Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Microstory 73: Salmon Doctor

There is an unknown number of people in the world, being moved throughout time and space, each with their own missions to carry out. One such of these people is a medical doctor by the name of Baxter Sarka. Born in the 21st century, he was first pushed back to the year 1926. He was met there by the middle management of salmon, one whose responsibility it was to set other travelers on their respective courses; and to ensure that they stay on task. Every salmon will, at some early point in their journey, meet this manager, and he will point them in the right direction. Likewise, every salmon will run into some medical issue at least once. If contemporary medical assistance is not possible, or logistically impractical, Dr. Sarka will be deployed to provide treatment. He carries with him a bag of highly advanced medical paraphernalia, capable of treating virtually any injury or condition. Upon meeting him, the manager gave him a pager of sorts that he referred to as the scheduler. On it are his upcoming appointments, including dates and other pertinent information. Despite having no foreknowledge of salmon, or any other form of time travel, Dr. Sarka took to his mission immediately. It was his instinct to help those in need, whether they lived in the past, or otherwise. I tell you this because the salmon Mateo Matic is soon to be introduced to Dr. Baxter Sarka for the first time.

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