Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Microstory 177: Generosity Larkin

Many years before the anomalies were first activated, there was a civilization just chock-full of people with special abilities, and they were no secret. These had more to do with the mind, and less to do with genetics, which was why they presented much sooner, even though the ancient science experiments were all conducted around the same time. There was a rivalry of sorts between the scientists from each group, and they came up with a bet: develop a human with the ability to provide energy for those around them. The others succeeded in their quest on a more massive scale. Once this ability came to pass, people with it were often hired, not for military or productivity purposes, but for parties. They were provided with a bed in the corner of the room, reading material, all the food they could want, and a caretaker. They kept the party-goers’ energy up, and the fun going all night long. But there was only so much energy these special people could store and donate, which was why they remained in a bed, with tons of food, and sometimes intravenous fluids.
Anomaly Generosity ‘Jen’ Larkin, cousin of Helen Larkin, had this same ability, but with limitless power. In fact, even though the abilities of the first kind were widespread, the majority of them were common, and in fact, rather mundane. Anomalies were rare, and infinitely more powerful, by most accounts. Jen could convert energy tapped from simplex dimensions, and use it to maintain her own stamina, much like Tamra Shore. But unlike her, she could also initiate this process in those around her, which meant that simply being in a room with her made you more energized and alert. The more she learned about herself, the more powerful she became. Her power increased so much that she was nearly able to provide energy for the daily lives of an entire small town. She died too young, but she was able to contribute immensely to a number of different scientific fields, and changed the game for how the world generated energy.

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