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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Microstory 1002: Vance

You’re interviewing the entire senior class for this? No, that doesn’t sound ambitious so much as reaching. What do you hope to get out of this series? It’s not like the suspect pool is limited to a hundred people. Anyone in town could have killed her, and I do mean anyone in it, not just the people who live here. It’s not like we have a giant wall preventing other people from getting in. She was discovered on the edge of town, so anybody could have snuck in and done the dirty deed without anyone else noticing someone suspicious. If you’re just trying to get an idea of who Viola was, you’re still doing too much, because I didn’t know her at all. As crazy as it sounds, my family moved back to this town just before I started high school four years ago. My grandma got sick, and my mother desperately wanted to move us all to somewhere familiar. That’s right, we were all living in the city, but since grams was on her last legs, mom wanted to surround her with people she grew up with. Of course, my grandmother was over a hundred by the time she died, so everyone she knew growing up was already dead anyway. Plus, all the buildings and streets have changed, so it was really a stupid idea. Kind of like this interview. Sorry that was mean, but I just call ‘em like I see ‘em. Anyway, I know you’re not here to learn about me. Viola seemed like a cool chick, but we weren’t friends. I have my own group of friends in Coaltown, so you wouldn’t know them, but that’s a whole list of other suspects you could look into, if you have a million years lying around. Viola and I were lab partners once, so I’ve been to her house, which was apparently kind of a rare event. Her parents are not like anything you would think would raise someone as gentle and pleasant as Viola. Their house is littered with posters and decorations from all over the world, but I know for a fact that they haven’t stepped foot outside of Mineral County. My father works at the travel agency, so if they had left, we would know about. So I guess Viola’s parents are just obsessed with the idea of traveling, but have never been brave enough to do so. They’re certainly rich enough to do it. She doesn’t work, and he’s the big boss, so they would have time for it too. Maybe that’s why they’re so unpleasant. I don’t know how Viola survived that. Though I suppose, she didn’t. I dunno, they’re weird people. You should be interviewing them. You want me to say something about Viola herself? Well, she was lovely, of course. I’ve no clue why anyone would want her dead. I couldn’t have finished that lab project without her. I’m not dumb, but I have no motivation to do well in school, since you don’t need much education to be a flight attendant. All I care about is languages. It makes it a lot easier having someone else rely on me to make sure they do okay. That’s really it. Like I was saying, I know Maud, but I didn’t know Viola.

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