Thursday, July 4, 2019

Microstory 1139: Dar Tresler

The source mages were a group of people whose time powers are not well understood. The prevailing theory is that they were all in crucial stages of development in their mothers’ wombs when the small town of Springfield, Kansas was transported to the rogue world of Durus during the Deathfall. Ultimately, eleven children were born as a special class of temporal manipulators, who may not have been born without those powers had their circumstances been different. It would seem an unlikely coincidence if they all just happened to be regular choosing ones, and the Deathfall portal had nothing to do with it. Still, no one really knows the truth. Dar Tresler was one of these children, who would grow up to realize that ve did not accept traditional categorization of gender assignment. Ve considered verself to be androgynous, feeling equally feminine and masculine. When the Deathfall occurred, the world was living in 2016, which wasn’t exactly the wokest period of human history, but it was getting there. Dar felt safe. Vis friends, and the town, accepted ver without question, allowing ver to be verself, and be treated with respect. Dar was a motherly/father individual, who cared for the town, even though ve was one of the youngest people there. While Valda saw it as their duty to lead their people in this new world, and Jeremiel was focused more on being revered, Dar wanted to be a teacher. Or rather, ve was concerned more with how well the town learned to live successfully on a planet of monsters, and other dangers, with no way home. Ve became good friends with Lubomir, who had a similar position on priorities. Together, they made sure Springfielders remembered to be kind, even when confronted with their worst darkness. Many wanted to execute the tyrant Smith’s loyalists, for having brought their new society to the brink of destruction, but Dar and Lubomir managed to dissuade them from the violence. When Yeong and Limbani wanted to create the mage games, so they could determine who amongst them deserved powers of their own, Dar was adamant that the contestants be trained beforehand. The competition shouldn’t be about natural talent, but the potential for greatness. People weren’t always happy with Dar’s decisions, but ve would go down in history as the most profoundly influential, once Durus was old enough to appreciate what ve had done for them.

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