Monday, June 24, 2019

Microstory 1131: The Emissary

Because of where they exist, the powers that be cannot communicate with the people they’re in control of directly. It’s unclear how they wield any power at all, but they do have limitations. They can move certain people anywhere they want in the timestream, even to other planets, and they can alter reality to account for any pushback or errors. They can’t make a salmon physically do anything, but there are ways of encouraging desired behaviors. Not everyone is salmon, however, and in order to accomplish their goals, there are times when they need to send a message. Enter The Emissary, stage left. He was born with the  mononym, Isaurus, but hasn’t used it for centuries. He isn’t the only person with psychic abilities, but his is one of the—if not the very—strongest. He is capable of receiving messages from other universes, which is necessary for the powers to stay in contact with him. He’s not able to send messages back to them, nor to anyone else. He would come to consider his limitations a blessing, for if he was capable of pushing thoughts into anyone’s head in the entire bulkverse, he might have become an unstoppable god. As he was not himself salmon, The Emissary could not be controlled. He agreed to be the intermediary between the powers that be, and the other choosing ones because he has nothing better to do. He knew enough about the universe to procure immortality water, so it wasn’t like he was worried about dying, or anything. He’ll occasionally travel to different universes to relay messages of great importance, unrelated to his usual work with the powers, but he’ll generally stay at home. He jumps back and forth throughout the timestream, on an as needed basis. He sometimes enjoys the local sights, but has very little in the way of a personal life. As impactful as his actions can be in other people’s stories, on his own, he’s a rather unremarkable person, which is exactly how he likes it.

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