Thursday, June 9, 2016

Microstory 339: Tribal Belonging

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Close Friends

You may have noticed that we’re starting to get into a gray area here. These recent “steps” and pretty much all following steps are going to be more like checkboxes. In hindsight, I should have come up with a better name for this series. You may not need one step before going for another, and in fact, you may not need them all to be happy. This is one of those achievements that you have to question whether it’s even important to you in the first place. I personally have no real need for a tribe. I have tried joining groups, but none of them stuck. My autism allows me to see connections others don’t, but it also allows me to see disconnects. It’s just as easy, if not easier, for me to put up roadblocks as it is for me to see patterns. But a great deal of the population is made up of little groups of people who are interested in a smaller number of things. People fit into boxes better than you would think. And the reason you don’t think so is because boxes are a bad metaphor since they preclude people from being within more than one box at the same time, assuming no matryoshka situation. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. It’s a very important concept for my recursiverse stories. If you’re a linguist, you might even be able to tell why. Back to tribes, this does not refer to only to ethnic groups. These are a subsectors of subcultures. To put it in perspective, a subculture is the entire population serving a particular commonality, but a tribe is a smaller group of people interacting with each other without necessarily branching out to other tribes. Cosplaying is a subculture, and a group of friends who cosplay together is but one tribe. Are you starting to see why this might not be relevant to everybody? We all want to belong, but we don’t all need to meet with others so directly.


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