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Monday, April 15, 2019

Microstory 1081: Nora

I’m known as the party girl for our class. No, that doesn’t mean I drink a lot, and get wild. I don’t even like drinking that much, but I do enjoy having company over. Ever since I was a little kid, I would invite tons of friends to my house. My parents threw the best birthday parties in town; not because they had a lot of money, but because they had creative and interesting ideas. As I got older, I started taking over the party planning, and they became so universally popular that people actually began to ask me to plan parties for them. I started realizing that this was my passion, and my forte. Like my parents, I have a knack for designing fun and engaging events that cater to a range of people, and don’t cost an exorbitant amount of money. Anyone can plan a great party with no budget, and a client who can afford ostrich races and three-story waterslides. It takes care and diligence to create something out of nothing that people will love for just that one day, and look back on fondly later. A chocolate fountain isn’t much better than a nice assortment of little cakes, so why is it so much more expensive? So this is what I’ll be doing with my life. I’m currently in the early stages of founding a real event planning business. We will be serving clients looking to make the most out of their dollar, and not waste it on fleeting materialism. The real purpose of any good event should be to make lasting memories; not just get free stuff that you’re just going to stuff in a closet. Of course, that doesn’t mean my events will require you to just use your imagination. If all we wanted was for a group of friends to stand around talking, there wouldn’t be any reason to hire me at all. That’s where my late friend, Viola comes in.

I never really learned how they met, but she knew a family living in Silver Shade, who are already proving to be a perfect fit for my company. Or should I say our company, because we’re working well together, and we all need to be equal partners. A brother and sister grew up with a foreman for a father, who taught them all about construction and other craftwork. They’re a few years older than me, and once they graduated high school, they tried to start a traditional handiwork business, hoping to transition into a more expansive construction company later. As with any small business, they struggled, and they just couldn’t get enough customers. This is a rather rural county, after all, so people with that kind of skill aren’t exactly hard to find. What is hard to find around here, however, is a decent event planner with excellent builders, capable of making beautiful decorations and other ambiance enhancements. We’ve already gotten so many calls that we can’t take yet, because we have yet to secure the loan, and finish all the necessary legal paperwork. We don’t want to start out as just an under-the-table ad hoc business. We want to do this right, and make sure we’re protected from any liability. We’re not at that point yet, but we’re even thinking of adding a fourth member to our ranks. Their cousin just graduated from college, and is having trouble finding a job. Purchasing and inventory is a great entry level position that only requires a sufficiently advanced educational background if you’re expected to do the job on your own, and don’t have the guidance from a small team. We’ll only be working on one project at a time once all the preliminary work is done, so we can focus, not only on the client, but each other. We may never become famous nationwide, or even statewide, but we’re all okay with the possibility that it really just stays in Mineral County. I’m really excited, though, and I can’t wait for the school year to finally end.

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