Friday, January 22, 2021

Microstory 1545: First Breath

I am a ________, and I know that prison is where I ________. I do not belong, however, in this ________ secret laboratory lair ________. Just because I was convicted of a ________, doesn’t mean I’ve given up my ________. I should still have to consent to scientific ________. I don’t know who these ________ are, or who they think they are, but I have to get the ________ out of here. They keep injecting me with this stuff, all over my ________. Every few ________ they roll me back to the ________ room so they can administer more drugs. They won’t tell me what’s in it, or what it’s meant to do. In fact, none of them ever ________ at all, I can’t be sure they know how. They all just ________ what they’re doing, and don’t have to say ________ to coordinate with each ________. They clearly have very strict protocols and procedures, which allows them to leave me ________ in the dark. They set me up with a pretty nice ________, I’ll give them that. It has a full-sized ________ with a comfortable mattress, and nice ________. It also has a very ________ shower. I have more space than two normal cells combined, and the best ________ I’ve ever eaten in my ________. These are red flags, though, and I can’t let them ________ me into thinking it’s a good thing I’m here. To test a drug on a ________, you have to jump through a lot of ________, and prove it’s at least ____ly safe to get approval. And when you do it, the ________ are volunteers who walk in the front ________ of a building that has windows. I may not know much, but I know that, and I know that this ________ right here is shady as shit. That’s the truth.

One day, the scientist-nurse ________ breaks all the protocols. He doesn’t ________ me down tight enough, he leaves the ________ before someone else comes in to watch ________, and it doesn’t sound like the ________ locked. This looks like a great ________ to escape, which is why I can’t. They’re testing ________, and because it’s starting ________ so easy, not to see how I ________ to get out, but how I sur____ once I’m ________. We’re probably ________ a volcano, or a ship. I’m staying right ________, thank you very much. Unfortunately, of ________, my plan doesn’t work. I’m going to leave this room whether I ________ to or not. They ________ up the heat as high as an oven. Who the hell designs an exam ________ to get this hot? I leave. I remove my restraints, open the ________, and leave. I don’t run, though, and I don’t sneak. I’m just trying to find my way back to my ________, or to someone of authority. The ________ are completely empty. The heat is following me down, though. What they really want is for me to ________ the building, so I’m forced to find the nearest door to the out____. It’s not just a door, but two doors with what looks like a ________ airlock in between. That cannot be good. The airlock is even ________ than the rest of the facility, though, so it’s not like I can put it off. The door to the outside doesn’t ________ until I close the inner door first. Yeah, I’m about to ________ out there, this much is obvious. I turn the wheel ________ with all my strength, and step out. The sun blinds me, and the air chokes me. I fall to my ________ and desperately search for my breath. It takes a few minutes, but it does return to me, and my ________ refocus. The sun is a lot redder than I remember it, and maybe closer? I turn my head and see another ________. It looks more familiar, but I know it’s not the same one. I must be on some alien ________, and I must be the first ________ to step foot on it without a suit. I run off towards the ________ before they can snatch me back up for more tests.

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