Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Microstory 268: Perspective Forty-Three

Perspective Forty-Two

I’m not a gorram stalker. There is this thing called frequency illusion. Basically, once you first encounter something (or someone) notable, you suddenly start seeing it everywhere. It’s important to recognize that the only reason this is happening is because this person or thing had not yet made an impact on your memory. So of course you didn’t notice it before. That’s the point. There is also this psychological phenomenon that’s commonly referred to as paranoia. I assure you that this is what’s happening here. I moved to town a few months back. I’ve been doing yoga pretty much my whole life, and needed to find a new place. I tried a class with this one guy who shouldn’t be allowed to call himself a yogi. He’s obviously there for the women. I can see the way he looks at his students and smiles without showing any teeth. It’s creepy and disturbing how he “assists” the ladies with their poses. I know that instructors are supposed to do that, to some degree, but I noticed he never once helped the men. And there were some guys there who were obviously new to the practice and could have used some help. So I stopped taking classes from him, and didn’t give it much thought. But I did end up meeting a nice old lady there who happened to live in one of the apartments above the studio. I go over there on the regular to help her with her bills and other errands. I don’t get anything out of this relationship, but I don’t have much family, and I guess I’m hoping someone randomly shows up to do that for me when I’m that old. But that yoga instructor lives up there too, and he seems to think that I’m following him. I tried to explain what’s really happening, but he is convinced of his own irresistibility. There is nothing less attractive than a man who think girls around him can barely hold in their lust. He’s not ugly, but he’s not that great. And besides, I know how hot I am. If I wanted a guy, I could probably get him. I would never feel the need to stalk him. Dude needs a reality check. And I need to get to a meeting.

Perspective Forty-Four

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