Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Microstory 937: Education

As you’ve seen from a few other posts, and will continue to see as this series continues, I’m a huge proponent of education. I believe in the availability of knowledge, and the truth that understanding is the true purpose of life. I’ve worked at literally dozens of different companies, and many of these organizations are almost completely meaningless. As depicted in films like Office Space, most of your jobs are complete nonsense. In the beginning of civilization, everything anyone did mattered. There were those who grew corn, because people needed to eat corn to survive. The corn growers traded with the fur traders, because they needed furs to keep them warm, so they could survive in the winter until they could go back to planting corn. And the fur traders needed shelters to live in, so they traded with builders to build the shelters. And thus the fundamental tenets of capitalism were born. Despite what fancy-pants words get thrown around regarding how other nations handle their governmental rule, or lack thereof, we are all capitalists. I perform labor for you, you give me money. I give you money, you give me product or service. Nearly everyone operates on these principles, whether they like it or not. A few smatterings of communes and hermits manage some modicum of independence from this, but not in all ways. They don’t create their own fabric from scratch, nor the saddles on their horses. Capitalism is not the best way to run a planet; it’s just the only one that works for now. But this can change, and it all come down to education and awareness.

The main reason so many teenagers are getting pregnant is because they’re being taught misguided practices, primarily by religious nuts, who more often than not, do not practice what they preach. The reason people all over the world are starving and homeless is because we are indoctrinated from birth to horde our resources. Some altruistic people teach their children that it is noble to give to those in need, when instead, we should all be taught that this is just something that you do. Our whole society is built upon the concept that, if you want to help someone else, you have to lose something of yourself. We are actively discouraged from such behavior, which makes it even harder for the willing to actually do some good. It all comes down to education. The more people who know more, the better we all are. If Teds—Nugents and Cruzes alike—of the world were given a proper education, they might be able to see how their political positions are harming others. Without it, their ignorance is killing people.  We should do away with the unproductive and counterproductive work that some rich people fabricated for the sake of wealth. Sure, it builds employment, but in this day and age, with so much automation, is that really necessary anymore. I’m not saying we should all go back to farming corn (which is a trash crop) and trading furs (which is cruelty at its worst). I’m just saying that we should focus our attention on contributing positively to the betterment of the human race, and the world in general. And that all comes down to education.

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