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Friday, February 22, 2019

Microstory 1045: Sylvester

Fun fact, Viola and I share the same name meaning. Sylvester means of the woods, and as you know, she was Viola Woods. That’s not really that important, but she pointed it out to me once, so I figured I would share it. I’m the high school guy who got his girlfriend pregnant, and we decided to go through with it. The baby isn’t due until the very beginning of summer, though, which is why Pearl and I will still be finishing out our senior year. We spent a lot of time discussing this with all of our parents, and we’ve come up with a plan. She and I were both accepted to the same college nearby. Ferroworth is neither of our first choices, but it’s a good institution, and it’s best for everyone that we be close to home. Starting next year, she is going to stay at home and take care of the little bobo, while I go to college for two years. But I will be living at the house, so it’s not like I won’t be part of his or her life. After those two years are up, I’m going to take a yearlong break, while Pearl starts her own classes. We have to switch at that point, because the school has a deferment limit of four semesters. Plus, I don’t want her taking all the responsibility while I focus so much on my own life. When the baby is three years old, they’re going to be starting preschool, which will allow me to go back to college, though probably not fulltime. I’m still figuring out what I want to study, so I’m not sure what kind of program I’ll be going into yet, or how many credits it will require. I may not be able to graduate in four years, but that’s okay. We have a lot of help from our respective families. They weren’t upset or disappointed in us. We’re not Catholic, or anything; everybody’s pro-choice, but everybody also wants this child, including Pearl, whose decision is the only one that matters. We can do this, and part of that is thanks to Viola. She knew a lot of people, presumably all over the world. She was friends with someone in the admissions department at our college. Don’t worry, she didn’t get us in, so there’s nothing unethical going on here. But he was able to work with us on the deferment plan that would best fit our needs. Viola also knew some rich woman in Ferroworth, who practically bought us a house. It’s not in the best shape, so we’re expected to pay a discounted rent, and fix it up, so she can rent it out later at a more lucrative price. We are going to make it, but not without help from all of our friends. Everyone at Blast City Senior High has been really supportive and helpful, but no one more than Viola. That’s how I knew her.

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