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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Microstory 388: Station

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Gourmet Eating

Does he mean, like a train station? Or a bus station, maybe? No, of course not, that would be stupid, self. Just like the one about extravagance, I guess I put this in here so that I could discuss it, but not so that I could be a proponent for it. I’ve always completely hated the idea of a class system. I think most people disagree with classes they hear about in “dem foreign countries”, but most don’t think all that much about the ones at home. We each live at a particular station. The only difference between now and the dark ages is that anyone can theoretically move up in rank and make their life better. The problem with this, and capitalism in general, is that there always has to be people at the bottom. In order for the rich to exist, and live in such extravagance, there have to be those living below them. In fact, the number of people living below them must necessarily be greater. This is where the 99% movement came from. It’s funny, those protests began not long after I heard independently that statistic about the top 1% controlling about 40% of the world’s wealth. I even designed an entire television series around that concept. It’s set in another galaxy where a parallel race of humans have mastered genetic engineering to the point of generating trillions of slaves using the DNA of human precursors (not neanderthals). The main characters are from...well, they’re closer to Earth, but not all of them are from here. Their main objective is to end slavery altogether and created a more balanced economy for all residents. They’re met with backlash from even the poorest in the galaxy because this is the only system they understand, and not even they consider the slaves worth protecting. They’re literally sub-human, after all. But to me, it doesn’t matter. As someone with a soul, I’m pretty good at detecting other people with souls, and every soul deserves freedom. But I’ll even take it further than that and make the claim that no one should be without. Every single individual has a right to everything they want.  This includes food, shelter, clothes, brownies, and even spaceships. Screw your station. I’m not better than you, and you’re not better than me. We’re just different.


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