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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Microstory 1159: Anchor Nielsen

Anchor Nielsen was a fairly powerful mage remnant. He could open windows to other points in time and space, and witness events on the other side. The good news was that he could do this in secret, so that people didn’t know he was watching. The bad news was that he couldn’t interact with them, and he certainly couldn’t travel through. They were windows; not portals. The phallocratic Republic recruited him when he was a teenager, to work for covert operations. They would have him spy on suspects, and report back to them. But Anchor was not a normal man, and though he felt he had no choice but to help, he didn’t want to give them everything. He insisted that he use his power in solitude. No one else was allowed to see what he saw, and if he didn’t want them knowing about something he saw, he reserved the right to simply not disclose it. Most of the men of the time were indoctrinated into believing, not that women were inferior, but that they couldn’t be trusted. His father raised him a little differently; he taught him to love. Anchor loved his mother, and his younger sister, and he couldn’t imagine not trusting them. So if he could trust those two, what exactly was stopping him from trusting other women? Nothing. The government wanted him to report on what they called rebellious female activity, but he adamantly refused. He would help catch murderers, rapists, and thieves, but he couldn’t let his abilities be used to oppress innocent people even more. This got to be so irritating for his superiors that they ultimately let him go, and he transitioned to a new life. He went back to school, and stayed there for a good long while, until he was educated enough to be a professor himself.

He ended up teaching Earth Studies, and he was the absolute best at it, because no one else possessed his insight. He could watch events unfold back on the homeworld through his windows, whereas there was otherwise no communication between Earth and Durus. They started calling him Professor Pane, because I guess they thought they were being clever, or something. His beliefs grew even stronger from these experiences, for the equality he saw there was always prosperous at its best. The Earthans weren’t perfect, but discrimination always caused problems, while love, acceptance, and at the very least, tolerance, made people happier. If it could be done on Earth, then it could be done on Durus, and he needed to continue pushing his agenda. His influence was limited, but he had one thing going for him; he could not be fired from his job. He was just too knowledgeable on Earthan culture to be replaced, and this gave him an excellent platform to spread his dissenting views to impressionable young minds. The institution, and the government, allowed him to do this, as long as he didn’t actively recruit people into some kind of rebel faction. He agreed to these terms, and followed through, because he didn’t need to recruit. His words were the truth, so he would have that on his side, and he could change the world more as a teacher than as a fighter. He never quit, and never let up. When Hokusai Gimura landed on Earth as the first visitor in many years, she ushered in a time of great change. The phallocracy was dismantled, and a real democratic republic began to form. However, she could not have made any real difference without the tireless and continuous efforts Anchor made throughout his life. No one would have changed their minds just because this one woman saved everybody’s asses once. They were already questioning the things they had been taught by the establishment, and she was just another step up. He lived long enough to see these developments, and died a hero.

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