Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Microstory 1: Then You

The other day, you struggled out of the twisted metal that was once your car. Then you soared through the air, and watched as cans of beer slammed into the windshield. Then you fell asleep at the wheel. Then you ran two red lights and nearly hit a pedestrian. Then you grazed a mailbox, twisting the post so that it was going in the wrong direction. Then you crawled into your car, from the passenger side. Then you spilled your coffee in the doorway. Then you put your pants on backwards and your shirt on inside out. Then you tried desperately to rub the cracks out of your phone screen. Then you threw your phone across the room to stop the alarm. Then you woke up at dawn. Then you went to bed a couple hours before dawn. Then you got home. Then you rubbed your eyes and stepped out of the car. Then you remembered what you needed and made a stop at the liquor store. Then you left work after a grueling double shift. Then your coworker suggested that you buy the boss a case of beer to butter him up so he'll give you that promotion. Then you took on some extra work. Then you didn't go through with the plan. Then you planned on quitting your job. Then you got to work. Then you got a couple hours of sleep after another grueling double shift.

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