Bellevue Profiles

Microstory 101: Bellevue Profiles Introduction

A very long time ago, a group of scientists were living in a dystopia. Because of this, the regulations on scientific endeavors were all but nonexistent. They broke nearly every law of ethics and began to perform genetic manipulation experiments on human subjects. Their results were inconclusive at best, and extremely volatile at worst. Many of their guinea pigs died, but a few of them survived and propagated the species. Their bloodlines showed little to no signs of being different than regular universal humans. Eventually, their history was forgotten as lore. Thousands of years later, however, upon the birth of The Keystone, these anomalies were awakened. During evolution’s final push back towards the mean, a certain number of people began to exhibit extraordinary abilities. Each of these had their own particular set of skills, and Generation Twos were notably rare. The Keystone gathered them to an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere. There they taught each other further skills, and argued over what their purpose in the world may be. But very few of their origin stories took place in Bellevue...

Jaklyn Simonds
Shaun Rice
Helen Larkin
Blake Williams
Colton Underwood
Jayson Casy
Verner Holt
Seoc Lyne
Bernard Maly
Serenity Theodo
Catriona Rice
Clarity Garner
Persius Xylander
Wilma Vann
Upton Starr
Milo Chombers
Patience Cooney
Hugh Normanson
Ellen Snider
Cesare Mancini
Francis Deering
Hosanna Katz
Sandro Watts
Alonso Silva
Connor Higgins
Baldwin Grant
Donna Belmonte
Andrew Langlais
Therasia Jarvi
Radimir Lazarov
Adam Nicks
Alter Orenstein
Phaedra Wirth
Spyridon Colonomos
Zoey Attar
Posie McKenna
Flora Canto
Hester Khan
Máire Lyne
Setsuko Kawaguchi
Tracy Wickham
Ulysses Juno
Molly Bloom
Laurence Cardinal
Arthur Layshen
Emmanuelle Langlais
Hector Cubit
Solange Attar
Gus Arnett
Dores Roach
Drummond Breckenridge
Vivian Polzin
Claude Bonner
Quang Phan
Ambrose Richardson
Cambrio Yates
Ceres Concordia
Neil Studwick
Ahmed Darzi
Rick Rain
Denton Wescott
Hankford Apolomure
Dathan Shapiro
Ling Guo
Stephen Berg
Mason Palomino
Freeman Sesto
Valary Sela
Cleveland Montana
Leary Novak
Cosmo Drexler
Stella Pelto
Anton Vann
Ormonda Brooks
Tamra Shore
Generosity Larkin
Straton Giles
Sara Medina
Basil Ploutos
Blossom Sadler
Diane Ghoti
Bree Nolan
Ossia Mulloy
Mandy Alto
Cleopatra Marino
Peyton Resin
Fiona Mill
Levi Jacobson
Monique Attar
Mosi Jengo
Paulo Rocha
Luka Drake
Otto Vann
Vilhelm Kardos
Gary Prose
Alicia Baxter
Crescentia ‘Tia’ Norris
Keegan Honors

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