Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Microstory 1077: Fannie

Have you ever seen The Mothman Prophecies? I don’t know that much about it, but I remember this key plot point where a character would be driving on the highway, and he was suddenly in a different part of the country. Again, I don’t remember what he did, but I seem to recall this occurring a couple times. Well, that very thing has happened to be quite a bit over the course of my life. It started out when I was a child. I would be walking to school, and eventually realize that I’m on the other side of town, going the completely wrong direction. I never felt the moment when I jumped to this other location, because one thing I’ve noticed is that I always end up in a similar environment from where I started. I won’t, for instance, be walking across a prairie, then suddenly find myself in a snowy tundra. It also doesn’t seem to ever happen to me while I’m inside, or standing still. I spent years trying to teleport on purpose, all the while also trying to figure out if there’s some reason I’m meant to go to these other places. Maybe somebody’s life needs saving, or I’m expected to learn some lesson. But I don’t always jump to the same point, and there is almost never anyone else around. It would appear that this phenomenon is totally random, that I will never find a way to control it, and that there is nothing I can do about it. About the only way I can sometimes prevent it is by walking very slowly, and taking frequent breaks. It’s practically impossible for me to drive myself anywhere, but I definitely can’t tell my parents why they have to chauffeur me around. I have fabricated this complicated lie about a driving phobia, and past traumatic experiences. They have no recollection of something terrible happening to me in a car, and of course there’s no proof of it, but they find it hard to argue.

Once I’m done with high school, I’m moving to a big city; somewhere with really good public transportation. The magical force doing this to me seems to hate it when other people are near, though it will just go ahead and take me away if it finds out I’m trying to protect myself by staying in a crowd. I had a lot of explaining to do after a few times there were witnesses, and even had to join magic club, before I pretty much gave up using that as a tactic. Anyway, a few months before we lost her for good, Viola approaches me, and tells me that she knows what I’ve been going through. She apologizes for not speaking with me earlier, and claims that she should have sensed that I was different a long time ago. She couldn’t understand why it was she had to find out by accident. Apparently, she was some kind of expert on this kind of stuff. She also tells me that there is no treatment for what she specifically called a time affliction. She can’t cure me, I can’t cure me, and doctors certainly can’t cure me. It’s just something I’m going to have to live with, and the coping mechanisms I had already come up with are probably my best bet. She kept me close after that, and she was actually able to keep the jumps at bay, to an extent. But she warned me she would not be around forever, and I could not rely on her to help for too long. Then she was killed, and proved this to be true. It was nice not being alone for a little while, and it’s made me realize how sick of it I truly was, so I’m revealing this to your audience now, because I just can’t lie anymore.

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