Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Microstory 773: The Curse of Mexico

When the creator of the universe, Alaha saw that her most precious creation, Earth was in danger of being destroyed by Adversary, she made a plan. Though she would not be able to protect the entire universe from Adversary’s rule, she could at least protect this one planet. Unfortunately for her, she overestimated the amount of time it would take for Adversary, and his twisted minions, to take control of the realms. She was only able to place the protective enchantment over a small chunk of land. As time went on, and the humans spread across the globe, this piece of land came to be known as Mexico. Its borders were likely drawn by an innate sense of its range. Though the effects of Adversary’s influence on people could remain while within Mexico’s borders, new hexes could not infect them. Everyone inside of Mexico is perpetually shielded against his anger, as long as they remain there. Even demons who crawl onto Earth are unable to pass through, which is what makes the border itself so incredibly dangerous. Anyone attempting to cross over will have to fight against the wrath of the evil ones, even through indirect means. It is for this reason that a young woman formed an organization designed to keep what Adversary refers to as The Curse of Mexico a secret. Should the rest of the world discover the truth, the country would be overrun with people fleeing from the danger. Fortunately, Adversary had no intention of revealing his true nature to the people of Earth. He breaks them down by subtler means, gradually turning them over to his side, while leaving them oblivious to what’s happening to them. Had he not kept himself a secret, the reality behind Mexico’s enchantment would too come to light. That might even be enough to overload the system, and undermine the enchantment entirely. But even in balance, this paradise cannot last forever, and when Adversary’s wicked armies begin to descend upon the Earth in the final battle between good and evil, perhaps not even Mexico will remain a safe haven.

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