Thursday, February 26, 2015

Microstory 2: Umm......What?

And so it was not that the man and his pet daffodil made the tedious and brief journey across the barren ocean sky. Burning snow rose from the ground and disappeared into the forest of plastic rubber bands. A miniature giant roared quietly and asked for spare change. The man took the change from the giant and apologized for its gratitude. The daffodil lifted her arms and bowed. The man smiled darkly before throwing the daffodil into a nearby meteor shower and forgetting about it nostalgically. The overshadow of an inferior man blinded the man as he slipped into something less comfortable. The end was far behind. The man whose name was Bob opened the window and jumped in to say goodbye to Bob whose name was The Man. And I lifted my eyes to see the valley below. And there I could hear the silent faces of the man; the man, Bob; Bob the Man; the miniature giant; the inferior man; the daffodil; and the temporary mouse. And then she unlocked the doors of the bowling alley on the sixth day of school. And someone said, "um...what?" I think it was you.

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