Pleadings From Boreverse

Microstory 2051: Greetings From Boreverse

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This is not my world. I don’t even know where I would call home anymore. I was born an unremarkable autistic kid in central Kansas in 1987, on a version of Earth. When I was four years old, a random cosmic accident imbued me with access to a higher plane of existence. From there, my knowledge and powers grew as more and more data came flooding in from these other dimensions. I started writing this information down in the form of fictional stories. But they weren’t fictional. They were just mostly happening in other universes. I even wrote myself into the stories, and occasionally interacted with my own characters. I didn’t realize the danger I was putting myself in, until the boundaries between my world and the rest began to blur, and instead of merely bringing characters to life, I was becoming part of a new story. A lot of stuff happened that I won’t get into, but it involves time travel, my alternate self, and a desperate scheme to retrieve my dog from a collapsed timeline. I let the other me live out his life, and sacrificed myself to the same collapse, essentially switching places with my dog, Daisy. But there was hope. My other self had all my same powers, and part of that was being able to generate characters at will, so he made me. He remade me, and inserted me into one of the most pleasant universes in the bulkverse. That’s where I met Cricket.

Cricket is a bioenhanced posthuman from Moderaverse, who lived in a world that stressed biological improvement over external technological development. I was starting to like it, but it did not last. We found ourselves being randomly sent to yet another universe, in another version of Earth. We were able to escape that, but not back to Moderaverse. We started to travel the bulk, meeting all sorts of new people, and making a new friend in a U.S. Marine named Claire Fuller. We continued to go on adventures together, vaguely trying to get back to Cricket’s world, but mostly just trying to find our place in the cosmos. In the meantime, I found myself with the ability to borrow my characters’ special powers, one at a time. The last one I took was true immortality, and I never gave it back. But I lost it anyway when I went to Havenverse, which doesn’t allow such gifts. The three of us lived there for five years, trying to make the best of it. But then we were separated when a powerful being put me in the crosshairs of an abductor. It was he who forced me through an interversal portal that I imagine was meant for him. Now I’m here, in a world that is not unlike Havenverse, but it’s even worse, because it’s boring. Everything just seems so dull and tedious. My immortality is still gone, but I was able to get it back temporarily, so at least I’m young again. The problem is that I have no identity, no money, and no place to live. I’m in this internet cafe to chronicle my struggles as I focus on essential needs before I can move on to more metaphysical ambitions. I have to get back to Cricket and Claire, whether that means returning to Havenverse, or finding them somewhere else in the multiverse. Until then, natives of this Earth, enjoy my daily updates in a new series that I call Pleadings From Boreverse. Sorry to have to call it that...but you sort of brought it on yourselves.
Day Two Cold, Or Whatever Technically the Top Floor My Real Problem Good Word For Me Precision of Language Off Another Cliff What If I Invented Football Of Opium Floating Anyway, I’m Taking Some Drugs From Womb to Tomb It Was Murder Naïve and Trusting Not Gonna Hurt You Just Backpedal a Little Something Less Monogamous Tongueball It There Are No Winners Godlings All The Way Down Wake Up Clean Turtles Heck of a Lot Worse Those Who Come in Late Her Last Period About My Weaknesses A Break of Such Length Where I Live and Work Struggling and Stammering It’s Frickin’ Perfect Half a Surprise Too Happy Here For Free Candy Pardon My Language Passing a Hat Around And Even Chaotic Into the Epicenter Ill Keep Fighting To Break Me Out Still Delusional Sometimes, Stuff Just Happens I’m Finally Back Home Not Depressed at All This New Life Chapter Not Thick Enough Before I Came Out I Even Did Poorly in English Where I Was Living That Slacking Pays Off All Over the City I Won’t Live a Lie You’re Only Hurting Yourself My New Dirty Job People Are Animals Maybe I Should Leave Die, Or Get Caught Freedom at Risk My Total Withdrawal Conflating it With Her Own Life That’s Fair, I Hope I Did Not Kidnap The Girl Been Burned Forward to the Food Dream to Fiction One Story at a Time Law is Clear Enough Cosmic Frequency Tiny Little Baby Boy A Rehabilitation Plan Expect Me to Be Grateful Try to Escape, Blah Blah Blah Sounds So Familiar Still Weighing My Options Suppose Makes Me Sexist Is Forever Called It Hustling Too Tired to Relax Carve Out Some Real Time Eat All the Things Not Lookin’ Good For Me Little Cell Don’t Have Anything Special Sweet in an Alarming Way All a Big Trade-off Maybe It Changed His Life Try the Punching Thing A Specific Person Death More Than Anything It Was the Crystals Booze and Smokes Smol Birb Friends Least of All Performer It’s Still Early Thursday Fresh Fake Baby Brains To Participate That I Hate You Wokest of Folk A Million of Anything Phone Calls in Jail But Not Covertly Stop Stopping Moving New Future Business Partners It Can’t Be Undone Tiny Home Community Whoopdee-Friggin-Do For You Jail For Everyone No Such Thing as Extra Can’t Ever Be Happy Trust the Wizard All Cons, All the Way Don’t Say No to a Warden Your Greatest Weakness Is Whiny Babies Professional Being Paid There is Violence Everywhere Recall the Bad Stuff It Mostly Breeds Resentment Refund and Take it Down Twist in My Life Not Gonna Happen, Buddy Better If I’m Flexible Fighting the Cause Captain To Be Distributed Belly in the Saucer And Young Dark About a Lot Taboo For People to Share Moving in the Right Direction Secretary is a Dirty Word Occupy the Same Space Interview Completely Naked Held My Fate In Their Hands A Commodity to Them Hierarchy is Required Don’t Listen to Me I Overstay My Welcome Trust in Other People Not There by Choice Ready to Hit the Ground Already Proud How Frivolous Unremarkable Piece of Wood Up a Reputation Should Have Not Jumped

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