Monday, June 13, 2022

The Advancement of Mateo Matic: April 10, 2398

The six of them had a lovely dinner. They tried not to think about the fact that Olimpia wasn’t there to enjoy it with them. When most of the team was missing, it was sad, but at least they could fight to get them back. And at least there was more than one. Now that there was only one outstanding member, it felt like a betrayal; like they were excluding someone on purpose, even though of course, they weren’t. Leona still had trouble being convinced that they would not jump forward at the end of the day. As she saw it, it was programmed into their DNA, and their neurology, and the only way they could suppress it was with the Cassidy cuffs...until now. This place, this whole layer of reality, suppressed all nonlinear time. It was more than that, though. Not all of the upgrades that Ramses designed for their bodies had anything to do with the manipulation of time. Their strength, their ability to convert sunlight into energy; it was highly advanced, but not time travel. Not even their form of immortality was time-based. He used more traditional forms of cellular regeneration that were common throughout human civilization in the main sequence. For these reasons, Ramses and Leona are pretty confident that a person, or a group of people, were responsible for the state of things here. No natural phenomenon explained it...not in this universe, anyway. It was not time to investigate it, though. It was time to rest, and sleep, which they needed more of these days.
This unit was made with three bedrooms, which allowed Marie and Heath to keep the master, and Mateo and Leona to have the medium-sized one. Angela had the smaller one all to herself, while Ramses slept on the couch. Everyone was comfortable and content. Come midnight central, Leona was proven wrong. They were still there, having not missed a second. This might only last another day before they solve the problem, or they’ll have to wait four years, just like Marie did. There was no way to know right now. When they woke up, Ramses and Heath went to the store together to pick up some supplies. The former needed parts to build his own tiny cameras from scratch, and that wasn’t not something the latter could help with, but he wanted to be involved. Meanwhile, the two Angelas spent the day together, talking about secret things. They probably needed to figure out what they were going to tell the friends that Marie made here in this world of muggles and mundanes. They looked exactly alike, which she could probably explain away by saying they were estranged twins, but Marie also looked four years older, and that might be easy to spot for eagle-eyed viewers. The Matics decided to take a tour of the city, going to all the spots that they were familiar with, including the Forger’s original den, Aura and Samson’s house in Mission Hills, and even the warehouse where Mateo gave Leona her kidney. Nothing. Everything was normal. Mateo suggested they broaden their search, and try looking for answers in far away places, starting with Lebanon, Kansas, and even to Antarctica, where the Nexus should be. These were good ideas, but they would all have to wait for another day.

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