Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Microstory 343: Authority

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People with authority are a special breed of masters. I’m not talking about people who just happen to be in charge of something like supervisors or judges. Authority, in this case, refers to a master who’s become so versed in their field that they’re matched by no one but a few other authorities. These are the people you call when only the best will do. When a meteorite lands in Russia and alien insects start tearing out politicians’ brains, you call authorities on geology, astrophysics, exobiology, neuropsychology, etc. I said in my previous step that mastery is not a lofty concept; that you could become a master in what’s considered a “low-tier” job. This is not so with authorities. They’re the tippy-top masters of a relatively small number of fields. This is not to them just about a job, or even a career. This is their whole life. Not everyone is going to become an authority. By its very nature, only a handful of people will succeed. You can be a master cashier, but there’s really no such thing as an authority on cash registers, because what would that even mean? Unless, that is, you’re talking about an engineer, or maybe a technician or mechanic. Now, I know what you’re thinking, where is he going with this? Nowhere. This is one of those entries that sounded good on paper, but can’t really amount to much. This would probably be better as an inspiration poster, or something. So why don’t I tell you how I came up with this series in the first place? I don’t remember. But I know that I took every major aspect of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Then I stretched them out so that I had 33 of them. Then I broke each of those into thirds so that I would have 99 in the end. That’s why I sound so repetitive. It seemed like a great idea, but hasn’t turned out like I had hoped. At least landing on the right number of words hasn’t been as hard as

Career Integrity

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