Friday, February 9, 2018

Microstory 775: Fat Lady

Keres are demons. Keres are, in fact, evil demons, which is an important distinction. They belong to a special class of demons, amongst nearly two dozen others, most of whom are also evil. Demons did not evolve on their world naturally. Instead, they were genetically engineer from something the scientists who discovered it referred to as The Sinister Mass. It was this completely inexplicable collection of presumably ancient evil creatures, who were somehow forced into coalescence, and theoretically jettisoned into interstellar space. The demons they created from this eventually turned on their creators, and started using their resources to travel the galaxy, searching for a home. They ended up finding one on a planet that was colonized by humans, and it was here that they built a stronghold. Each class of demon has their own little niche. Some like to torture, some like to trick or lure people into traps, and others simply use brute force, and attack. The Keres are cleverless warriors, bent on the eventual destruction of mankind. Though they do not need to feed on humans to survive, they prefer it, and enjoy it. While other demons encouraged infighting amongst the humans, for the pleasure of watching the show itself, the Keres used this as an opportunity to choose their victims from the battlefield. The humans quickly caught wind of what they were being tricked into doing to themselves, and created a peace, for the sake of the species’ survival. The Keres were forced to satisfy their hunger through other means. But one of their kind was somehow born completely different. Larger and slower than the other Keres, this Ker, named Nilda, never developed a taste for human flesh, and this led her to feeling sympathy for them. As time went on, and other Keres mocked her for her differences, Nilda became more and more human. During the human internal conflicts, she used her position to make it look like she was following Ker custom, but she was secretly working against them. While they believed her to be choosing her food, and eating it privately, she was actually building a personal army of elite fighters. Upon discovering what she had done, a demon named Nemesis trapped the fighters in the Hemera cage, and prevented them from aging. It was his job to maintain the balance between the demons, and the humans, so he kept them alive, knowing they might be useful one day. It was a good thing he did, because when the humans decided to rise up against their oppressors, after centuries of hell, Nilda’s Valker Warriors would prove to be their second saving grace.

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