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Friday, January 25, 2019

Microstory 1025: Frederick

Hi, everybody. This is Alma again. When I started this project, I had no idea how honest people would be with their stories. This town is full of secrets, but it’s like the school newspaper has this magical power to get everyone to reveal things they wouldn’t say in any other setting. I cannot explain it, unless there’s something in the water. The urban legend is that all water in Blast City contains trace amounts of gold, which in drinking, supposedly helped the mining company’s founder divine where to dig. Ralph seems to think that I’m the one with the power to get people to talk, but that never happened to me before I moved here. Anyway, some of these secrets are a little bit harder to hear than others, and they’re even harder to transcribe. People have nasty, horrible thoughts about their peers, which is why humans came up with civilized society. I’m taking a break from the piece to warn you that this document contains the whole truth about Viola’s death, and everything that led up to it. The authorities were wrong, as was just about everyone else in town. I don’t have the evidence to prove it, but there is something going on that’s far more nefarious than a catfight gone wrong. I’m taking my opportunity to speak on this now, because of what I said about how honest people can be. I’ve chosen to retain the confessions that you can read once we reach those particular points in this series, but I’ve chosen to exclude Frederick’s perspective. He’s a despicable approximation of a man, who has backwards ideas about what purpose women have in the world. He has a better reputation at this institution than he should, and if you would like to hear what he said about Viola, you can request it from me privately. I’m still waiting to hear from my lawyer before I’m confident I can safely release the tape of his interview, because of how revolting it was, so be patient. I did not endeavor to tell the personal stories of the senior class at Blast City Senior High. I intended only to gain a full picture of how Viola impacted the people who knew her best. One thing I intuited before I even started was that her family did not really know her at all. One thing I learned through all this, however, is that no one else did either. Combined, the stories appear contradictory, and though there are zero lies within the text, there are conflicting viewpoints, and a lot of rejections of reality. No one lied to me, but they do lie to themselves. This series will continue next week, and go on from there, uninterrupted by my commentary.

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