Friday, November 16, 2018

Microstory 975: Millennials

Not only have I never identified as a millennial, but I’ve also never identified as any generation. That’s probably because the whole generation system ignores individuality. I’ve been known to do it, which you can see by running a simple search on my website, but we really shouldn’t categories large groups of people based on trivial properties. I can’t necessarily relate to a man born on the exact same day at the exact same hospital as me, because we were each born to different parents, and raised by different people, in different places. Our contemporaries have different expectations of us, and we hold different worldviews. These are truths that I think you’ll find it hard to argue against, even if you believe in astrological nonsense, yet you expect me to relate to everyone born anywhere in the world within a range of, what, twenty years? I don’t believe all that, and if you think about it for a minute, I doubt you really do as well. It’s an absurd suggestion, that we all behave the same way, and agree with each other over all or most things. When someone says something about a millennial, usually how they contrast with others, they’re generally just talking about young people. But the reality is that young people always see things differently than their older counterparts. If this weren’t true, we would still be stuck obsessed with ridiculous religion doctrine that once kept us from progressing and developing. Those complaining about us were once under comparable derision from their own predecessors as they were protesting the Vietnam War. It’s funny how they’ve forgotten about that. So is there any real difference between us and them? Well, not if you get too specific, but there are some generalizations that can address the mainstream, but it still gets complicated.

I keep hearing people talk about voter trends, and how the younger crowd disenfranchises themselves, but if they did vote, they would overwhelmingly vote liberal. Okay, well here’s the problem. That’s always been the case; young people tend to not vote, and old people tend to vote. This suggests that those people, who once did not vote, are now voting. Why aren’t they voting liberal, like they supposedly would have before? They’re the same people, so what changed? Did they all just become assholes who only vote in their best interests, rather than the greater good? Yes, that’s exactly what happened. They’ve settled into their lives, usually believing themselves to have worked their asses off—whether it’s true or not—and start seeing less accomplished as failures. That too has always been the case. Children are dreamers, who believe in the good of the world, only to grow up jaded by the hatred and selfishness they didn’t realize was out there. So let’s go back to this idea of the millennial. The true difference between this generation, and all who come before us, is that we’re sick of this shit, and we’re never gonna grow out of that. We will continue to fight for fairness, and love, and inclusion, and equality. We will snuff your tiki torches, and we’ll investigate your Russian spies, and we will vote your asses out! As we get older, and start coming into positions of power, we will actually start changing things, because your way was never truly working. You just thought it was. So go ahead and scoff at the kids who don’t know what they’re talking about, because you will one day be as dead as your rotten ideals. I’m gonna live forever. Kids have always thought they were invincible, but because of medical science, and other technological advancement, it’s actually true for us.

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