Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Microstory 1408: Dogs and Cats, Living Together

Escher and Rothko were devastated at the loss of their good friend, Savitri. They didn’t know if she was dead, or just somewhere else, but they felt they needed to memorialize her either way. They decided to honor her at a particular cliff she used to frequent. They didn’t realize that this was where she had once considered committing suicide, and returned often to remind herself that her life had value. Effigy asked to attend Savtri’s memorial, and they let her, because even though she was indirectly responsible for all of this world’s problems, it didn’t appear as though she had set out to do them harm. They were mostly just in her way. This was the first time she had thought to sit down and explain herself. Yes, an army of white monsters were trying to  come through the portal, and yes, she wanted to bring them through intact, rather than broken and damaged. The army, however, was just there to make sure the world they landed on was safe. Most of the people who would be making the trip were civilians, looking for a better life. She explained to them how the universe, as the humans saw it, was either infinite, or might as well have been. There was plenty of space and resources for everyone. Her universe of origin, however, was very finite. It barely went past the orbit of their moon. They could see stars in the distance, but they seemed to be holographic illusions, as a great impenetrable wall prevented them from traveling anywhere close to them. Several of her people had died in the attempt. Unfortunately, the threat of overpopulation wasn’t enough to stop that population from growing. People just kept having kids, and they were already so great in numbers that it was nigh impossible to coordinate a way to prevent them from continuing to do so. Scientists worked tirelessly, trying to solve the problem, and they did find a solution. They built a gigantic machine that could transport thousands of people to other universes. Sadly, this machine was all but destroyed before it could ever be used for this mission, and while time travel did suggest that didn’t matter, the remnants of this machine made its way into human hands, which was where it stayed throughout multiversal eternity. The machine was first built using stolen technology, and there was no way to get it back. They simply did not have the resources, or political backing, to try this again. The portal was the only way, according to Effigy. Escher and Rothko listened to her politely, and after hours of discussions, they formulated a truce. The two of them would no longer interfere with the time monsters coming through, but neither would they let her repair the portal, so the full beings could cross over. Effigy had to be all right with this, because it was really her only choice. Even without Savitri, the humans here were unbeatable. Besides, she was immortal, and they were not, so she figured she could just wait them out. After a while, the three of them formed a deeper working relationship, and eventually, there was no denying that they were kind of nearly  the approximation of friends. She even ended up joining them in a more formal way, which served to reconstitute the Triumvirate.

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