Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Microstory 168: Freeman Sesto

Gus Arnett’s brother, Freeman Sesto could generate and manipulate the cold. He could slow down the atoms in the immediate area, thereby lowering the temperature. He could excite them to a certain extent—enough to melt any ice, but not enough to make the area significantly warmer. One side effect of Freeman’s ability was that he could survive freezing or scorching temperatures. And so, after leaving home, he decided to move to the continent of Antarctica. No one was living in the area permanently at the time, and the few people that were there were scientists. One such of these scientists was observing the behavior of penguins when she came across Freeman, naked and enjoying the sun. Being the rash and reckless type, he openly explained to her about his ability. After getting to know her a little better, and meeting some of her associates, Freeman unexpectedly found himself in the military. He belonged to a special centurion that was composed of members of the Quad Alliance between Usonia, Canada, Britain, and Aotearoa. Under the guidance of his new Executor, Freeman chose to not reveal his secret to anyone else in the centurion. He used his ability sparingly, notably to keep his squad cool while in the deserts of the Middle East. He both fought in the Caspian War, and protected Kazakhstan’s borders from its many invaders during part of the Soltüstik Intrusions. Upon leaving the military, he tried his hand at private contracting, but ultimately found it unfulfilling. He ended up reuniting with his brother in England where they started their pre-Bellevue group. Later on, when the group merged with Bellevue, he discovered one of his former squadmates to be an original member.

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