Thursday, August 27, 2020

Microstory 1439: Town Sixteen

The end is near for this world we have

Town Sixteen, built strong, built slow
You may have lasted; we’ll never know

You were unfinished, this much is true
But people loved you in proportion to
The possibilities they were due

The monsters came, and brought you down
Warning bells did not even sound
Death came for you, all around
Now nothing’s left upon this ground

How did we not see what was coming?
What kind of protectorate were we running
To let our enemies be so cunning?
The seers’ jobs—I know, it’s funny
Is to say when things will get too bloody

As for the rest of Durune life
I fear a future defined by strife
If we cannot restore Earth’s sunlight
This could be the end of our long fight
Mages of every class and type
Will be drained down into the waste pipes

But there’s still hope for us to win
We must fight with our leading chin
Your heart, our strength, the power within
May be enough to underpin
What makes us great, and free from sin
Human courage, it comes built-in
And that is why we’ll never end

Thank you, Town Sixteen

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