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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Microstory 799: Joker

When the great machine exploded, it sent everyone inside of it to various universes. Once there, their respective bodies adapted themselves to their new environments. Ezqava ‘Effigy’ Eodurus gained time powers, Azazil ‘Adversary’ Aj-lishdefil and his kind became god-like, and Shuhana ‘Shepherd’ Shenare developed a permanent connection to the machine itself, and also shed her original form. Meanwhile, Jakira ‘Joker’ Jeriesdi failed to end up in one of the universes. Instead, she became at first trapped in the limbo of the bulk itself, which eventually served to imbue her with properties of bulkverse. With practice, she was able to learn how to travel between the universes, becoming one of the few people capable of this. She no longer possessed a physical form, however, so she had to steal it from others. Unlike others with this power, such as Avatar, Gilbert Boyce, Quivira Boyce, and even Avery Ron, she had to completely burn out the original consciousness to accomplish this. If she forced herself into the substrate of one of your loved ones, that individual would be destroyed, and you would never be able to see them again. Instead, with the face of someone you once knew, there would be this stranger and monster. And once she left that body, it would die.

Though Jakira wasn’t evil, she was quite curious; always wanting to explore, and learn new things. She wanted to go to all the universes, at all the times, and see all the things. It was a noble pursuit, and why the machine was built in the first place. She didn’t even know right away that she was killing her hosts every time she did this, and thought she was just borrowing their bodies for a time. She killed myriad of people rapidly in the beginning, because of her intention to not steal time from any one person for very long. Once she discovered the truth, she returned to the outer bulkverse, as a disembodied consciousness, not capable of gaining any new experiences. This caused her to be angry and antsy. She wanted life, and if that meant a few hundred...thousand...million, people died, then so be it. She became indifferent to the problem, and eventually began to see other people as tools, rather than free-thinking individuals. She began to be more methodical with her trips. She would possess someone upon their reaching of that culture’s age of maturity, and maintain that body for the rest of its life, which was generally about twice as long as it would have lived with its original consciousness. Then she would hop into someone else’s body; someone young, but no longer a child. And she would do this for the entire duration of the civilization, only leaving once she had learned everything there was to know, and moving on. In a bittersweet twist, a certain group of people realized what she was, and what she was doing, so they went after her. They created a custom substrate for her, one that might be able to live forever, and travel to other worlds. But first, as punishment for her murders, she would have to spend a great deal of time locked in a prison built specially for her. This is when her story begins.

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