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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Microstory 1204: Yeong Raptis

Though Yeong and Madoc Raptis were twins, they were born on two different days. Yeong is actually three days older than her brother; a fact that neither of them considered relevant to their daily lives. Their mother was full Korean, and their father was half-Greek, half-Welsh, which was why their names had different origins. Of all the source mages, Yeong was the bravest. They all used their powers to fight off the monsters on Durus as best they could, but Yeong’s power wasn’t very offensive. If she wanted to fight the monsters, she pretty much had to do it the old fashioned way. She trained harder than anyone to be able to protect others. She exercised, lifted weights, and studied under the most capable people who happened to be in Springfield when the Deathfall came upon it. She fought those monsters, sometimes with her bare hands, and no one was better at keeping them at bay. Together with Limbani, Yeong came up with the mage games, which would decide who among the normal humans would receive temporal powers. She was a little smarter than Limbani, and had an eye for engineering, so she created the first of the competitions and challenges themselves, and went on to work with the community’s engineers for the next three games. After the mages were selected, she was responsible for continuing to train the winners. She didn’t help them understand or wield their powers, but she did make sure they were up to the task in a more general physical sense. A town mage couldn’t just rely on their time powers alone. They needed to be able to throw down when it was the only option. Some monsters even had the ability to suppress powers. While they weren’t usually in charge of internal human matters, mages were occasionally called in to help keep the peace in the towns, so they also needed to learn some police work. As the daughter of a law enforcement officer, Yeong had the education necessary to help them obtain those skills. She was a good teacher, and a strong leader, so it was fortuitous that she had a way of discovering this about herself, instead of merely becoming a soldier, of which Durus would ultimately have plenty.

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