Thursday, June 13, 2019

Microstory 1124: Relehirkojun Rokoglubederi

When interstellar ship, The Elizabeth Warren left Durus, it brought with it dozens of passengers. The vessel itself was far too small for this many people, though, so they lived in extra pocket dimensions that a paramount named Annora Ubiña created. This was an eclectic bunch, and the only thing they all had in common was that they wanted to leave their rogue planet, and find a home on Earth. Some once lived there, and had been taken to Durus against their will, while others had lived there for their whole lives. Though there was an attempt to build balance within each pocket’s population, based on histories and personalities, Pocket Four was known from the beginning to be the most volatile. Two completely unpredictable variables were children who were yet to be born. One would have the ability to expand the pocket infinitely, while the other could create life with every breath. Once the second developed his time power fully, he used his imagination, not to create humans, but a corruption of human, which eventually came to be called Maramon. They worshiped the humans as gods, though their definition of worship was a lot different that ours. As for the pocket, it had to be severed from its link to the ship, or it could disrupt the delicate order of the universe. It became its own universe, but not before the girl who could make it larger was pulled out of it. So the size remained limited, yet the population continued to increase. This caused a number of political and social issues, the likes of which no being from an infinite universe could possibly hope to understand. It was through all this strife, and hardline religious convictions, that the white monsters regressed to a violent and incursive nature. They were inclined to war and conquest, and no universe was safe from their drive to expand.

One early Maramon was named Relehirkojun ‘Relehir’ Rokoglubederi. He lived in the pocket before it was separated, and managed to slip out at the very last second, in pursuit of those that would take one of their creator gods. At the time, there seemed to be no way for him to return, so he used his talent as a scholar and researcher to find out everything he could about what happened to his brethren after he left. Though his movements were monitored and restricted, Relehir found himself meeting choosing ones with knowledge and experience throughout all of time. After careful study, he was gradually able to piece together a history of his universe of origin, and he was not happy with what he discovered. He learned of their wars, and invasions of other universes, and decided he wanted to do something about it. He felt it was his responsibility, not because their actions were his fault, but because he was the one of their kind who had been blessed with the gifts of perspective, and understanding. His time with the humans allowed him to recognize right from wrong, not because humans were wholly good, but because there was far more diversity. He took on the woxa of Repudiator. Woxa were nicknames from his homeworld, that were bestowed upon those who became famous in some way, be it good or bad. It wasn’t possible to give a woxa to oneself, but going against the convention was sort of his entire point. He began to plan a revolt by setting in place a series of events that would one day lead him to a team of misfit fighters. Most of the crew were each on their own path of redemption, or at least, could be put on one, just like him. They were villains in someone else’s story, but with the right leadership, had the chance to become heroes of the multiverse.

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