Microstory 1907: Conversations

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Nick Fisherman: Guess who’s back with an off-brand old bag of tricks?
Tavis Highfill: What’s that now?
Nick: I’ll be the one asking the questions!
Tavis: ...were you gonna—
Nick: That sounds like the start of a question!
Tavis: It’s you. You’re back with an old bag of tricks. What does—I mean, I wonder what bag you’re referring to.
Nick: Do you remember a few years ago when we did the Interview Transcripts microfiction series, involving all kinds of different interview types?
Tavis: Yes, I recall.
Nick: We’re doing that again, except not as interviews. These are just general conversations.
Tavis and Nick: *salute* General Conversations. 
Tavis: Why do you salute with your middle finger, fourth finger, and pinky?
Nick: Because no one else does.
Tavis: Fair enough. Tell me about these conversations. Are they going to be real conversations that you’ve had with real people?
Nick: Absolutely not. I could not, and would not, betray someone’s privacy like that. Hey, wait a minute. First of all, I thought I told you that I was the one asking questions, and also, I seem to remember saying something like this last time.
Tavis: You probably did. You’re not very original or creative.
Nick: Well you’re me, so...
Tavis: So, great. A new series. It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of those.
Nick: Yes, it’s very exciting, and also very stressful. I’m worried that I don’t remember how to start a story anymore.
Tavis: I’m sure you’ll figure it out.
Nick: Thanks.
Tavis: I wonder if these will take place in the same universe as the interview transcripts, or in some other specific universe, or whether you won’t think much about it while you’re writing them.
Nick: They will actually take place in a new universe.
Tavis: Does that mean it’s completely new, or you’ve just not mentioned it before?
Nick: Not tellin’.
Tavis: *laughs* Very well, then.
My Parole Officer: Hey, usually when you do a fake conversation in one of your nanofiction tweets, I’m involved. Am I going to be a part of this too?”
Nick: Yes.
Tavis: Really? Wow. Okay, that’s weird. I can’t wait for tomorrow.
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