Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Microstory 747: Hex

The Hex were a coven of witches at their prime in the early 20th century with malevolent intentions. At this point in the galaxy’s history, there were few regulations regarding craft. Some used their knowledge for good, while most used it simply to make their lives easier. A few, of course, saw craft as something to be used to its greatest potential, exploiting loopholes to further their agenda to control the worlds. At any one time, there were only six witches in this coven. As one member died, another would be called to replace them. No one fully understood how many times this cycle continued, since the coven would stealthily move across the stars before authorities could catch them. The oldest surviving member was a man name Epihui Ronson, who was the sickest of them all. Though he did not openly lead the group, he was its founder, and wielded the most control over them, by literally controlling their minds. He let his mouthpieces go on believing that everything the coven did was their idea. They were directed to make claims to new members that, upon their death, they would find themselves in an afterlife of paradise. In truth, the engagements they worked on mostly only served to increase Ronson’s own power. The engagements, however, did not always work as they were meant to. One such of these led the near-death of a woman named Heldika Marlian. Ronson took pity on her, and against his better judgment, chose not to finish her off, thinking she would die soon anyway. Having learned the truth about who Ronson was, and what the coven was for, Heldika pulled herself out of the ditch that was meant to be her grave, returned to the First World, and began to study everything she could about death. After years of practice, she learned how to bring people back from the brink. She then formed her own rival coven to follow Hex around, and revive Ronson’s sacrifices. With these, she was able to secure even greater numbers for the Doladerstun coven, eventually succeeding in creating the largest coven in galaxy history up to that point. One day, they combined their power, and operated as one. They defeated Ronson, ultimately having no choice but to kill his current five covenmates. Following their success, the Doladerstun coven broke apart into many distinct covens, each one named after a letter in the original. And that is how we came to have the Eleven Great Covens of Wiktea.

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