Thursday, July 9, 2020

Microstory 1404: Wish For One’s Hand

As the Twoarchy of Savitri and Escher continued on together over the years, the planet of Durus began to transform. Watershed remained the only source of water, but as the rain fell on this one spot, it flowed from it, and irrigated the surrounding areas. The land was inappropriate to live on, both due to all this uncontrollable water, and because of the rocky terrain that led to it, but there was some room for farming. While Savitri had already spent ten years there, figuring out how to survive, and Escher was particularly fond of camping, neither of them had had any past experience in agriculture, but that was fine. There was more than enough for them to eat while they worked on some trial and error. It wasn’t particularly nutritious, and it wasn’t at all tasty, but they got by. In only a few seasons, they had a well-maintained garden to take care of their needs, and they were actually kind of thriving. They entertained each other with made up stories, and they played games. They even finally got some wood, and carved little figurines to use as chess pieces. Neither of them knew how to play correctly, but Escher had seen it before, and as long as their contrived rules were consistent, they were both happy. They never stopped searching for a way to return to Earth, though. This planet was much, much smaller than Earth, allowing them to explore pretty much the entirety of it...eventually. Escher never did find the weird magical basement complex that brought him here, and Savitri had no clue what had happened to her when she was a toddler. They didn’t stress about it, though. Getting worked up about being stuck on this world wasn’t going to make their situation any better, and in fact, would make it much worse. So they made the best of what they had, while simultaneously holding out hope that they would one day be rescued.

After nine years of this, the Twoarchy found themselves face to face with none other than Effigy, which all but proved once and for all that Savitri was indeed who she said she was, and not simply Effigy in disguise. The actual Effigy was an alien from another universe, who was trapped on this planet, just like them. She could jump through time, but it wasn’t easy for her, and she didn’t have as much control over it as she wanted. At the moment, she was trying to reopen the portal to her homeworld that Escher had nearly destroyed upon first arriving. A trickle of time monsters had come through every once in a while, but they were small, unstable, mostly harmless, and usually more afraid of the Twoarchy than the Twoarchy was of them. Effigy now heralded an influx in monsters that were far more dangerous. Escher knew that he needed to stop her again, and do it the same way he had nine years prior, but this time, she was ready for him. She timed it just right so that a terrible monster known as a speedstriker exited the broken portal, and attacked the Twoarchy. It was violent, and angry, and too fast for either of them to fight off using traditional means. It was here that Savitri learned she was special too. She would learn more about her powers later, but her instincts saved her again, and diminished the speedstriker’s speed. At this point, it was still a killer, though, so it took the both of them to fight back, and win the day. Unfortunately, the battle did not end without casualties. Poor Escher lost his hand completely. He knew he had to persevere, though, and he didn’t need two hands to do it. With Savitri’s boost in strength, he drew from Effigy’s portal once more, and kept it in disrepair. Monsters could still get through—worst ones now—but at least the full army was held back...for now.

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