles all in one day!" #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusAll right, kids! I'm gonna place myself in stasis, and program it to let me out in a week. Dis is but a test. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming after dat. But in the meantime, I'll schedule some personal thoughts for da future. That sound cool? #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenNow that the fridge is balanced, hanging off of the pillar, I unwravel the wire hanger, and mould it into the shape of an S. I wrap one end around the fridge's shelf, and let the rest of it stick out of opening, pointing towards the door. Yeah, it looks perfect. #LockedUpinHaven
“Joke”My favorite Clint Eastwood movie is Gay Macho. He plays that twink environmental lawyer with a tiny ding-dong so well. He was born for the role, I hear they wrote it with him in mind. He probably didn't have to do much acting. I hope this tweet hurts is fee-fees.
Story Quote"My papa had a real hard time on this trip. He had trouble walking, and he felt very weak all the time. I remember seeing him twitch while we were sitting around the campfire. He was also talking kinda funny, like he was trying to talk with his mouth full." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusHey, y'all! Past!Silenus here, comin' atchya from my stasis pod. Dis ting should open up on its own so I ain't stuck here for centuries. You ever see Buck Rogers? I ain't never have, but I hope it don't happen to me. I wonder what'll change on Dardius in 500 years. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenWhat is this all meant to accomplish? What did I just MacGyver out of the fridge, string, and hanger? Nothing. It's nothing. If anything, it's a dumb piece of art. And that's the point. It's just meant to confuse my captor, because what else can I do with myself? #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingI think widows and widowers should wear their wedding rings inside out, so it's clear what happened, and it's not just that they're divorced, and can't get over their ex.
Story Quote"He doesn’t find the time signaler, though. Tinaya remembered that her coat has a hidden inside breast pocket dimension. The zipper is invisible to anyone unless they hold a particular shade of green light up to it, which she can generate on her watch." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusIt's hard to come up with sumthin' to say when you know you won't be awake when peeps read it. I'm used ta jus bein' honest and open in the moment, ya know? Spontaneous is my middle name. It also Danger and Professional. Reply to me, e'erbody! I'll read it laters! #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenTo sell the lie that there is any point to the contraption I built, I'm kneeling behind the pillar, waiting for him to return, like it's an ambush. I've not seen any security cameras, but perhaps they're hidden, because it's not long before the door opens again. #LockedUpinHaven
“Joke”I'm a little embarrassed to say that I never quite finished the show '24'. I think I only watched—what was it—22 or 23…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………minutes of the pilot episode. Boom, ya burnt.
Story Quote"Humans, for whatever reason, evolved to have pitifully fragile necks, but it was relatively easy to engineer a superior substrate. Some called them superstrates. Vitalie could squeeze all she wanted, but there was no way she was breaking his windpipe." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusHad to delete the last several tweets I had banked up on account of my pod opening up days too early. Somethin' went wrong. Everythang in the penthouse is goin' of all at once. The water boiler, the smoke alarm; it's all out of wack. Danger zone all up in here, yo. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenMy captor came back down the stairs, and looked at me funny. When he asked me what I was doing, I told him to take a few more steps. He was hesitant, because he thought that I might actually have done something. I could barely keep a straight face. Am I #winning? #LockedUpinHaven
“Joke”I'm the tech on the heist team. Wait, I think I spelled that wrong. I meant lech.
Story Quote"That doesn’t mean that scientists aren’t trying to find a cure. Massachusetts has some really good doctors, but my fathers heard of a specialist in Pennsylvania who knew a lot about it, so they wanted to meet with her. I had to stay with my cousins again." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusThere can't be no weapons here, cuz of baby, so I find the closest thing. I got this bar that I hang up in the doorway to do pull-ups and stay ripped. It's a bit unwieldy, but I can wield it. Don't be on the wrong side of this thing if you fixin' to hurt my family. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenHe went back up, apparently legitimately scared that my minifridge apparatus can do him harm somehow. A moment later, I'm so sleepy, I can barely get this written. He's gassing me. That must be what he did last time. There's no hope for me. I'll forever be #LockedUpinHaven mmmmmm
NanostoryA few years ago, I was cast in a movie where one of my lines was, "I'm thinner than a pencil; that's why she picked me." I asked the producer to change it, because that didn't exactly describe me, but they kept it in, and I looked so stupid, I never got another role.
Story Quote"Some people can live 10 years after they find out that they have ALS, and I wish I could say that my papa was one of them, but he wasn’t. He found out in 2021, and you already know how this story ends. They did everything they could, but that wasn’t much." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusI just checked the whole penthouse, into the hallway, the steps, and elevator. Ain't nobody here, I don't know what the problem is. I'm gonna have to call the authorities, even though we don't like people trompin' all through here. I'll just have to fix it later. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenOkay, so he clearly wants me to send these messages out, because he's watching me do it. I woke up from my forced nap. We're standing on the landing of the basement steps now. He has this evil smile on his face. These posts aren't going anywhere. It's a big joke. #LockedUpinHaven
Language JokeNeoNazi Chic. Fascinista.
Story Quote"We didn’t do a lot of activities, but it was nice and quiet, since the party-goers were living their regular lives in other places. We spent a lot of time in the hotel, playing board games, and just talking. I skipped a lot of school in the fifth grade." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusNobody picked up when I called the cops. That's an issue, see? The reason we live here is 'cause LIR Towers is the safest place to be. We got military, cops, even the fire department, and a nearby hospital. What the hell is goin' on here? I can't get no help? Damn. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenI'm up in the main house now. It looks like you would think, as long as you think an abductor would live in a sparsely furnished home with no photos on the walls, and an unsettling smell that you just can't place. There is a dead man on the chair in the corner. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryMy new spaceship can't travel at the speed of light. It maxes out at the speed of gravity. I can't figure out how to make it go faster.
Story Quote"It landed on tails, which he had decided meant that he would be going to Oklahoma. I think he knew that he didn’t have very much time left, because that is where he died. He was sitting in a blue camping chair, watching the sunset with his favorite people." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusI ain't even sure my posts are gettin' thru. There's somethin' wrong with the network here. I finally got all the machines and gizmos turned off, but now they won't turn back on. It's real crazy, please send reinforcements. We only got a year to save L'il Romana. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenHe's pointing at the door now. He wants me to try it, but I'm sure I shouldn't. The doorknob is being superheated, or an anvil is going to fall on my head. I don't know, but if he wants me to step through it, then that's precisely what I can't do. I've refused. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryMy TruthSocial account was hacked. I don't even remember signing up for it, but my first—and probably only "real"—post is from the day that Adam Baldwin got me drunk at a sci-fi convention, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it.
Story Quote"When it was all over, we took papa’s cremains up to Minnesota. When you die, you might be buried in the ground, but they also may turn your body into ashes. It may be scary, but a lot of people want this to happen to them, and that’s what my papa wanted." #allfifty #fishquotes
Year of SilenusI holed up in Karla and Romana's room now. Someone's tryna get in. It's a hell of a lot of people. We're legit under attack, and I can't fight them off. All I can do is hope they don't come in and destroy this place so much that my family can't return here safely. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenHe's holding a gun up, and forcing me towards the door. Fine. If he wants to kill me in some elaborate Home Alone fashion, then I guess I'll let him. He could do it some other way, and I would be just as dead. I'm about to reach for the knob. Here goes nothing. #LockedUpinHaven
Random NothingGet back to me, I'm on avail.
Story Quote"Lataran continues the search, forcing Tinaya to follow. Neither one of them excelled at hand-to-hand combat in school, but the latter was always a little better at it. Though, to be fair, she didn’t go to college, so maybe the leaderboard has shifted." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Year of SilenusThey're breaking down this door now. If they do come in, they're gonna ruin everything. In order to protect them, I gotta distract them. I gotta make them think that there's no reason to come in here. I sneak out the emergency exit, but I make lotsa noise doin' it. #YearofSilenus
Locked Up in HavenIf my tweets were ever getting through the network, they're going through a new network now. I've literally fallen into a different universe. It's called Westfall, and my captor probably knew that the door would trigger it. The house he was keeping me in is gone. #LockedUpinHaven
NanostoryI cried as I was taking my glasses off for the last time before finally getting laser eye surgery after 15 years of being dependent on my glasses. The doctor said that my tears screwed up the procedure, and struck me blind, but I'm not suing, because I don't wear glasses anymore!
Story Quote"They didn’t know if he was born on Welrios, or what. For now, all they could do was sit tight. It was hours before Angela and a third version of Vitalie showed up to rescue them. They burst into the building, and destroyed the dampening field generator." #salmonverse #fishquotes
Site AlertNanofiction slots will now each be told from some new perspectives. The 0:15 slot will continue the #YearofSilenus. Tweets at 4:15 will be from #CricketandClaire. My alternate self, who is #BoredinBoreverse, will tweet at 8:15. The 12:15 slot will still be upcoming story quotes…

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