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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Microstory 1074: Guy

I’ve always hated my first name, but I hate my middle name even more. I’ve thought about starting to spell it G-A-I, but I’m not Jewish, so would that be really insensitive? I would really like to just come up with something better and unrelated for people to call me, but it’s really important to my father, because it was really important to my mother, who died in childbirth. I don’t wanna talk about that, though, because it’s a difficult topic, as you can imagine. It also has nothing to do with this story, so I don’t know why I mentioned it. Let’s talk about Viola, which is what you’re doing here. The cosmos has finally given me permission to tell you the story of what happened between us; how she not only saved my life, but that of everyone at the school. I had recently returned from a trip to another country. It’s kind of racist if I just tell you which continent I went to, but it’s even worse if I name the nation itself, because it’s not their fault. It’s mine, and I take full responsibility, and I thank the goddess every day that she fixed it for me. I came back with a really bad virus that Viola said didn’t even have a name. Well, I didn’t know I had it before I went to school one day, and by the time I started presenting symptoms, it had spread throughout the whole school. I mean, this thing worked quickly. It took at least a day for me to show any sign of it, but only two hours before everyone else did. No one actually died, but it was becoming quite clear to me, and confirmed by Viola herself, that that’s where it was headed. I recalled rumors that Viola could cure diseases, so I hoped she would do it for us, but she said she didn’t have the bandwidth for that many people. It was impossible to contain when you factor in temporary contractors, and seniors who sneak off campus. Fortunately, there was a solution. I just don’t really understand it.

Apparently, whatever virus I had was lying dormant in my system, and only reacted to something in the school, or maybe it was the school itself? She said I could have spent years with it, and it not cause any problems until I walked back into that building. I was, like, what, was the school built on a hellmouth? She didn’t laugh at this, nor did she act like she didn’t know the reference. She just stayed silent. Anyway, she tried to explain what she would have to do to save everybody’s life, but I don’t exactly have a doctorate in temporal mechanics, so most of it went over my head. If I’m understanding this correctly, she reversed time, and then placed me in a pocket dimension. No one at the school realized that anything was different, but that’s not what solved it, because then history would just repeat itself. So she also created a pocket dimension, which was an exact replica of the school, and only the school. I was the only one there, except for Viola, and one other student. Lottie somehow managed to show up, and had no clue what was going on. I think I did infect her, but Viola was able to cure just this one person. I dunno. Maybe everyone at the school was in the pocket dimension, and the three of us were still in the real world. I’ve heard people talk about something called the upside down. Is that a thing? I don’t watch science fiction movies, so I couldn’t begin to follow the logic. The point is that the next day, everything was totally cool. I was cured, Lottie was cured, and no one knew what I did. I only bring it up now, because it just feels right. If not for Viola Woods, your family wouldn’t have been able to safely move here. The world deserves to know that.

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