Friday, July 10, 2020

Microstory 1405: Significant Other

Rothko Ladhiffe always figured he was a normal kid. He never wanted any special abilities, and he never intended to leave his mid-sized city of Springfield, Kansas. He was special, however, and he would have to leave Springfield, and by the time he managed to get back to Kansas at all, the city was completely gone from reality. For now, though, he was just a teenager who was stuck with a group of friends in the middle of a hidden dimension. The portal that went from Earth to the rogue planet of Durus wasn’t simply a straight line from one to the other. There was a limbo in between them, where the laws of physics were difficult to pin down. Time didn’t always move at the normal rate, space was virtually impossible to navigate, and reality was confusing. When he finally did make it all the way through, he was the only one left. The rest of his group managed to cross back to Earth, and all but forget about their time with Rothko Ladhiffe. Savitri and Escher knew he would be coming, so they were prepared to help him cope with his new life. They dreaded having to humor him as he did everything he could think of to get back home, but almost found what really happened worse. Rothko had already been through a lot before making his way to Durus proper. He wasn’t too concerned with getting back to Earth, because he knew some things about the future, and felt like he had to stay on this world until its problems were all resolved. He was almost excited about the prospect of living on a new planet, and fighting time monsters, which were only getting worse by the year. While it wasn’t the life he would have chosen, it was a lot more interesting than the one he was leading before, and he figured that was sort of the goal. Together, they formed the Triumvirate, but just like the Twoarchy and Solocracy of before, they didn’t have anyone to rule over. They just had themselves, and their enemies. Fortunately, for them, Rothko came with a real time power; one which allowed him to alter some of the laws of reality within a certain range. He vanquished the monsters with ease, using only a fraction of his potential, and for the next couple of years, they lived together in relative harmony. Effigy appeared a couple of times too, but for the most part, there weren’t any major events. It couldn’t last forever, though, and Rothko would ultimately be responsible for the Trimvirate’s demise.

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