Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Microstory 167: Mason Palomino

Though she was the founder of Bellevue, The Keystone was considered to be a failure of a leader, and was responsible for a handful of major snafus. As members began to lose faith in her, she decided to read the writing on the wall and back Mason Palomino for leadership. He had already inadvertently gathered a following, and had garnered a relationship with the man who controlled the money. Mason’s second-in-command, Valary provided the vision for the organization, and Mason expertly executed her ideas and advice. Along with Flora Canto, they pushed Bellevue into the 21st century, and made it the most important organization in the world. But before all of this, Mason worked desperately to act like a normal person. He had an incredibly special form of telekinesis that acted on his behalf without his focus. Upon waking, his television will flip on and turn to the weather channel. The faucet will run on its own, the water will boil, and then the pot will fill a cup where a tea bag was already placed. His body will float in the air a few centimeters and drop itself into his shoes which will tie themselves. The doors will open, the car engine will turn over, and as the car is driving itself down the roads, every single traffic signal will turn green for him. And all of this will happen unless Mason makes a concerted effort to stop it, and that’s exactly what he usually does. Mason was a highly educated person, but he pursued a career in construction to prevent himself from becoming complacent. Working with his hands kept his ability in check. He was afraid that, if he let his telekinesis take over every aspect of his life, he would become a meaningless shell of a man. It was this attitude that caused people to gravitate towards him, and trust him to make the right decisions for them. He even later lost his telekinetic ability, but did not miss a beat. He just went on with his life, and worked hard to better the world in every way that he could. A group of immortals took notice of this, and provided him with the opportunity to continue his work across the universe as a Mastermind.

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