Thursday, June 2, 2016

Microstory 334: Economic Participation

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Ability to Save Money

Every dictionary I’ve seen has defined the economy in terms of a country’s resources, but the fact is that no nation exists separate from others. We’re all trading with each other, and everyone has something to contribute to the global system. Even each individual can, and in fact must, contribute in their own way to the exchange of goods and services. When my sister was teaching in Indonesia, she was expected to have a housekeeper. She didn’t necessarily need one, or need quite so much help, but it wasn’t about her. Most adults need jobs (some more than others). This housekeeper was capable of finding only certain kinds of work, and so my sister paid her money so that it could keep circulating through the economy. Monetary exchange is what our whole world is based on. Now, I’m personally an idealist. I believe in a world without money, war, or poverty. But that is not something we can accomplish as long as there are jobs people don’t really want to do, and even after automating such work, people may still not be on board with a moneyless world. This is all because we’ve decided to foster a capitalistic society. I don’t care what anyone’s told you about other countries, and their crazy forms of government, every single country on this planet is capitalistic. If it weren’t, it would not be able to survive, because it needs things from other countries, both goods and alliances. As I’ve said time and time again, don’t spend too much, and don’t hoard your money. You don’t have to choose between one or the other; there is a happy medium, and when you spend, you support the needs of others. I would like to spend my remaining word slots for something I should have said in my introduction. These microfaction stories are three things: stream of consciousness, restricted in length, and limited in scope. I do not do research. I just type what I feel, when I feel it.

Job Security

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