The Advancement of Mateo Matic Volume List

In 2015, I began telling the story of a man named Mateo Matic. At midnight following his 28th birthday, he disappeared from the timestream, and did not return until a year later. He has been traveling through time ever since, usually not alone, rarely in control, and generally with some sort of obstacle to overcome, or antagonist to work against. There will be 3,005 installments total, so while it’s one continuous story, it must be broken down into 52 volumes (one per posting year). The following is the list of volumes thus far.

Volume 1 (2015)
A man is only able to live for one day each year. Every 24 hours, he is sent forward in time exactly 365 days. He has no control over this, and as a new threat emerges, he must learn to live with himself while nearly everyone he loves is left behind.

Volume 2 (2016)
Two people are only able to live for one day each year. Every 24 hours, they are sent forward in time exactly 365 days. Now that they’ve established themselves in the timeline, both friends and enemies approach them with their own agendas, but how can they tell who to trust?

Volume 3 (2017)
A man who only lives one day every year struggles with the mysterious disappearances of his loved ones that only he remembers. Angry about recent deaths, and fixated on Mateo, the powerful rival pulling his strings won’t free him until he feels the same loss of which she will never be able to let go.

Volume 4 (2018)
A woman who jumps forward one year at the end of every single day fights to help people, and protect those she cares for, despite missing out on so much. New friendships are forged, old enemies return, and she begins to realize that not everything she thinks about reality may be entirely accurate, or complete.

Volume 5 (2019)
A couple who jump forward one year at the end of every day witness the birth of new civilizations on Earth’s nearest exoplanetary neighbors. They will not always be able to stick together, and they are never in control, but their love has survived an onslaught of attacks, and they know that it will surive this too.

Volume 6 (2020)
A small group of people who experience time at an accelerated rate search for a time-traveling assassin, and deal with the consequences of that assassin’s actions. Enemies will become allies, and even friends, their lives will be turned upside down, and the very nature of reality will be called into question.

Volume 7 (2021)
A team of time jumpers continue their mission of helping people from multiple realities improve themselves, and transition to better lives. Control will shift yet again, but the team will not go down without a fight, and they may finally find the opportunity to begin writing their own destinies.

Volume 8 (2022)
Now that the lineup has been irreversibly established, and their reliance upon the direction of any external force removed from the equation, Team Matic must decide for themselves what missions to take. As they approach the year that changes everything, they may find themselves on a long detour.

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