Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Microstory 82: Chemtrails

Have you heard about these things called chemtrails? They’re the streaks in the sky you see after an aircraft passes by. The common scientific explanation for them is that they’re simply contrails; condensation left behind when water vapor in the engine interacts with the air around it. But this is a lie. There are chemicals in the trails that are designed to manipulate a fraction of the population’s brains. The government will routinely deny that conspiracy theories are true, but there is no way to dismiss them entirely, so they need a way to allow them to exist, but minimize their effectiveness. That’s where chemtrails come in. They target people born with a certain gene that predisposes them to paranoia and misinformed judgment. The chemicals released from the jets harness the fear in the conspiracy theorist’s weak mind, and encourages their unhealthy thoughts. But they also bend their rationale, and impair their communications skills, so that they appear to be crazy nutso cuckoo to everyone else. If these chemtrails did not exist, then the conspiracy theorists would actually be able to run legitimate investigations, and the public would be more likely to believe them. Then where would we be?

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