Microstory 800: Dreams (Introduction)

Dreams! (dreams, dreams) Dr-dr-dr-dreams! I’ve been posting my dreams on a special Twitter account since October of 2010. The point was to not only remember my dreams, and develop better control over my thoughts, but to engage my creativity. I did it for a little while before stopping, and I believe I picked it up a few times over the years, before recently deciding that I needed to be more diligent with it. As I was working on the future of my website, I came up with my idea for the 900 series, because the number fit well, but that meant I had nothing for 800, and obviously I can’t focus too much on ten steps from now, I need to know what I’m doing before that. Adapting my dream tweets seemed like the most reasonable use of this space, especially since I amassed enough of them to pick the absolute best ones, so that’s what you’re going to get now. It’ll be a nice break, because I realized I don’t have to come up with photos that match the topics I’m writing about. All I need to do is slap a screenshot of the original tweet, and that should be enough to catch your eye on social media links. It’ll also be nice because I have for a while now been beholden to my own canons, but now I can to stretch my legs, and come up with stories free from these narrative constraints. I don’t even have to follow any set of physical laws, because you can literally do anything in dreams, even create stable paradoxes. I’m conflicted about my feelings towards this series. A part of me worries that any one, or more, of them could give rise to a new franchise that I had not been planning to do. Another part of me is excited for this possibility. This could get complicated. I think that’s pretty much all I need to say about this, as it’s a fairly easy concept to grasp. Every time I write one of these, I’m gonna be listening to a playlist of songs I like that involve the topic of dreams, just so you know how committed I am to my trade.
Burial Ground Fountain of Truth Kicker Through the Roof Psychic Killer The Future and the Past Shower Scum Diamond in the Rough Seven Year Stitch Driverless Inevitable Water Shoes There is Sanctuary Timebomb Open Book Fly in the Teeth Part I Fly in the Teeth Part II Gum Up the Works Self-Help Attack Dogs Fits and Starts The Room Bear to Cross Make All Ends Meet Dodo Hurt a Fly Worst of Both Worlds Spitting Image Broad Side of a Barn The Hunted and the Elite Devil and the Deep Brown Sea Doesn’t Kill You Cold War Insight The King and the Scourge Goodbye Children Family Trip Man of War Alien Low Man on the Ladder Subtweets Band Together Defenestrated Remake a Killing Trapdoors Galore Shelter Crabby Airplane Parents Waters Run Deep Relative Majority Preacher Man Evil Noisemaker Sleeping Gods Lie Between Man and Wolf Stab At It A Bridge Too Far Drive Out Scorpion Virus Wash Out Pyramid Scheme X Gratia Family of Thieves Need to Know Hostage to Fortune Cashier or Credit Pierced Through Steadfast Fall at the Final Hurdle Lemon-Drizzled Bananas The Scoots Pearl of Folly Equipathy Frenemies Translucent Government Forensic Countermeasures Deer to my Heart Man Planes, God Laughs Edison Phone Eyes Glued Lights Out The Cardoso Method This is Your Rifle Forced Perspective Sap-Tinted Glasses Evitable Fish Out of Water Surge A Letter Home Healing Glass License to Die Trinity And Twins Letters to the Shredder Three Speed, Part 1 Three Speed, Part 2 No Small Parts Wrong Guy Gerrafy and Nanomouse Tragic Magic

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