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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Microstory 1182: Poppet Drumpf

When what would later be called the First Republic of Durus fell, something new needed to be formed to replace it. Completely transforming the way a society works, however, takes time; years of it. In the meantime, a provisional government had to be formed to keep things running smoothly. Though this transitional period was a necessary one, it did not come without its share of problems. The history of elections was marred by inequality. Women weren’t allowed to vote at all, lower-class men were only worth half a vote, most other men enjoyed one vote, and a male mage remnant voice counted for one and a half votes. It was a mess. Before they could figure out how to fix this—which was made to be much harder than it really needed to be—many of the leaders from the old system were simply carried over to the new one. They may have changed positions or roles, but they were predominantly the same men who were always in charge. From the outside, they appeared to be agreeing to the new policies of inclusion and equality, but they were also being clever and deceptive. They worked in loopholes and lax enforcement programs so that things weren’t getting too much better. Sure, women were no longer technically being treated as property, but they still lacked fair access to leadership positions, which would provide the world with a much more diverse and representative governmental body. The male-dominated provisional government was primarily concerned with maintaining power, even if it meant changing a few oppressive laws here and there. They secretly figured they could revert these laws once the planet saw how terrible and ineffective they were. Unfortunately for them, the people saw right through that, and realized that the leaders themselves were the ones who were ineffective. Not all of them were bad, but they were all falling in line to one man, who was absolutely refusing to change his worldview. Professional moron, Poppet Drumpf wielded more power than he should have. He scared bigly all of his contemporaries, forcing them to do what he wanted without further question, simply because he supposedly possessed a lot of money, despite zero proof that he, at any point, had the claimed millions and billions. Believe me, he was not the only member of the old guard who did not like progress, nor could they collectively have done anything on their own. This was an incredible systemic problem that needed to be corrected with proper elections, and a fair legislative process. But Provisor Drumpf was a huge problem, and Durus would not be able to move forward if he was allowed to remain in office. Fortunately for the world, it was not without those who were as passionate about equality as Drumpf was about discrimination and fake news. They weren’t afraid to take him and his ovisian acolytes on, despite his threats of fire and fury. Many in the provisional government were ultimately allowed to remain for the first term of the Democratic Republic. But not Poppet Drumpf. No, he wasn’t allowed anywhere near his platform, nor any other, for that matter, ever again. He died a teremendously bitter, stupid loser. Winning.

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