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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Microstory 922: The Spread of Truth

A part of me was surprised by King Dumpster’s upset victory in the presidential race, while the cynical part of me was not surprised at all. I had lived 29 years of my life by then, and had already met a lot of assholes. Sure, the election was a wakeup call for how bad it really is, but I could always see it. Here’s the deal, though. We’re on the cusp of great change; not just a blue wave, or even a simple revolution, but of a sudden jump in progress, and an actual dawn of justice. While politicians cater to lobbyists, and hicks who don’t even vote for their own self-interests count the broken down cars on their lawns, bunches of smart people are solving all our problems. They’re developing artificial intelligence, coming up with responses to climate change, formulating life-saving medicines, and much more. Soon, everyone will have enough food to eat, and a sturdy shelter in which to eat it. We won’t have to work as much anymore, and the topic of war will be limited to history discussions. But none of this can happen without the support of the rest of us. You see, at the same time that Ferguson, Charlottesville, Brexit, and Donald Trump illuminated what we’re fighting against, it equally showed us who we can trust. These shockingly divisive issues created a naughty and nice list for most of us. I know who of my social media friends voted for the wrong candidate, but I also know who made the right choice. These debacles forced everyone to take a stand, on whichever side that may be. It’s easier to fight an enemy when you know who they are. So we’re going to take up our Captain America shields, and defend the truth, without sacrificing our integrity. And we’re going to win. They may think they have God on their side, but their God is also an asshole, and his power relies on our belief in, and submission to, his wrath. I’ve looked into the future, and I don’t see any red hats. I just see love and truth.

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