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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Microstory 1218: Sam Bellamy

Life was okay for Samson Bellamy. They weren’t great; not since his late father’s belovèd car was stolen, or his father’s death, for that matter—and he was definitely still in his rut—but they were getting better. Things would never be at a hundred percent, though, until something about his life changed. What he needed was to be forced into helping people in a way he never knew was possible. He would come to believe that the universe itself wanted this for him. One day, he was walking into his kitchen to make some breakfast when the lemon he was planning to use on his omelette suddenly exploded in his hand. It didn’t hurt exactly, but it startled him fiercely, and sent him falling backwards. He tried to catch himself on the counter, but fell to his ass anyway. Immediately after that, everything about the room changed. Pots and pans moved around to different places, the lighting was a little different, and it was perhaps a bit warmer. He looked into his lemon juice-soaked hand, and found his keys, which weren’t there before. His car was stolen back in 1991, but he kept the key, because what else was he going to do with it? His entire keychain later went missing in 1993, and he never understood why. If his keys were back, maybe so too was his car. He rushed out to the garage, and saw it sitting there, in perfect condition. Overwhelmed with excitement, he opened the door, climbed right inside the only thing his father ever truly loved besides his son, and drove away from the house. After only a couple minutes, everything around him changed, just like the kitchen had before. A car appeared out of nowhere, and nearly crashed into him. He sat there for a moment, trying to catch his breath, before becoming determined to figure out what was happening. He flipped on the radio, and before long, he learned that it was 1987. He had traveled seven years into the past. But not right away. No, he had made a couple of jumps before this. He almost screamed when he realized that it was he who had stolen his own damn car, and also his own keys. This explained everything. But was it over? Probably not.

Desperate to see his father, who would still be alive at this point in history, and living in Kansas City, Samson drove right for the highway, and booked it halfway across the state. Only by the grace of God was he not pulled over for speeding. He was this close to getting to see him again when his three hour time limit was up, and he suddenly found himself in 1979. He might have tried yet again, but this was early September, and Samson recalled being on vacation on the Caribbean islands with his parents at the time, so it wouldn’t likely be possible. He wasn’t carrying his government identification, so he wouldn’t have been able to travel out of the country; not that it would matter, since it was grossly frontdated to years in the future anyway. It was really only then that he started to question what was happening to him. All throughout the drive from Springfield, he was only focused on getting his family back. He hadn’t wondered whether anyone was doing this to him on purpose, whether he could exercise any control over it, or when exactly it would happen again, if ever. This was when he ran into Lauren Gardner, who was experiencing the same thing he was, a fact he found quite obvious when he saw what shirt she was wearing. It turned out that she was from the same moment in the future that he was, and also had no clue what was going on. Together with a third friend—and a revolving door of other companions—they traveled time, at the behest of some mysterious and unknown force, doing their best to complete their missions. Samson never did get that opportunity to see his father again, but he met a lot of other great people, and while it wasn’t the life he would have thought to choose for himself, he could have certainly done worse.

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