Monday, August 8, 2016

Microstory 381: Commitment

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I have heard people lament the institution of marriage because they think it goes against biology to stay with one person forever. Uh no, actually, no. That’s not how evolution works, and you should probably zip up your pants and take a seat over here so I can explain to you how to do a science. The whole point of this being human thing is that we are not bound by the same natural laws that govern the behavior of other animals. We get to choose how we live our lives. Some of us live way up high, some by the water; some in wood houses, some in brick houses; some don’t have houses, and some have too much house. We marry who we please based on a literally incalculable number of variables, rather than just if a mate can sing, or has a nice pebble. It’s true that there’s still a lot about us that is animalistic. We won’t be able to transcend that until step 97. But your whole “biology” argument is pure nonsense, and a symptom of your inability to rectify the fact that you’re just not that great of a person. Oh, and it’s a sign of your ignorance. Would you people please allow yourself to be uninformed instead of trying to make claims that are completely baseless? Moving on, commitment is an extremely powerful human trait that no other animal matches. Yes, there are organisms out there who mate for life, but not anywhere close to the same way we do. We hold lavish wedding ceremonies, and go on double dates, and it’s all a lot more complicated than it is for any other species. Committing to one single person is not the only way to live your life, which is actually another trait that no animal shares, as far as I know (I, for one, can admit my ignorance). If you do not want to get married, okay, but don’t piss on my beliefs because you’ve never heard of diversity. I recently attended the long-awaited wedding of two men I’ve known for about a decade and a half. Their commitment is a bond, between them, and to their children. It’s something to strive for; not belittle. I hope for that kind of connection one day.


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