Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Microstory 1588: Inside Rain

It’s raining inside my house
There’s not a hole in the roof, or anything
There just appears to be a magical tiny cloud in here
Full of rain

I’ll turn on the lights
It’s nothing
“There it is again. There’s rain in here”
There are streams of tiny droplets flying around inside my house
There are rivulets running from the sink
The ceiling fan is swirling
It is pouring water outside, but inside, the rain doesn’t stop
The amount of rain isn’t right for the space
It’s somehow magically getting sucked in here
There’s a web of tiny clear water drops suspended in the air in the kitchen
There are tiny strands of electric current floating in the air
Between my hands and the lights
It’s raining inside my house, and I can’t turn it off
I am hopelessly lost, unable to find the source of the rain
I am losing control
I am at war
This is what it’s like to have a migraine
I’m screaming at people, but they’re no longer there
The world is completely warped
I start bleeding from the eyes
They feel like they’re about to fall out
I’m so confused, I can’t find the words
There’s a carpet of sunflowers with tiny flecks of...

...of diamonds and gold
It’s money I can’t use
I won’t
It’s raining inside my house, and I don’t want it to stop
It washes away my past
It clears a way to the future
“You have to get your house in order,” they say
Well here I am, I’m doing it
I’m cleaning
I’m letting go of everything holding me back
I couldn’t do it better myself if I tried
Nothing is as powerful as this
As exacting
As relentless
It’s raining inside my house
And when it stops, I will be free

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